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“NYU Madrid Ally Week” 2012 Cover: “Cole Saladino Logo” 2012


“Cooked TeetH” 2012


Doodles &


Come draw, De-Stress, Eat free food, Meet some friends, and challenge some ideas!

Date: Novemeber 18th Time: 8pm-10pm Where: Palladium MPR

Drawing materials and S’Mac Provided!!

“Doodles and Noodles” 2011


HIGHLINE PARK Date: Saturday 9/8 Time: 2:00pm Where: Meet in Lobby What: Highline and Chelsea Market exploration adventure with FREE gelato Be on time and BRING YOUR CAMERAS =)

FREE GELATO “HighLine and Gelato” 2012






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No, we’re not talking about your shirt and slacks....

Okay kids, sometimes in the world of relationships and gay sex, few things matter more than who is doing what under the covers. So, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty – the good stuff – and talk about the ins and outs of tops and bottoms. Now, if you are asking yourself, “The tops of what? The tops of people?” don’t sweat it, you’re not alone and we are here to help. We are talking about the active “top” role and the passive “bottom” role in gay sex. If you’re still confused, imagine a man and a woman having regular ole anal sex… Okay, now replace that woman with a gay man – he is the bottom in the sexual encounter. (That’s right, ladies, unless your man is cool with you using a strap-on on him, you are the passive one during sex, the one being penetrated, the bottom.) So, what’s the big deal is you ask? All of this seems pretty straightforward, right? Not always. There’s a fairly common dilemma gay men must deal with when starting a new sexual relationship: How do you tell who’s going to be pitching and who’s going to be catching when things start getting down and dirty? If you’re drunk and feeling flirtatious, you may just flat out ask someone at the nightclub (it happens more times than you think). If you’re using one of many gay hook-up sites (and we’re not talking just Craigslist here), most men will identify their preferred role in their user profiles. But for everyone else, this territory can be tricky at times – and unless you want to spend the whole night dueling “swords” with your one-night stand, you’re going to need to figure out what the hell is going on before you take your clothes off.


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man’s company.

In the end, while gay sex is not as simple as the basic male and female pairing, sexual compatibility is a universal thriller or

What t he FUC K?

killer. And, though it might do a gay man well to develop an intuition for these things, a way

“Sexual compatibility is a universal thriller or killer.”

of speaking without saying a word, so many men will say,

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“SafeWord Magazine Logos” 2011


Exerpts from “SafeWord Magazine” 2011


Exerpts from “Wanderings” 2012


Distance. Maybe it won’t be so

terrible afterall. This magical energy of being alone. In the strangest of ways, it compliments the deep warmth of

love. A vision of them, right by my side. Them, imagining the same. We’re

together in a better space, one not

tainted by a harsh reality. Its soft focus and clear.


You are wrong if you think joy eminates only or principally from human relationsips.


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“Inside Worlds 3 and 5” 2011




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