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Sensing The Fraser

Juanita Nolan (2008), New Westminster Oh, the sights along the Fraser! You really ought to see them. The Samson V paddle wheeler, a maritime museum.

Winds flap and rustle leaves. Raindrops splatter other days. Laughing footsteps follow children dancing taps in warm sunrays.

The world’s tallest soldier towers high above the Quay. Waves below crash high and low, moon tide running from the sea.

Birds singing chick-a-dee-dee-dee guard nests in secret spaces. Dragonflies whir and bees buzz ‘round brown-eyed Susan faces.

Promenade the river’s bank, bordered by a flower’s bed splashing colour in your eyes, petals pink, purple, and red.

Salmon slap and splash while pigeons coo and seagulls squawk. Trains whistle and tugboats toot a symphony for your walk. Racing boats and jet skies roar

Seals bob, like sparkling jewels in dark velvet water, arriving with the arctic terns when days grow long and hotter.

with speed that makes you shiver. Airplanes rumble in the sky, their path along the river. Fireworks boom and echo as waves roll like pewter otters, applauding Hyack, Fraser, and the economy of waters.

Seagulls chase, flashing white, eagles that blacken the sky. Swallows swoop and soar at the shore, hoping to snack on a fly. Butterflies often flutter by. Hummingbirds cover blossoms. Coyotes lope and skunks hide, but you’ll never see ’possums. Oh, the sounds along the Fraser are here for you to hear. Nature and human beings make music to tickle your ear.

The Samson V at port c. 1910 NWMA IHP0075

New Westminster Jeffrey Mackie

Memory interrupted by daylight By an easy history check I thought, I watched The New Westminster Bruins Win the Memorial Cup With Mike, my best friend While we were living in Maple Ridge (Just changed from Haney) But they didn’t win the Cup Until the year later, when I was living in Ontario

And Mike had already moved to Chilliwack Where I visited him before we moved Therefore I think, now I know We watched the 1975 final. But I know, I am positive I took swimming lessons At the Canada Games pool I have pictures.

New Westminster Bruins 1974-75Team Photo NWMA IHP4058

A Pilot’s Dedication to New Westminster - Full Moon Rising

Ed Woods, MĂŠtias Poet, Ontario

lifting off the runway landing gears clunk and lock bright lights and darkened valley left farther behind I climb past rugged peaks illuminated in hue of hard beige leveled off for smooth cruise in full moon comfort under a canopy of darkness

colorful array of spectrum highlighting the instrument panel and continues across this glorious land moving onward into tomorrow high land sharpness and full moon light inspire my soul in a celestial display for the selected few

New Westminster From the Air 1972 NWMA IHP7537

A Century and a Half

Alejandro Mujuca Olea (Translation by Ariadne Sawyer) City of New Westminster one hundred and fifty years one hundred fifty luminous stars Royal City is your life city of light and love.

Qayqayt is the people that inhabited the Stolo land where the Royal City of New Westminister was founded capital of the province of British Columbia. The judge Mathew Begbie of London created the first legislation for the province.

New Westminster strong star in the defense of peace and prosperity bathed by waters of the Fraser River this feeds you and permits transport.

Your small hills that the colonel Moody, at the front of the Royal engineers, can defend the city this Royal star of New Westminster.

Before we arrived there were the native people of the Qayqayt with their construction and planted fields, animals and canoes this was the life in Stolo.

New Westminster c.1866 NWMA IHP0618

She Told Me

Jacqueline Maire

I have received a visit From a ghost of centuries past, Maybe you don’t believe it, Listen! Your doubt won’t last. Mary may have had a little lamb, But this Mary could go for an errand On her very own street Named after herself. What a treat To have a husband so sweet So loving, who, rather than beat His wife, gave her name To one of New Westminster widest lane!!! Alas! Time has gone by, Nobody remembers me! I was Mary Moody, I’m just part of History.

Sixth (Mary) Street c.1899 IHP0539

No! I did not have a little lamb, I just enjoyed listening to the band Playing a cheerful tune. It was truly my good fortune For Mary’s street was mine, mine, Dusty, muddy, rain or shine. But now it is just called Number Six, That stupid name I’d really like to nix.

Sixth (Mary) Street c.1904 IHP0542

The Ancestor

Ariadne Sawyer

40,000 years ago, it is told You walked the land now called New Westminster You, a proud caretaker of the land Living in harmony Immense trees Profusion of plant beings Four footed creatures The beauty of nature From your vantage point high on a hill next to a sacred stone

You fearlessly look into the future Transporting yourself to Queens Park Listening to the welcoming words of your descendant Chief Rhonda Larrabee. You hear the Poems Absorb the music Join the celebration You turn and go back, back to the hill next to a sacred stone

“Nine of the Greatest Chiefs in British Columbia�, New Westminster c.1866-70 NWMA IFP0373

New West is

Danielle Jones

To me, New West is the first bike ride of summer, sunshine beating down on my face, the wind in my hair, and a sudden sense of freedom. It is splashing down the ol’ Green Lightning slide, with my best friends at Canada Games Pool.

It is running around Herbert Spencer School as fast as I can until I get a cramp. But most of all, it is dancing in my backyard with my best friend in the biggest rain storm of the season. Soaking wet. But a spring in our step.

A Group of Cyclist c.1895 NWMA IHP0222

To New Westminster With Love From India Dr. Rita Malhotra, India

time remains unscathed through the cycle of birth and death the infant is born in time’s cradling arms time mothers the toddler through cheer-filled tender years curated in time youth sails on wings of dreams over uncharted seas under a thousand blazing suns arms stretched to touch the skies as thoughts unlimited race through the mind wisdom-lines open windows to the future the mind matches steps with life’s rhythmic pulse in wordless wonder as time belies creation belies destruction.

Isabelle Turner Scott Morrison and Ina Thelma Morrison, 1903 NWMA IHP1625-13

World Poetry panels for City Hall  

poems going up City Hall in New Westminster

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