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YouTube hits two billion views per day

Statusphere: The what, when, how and why

YouTube is celebrating exceeding two billion hits a day, five years after it launched in beta.

Like it or not, the need for recognition and status is at the heart of every consumer trend. Status is the ultimate (hidden) motive, a subconscious but ever-present force. However mature consumer societies are changing, and so is the ‘Statussphere’: an increasing number of consumers are no longer (solely) obsessed with owning or experiencing the most and/or the most expensive. Full article here.

Top 20 brands on Twitter – April 2010


YouTube will launch a campaign in which users tell their personal stories of how YouTube has affected their lives.



Full article here. Quote of the week “Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after.” - Anne Morrow Lindbergh

People all over the world share their experiences through a truly personal lens, observations that inspire conversations, define communities, and move markets – all in real time. Perhaps as one of the most fastestgrowing and largely untapped treasures in all of social media, Twitter represents one of the world’s most honest and personal conversation mines. Full article here.

Video of the week – When actions speak louder than words: how Air NZ used social media to manage an issue.


Search Results– Pew data indicates that 2/3 of Internet users last went looking for health information in search engines. These users aren’t necessarily looking to find a diagnosis, but as the original Health Engagement Barometer found, 88 percent of people validate the information they find online with their doctor. Health Information Sites– Filled with articles on conditions, treatments and symptoms, ABC Health & Wellbeing is among the first search results on Bing or Google for health-related queries. The site works with medical professionals and writers to build out their deep content reserves. Physician-Only Networks– While doctor/patient social media interaction is still widely debated, Sermo has emerged as the largest physician community online. Patient Communities –Through rich topic-specific blog networks (especially around common conditions like diabetes) or disease-specific support groups on sites like Inspire, those who choose to interact online have the opportunity to easily make engagement an active part of their personal health care and advocacy. Networks You’re Already On – many organizations are slowly dipping their toes into the digital water by slowly building Twitter presences or Facebook pages. Next time you hear about a health news story, do a quick search on Twitter or Facebook.

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Edelman Lifestyle weekly Digi-Update  
Edelman Lifestyle weekly Digi-Update  

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