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The magazine for the linked congregations and community of the West Kirk of Calder and Polbeth Harwood

Rev David A Albon BA MCS 01506 870460 The Manse, 27 Learmonth Crescent West Calder EH55 8AF West Kirk

Polbeth Harwood

Session Clerk Stewart MacRae 01506 872486

Session Clerk Marian Kinsman 01506 871125

23 Westmuir Road West Calder EH55 8EX

12 Langside Crescent Polbeth EH55 8UW

Treasurer William Calder 01506 871281

Treasurer Tom Griffin 01506 438038

25 Harburn Road West Calder EH55 8AJ

60 Easter Bankton Murieston Livingston EH54 9BE

News Editor Colin Dempster 01506 414565 140 Staunton Rise Dedridge West Livingston EH54 6PA

Reflections “I’ll be right there to show them what roads to take, Make sure they don’t fall into the ditch” – Isaiah 42:16 [The Message, the Bible in Contemporary Language] Everyone was busy and I was bored. Since the morning was bathed in sunshine, I strolled down the farm track, deeply rutted and clogged with mud from the previous day’s rain. It was a lovely walk: the swallows dipped and dived round the farms and outhouses; skylarks rose from the field, their song ascending into the soft sky; a pair of curlews rushed to disguise the position of their nest as I passed. After a while, I wandered back up the lane, and found an adventurous lamb, which had struggled through a fence and got separated from the rest of the flock. It saw me coming and ran terrified up the lane in front of me. I stopped. It stopped, bleating pathetically. I shouted for the better half to help me but the cement mixer was too loud and my own bleating went unheard. There followed a merry dance between the two of us to the music of churning mixer and highpitched wailing. I advanced, the lamb retreated, I circled, it circled; I slithered to the left, it slipped to the right; I stumbled wildly, it rammed its head into the barbed wire fence. I struggled round it, reached the heavy farm gate, and untied the rope. I managed to drag the gate open about a foot and then tried to talk the poor, demented lamb through: “Come oan, then, no’ that way, dinnae be silly, it’s all right,” It still leapt in every direction. Although I had visions of the whole flock escaping through the gate, I moved back and gave the lamb space. It found the opening and scampered wildly across the field to the safety of its mother and the flock. An unlikely shepherdess, I leant on the gate laughing at my own and the lamb’s antics. And gradually the morning peace descended again. Life’s like that, isn’t it. We get ourselves into all sorts of trouble, rushing in different directions, taking the wrong road, worrying about making the wrong decisions, till eventually we stop for guidance. And the Good Shepherd is there, standing back, wisely watching for us to find Him again, and showing us the right road. Ann

Kangaroo Words A Kangaroo Word is one which carries within its spelling (in normal order) a smaller word which is a perfect synonym for itself. For example, note how the word BLOSSOMS contains, in its natural sequence, the synonym BLOOMS. Listed below are several more of these marsupial members of the dictionary. So hop to it and see if you can find the synonym hiding in each one. Answers are on the back page. 1. EVACUATE



















20. RESPITE _____________________ The Link Issue 19 June 2007


West Kirk Guild Report A large group of ladies and some gentlemen set off on Saturday 19th May. It was a cool morning but fortunately the heavy rain showers only came when we were in the bus. We stopped at Baxters at Blackford for our morning coffee and a chance to spend time in the shop full of kitchenware, groceries, gifts and clothes. We then went on to the Scottish Liqueur Centre just north of Perth at Bankfoot. As is the norm on Guild outings it was time to eat again! This time delicious home made soup and cakes. Scottish Liqueurs are blended at the centre and we could sample the unusual flavours before deciding what to purchase. We then went on our merry way to Pitlochry and an hour or so to wander around the shops, eat again if wished in the many cafes, before our high tea in Fishers Hotel. We had a lovely run home in the evening sunshine with the countryside looking at its best. A magnificent rainbow followed us thorough Fife where we could see both ends of the arc at ground level. However we did not find the elusive pot of gold! Yet another most enjoyable end to a good Guild session. Jill Murray (Joint Secretary)

West Kirk Fundraising Group Report The Choir and friends had a very successful Candy Bar in May, raising the excellent sum of £600. Very many thanks to all who helped in any way. The buffet lunch run by our group will have passed by the time you read this and we hope you enjoyed it. The Candy Bars have been very well supported and our thanks go to everyone who comes along. We have raised the funds that were required to help redecorate the church, which is a great achievement. There will be a break until Saturday 1st September when we hope to welcome you again. Have a good summer whether at home or on holiday – hopefully a nice warm one again. Jill Murray (Convener)

Christian Aid Forth Bridge Cross This year the sponsored walk in support of Christian Aid will be on Saturday 23rd June from 2 pm. Sponsorship form can be obtained from Rosanna Rabaeijs 01506 871259. Last year 12 people completed the walk and contributed over £800 towards the national total of £70,000. We would like to improve on our total this year so if you cannot take part in the walk, then please give generously to those who may ask you to sponsor them. The Christian Aid contact at Polbeth Harwood is Eleanor Davidson 01506 873590. All the best Rosanna _____________________ The Link Issue 19 June 2007 -4-

Life & Work – June Issue The Editorially Independent Magazine of the Church of Scotland

