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The magazine for the linked congregations and community of the West Kirk of Calder and Polbeth Harwood

Rev David A Albon BA MCS 01506 870460 The Manse, 27 Learmonth Crescent West Calder EH55 8AF West Kirk

Polbeth Harwood

Session Clerk Stewart MacRae 01506 872486

Session Clerk Marian Kinsman 01506 871125

23 Westmuir Road West Calder EH55 8EX

12 Langside Crescent Polbeth EH55 8UW

Treasurer William Calder 01506 871281

Treasurer Tom Griffin 01506 438038

25 Harburn Road West Calder EH55 8AJ

60 Easter Bankton Murieston Livingston EH54 9BE

News Editor Colin Dempster 01506 414565 140 Staunton Rise Dedridge West Livingston EH54 6PA

A Word From Our Minister The Manse 27 Learmonth Crescent West Calder EH55 8AF Monday, 21 August 2006 Hello there! I hope you have had a good summer – not that it is over yet … hopefully! But with the children back at school now and with various groups re-gathering after the summer break, there always seems to be more ‘shape’ to this time of year. Over the last six weeks we have been thinking about the ‘I AM’ sayings of Jesus in John’s Gospel and as promised I have included them below with the references from John for you. John 6:35 John 8:1 John 10:7, 9 John 10:11, 14 John 11:25, 26 John 14:6 John 15:1

I am the bread of life I am the light of the world I am the gate/door I am the good shepherd I am the resurrection and the life I am the way, the truth and the life I am the true vine

A question I have been asking a few folk is: ‘which of these words of Jesus is the most meaningful to you just now? Why is that? That’s something to think about. I am also including a prayer written recently by two Christian leaders from Bethlehem and Jerusalem. We prayed this prayer in our services a couple of weeks ago and could continue to pray it. Lord Jesus Christ, born a little child in Bethlehem. Forced to flee with a terrified family. We pray for the children of this region, that we leave a legacy of justice with wars and walls no more. In Galilee you calmed a storm, gentling fear and overcoming nature. May the northern lake and hills know peace again. Lord of beauty who brought lushness to Lebanon, where trees stand tall and green. Forgive us for scorching earth and flesh, polluting the sea. Help us to re-build bridges where people meet and new life blossoms. In Jerusalem you turned power upside down and overcame death. May the power-centres of the world. Resurrect your powerlessness and new hope. (Mitri Raheb and Jane Barron) AMEN!

Rev David A Albon Minister of the Parish Churches of the West Kirk of Calder and Polbeth Harwood _____________________ The Link Issue 11 September 2006 -3-

The Church Family (Parish Record) West Kirk Weddings 5th August – Jennifer Hunter to Scott Logan

Funerals 22nd July – Jean Duncan, Westmuir Road 27th July – Robert Walker, Stewart Court 1st August – Sybil Urquhart, Harburn Drive 16th August – David Peel, Langside Gardens

Polbeth Harwood Funerals 3rd August – Andrew Hamilton, Chapelton Terrace 8th August – Elizabeth Wilson, Harburn Road

Worship in the Linked Congregations Sunday Morning Worship will take place in the West Kirk at 9.30 am and in Polbeth Harwood at 11.15 am unless stated otherwise. 3rd September

Sacrament of Holy Communion West Kirk – 9.30 am Polbeth Harwood – 11.15 am Polbeth Harwood: Ordination of Elders during the service United Evening Communion Polbeth Harwood – 6.30 pm

