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Quick filter Delicious fresh filter coffee

The taste of quality worldwide

■ Quick filter

The wonderful aroma gives it away immediately...


freshly brewed filter coffee! With the robustly

• Features a manual fill water system allowing the machine to be placed anywhere

designed Novo and Iso from Bravilor Bonamat you can quickly brew the desired amount of

• Two self-regulating hot plates maintain an optimum coffee quality

coffee. The machines feature a manual filling

• User friendly and low maintenance

system for sites where connection to the water mains is unavailable, so you can enjoy freshly brewed coffee at anytime and anywhere. This


quick filter equipment is designed in high-quality

• Brews coffee directly into the included vacuum flask (2 litres)

stainless steel with black accents and both

• Features a manual fill water system allowing the machine to be placed anywhere

machines are equipped with a plastic filter pan. With the Novo and Iso Bravilor Bonamat offers

• User friendly and low maintenance

you a flexible solution for your coffee!

Self-regulating hot

The vacuum flask

plates. Both hot plates

(2 litres), specifically

of the HP can be

designed to preserve an

switched on and off

optimal coffee quality for


long periods of time.

Options Novo and Iso

We advise the use of:

• HP: self-regulating hot plates

• Bravilor Bonamat filter papers

• Console for wall mounting (Novo)

• Renegite for descaling

• Cup warmer WHK preheats cups and mugs

• Cleaner for thorough cleaning

Holding capacity Throughput per hour Brewing time Rated power 230V~ 50/60Hz Dimensions (wxdxh)



2 decanters (24 cups)

2 litres

approx. 18 litres (144 cups)

approx. 18 litres (144 cups)

approx. 5 minutes / 1 decanter

approx. 6 minutes / 2 litres



214x391x424 mm

214x391x465 mm

Alterations reserved 904.011.004

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