Gambling With The Future The rise of the game of chance and the growth of online gambling is the focus of a major feature in this month’s Life and Work. Whilst the Church of Scotland maintains its historic opposition to all gambling on both theological and pastoral grounds, of larger concern is challenging the growth of the gambling culture and attempting to minimise its impact. No Quick Fix Editor Lynne McNeil suggests that improved financial education and money management should be offered by High Street banks rather than simply promoting financial products. She also suggests that simple micro credit schemes would be more beneficial to poor communities in need of regeneration rather than the ‘get rich quick’ fixes offered by the bright lights of super casinos. Finding The Light Perthshire poet Kenneth Steven explains how he believes it is the job of writers to make readers see the world anew. He explains how he draws inspiration from the Celtic Christian world in his work. A ‘Still Small Voice’ In a rare interview, Jean Vanier, founder of the worldwide L’Arche community, says he believes the future lies in community, not competition. “The whole question for humanity is how to help the strong and the weak to live together. It’s about people coming together and each one finding their place. The Power of Kindness The Very Rev James Simpson reflects on the Book of Ruth and the impact of kindness. “When I was at university it was clever people I admired most. Now it is kind people”, he concludes. Dramatic Christians Elizabeth McKay questions how Christians are portrayed in TV soaps and dramas. “Ministers of the Kirk are dour and unyielding while English vicars are jolly good sorts but rarely have anything to say that is worth taking seriously” she comments. Last Word Muriel Armstrong questions the Kirk’s obsession with membership and suggests a regular audit of church attendance would give a more realistic picture of church life. And more … monthly columns for elders and young people; book reviews; travel, lively letters; news from far and near; monthly prayer; prize crosswords … all for £1.60! _____________________ The Link Issue 19 June 2007 -5-

West Kirk – Rota Information

West Kirk Crèche Rota 17th June 24th June 1st July 8th July

West Kirk Duty Rota

Olive Gibson Melanie Dickson Val Occardi Margaret Farquhar

Door Duty 17th June 24th June 1st July 8th July

Jim Allan Richard Bryce Jeanette Ferguson Irene Grindlay

Car Run May Arnott Liz Dyer Victor Ferguson Beryl Henderson

Angus Baxter Alex Easton Lorna Graham Alan Jessiman

Robert Hawes Beryl Henderson Alan Jessiman Stewart Munro

West Kirk Tea Rota West Kirk Flower Rota

Contact Olive Gibson 01506 871291 Note: Tea Makers, please bring milk. 10th June 17th June 24th June 1st July 8th July

Katie Albon Morag Stott Margo McEwan Alison Baxter Moira McRae

Whenever we are back in the West Kirk, the Flower Rota will resume as follows.

Olive Gibson George Stott Margaret Douglas Alison McNaught Jill Murray

I have not been able to have a look at the list of people who will donate flowers, so if you think it might be you, please check the list and then please would those who are giving flowers make contact with the arranger(s) for the week. Contact, if necessary, Margaret Greenhorn 01506 871139.

Given 3rd June 10th June 17th June 24th June 1st July

The Link Collation Rota Meet in Polbeth Harwood at 4 pm Friday 29th June (Issue 20 – July & August)

Jill Murray Frank Mabbutt Shirley MacRae Stewart MacRae Isobel Young

8th July



Rosanna Rabaeijs Evelyn Paterson Katie Albon Rosanna Rabaeijs Margo McEwan & Margaret Douglas Evelyn Paterson

Ivy Johnstone Irene Grindlay Kathleen Black Moira McRae Ivy Johnstone Ivy Johnstone

_____________________ The Link Issue 19 June 2007 -6-

Polbeth Harwood – Rota Information

Stewart Court Taxi Rota

Polbeth Harwood Café Rota

17th June 24th June 1st July 8th July

20th June 27th June 4th July 11th July

Eleanor Davidson Margaret Marr Charlie Sturrock David Prentice

Polbeth Harwood Duty Rota Anna Muirhead Alice Mackay Ena Prentice Etta Walker

Tom Walker Kenneth Mackay David Prentice Eleanor Davidson

Betty Upton Jenny Doyle Wilma Dickson Effie Halliday

Jessie Kelly Betty Upton Janet Russell Effie Halliday

Janet Walker

Polbeth Harwood Cleaning Rota

Door Duty 17th June 24th June 1st July 8th July

Wilma Dickson Grace Peace Maisie Baird Frank Mabbutt

17th June 24th June 1st July 8th July

Margaret Dempster Janice Davidson Lilias Fairley George Halliday

Laura Carroll Reeta Griffin Mary Gray Dot Cibbald

Petrhona Carroll Tom Griffin Josephine Greer Norma Wilson

The Link Collation Rota Meet in Polbeth Harwood at 4 pm Friday 29th June (Issue 20 – July & August)

Jill Murray Frank Mabbutt Shirley MacRae Stewart MacRae Isobel Young

_____________________ The Link Issue 19 June 2007 -7-

Feminine Logic Attempting to park her car, a woman dented the bumper of an occupied car at the kerb. She completed an accident form for her insurance company, and asked her husband to check it before posting it. He found everything in order until he came to the question: “What could the driver of the other vehicle have done to avoid the accident?” Her reply: “He could have parked his car somewhere else.”

Answers 1. Vacate 2. Urge 3. Sue 4. Lies 5. Rascal

6. Idle 7. Prate 8. Diverse 9. Rage 10. Mates

11. Ramble 12. Pinned 13. Joy 14. Can 15. Rules

16. Spots 17. Slid 18. Rim 19. Cut 20. Rest

Contributions for the next edition … Contributions for the next edition of The Link Magazine must be submitted by the first Sunday after the 15th of the month. For the July and August double issue, this will be Sunday 17th June. Contributions can be sent via email, or handed in person to either Rev David Albon or Colin Dempster.

Paws… for thought

Start every day with a smile and get it over with. W.C. Fields

_____________________ The Link Issue 19 June 2007 -8-

The Link - Issue 19  

The Link The magazine for the linked congregations and community of the West Kirk of Calder and Polbeth Harwood

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