10th September

Racial Justice Sunday

_____________________ The Link Issue 11 September 2006 -4-

Reflections “Let us use the different gifts allotted to each of us by God’s grace … the gift of administration to administer, the gift of teaching to teach, the gift of counselling to counsel.” Romans 5:6-8 How many people have you spoken to recently who are fed up with their jobs because the administrators have decided to change their remits. How many are weary of the “newspeak” from our leaders, i.e. the politically correct language, the jargon and acronyms such as CPD – Continuous Professional Development. If you have children or grandchildren entering nursery, primary or secondary education this session, you may need to learn some educational jargon. One teacher informs us that “We BURP our children each morning.” Don’t worry! The children are not suffering from an excess of fizzy drinks; BURP means checking if they have their Bag, Uniform, Ruler, Pen, Pencil and Planner. A CD/KUD is not your teenager’s latest pop group disc; it means Creative Development - Knowledge and Understanding of the World. Your little 5 year old VAC (Very Able Child) may have reached Level E for ACI (Advanced Colouring In), you’ll be pleased to know. A PANDA is not a toy police car or a cuddly soft toy; it is a Performance and Assessment report to provide data for schools to self-assess and target set. If your child is exhibiting CB, not to worry, it is only the politically correct Challenging Behaviour; s/he is no longer naughty, a budding bully, or driving the teacher and the rest of the class mad. And a Delivery is not a happy event in a maternity ward; it is the politically correct way to talk about teaching. The professionally developed teacher delivers lessons to learners rather than to pupils! My friend Janet was an inspired English teacher and a wise and highly respected principal in the Guidance Department. She would have been a good administrator, but we knew how much she disliked In-Service Courses, “new” teaching methods, computer data and league tables; all requirements for promotion to senior posts. When we asked her why she had preferred counselling pupils, she replied, “I just felt I was good at it.” Then when we went on to ask how she dealt with the stress of meeting distraught and angry parents, she answered, “I would have a wee wifie sitting in front of me desperately upset and in tears about, maybe, a drunk husband, a son or daughter completely out of control, money worries, etc., etc. and I would listen quietly. Then I would go into my drawer and take out a couple of Kit-Kats, tell her to go home, put the kettle on, and put her feet up with a cup of tea and a Kit-Kat and she’d feel a lot better. No jargon! Just wisdom and love in action. And would our administrators and our workers not feel the better of getting back to basics in our own knowledge and understanding of the world, for the sake of our children, rather than the grinding commitment to targets. Janet was an inspiring Christian who gave her life to her work in her school and in her church. St. Paul would have been proud of her. Ann

_____________________ The Link Issue 11 September 2006 -5-

West Kirk Guild Report What wonderful weather we have had this summer, but unfortunately all good things must come to an end. However, to brighten up some of those winter evenings we have a programme of interesting speakers and events organised for the new session. The first meeting is on Monday 2nd October, when our minister Rev David Albon will give us an introductory talk. On 16th October, Christine Sloan will tell us about her involvement with the setting up of Crathie Opportunity Holidays on Deeside – self-catering holiday cottages for people and their families who have restricted mobility.

The Guild meets at 7.30 pm in the West Kirk Hall on the first and third Mondays of the month. We look forward to seeing our regulars and to welcoming new members. Jill Murray (Joint Secretary)

West Kirk Fundraising Group Report The group met in the middle of August to organise the first Candy Bar of the new session on 2nd September. The dishes will have been washed, the kitchen made ready and the Candy Bar passed by the time you read this. Hopefully it will have been successful, the money raised will be going towards the redecoration of the church. The October Candy Bar, staffed by the Kirk Session, is on Saturday 7th October. This will include morning coffee from 10 am and lunches from 12 noon to 1 pm. All contributions to the stalls will be most welcome. The Annual Whist Drive is planned for Monday 23rd October. The next meeting of the group is on Sunday 8th October after the morning service to finalise arrangements for the Whist Drive and to discuss the Christmas Candy Bar. We look forward to welcoming you all to these events and thank you for your continued support. Jill Murray (Convener)

_____________________ The Link Issue 11 September 2006 -6-

West Kirk – Redecoration Members of the West Kirk are receiving an information leaflet with this issue of The Link regarding the proposed redecoration of the church next year. If you have not received your copy of the leaflet, please notify Stewart MacRae (Session Clerk) whose contact details appear on the inside front cover of this magazine.

West Kirk Youth Link I do hope you have all enjoyed your summer holidays. Who needs to go abroad when we get a summer like the one we have just had, I am sure all the kids have had many a water fight in the back garden in their swim suits, whilst dad put a few more burgers on the bar-bie. Scotland has really been “Bonnie” this year! We had a great start to our summer holidays with a very informative and challenging closing service, which put a few of our Elders on the spot in a quiz against some of the children from The Youth Link. A very uplifting and educational service for many that morning, myself included! The children were presented with books from David our minister. The older children moving up to high school after the summer were presented with a Bible. It was also the time to thank all the teachers for their hard work and commitment over the past year. We said a very special “THANKS” to three past Sunday School pupils (Janice Todd, Ruth Todd and Louise Graham) who had come along at 9.30 am on Sunday mornings to help out with the very youngest children in our Base Camp. These young girls have been great support over the past year. We would like to wish Janice all the best with her studies as she heads off now to University.

