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A Powerful, Proven Plan To Help You Get Pregnant Faster & Have A Healthier Baby By Niels H. Lauersen, M.D., Ph.D & Colette Bouchez

Ivy League Press New York, NY 10021

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Green Fertility “ Green Fertility is a unique and groundbreaking lifestyle guide for any couple

who wants to get pregnant. The concepts featured in the book have been proven in multiple studies, and I have personally seen many couples improve their fertility profiles by following this plan. I t works for both natural conception as well as to enhance assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF and ICSI, and I highly recommend it.” Carlo Acosta, B.Sc. Embryologist & Reproductive Technology Specialist New York City, NY

“ Using the power of nature Green Fertility teaches every couple how to safely and gently maximize their ability to get pregnant. It’s a must-read for the health conscious mother-to-be, which should be all mothers. Green Fertility may eventually become the only way.” Patricia Conrad, M.D., •F.A.C.O.G. Board Certified Gynecologist & Reproductive Endocrinologist Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology New York City, NY

Linda Chard, •D.C, Board Certified Doctor of Chiropractic, Holistic Consultant for the NHS Fertility Clinics, President of the London based clinic WantToBeWonderful, Ltd. London, England

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So, what exactly is

It’s a revolutionary approach to Getting Pregnant that teams the power of ancient holistic wisdom, with new data from medically proven studies on natural treatments to offer couples a fast, easy, natural way to maximize their fertility, get pregnant faster & have a healthier baby!

By the authors of the international best selling fertility book for two decades - "Getting Pregnant:What You Need To Know Now" comes this brand new book on how to boost fertility naturally for a brand new generation of parents-to-be . Written by renowned fertility expert Dr. Niels Lauersen & award-winning women’s natural wellness expert Colette Bouchez, • the all-new is a unique blend of trusted, holistic wisdom and the very latest scientific research which together give readers the most accurate and the most effective ways to safely and naturally boost conception odds and get pregnant fast. Separating fact from fiction about the foods, vitamins, minerals, herbs, supplements, fitness activities, environmental concerns, & lifestyle factors that can affect conception, Green Fertility features not only the very latest information proven in medical studies to make a difference, but also a natural fertility plan that has already been successfully used by thousands of patients at prestigious NY Fertility Center to get pregnant quickly, easily and naturally ...


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Now, for the first time ... ...the secrets of this highly successful program, along with the very latest scientific research on natural fertility care are being made public in a 500 page book jam packed with everything you need to know to get pregnant , quickly, safely, naturally!

For those having problems getting pregnant, Green Fertility is the key that unlocks your full fertility potential – without the use of expensive drugs or invasive medical treatments. For those simply wishing to have a quick, healthy pregnancy, Green Fertility offers the conception power tools to maximize your reproductive health so you not only get pregnant faster and easier, but also conceive a healthier baby.

Green Fertility is, in fact, the only plan available today to combine a natural, holistic approach with the self-care treatments modern science has proven to work, in an easy-to-follow plan that promises to not only increase your chances for getting pregnant, but also help overcome some of the most frustrating fertility problems including “unexplained infertility" the most common diagnosis made in reproductive clinics today!


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Just some of what you’ll find in this groundbreaking new book: How to prepare your body for a fast, natural conception How to ensure the health of your baby 10 Proven Ways To Maximize Fertility & Get Pregnant Faster The New Pre Conception Exam: Tests You MUST Have 7 Super Nutrients To Boost Male & Female Fertility 6 Super Fertility Foods To Eat Right Now Bread, Chocolate & Getting Pregnant: What You Must Know! 5 Minute Fertility Boosters You Can Do Every Day How Stress Affects Conception - & How To Bullet-Proof Your Fertility From Harm 6 All Natural Ways To Predict Your Most Fertile Time

4 New Ways To Encourage Ovulation – Even If You Have No Cyc le The Truth About Fertility Drugs - & The Natural Treatments That Work Better! 5 Lifestyle Factors That Block Fertility – And How To Beat Them How To Read Your Own Body Signs to Predict Ovulation The Common Household Chemicals That Can Disrupt Ovulation. The One Lifestyle Habit That Destroys Fertility

Alcohol and Getting Pregnant: The Do's & Don'ts The best (and the worst) sexual positions for increasing pregnancy odds. The Sex Toys That Can Harm Your Fertility – And Which Can Help How To Make Your Home Fertility-Friendly The Foods Proven To Turn On Your Fertility!

