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I discovered my passion for urban design working on

downtown redevelopMent for Ogden City

I’ve taken the time to practice and develop my

Hand Graphic abiLities in order to more clearly communicate my ideas

I’ve learned to use a variety I’ve realized that even large, of tools to implement the great cities can improve their principLes oF desiGn previously established in producing a product that’s Open Space Networks pleasing to the eye to enhance the experience and use people get out of them I’ve taken it to heart that by designing

pLaces For PeopLe

Mixed use soLutions

for Providence City

I’ve gained an understanding of the

I recognize that

one can enhance the social Environmental responsiBiLity experience a community starts with the simple steps of planning provides it’s citizens ahead and accepting our role as stewards


Design Process

and how following it can turn perceived constraints into opportunities

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CoLin OLson portFoLio - LandscaPe architecture

I have tested my problem solving skills and ability to lead a group while exploring



On a group project for Ogden City, we collaborated with the interior design department. First, we came up with several concepts which all had different strengths and weaknesses. We fused them into one solid concept emphasizing

open space networks, then began to break it down considering required land uses and effective densities. This resulted in a concise land use map. The fun really started when we could begin brainstorming for individual spaces and

arranGed cohesion

how to make this a place where people would not only want to be, but also come to: a destination. Using the rationale of the land use map and the creativity of the sketches we created a final illustrative site plan.

CoLin OLson portFoLio - LandscaPe architecture

While the interior design students focused more on the architectural style, from inside out, we addressed issues such as providing sufficient parking and softening the feel of buildings within an open space system. Some of what

Group: Anthony Pozzuoli, Chad Devries, Tiffany Israelsen, Tamar Arnoldson, Arielle Osborn

we originally considered constraints while addressing walkability concerns and pedestrian/ auto conflicts turned out to be opportunities to add more attractive and functional features. As with any project, the ideas are only as good

as the communication of them to client is clear. I drew a couple perspective drawings to illustrate to city officials what we envisioned for some of the public spaces where people gathering could now be expected.

DesiGn For peopLe

I have loved drawing since I was a kid. Landscape architecture has given me a way to use that passion in a constructive way. I have loved taking notes and doodling in a sketchbook and noticed how that same sketchbook evolved into a tool

for project development and the documentation of that process. After using that tool and coming to the tail end of the design process, nothing brings me more satisfaction than producing a final drawing that not only communicates the

Hand GrapHics

idea, but makes it look beautiful. This graphics project was my first rendered perspective. It’s been fun to experiment with different ways to use (or not to use) color, as you can see in the section of a design for the Rotary Park in Moab, Utah.

CoLin OLson portFoLio - LandscaPe architecture

The curriculum at Utah State LAEP afforded me many opportunities to broaden my skills and expand my passions. The ASLA student chapter had a T-shirt design contest, which my design won. I’ve learned to use computers in so many

different ways. Putting together board layouts and portfolios that look good has been one of my favorite challenges. I love to see something that pleases my eye and brings memories to mind, like last fall’s visit to Hebgen Lake. Photoshop

has been a great tool for this. Art can be such an effective means of communicating ideas and I enjoy using it as such. This drawing illustrates a definition of urban design that Lance Tyrrell and I came up with.

Beauty By DesiGn

Throughout my training to become a landscape architect, I have enjoyed all aspects. I have especially developed a passion for designing places for people. This passion came about while taking Urban Design and a Rural Sociology

course in the same semester. I realized the effect good design and planning can have on a community. I came up with several ideas of how to use a vacant public space in my hometown. My main schematic plan was formed by taking

pLaces For peopLe

what I liked from each of the preliminary, quick sketches and combining those into one. The result was a simple design that would be relatively cost effective and provide a place to relax to the middle of downtown Preston.

CoLin OLson portFoLio - LandscaPe architecture

For a project in Urban Design, Lance Tyrrell, and I analyzed the city of Hamburg. The history of the city showed that Hamburg was primarily shaped by water and eventually turned the tables and began to shape the water. We then looked

at the current situation and how Hamburg’s open space network coulld be improved. We decided that strategically placed neighborhood parks would greatly improve the open space network and the mobility therein. We overlaid the existing

and proposed to convey our ideas. The idea of making places better for people doesn’t need to be limited to small public spaces, community parks, and neighborhood redevelopment, it can be done at all scales.

at every scaLe

With increased awareness of our land consumption patterns and growing populations, traditional development patterns will no longer suffice. For this small project, I examined alternatives to the norm for putting a subdivision in an ecologically

rich area. By drawing a constraints map, I was able to easily identify which areas were most developable. Decreased lot sizes and more strategic placement were the keys which, except for the widening of one bridge, entirely avoided

a LittLe ForesiGht

the encroachment on sensitive areas. I proposed more vegetation along one stretch of road and was able to buffer views of development from the roads. It was fun to realize how just a little foresight and planning can make a huge difference.

CoLin OLson portFoLio - LandscaPe architecture

Spring of 2010, I had the chance to be a group leader in a department wide charrette addressing mixed use alternatives for Providence City. The simplest observation I had was the need for the re-alignment of the plan for an unbuilt

road, almost tripling the available area for mixed use development. Our group worked very well together in proposing solutions and we created a plan incorporating a commercial plaza/ice skating rink that had the city council excited.

Group: Andrew Noorlander, Aubrey Christensen, Jake Lott, Kevin Linsley, Michael Gottfredson, Neal Barth, Sarah Nelson

We laid out the final boards, which included a development phasing plan and an analysis to show the residential tax revenue increase that would be possible by simply adding loft apartments above buildings of other uses.

TakinG tHe Lead

My analysis of the intended site for West Logan Park made clear that it had great community park potential. The river and the pristine views of mountains on both sides of the valley were among the opportunities that the site offered.

My next step was to come up with design partis that could drive my design to have some form. I decided on one that was driven by main gathering spaces and circulation. I became good friends with trace paper as I developed a site-

process oF DesiGn

related functional diagram which then evolved into a rough schematic plan. As those came into form, I added vegetation to reinforce the spaces I wanted to create, added those to the plan, and rendered it to form the final plan.

CoLin OLson portFoLio - LandscaPe architecture

Creating a place where things are happening was key to bringing people to the park. I turned to my sketchbook and started designing an amphitheatre. A contour plan and a perspective helped me to envision what it would be as

well as communicating the idea to others. My sketchbook was also a big help in considering the best parking solutions. I wanted people to be able to get close to the river and wetlands, but without creating a safety risk. I drew a section

drawing to show how that would happen through a riverwalk structure. Looking back, there are things I would do better and/or differently, but this project was instrumental for me to learn the design process.

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