The Youth Link started back on Sunday 27th August, and we are always delighted to welcome back the children and it is nice to see some new faces join us. If you know of any children who might like to join us on a Sunday morning please extend our warm welcome to them. Our Base Camp is for children from the age of 3 – 7 years, Trackers are for 7 – 12 years and our Summit Group are 12 – 14 years. We meet in the church on Sunday morning at 9.30 am and after the children’s talk the groups head out to the hall to The Youth Link. Lorna Graham

_____________________ The Link Issue 11 September 2006 -7-

Leadership Qualities Required - Readvertisement We are looking for an Assistant Leader for our Cub Pack. The Cub Pack meets in the West Kirk Hall on Wednesday evenings from 6.15 pm – 7.30 pm. The Cubs are for boys and girls (age 8 – 10 ! years). For those that remember, in the last issue of The Link we advertised for a Cub Pack Leader. This role has now been filled – however it leaves an opening for an enthusiastic person to assist the leader as an assistant. Anyone interested in this rewarding role should contact Val Occardi 01506 872702.

Life & Work – September Issue The Editorially Independent Magazine of the Church of Scotland 9/11 – Five Years On The Rev Dr Jon M Walton, pastor of First Presbyterian Church, New York, which lies only yards from the former twin towers of the World Trade Center, reflects on life in New York five years on from the bombing. Praying For Peace The Church of Scotland’s new minister in Jerusalem, the Rev Jane Barron, (formerly minister of Stobswell Church, Dundee) offers her first impressions from a land beset by a new war in the Middle East. ‘Time For Reflection’ The Liberal-Democrat MSP Donald Gorrie, who is stepping down at the next parliamentary election, is the subject of this month’s profile. He describes Holyrood as “a legislative sausage machine” and claims there is insufficient time for proper scrutiny. “We need a system of revisiting bills reasonably soon after they take effect to see if they are working.” he says. Partnerships Plea As the debate on civil partnerships begins in Church of Scotland Presbyteries, Editor Lynne McNeil urges the Kirk to set aside differences and focus on the issues which truly count. Christians within the Church of Scotland have much more in common than that which divides them, she says, adding that a prophetic voice and strong and powerful leadership is more important then “a face which appears only interested in itself with damaging internal divisions”. Support From The Heart A Kirk-led group in Callander is offering support for people experiencing the difficulties of divorce and separation. Heart to Heart, is based at Callander Kirk Hall and has attracted funding from Stirling Council. Believing In Youth A new focus on the Church’s youth work begins this month. The monthly page will provide contributions from young people involved in the Kirk at local and national level. And much more – letters, reviews, comment, news from the local and national church, elders page, prayer and reflection – all for £1.60. _____________________ The Link Issue 11 September 2006 -8-

Blythswood Care Since 1966 Blysthwood Care has combined the Christian message with practical help for those in need. Working in partnership with government agencies and local charities they have brought relief to thousands of street and orphanage children, pensioners, refugees, people from ethnic minorities and those in hospital or prison. Blysthwood has commitment to long-term projects e.g. in Romania, the Daniel Centre provides disadvantaged young people with basic life skills and work. Homework clubs provide food and extra tuition to children from low-income families. These projects make life-long differences to the poorest in our continent.

Blysthwood 40th Anniversary Shoebox Appeal 2006 Christmas may seem like four months away for you, but to help those in less fortunate circumstances in Eastern Europe we need to be gathering the essential basics of life and putting it in a shoebox ready for early November to ensure the boxes arrive in time for Christmas. Recently whilst at the Keswick Convention, I was privileged to speak with one of the volunteers who delivered boxes last Christmas in Romania. His stories were very real and very humbling. Here are just some quotes he left me with: From an older lady – “To think that someone who doesn’t even know me, cared enough to send me such luxuries” – she was holding onto a pair of knitted gloves. From a teenage girl – “I’ve never had my own bar of soap and face cloth … tights what a treasure …” From a little boy – “ Wow”, he could say no more but his eyes widened and his face lit up as he dug deeper into his box of goodies. From a middle-aged man who had just received shaving foam and a pack of disposable razors – “I usually have to make a razor last all year and sparingly use soap to make a good lather once every three weeks to ensure I have some for the whole year. I’m so Blessed to have been given this wonderful gift … thank you”. From a little girl – “I love the Box, the pretty paper cheers me up, I will keep the box to make a bed for my new peg dolly. Thank you”.

