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Learning Portfolio Colette Cummins Architecture101 Instructor Jerry Lum Spring 2013 Midterm

Ice Breaker Iteration One

Ice Breaker Iteration Two

Through this process I learned that repetition and organization gave more interest to my asymmetrical , curvilinear design.

Kit Of Parts Iteration One

I started learning the importance of sketch up and how helpful it can be in portraying and developing my designs.

Kit Of Parts Iteration Two Sketch up was difficult to master especially for spirals and curves

Proportional Studies

Proportional displacement

Fibonacci Series

Typologies of Space: Generic options generated by a matrix

Inspiring Architects

MAD Architects: The curvilinear , asymmetry structures, extruding over the city scape feels very organic,which I feel mimics nature. I also love how they add nature on each level which enhances the feeling of a living structure.

BIG Architects

This is an example of Responsive architecture. This mountain apartment complex is situated in a very flat city scape and the structure never loses sight of this, despite having a higher vertical height than its surroundings.

Shigeru Architects Again another asymmetrical structure. I feel that this is an example of biomemetic , responsive and contextual architecture. The curvilinear and angularity of the different aspects of the structure/s overlap and complement each other very well, adding to its complexity. I feel that the curvilinear warm wooden part of the structure mimics a vine growing and expanding as over the ore rigid structure. So its overlap and juxtaposition of materials work very well to impose this feeling.


It has been an interesting and challenging half semester. I am enjoying having a little more insight to the field of design. The most astonishing thing that was revealed is that I'm much more drawn in by curvilinear, asymmetrical complex structures than angular structures or to be more precise its a good combination of of both that works for me. Coming in the door from the building side of industry I have only been exposed to both hard linear structures and ornate type structures, so this is a nice breath of fresh air.

My prescription for the second half Stay focused try everything, keep on top of my work. Practice my new language


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