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Funeral Platter

Greg Ames, associate professor of English (Arcade Publishing) In this collection of darkly humorous short stories, a young girl uses a burnt log for her ventriloquist act; Franz Kafka and an unnamed narrator cruise a dive bar for women; a grieving couple stage and execute their own funeral; and a son brings hot chowder to his caged parents. Packed with moments of violence and tenderness, Funeral Platter explores the humor and unease of modern life. Professor Greg Ames is also the author of the award-winning novel Buffalo Lockjaw.

In the Shadow of the Moon: The Science, Magic, and Mystery of Solar Eclipses

Anthony Aveni, professor of astronomy and anthropology and Native American studies emeritus (Yale University Press)

This year’s solar eclipse elicited gasps across North America — and we are already eagerly anticipating the next event in 2024. In his new book, Anthony Aveni discusses the scientific and cultural significance of this cosmic display. He delves into the history and culture surrounding solar eclipses, from prehistoric Stonehenge to Babylonian creation myths to the ways that people continue to look up at the sky with wonder today. Aveni’s account of the astronomical phenomenon is driven, too, by his own experiences: he has witnessed eight solar eclipses in his life.

The Most Bold and Daring Act of the Age: A Henry Doyle Novel E. Thomas Behr ’62 (CreateSpace)

At age 55, Henry Doyle has it all: wealth, happiness, a loving wife, a young son, and most important, his life — after a violent yet successful 35-year career as a spy. When Napoleon escapes from Elba in 1815 to return as emperor, Henry comes out of retirement, risking it all to stop him, but fails, winding up in an Algerian dungeon. His half-brother, Peter Kirkpatrick, a privateer captain, sets sail on a daring, but utterly foolhardy rescue attempt. Henry’s wife, Dihya, knowing nothing of Peter’s plan, determines to free her husband by becoming an odalisque in his captor’s harem. In The Most Bold and Daring Act of the Age, Behr weaves together Peter’s and Dihya’s rescue attempts with Henry’s spiritual torment.

Haunted City: Three Centuries of Racial Impersonation in Philadelphia

Christian DuComb, assistant theater professor (University of Michigan Press) From 18thcentury minstrel shows to the ban of blackface at the annual Mummers Parade in the ’60s, Philadelphia has long been a stage for racial and cultural impersonation. Professor Christian DuComb draws on theater history, critical race theory, art history, and his own experiences performing in the Mummers Parade to create an interdisciplinary account of Philadelphia’s haunted past and fraught present.

Make It Happen Bob Duffy ’62 (Robert J. Duffy)

Throughout his life, some doubted Bob Duffy’s ability to make his dreams happen. Many thought he wouldn’t 22

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be able to succeed in professional basketball or get a college education. Duffy, however, proved everyone wrong. In this book, Duffy reveals his manifesto for achievement and how he was able to overcome the obstacles that life put in his way. With determination and resilience, Duffy was able to realize his childhood dreams.

Jefferson’s America: The President, the Purchase, and the Explorers Who Transformed a Nation Julie M. Fenster ’79 (Crown)

At the dawn of the 19th century, Britain, France, Spain, and the United States all jockeyed for control of the vast expanses west of the Mississippi River. President Thomas Jefferson was responsible for orchestrating the American push into the continent. He most famously recruited Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to explore the largely unknown region, but there were other teams that did similar work: William Dunbar, George Hunter, Thomas Freeman, Peter Custis, and Zebulon Pike all were dispatched to map the frontier and send back their findings. Tensions within these teams, though, threatened to undermine Jefferson’s goals for the country and its footholds in the West. Through in-depth research and inspiring storytelling, Fenster rediscovers the robust, harrowing expeditions that promised the president’s vision for a continental America.

The Athlete CEO Adonal Foyle ’99 (Realization Press)

In The Athlete CEO, Adonal Foyle presents seven matrices of an athlete’s life: personal, professional sports, family, financial, public, charity, and post-career. By managing the many aspects of their lives, athletes act as their own small businesses and already do the work

Autumn Scene 2017  

The Scene is published by Colgate University four times a year — in autumn, winter, spring, and summer.

Autumn Scene 2017  

The Scene is published by Colgate University four times a year — in autumn, winter, spring, and summer.