And that’s just the beginning!


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You’ll also discover... The Best Ways To Use Acupuncture to Overcome Infertility How To Find Your Ideal Fertility Weight The Workouts That Boost Fertility – And The Ones That Could Keep You From Getting Pregnant. Why Studies Show One Type of Dancing Can Boost Your Fertility Almost Immediately! The Hidden Food Allergy That Is A Leading Cause of Infertility Bee Pollen, Bee Propolis and Royal Bee Jelly : What You Must Know If You Are Trying To Get Pregnant! Plus, while Green Fertility keeps a sharp eye out for ways to boost conception odds in both men and women, in a special chapter devoted to protecting and enhancing male fertility readers will find a plethora of diet, nutritional, supplement and lifestyle advice specifically for men.

Just some of the important information for the man in your life: 5 The Sperm Assassins - & How To Beat Them 6 Sperm Loving Meals Your Man Will Love! The Pre Conception Exam for Men : What It Must Include The 4 Chinese Herbs Science Shows BOOST Male Fertility How Acupuncture Can Increase Sperm Count How Vitamin C Can Boost Sperm Count Almost Overnight – How The Sun Can Increase Sperm Count In Just 7 Days The Exercises That Improve Male Fertility & What To Avoid The One Spa Pleasure He Should Never Indulge Boxers Vs. Briefs Vs. Speedos: A Brand New Twist On The Fertility Legacy Cell Phones & Lap Tops: How To Protect His Fertility Ÿ Canned Ravioli, Beer and Bottled Water: The Link To Male Potency Problem

But there's still more to this amazing new book!


Special advice for special pregnancies... Among the most common causes of infertility in young women are two menstrual related conditions known as endometriosis & Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS. Although both can be merciless fertility thieves stealing a woman’s chances for getting pregnant, still, both conditions frequently go under diagnosed and untreated –

The good news: Not only are both conditions relatively easy to reverse, often significant improvement can come about with all natural solutions – changes in diet, lifestyle and nutrition that not only reduce symptoms but in the process boost fertility and make conception possible – even in women who have been told their only chance is donor eggs! As such Green Fertility devotes two complete chapters to each of these conditions. Some of what you'll find in these chapters: ·

How to identify the sometimes silent symptoms.


How to know if this is your fertility problem.


How to encourage a healthy menstrual cycle – even if you are not menstruating now.


Foods that reduce inflammation – and put you on the path to good reproductive health.


The Key Nutrients That Can Improve Your Fertility


Exercise, Weight Control & Acupuncture: The Magic Triad


Stress, Endometriosis & PCOS: Some Surprising News


The 10 Foods That Can Heal Your Fertility


The 5 Foods You Should Avoid


Special advice for getting pregnant fast

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And Introducing ....

The New GREEN IVF! When science and nature combine.... Miracles Can Happen! Although for most couples, the diet, nutrition, herbal and lifestyle advice featured in Green Fertility will be all the edge they need to maximize their fertility and get pregnant fast, the one thing nature alone cannot do is cure a medical fertility problem - such as blocked fallopian tubes, damaged ovaries, or extensive scar tissue. For this reason Green Fertility also offers new hope and new help for couples wishing to make use of the newest reproductive medical technologies - and still keep their conception as natural as possible. And that hope comes in the form of the new, natural cycle GREEN IVF - the brand new way of performing in vitro fertilization that combines nature and science to offer couples the best of both worlds - and a high rate of pregnancy success! Indeed, in Green Fertility couples will lean ŸWhat is natural cycle GREEN IVF - & how it differs from traditional IVF ŸWhy the new GREEN IVF may be better for older mothers trying to conceive. ŸWho’s a candidate for GREEN IVF - & who is it likely to help ŸHow does drug-free GREEN IVF work - & what are the success rates ŸHow do I locate a GREEN IVF center? In addition, couples will also find the latest information on a number of natural medical fertility treatments including the natural, drugfree insemination, as well as how to use acupuncture to increase the success rate of any fertility treatment - as well as help you conceive naturally.


