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Why it’s more important than ever to be an early adopter brand

Social media study: 3 in 4 online women are active social media users

It has become standard practice for big brands and businesses to setup shop on Twitter and Facebook and use the social mediums to connect with customers.

Key findings include: - Blogs are second only to Internet search as the preferred media source for product purchasing information for BlogHer Network users - Blogs dominate the attention of BlogHer Network users (96% read blogs weekly or more often) Full article here.

That’s all yesterday’s news now. But the early adopter brands who paved the way for the rest to follow suit have become the success stories that the media, the public and the web companies in the limelight turn to first. Full article here.

A new era for consumers As consumers, we don't demand enough, and far too easily settle for second best. As a nation, we should be much tougher on companies that offer inadequate service or products. They are the views of Nick Stace, the British man who for a year now has been head of Choice, the Australian consumer advocacy group. Full article here.



Quote of the week

“Regardless of the changes in technology, the market for wellcrafted messages will always have an audience.” - Steve Burnett (Burnett Group)

Video of the week – This video features an interview with Lewis Howes, author of the book LinkedWorking. Lewis shares how businesses can benefit from LinkedIn.



Curate Mini Networks – Twitter lists allow you the opportunity to categorize your followers and place them in mini networks. You can also follow lists created by other people in the network. For example, we can’t possibly keep up with all of the conversation created by the hundreds of people we follow so we’ve created one list, “We Are The Digital Kids,” that includes key people like @markweaver, @kylecameron and @dailydoseofjess. Share Link Love – If you set your list such that it’s publically accessible, the Twitterer will be able to see that you’ve added him/her to your list, along with the name of the list. Make sure the name reflects positively on those users. Monitor a Niche – Leverage private Twitter lists to follow a regular feed of key audiences, stakeholders or media. By subscribing to a focused list of feeds relevant to your industry, you can easily immerse yourself in the conversation of that community and begin to understand what sparks their conversation in the network and monitor for relevant opportunities to engage them and build the relationship. Understand someone’s influence – Look at what lists someone has been featured in by clicking on their profile or search their username to see what topics they’ve been ReTweeted on. Lists to check out – Go to Mashable and Listorious to search for lists that match your interests.

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Edelman Lifestyle Digi-Update 21 April 2010  

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