If you would like to support this worthy Christian cause, Rhoda and Mark Lawton are offering to co-ordinate the project for our congregations. Leaflets are now available from the Church Vestibule or from the Lawton Family, 01506 871172 or email _____________________ The Link Issue 11 September 2006 -9-

The leaflets provide the list of basic essential items needed and full instructions on how to organise the box. There is a particular need for hats, gloves, socks, toothbrushes and toothpaste this year. So any unwanted gifts you have received in recent years (men how many pairs of sock have you had for your Christmas and Birthday that are still sitting in the drawer never worn!!) would be most welcome. If it is too much to fill a whole shoebox yourself, share with a friend in the project or please feel free to just donate an item on the list to the big box in the vestibule and the Lawton Crew will combine articles to complete boxes. Donations of Christmas paper, sellotape and empty shoeboxes are most welcome. If your gift wrapping skills are challenged by having to cover the shoebox and it’s lid separately, don’t fret we also offer a wrapping service too – just provide the box and paper and we will do it for you. The Guild is kindly supporting the work of this project this year and on Tuesday 7th November their evening meeting will concentrate on completing the boxes ready for delivery to the pick up point by Mark on the 8th November.

Brush Erasers Household Candles New Make Up Pliers

Colouring Books Face Cloth Kitchen Utensils





Moist Wipes

Moisture Cream






Sanitary Products







Shaving Foam

Sewing Equipment Shower Gel






NO CHOCOLATE, NO FOOD, NO TALCUM POWDER We hope you will feel your life is touched by this worthwhile work. You can bring joy to someone in need this Christmas by filling a shoebox with the things we take for granted. Yours in the Lord’s Service, Rhoda, Mark, Kathryn, Eleanor & Aonghas Lawton _____________________ The Link Issue 11 September 2006 - 10 -

New Traidcraft catalogue out now … Sample Christmas cards are now available to view and enable you to plan an order for your Christmas list. It’s your “one-stop shop” for everything you will need – whether you are looking for foods or fashions, gifts or greetings cards. Latest additions include a food hamper, complete with two hand-painted mugs. Both sets include ceramic ware from Thailand, hand-painted with the attractive Winter Berries design, which also features in the new range of plates and snack bowls. For further details of products available to order for Christmas please speak with your Traidcraft representative: Polbeth Harwood: Traidcraft Stall each Sunday before and after morning worship and at the Wednesday Café 10 am – 11.30 am. Contact Margaret Dempster 01506 414565. West Kirk: The next Traidcraft Stall will be held on Sunday 10th September after worship, when copies of the new catalogue will be available. Contact Jean Pringle 01506 873532.

Summer Evening … Where the wild rose sheds its blossom Through the winding, country lane; Where the sunshine filters patterns As the day is on the wane; Where the fragrant air surrounds us Drifting in upon the breeze, As it stirs the laden branches Of the cool, and leafy trees; It’s a pleasure to remember As we wend our homeward way, Every sun-filled hour that captured Summer’s beauty, on this day! by Elizabeth Gozney _____________________ The Link Issue 11 September 2006 - 11 -

West Kirk – Rota Information

West Kirk Crèche Rota 3rd September 10th September 17th September 24th September 1st October 8th October 15th October

Shirley MacRae Melanie Dickson Val Occardi Louise Holden Margaret Farquhar Shirley MacRae TBC

West Kirk Flower Rota Arrangers: If you will be on holiday on your rota date, please arrange a swap, and if this proves difficult, please contact Margaret Greenhorn (01506 871139) for help in finding someone.