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What patients are saying about

Green Fertility : Green Fertility is the Ultimate Guide to Getting Pregnant But don’t just take our word for it! Read what patients who have tried the Green Fertility plan have to say ... “I had been trying to get pregnant for 5 years. I had been previously treated by other doctors with several rounds of fertility drugs but never conceived. When I got to Dr. Lauersen’s office he performed several tests and told me I did not need fertility drugs – Instead he gave me a list of vitamins and supplements to take and told me what to eat and not eat . I followed his lifestyle advice completely and within 2 months I got pregnant naturally and eventually gave birth to my son. I followed his advice a second time, and 6 months after my first birth I got pregnant again and gave birth to my second son – all naturally.”

“I had difficulty getting pregnant but when I found Dr. Lauersen, his positive attitude and his explanations of what vitamins, supplements and foods to eat helped me get healthier. A few months after following his recommendations I was pregnant with Peter, my beautiful healthy boy who was 8 pounds when he was born! He is now healthy and strong and smart!” LUCY J - Westchester, NY


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“People who do not have problems conceiving a child do not understand the extent of the mental and heartfelt anguish infertility can cause. I was miserable and angry because I wanted to have children and I could not. When I finally found Dr. Lauersen, he was very positive about my being able to get pregnant , and he gave us hope. I followed his diet, and his vitamin and lifestyle regime and under his direction and care, it was not long after that we conceived our son. Children are a blessing from God and Dr. Lauersen. We are blessed . “ Jody S., New Jersey

“ I never thought I would have a baby but just as we were about to give up, my friend referred us to Dr. Lauersen who immediately gave me new hope with his natural approach to conception. He put me on a special fertility diet to encourage ovulation and help me gain a few pounds, and he gave me and my husband a vitamin and supplement regimen to follow. At his suggestion we made a few lifestyle changes to help us deal with our stress and within several months we could hardly believe it when he told us we were finally pregnant with our daughter! We had waited so long and our dream finally came true. A couple of years later we followed the same regime and conceived our wonderful son! “

Arlene L, New Jersey



How Mother Nature Can Help You Get Pregnant Faster & Easier! etting pregnant is one of the most beautiful and natural of all life’s activities. It is, in fact, what “boy meets girl” is really all about! And much like that special chemistry that draws you and your life partner together, so too does a special kind of chemistry draw your egg to his sperm. And when they meet … magic happens, as the most natural of all unions occurs: A baby is created! And it’s been happening this way since the beginning of time – and continues to happen every day for millions of couples all over the world. At the same time, if you and your partner are like many couples trying to conceive today, the pregnancy “ magic” seems a bit elusive. While you’re sure you’re doing everything “right”, still, conception just isn’t occurring, certainly not as quickly or as easily as you thought it would. In fact, you may even be asking yourselves why, if pregnancy is such a natural event, it doesn’t occur as quickly and easily for all couples who try?

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not as quickly or as easily as you thought it would. In fact, you may even be asking yourselves why, if pregnancy is such a natural event, it doesn’t occur as quickly and easily for all couples who try? And if that is the question that’s on your mind, let me reassure you that you are not alone. As a fertility specialist for nearly two decades and an obstetrician for over three decades, I can tell you without hesitation this is a question I have heard over and over, thousands of times. So what is the answer? For many couples, it’s just a matter of patience and time! Indeed, no two couples work on the same pregnancy “ time table” – and by that I mean conception is such a unique and individual experience, that no two couples will get pregnant at the exact same moment, even if they “try” on the same schedule. The truth is, that even under the most “normal” circumstances there is only a 25% chance a pregnancy will occur during any given menstrual cycle so certainly it’s possible for conception to take up to a year to occur – and still fall within the normal time frame. At the same time, however, for some couples there are sometimes obstacles which can get in the way of getting pregnant – and in many ways make conception much harder than it has to be. What kind of obstacles? Certainly, for a small number of couples these obstacles are rooted in medical problems existing somewhere in their reproductive system. For women it can commonly be a blockage in the fallopian tubes that keep sperm and egg from uniting, or sometimes a problem related to producing or ovulating eggs. In men problems are usually related to sperm that is either defective, slow moving, or in too low a concentration. And in both men and women problems conceiving can be linked to an infection. And if any of these issue turn out to be the reason behind your conception problems, there is a multitude of treatments available to help. But if you’re like most couples having a problem getting pregnant today, research has shown – and my vast experience has proven to me – that there is likely no serious problems standing in your way. Indeed, you may be very surprised to learn that for the majority of couples who visit a fertility clinic - and I believe tens of thousands of those who don’t - the diagnosis turns out to be something we call “unexplained infertility “.

