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Introduction to Artificial Grass Artificial grass is now well established as a product for today's 'Lifestyle'. Its benefits are recognised across a broad spectrum of applications, especially in the private, homeowner sector where gardens, lawns and children's play grass all have an important role. Despite this, however, artificial grass remains an enigma to some people, even though they may have heard of it or seen it before. We know because we get asked the same questions day after day! Not that we mind that - as manufacturers of artificial grass products with the UK's oldest, established artificial grass factory, we take pride in our knowledge of the product and are more than happy to share our expertise with the public. Indeed, we find that a well informed enquirer makes for a very good customer because of the confidence they develop when their questions are answered. "Is artificial grass as good as grass?" is perhaps the most common question we are asked. Well we think that in some cases it is even better. But let’s look at the issues raised below to help us get a better understanding. Here are some of the other more common artificial grass questions: How quick can I get my artificial grass? Here at Artificial Grass Ltd we manufacture our own artificial grass in our UK factory based in Cumbria and if the grass you require is not in stock we can generally have it made quite quickly. Can I use a barbeque on top of artificial grass? Our artificial grass is fire retardant and a sand infill will also help reduce the risk of fire. However we would recommend that you stand the BBQ on top of slabs. Is artificial grass safe for children? Yes. Many schools have installed artificial grass. Do I need to water the grass? In the United Kingdom you should never need to water the grass. However we have heard of cases over in the United States of America where extreme desert conditions mean that occasional watering is necessary to keep the undersoil from cracking. What about the colour fastness of artificial grass? As an artificial grass manufacturer, we recognise this area of special attention and test our products to ISO standards for both UV resistance and colour fastness. Will weeds grow on the artificial grass? Strangely the answer is yes. The sand infill can provide a hydroponic environment for the seeds to root. However the backing we use for the artificial grass is strong enough to prevent the roots growing through to the soil. This means that any weeds can easily be brushed away with a leaf rake.

Do I need to worry about insects? The artificial grass is a sterile environment . However over time it is possible that wind borne debris might deposit enough nutrients within the infill to support a small number of insects. Even so, this will always be a lot less than happens with natural grass. What happens if local utility services need to be accessed? No problem. Just cut and roll back the artificial grass. When the work is finished it can easily be pegged down again. Contact details Artificial Grass Limited Glasson Industrial Estate Maryport Cumbria CA15 8NT Tel: 01900 811970 Website:

An introduction to artificial grass  

Through answering common questions we provide an introduction to artificial grass. With water shortages and drought conditions this alternat...