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Blogs and Social Media

Contents •Reasons for doing it •Some Examples •Finding a voice (and moving beyond photography) •Getting an audience

Reasons for doing it •Making connections •Getting and sharing Ideas •Being Creative •As a notebook/journal •Showing work •Marketing your work (or yourself) •Showing you are competent

Marketing for

•Online Magazines •Handmade Books •Bijou Publishers •Crowdfunding •Competitions •Magazine Work •Apps

Joerg Colberg: Conscientious

Joerg’s key qualities • • • • • •

Authoritative Focussed Global Contemporary Outgoing Communicative

Benefits for Joerg • • • • •

Work in Education Portfolio reviews Curatorial work Publishing Widely recognised

Mrs Deane: The Curator

Mrs Deane’s key qualities

Benefits for Mrs Deane

• Authoritative • Focussed • Specialises in architecture and space • Contemporary • Open to new ideas • Communicative

• • • •

Commercial work Curatorial work Gallery promotion Self-Publishing

Timothy Archibald: The Father

Tim’s key qualities • • • • •

Relaxed Conversational Personal Experimental Communicative

Benefits for Tim • • • • •

Commercial work Personal Work Extends his audience Publishing Editorial work

Timothy Archibald’s advice for up and coming photographers • Learn the history of photography. • Tell someone whose work you love why you love it. • Surround yourself with a community of peers whose work you admire. • Don’t pay a consultant for advice, listen closely to your friends. • Call a photographer on the phone and ask them how they made a photograph you like. • Always be honest and generous with your advice to others. • Learn how to be happy for your fellow photographers when they kick ass. •

Lauren Simonutti: The Bookmaker

Lauren’s key qualities

Benefits for Pete

• Focussed • One major interest • Shares work

• Self-expression • Sells her work • Gallery possibilities

Pete Brook: The Advocate

Pete’s key qualities • • • • • •

Focussed Hard-working Connects others One major interest Concerned Nice guy

Benefits for Pete • Work in Education • Online Work (Wired RawFile) • Widely recognised • Crowd-funding

Andy Adams: Just Say Yes

Andy’s key qualities • • • • • • • • •

Energetic Positive Willing to experiment Contemporary Outgoing Communicative Loves everything online Simple Facilitates

Benefits for Andy • • • •

Work in Education Portfolio reviews Publishing Curating

Tony Fouhse: The User

Tony’s key qualities • • • • •

Focussed Local One issue Controversial Direct and up front

Benefits for Tony • • • •

Commercial work Editorial work Personal work Exhibition and publishing possibilities

“Why are you doing this?”

Combining Photography and the Real World

Photography +

Art Mental Illness Climbing The Environment Immigration Education Animals

Getting an Audience •Define your blog •Link to other blogs and areas of interest •Comment on other people’s blogs •Make friends with people online •Be Positive (especially about your own work) •Be Critical in a constructive way •Don’t be scared to make things up •Interview photographers you like on your blog •Use your blog as an online notebook •Use what you learn and study on this course •Borrow ideas from other blogs/magazines •Connect different images and ideas together •Bring in ideas from outside photography

Starting a blog

Joerg Colberg – The Expert Mrs Deane – The Architect Timothy Archibald – The Father, Artist and Commercial Photography Tony Fouhse – The User Lauren Simonutti – The Bookmaker Pete Brook – The Advocate Andy Adams – Just Say Yes! (also see Flak Photo Network on Facebook) James Pomerantz: A Photo Student

How to promote your work – some advice Tony inteviews Stephanie

7.7 Magazine

Online Magazines A Spanish online magazine that features serious documentary projects. 1000 Words Photography UK-based, this features mostly high-profile stories. Ahorn Magazine Ahorn is an Austrian/European online magazine dedicated to contemporary photography – features a broad range of stories. Burn Magazine Daylight Magazine Foto8 As well as the print edition, foto8 features online stories.

Fraction Magazine Another online photography magazine. Gomma Magazine This features a very wide range of photography, both high-profile and less high-profile. Favours black and white and ‘gritty’. Lens Culture Purpose Magazine Sporadic, but has themed editions (childhood, work, desire) that feature a big mix of photographers.

Seesaw A UK-based magazine that features mostly high-profile stories. Unless You Will Urbanautica Urbanautica features photographers who work with ideas of space and the built environment.

University of Wales Social Media Lecture  

PDF of social media lecture, 25.10.11

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