Essentially, this means that although you may be having problems conceiving, tests show both you and your partner are healthy, with no signs that something is wrong. So… now you’re probably asking yourself “ If you can’t find anything wrong – then why can’t I get pregnant?” And that is where Mother Nature comes back into the equation.



Essentially, this means that although you may be having problems conceiving, tests show both you and your partner are healthy, with no signs that something is wrong. So… now you’re probably asking yourself “ If you can’t find anything wrong – then why can’t I get pregnant?” And that is where Mother Nature comes back into the equation.

Overcoming “Unexplained Infertility” Naturally! Although the diagnosis of “unexplained infertility” leads us to believe there is, in fact, no reason you can’t get pregnant, both common sense and science tells us this cannot be true. When something goes wrong – even in nature – there is always a reason, even if we don’t know right off, what that reason is. And the same is true for “unexplained infertility.” Indeed, when this is the case it often means there is “something” some small, sub-clinical problem in one or often both partners - sometimes too small to even measure in a blood test or identify during an exam – that has formed a stumbling block to conception. In my experience – that “stumbling block”, that indefinable “something”, can be found in lifestyle factors. Indeed, the latest research – as well as my own personal medical experience – has shown that everything from the foods and nutrients you eat (or miss out on ) to the products you use, the environment in which you live, work and play, your daily habits like smoking or drinking alcohol, your exercise routines, and especially, how you deal with the everyday and the big-time stresses in your life – these are the kinds of things that can have not only an important impact on your overall health, but more so on your ability to get pregnant. In fact, nowhere is the power of Mother Nature more evident than when you stop to look at all the ways in which your life and your lifestyle impact your fertility.


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What’s more, while many couples believe that the only way to “fix “ a fertility problem is via expensive medical treatments, I can promise you that this is not so! In fact, some of the most successful “fertility fixes” aren’t found in a doctor’s office or even a reproductive laboratory. For the vast majority of couples trying to get pregnant, Mother Nature holds the secret to pregnancy success! Moreover, with just a little bit of knowledge and a few small changes in your diet and lifestyle habits, you can unlock those secrets and get pregnant faster and easier than you ever believed was possible. And this is true whether you have just begun to try, or you’ve been trying for a long time with no success! And when you think about it, the power of Mother Nature to get you there, is not really so hard to understand – or believe. In the past decade and particularly in the last several years, evidence continues to mount indicating that diet and lifestyle changes can make an enormous positive difference on so many aspects of our health. From prevention of life threatening illnesses like cancer, heart disease and diabetes, clear down to the common cold, one of the most significant scientific lessons put in place this past decade has been the enormously important role that preventive lifestyle changes can play in not only keeping us from getting sick, but also helping us to heal the problems that plague us. And nowhere is this tenant truer than when it comes to the world of fertility. In fact, while there have been great strides and tremendous success with some amazing scientific and medical developments in the treatment of infertility, I am happy to tell you there have been an equal number of impressive advances made in identifying important links between lifestyle and fertility as well.

And certainly, for me, none of this has come as any great surprise. I have been a strong proponent of the importance of diet and lifestyle factors and the valuable role they play in encouraging fertility since I began my medical practice in the 1970’s! Throughout all my many books on pregnancy and reproductive health, including my best selling book “ Getting Pregnant: What You Need To Know”, I have always emphasized the important role that both diet and lifestyle can and should play in not only getting pregnant, but in insuring the birth of a happy, healthy baby – a baby that also grows forward with superior health and happiness throughout their lifetime. In fact, I can tell you with all certainty that I helped thousands of couples go from infertile to fertile by doing nothing more than making a few small but significant changes in certain lifestyle habits. I have seen the miracles happen, and I have delivered thousands of these “miracle babies” - so I can tell you not just from the research, but from my first hand experience, that diet and lifestyle issues - and they matter a lot. And it’s not just in cases of “unexplained infertility.”


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The noted Harvard Nurses study of some 18,000 women, validated the idea that women who paid attention to lifestyle factors – including diet – had up an 80 percent lower rate of certain types of infertility, then women who did not pay attention to these factors.

