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Conferences & Events for Organising your Conferences & Events (ARTION – PCO) As a Professional Congress Organiser ARTION - PCO responds to client requirements by providing unrivalled services, working with skilled associates, developing new methodologies and training top class staff. ARTION - PCO services are available as individual modules or as the Complete ARTION Project Management System: > • • • • • • •

Congress & Event Coordination Action Plan, Budget & Financial Management Congress Secretariat (correspondence, registration, abstracts, etc) Venue, Accommodation, Logistics Management, Flights Social Programme Cultural Events, Excursions, Thematic Visits Interpretation Audiovisual Equipment, Communication Systems, Technical Support

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Communication, Marketing & Promotion Concept, Creative Proposals, Logos Printed Material (announcement, programme, abstract book, posters, etc) Conference Material (bags, folders, badges, pens, notepads, gifts, etc) Press Office & Media Relations Website (development & maintenance) Internet & Social Media Marketing

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Sponsorship Schemes & Sponsor Identification Sponsorship Programme & Marketing Sponsor & Communication Coordination Exhibitors Management Financial Management

ARTION’s selected associates are acclaimed professionals and highly-specialised companies, providing proven, best-of-class services in visual communication, printing, special constructions and audiovisual media, catering, transport and transfers, hotels, thematic tours, art programmes and interpretation.

Managing your Association (ARTION – AM) ARTION offers turnkey solutions on Association Management (AM) by supporting Associations, Scientific & Professional Societies and Organisations to upgrade their operation and profile. ARTION-AM service refers to Association Development, Communication and Management, specially designed to increase efficiency and -eventuallyrevenues. ARTION works closely with the Association to deliver high quality administrative support, advanced communication services and public relations. > • • •

Association Development Membership Networking – International Relations Fund Raising – Sponsorship Partners

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Communication, Marketing & Promotion Press Office Internet Marketing – Website (making the Association’s web presence stand out) Social Media Marketing (facebook, linkedin, twitter etc) Successful Events Publications

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Administrative & Secretarial Support Members Management Registrations - Fees Association Secretariat - Daily Operations

ARTION-AM is ideal for Associations aiming to become leaders at a local, national or international level.

Bidding for your Success (ARTION - BID) ARTION is a dedicated bidder for European or International Conventions in Greece. ARTION – BID team supports Associations in every step of the bidding process and coordinates all actions. > • • • • • • • • •

Bidding Steps Association’s Interest to host a European or International Conference Administration, Correspondence, Documentation Bidding Committee Destination & Venue Selection Bid Document & Application Bid Presentation Lobbying Coordination Site Inspections Winner City of the Bid

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Bidding for your Success Showcase your industry and its achievements internationally Upgrade your organisation’s profile Generate profit to contribute to further research and education Exchange ideas and educate your associates on relevant topics Develop strong business and industry relations Improve your international relations & standing

ARTION – BID for Associations who require a Bid Coordinator to invite a major International Conference in Greece.

Profile ARTION is a Professional Congress Organiser (PCO), a premier international provider of conference and events organisation services, specialising in high quality conventions and formal events, association management and bid coordination for European and International Association Congresses. Since 1995 ARTION has successfully organised major events and conferences for ministries, embassies, international organisations, chambers, Greek and foreign businesses, international scientific and trade associations, and European Union institutions.

Services Provided The ARTION key assets are: its commitment to professional services, the effective planning and the efficient organisation that meets each client’s needs. ARTION develops impressive proposals and provides customised solutions that respond to the needs of the demanding and competitive modern marketplace. The ARTION key advantage is based on knowledge, experience, know-how, skills and specialisation, which result in high impact events and conferences. ARTION provides complete support throughout the event and can be employed as a full turnkey solution or chosen individually. > Congress & Event Organisation > Association Management > Bid Coordination > > > > > >

Communication, Marketing & Promotion Project Management & Secretarial Support Venue & Accommodation Management Press Office & Media Relations Internet & Social Media Marketing Sponsorship Schemes & Sponsor Identification

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Exhibition Management Call & Email Campaigns Interpretation Multilingual Support Financial Monitoring Audit & Evaluation

ARTION for events that need professional services and reliable support!

location 9th km Thessaloniki - Thermi Thomas Building P.O. Box 60705 57001 Thessaloniki, Greece

T. +30 2310272275 / 2310252330 F. + 30 2310272276 @Artion_Events

Artion Conference and Events Profile  

ARTION is a Professional Congress Organiser (PCO), a premier international provider of conference and events organisation services, speciali...