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October 14, 2012 To Whom it May Concern, I have recently had the privilege of working with Colette Carty as a member of my team in a casual dining establishment. In a fast-paced and sometimes high-pressured environment, she was not only able to keep up with the flow of business, but was able to set the standard of excellence. In an industry where food servers come as a “dime-a-dozen”, Colette has proved time and again that she is anything but that. She is very thorough and goes above and beyond any task that she is assigned; including innovating techniques that may make tasks run more efficient and productive. She displays a very outgoing personality, is easy to get along with and to work with, and very approachable in her demeanor. I have witnessed on several occasions her ability to build friendly, working relationships within mere seconds of being introduced to new team members. Her peers respect her as a team leader and her endlessly positive attitude spreads to those who work with her. Another unique feature about Colette is her work ethic. In the past 18 months I have worked with her, she has the highest punctuality rate out of over 60 team members I employ. She also displays a highly adaptable and versatile ability to work well with many other associates simultaneously or very few. She displays a very high sense of urgency and level of productivity. She is among the most efficient with her time and never seems to stop working. In a number of revenue-generating contests we’ve held, Colette has proven herself triumphant more than any other server. She requires very little, if any, supervision; however when necessary, she’s not afraid to ask for help. I find her ability to multi-task refreshing in an industry where most servers seem to require more help and more supervision than should be necessary. I can assure anyone that this letter only scratches the surface of Colette’s capabilities. I look forward to seeing her utilize her full potential in an environment that may be well-suited to face her with a challenge. She is the epitome of an “ideal employee” has been the veritable “Applebuddy” that everyone loves to work with. Should you require any further information, please call. Sincerely, Tyson M. Cruz General Manager Applebee’s – Gold River (916) 635-1234

Colette Carty - Recommendation Applebees  
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