Rhoda Lawton Olive Gibson Shirley MacRae Rhoda Lawton Melanie Dickson Olive Gibson TBC

17th September




Margaret Douglas

Margo McEwan & Margaret Douglas

Margaret Ann Smith

Evelyn Paterson

Ivy Johnstone

Rosanna Rabaeijs Katie Albon Margo McEwan & Margaret Douglas

Irene Grindlay Kathleen Black Moira McRae

24th September 1st October 8th October 15th October

Cheryl Stuart

Margaret Ann Smith

West Kirk Tea Rota Contact Olive Gibson 01506 871291 Note: Tea Makers, please bring milk. 17th September 24th September 1st October 8th October 15th October

Jim Allan May Wyse Irene Grindlay Kate Jessiman May Arnott

Juanita Allan Olive Gibson Margaret Rennie Katie Albon Olive Gibson

The Link Collation Rota Meet in Polbeth Harwood at 4 pm Friday 1st September (Issue 11 – Sept) Friday 29th September

West Kirk Duty Rota

(Issue 12 – Oct)

Door Duty 17th September 24th September 1st October 8th October 15th October

Juanita Allan Angus Baxter Alex Easton Lorna Graham Alan Jessiman

Katie Albon Jeanette Ferguson Victor Ferguson Betty Upton Ena Prentice Jill Murray Frank Mabbutt Shirley MacRae Stewart MacRae Rosanna Rabaeijs Isobel Young

Car Run George Stott Jim Allan Richard Bryce Jeanette Ferguson Irene Grindlay

Hazel Tod May Arnott Liz Dyer Stewart Munro Beryl Henderson

Robert Hawes Beryl Henderson Alan Jessiman Stewart Munro George Stott

_____________________ The Link Issue 11 September 2006 - 12 -

Polbeth Harwood – Rota Information

Stewart Court Taxi Rota

Polbeth Harwood Cleaning Rota

17th September 24th September 1st October 8th October 15th October

17th September 24th September 1st October 8th October 15th October

David Prentice Kenneth Mackay Margaret Marr TBC Charlie Sturrock

Polbeth Harwood Duty Rota Chrissie McCormack Anna Muirhead Lilias Fairley Betty Upton Etta Walker

Gordon Erskine Tom Griffin Evelyn Cowie David Prentice Norma Wilson

The Link Collation Rota Meet in Polbeth Harwood at 4 pm

Door Duty 17th September 24th September 1st October 8th October 15th October

Pat Erskine Reeta Griffin Anne Weston-Lewis Ena Prentice Dot Cibbald

Esther Hamilton Tom Walker William Fairley Margaret Dempster Eleanor Davidson

Moira Mushet Ena Prentice Jenny Doyle Wilma Dickson Effie Halliday

Friday 1st September

David Prentice Janice Davidson Bob Dickson George Halliday

(Issue 11 – Sept) Friday 29th September (Issue 12 – Oct)

Katie Albon Jeanette Ferguson Victor Ferguson Betty Upton Ena Prentice Jill Murray Frank Mabbutt Shirley MacRae Stewart MacRae Rosanna Rabaeijs Isobel Young

Polbeth Harwood Café Rota 20th September 27th September 4th October 11th October 18th October

Gordon Erskine Wilma Dickson Frank Mabbutt Jimmy Greer Effie Halliday

Chrissie McCormack Jessie Kelly Betty Upton Maisie Baird Grace Peace

Esther Hamilton Janet Walker Janet Russell

_____________________ The Link Issue 11 September 2006 - 13 -

Believing … Astronomer: Why do you make religion so complicated? When it boils down to it, it’s just ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’ Theologian: I know what you mean. I often wonder why you make science so complicated. When it boils down to it, it’s just ‘Twinkle, twinkle, little star.’

The Angler’s Prayer God grant that I may live to fish Until my dying day, And when it comes to my last cast Then I most humbly pray, When in the Lord’s safe landing net I’m peacefully asleep, That in His mercy I be judged As good enough to keep! (from an old scrapbook)

Contributions for the next edition … Contributions for the next edition of The Link Magazine should be submitted by the first Sunday after the 15th of the month. For the October issue, this will be Sunday 17th September.

Contributions can be sent via email, or handed in person to either Rev David Albon or Colin Dempster.

Paws… for thought There are two kinds of people, those who do the work and those who take the credit. Try to be in the first group, there’s less competition. Indira Gandhi

_____________________ The Link Issue 11 September 2006 - 14 -

The Link - Issue 11  

The Link The magazine for the linked congregations and community of the West Kirk of Calder and Polbeth Harwood

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