Indeed, even for those patients who, for one reason or another, come to require medical treatment for their fertility problems, those who also focus on their diet and lifestyle habits no doubt have a much higher rate of conception success – and go on to deliver healthier babies – far more often than those who chose to believe that medicine alone provides all their answers. Today, I am proud and happy to tell you that the philosophies I have long subscribed to and written about, and the diet and lifestyle changes I have always suggested to my patients as a way of encouraging conception, have come to fruition, having been proven to work in several major and important studies. Indeed, the noted Harvard Nurses study of some 18,000 women, validated the idea that women who paid attention to lifestyle factors – including diet – had up an 80 percent lower rate of certain types of infertility, then women who did not pay attention to these factors. In another new study published by researchers from the Department of Nutritional Sciences at Pennsylvania State University it is suggested that diet, particularly one featuring foods high in antioxidant vitamins like C and E, can play a role in not only increasing the opportunity to get pregnant faster, but at the same time help reduce the risk of early miscarriage. In short, each week my desk is piled high with studies showing that for many women trying to get pregnant, lifestyle factors may be one of the most important factors to consider today. In fact, in many instances, making just a few simple changes could tip the scales from infertile to fertile in just a few months time, without the need for costly fertility testing and treatments!


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HOW THIS BOOK WILL HELP YOU Although the research in this area has continued to prove time and again just how effective this “natural” approach to boosting fertility can be, as I traveled the country talking to couples who were having difficulty conceiving, I began to realize how few men and women were actually taking advantage of all we had learned. While some couples would have bits and pieces of information on how lifestyle and infertility could be entwined, time and again I began to see how few really had the “whole picture”. Even more disturbing was how often proven facts about “natural fertility” were being diluted by anecdotal evidence – or confused with totally unproven theories. Unfortunately because the word “ natural” still by and large represents “unregulated territory”, too often what has never been proven to work gets the same “headline value” as those things that have been scientifically validated. As time went on I began to see how difficult it can be for many couples to sort through all they hear or read to get to the truly solid evidence concerning what works and what doesn’t to boost fertility. And that is exactly why I decided to write this book – a “green print” to pregnancy success that simply and effortlessly guides you to the most important , proven and up-to-date medical research on the natural lifestyle changes that impact fertility. But it doesn’t stop here. Because in this book I will also teach the secrets to using all this new scientific information in a way that will enhance your personal fertility profile. In fact, my goal for this book is to help you and your partner create your own personal “green print” for healthy conception – a quick and easy way to identify the factors standing the way of your fertility – and the equally quick and easy solutions that can turn your fertility odds around. And throughout this book , this is what you will find! Not only is it packed with the latest, most important research covering every lifestyle factor known to affect fertility, it’s also brimming with my personal, time-tested , proven diet and lifestyle advice, featuring solutions that have already guided thousands of my own fertility patients to successful pregnancies for over two decades! And the really good news: Once you put these changes into place, most couples can turn their fertility odds around in just 60 to 90 days! Imagine, in less than three months from today, you could be pregnant! Plus, you will feel better, and your overall health will be better so that you can go forward into your pregnancy giving your baby the very best chance in life!

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GREEN FERTILITY TREATMENTS: AN EXTRA SECRET SURPRISE As you read through this book you will no doubt come to see that not only do I believe in the power of Mother Nature to help and heal fertility, but that I am also a great believer in the idea that science and nature can work hand in hand to deliver solutions able to optimize both your overall health and your fertility in ways never before possible. And to this end I am excited to tell you that in this book also contains the very newest, most cutting edge information on the latest trend in medical fertility care: GREEN Fertility Treatments! Indeed, one of the most exciting advances in fertility medicine today is that we have “gone back to nature” , with a slew of reproductive technologies that work hand–in-hand with natural science to give you brand new ways to get pregnant faster and easier. This includes the exciting new GREEN IVF – a more natural approach to the traditional in vitro fertilization that is not only far less expensive, but also does away with most of the unpleasant side effects and difficulties associated with this procedure, while increasing the success rate! And later in this book you will read about the new GREEN IVF as well as other new and exciting all natural medical treatments for overcoming even the most difficult conception problems. So, whether you will be among the tens of thousands of couples who will need nothing more than a few small lifestyle changes to get pregnant fast, or those who may need some new “natural” medical help, I can promise that unlocking the secrets in this book will give you the answers you have been seeking and the baby you have been longing for!

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About Niels H. Lauersen, M.D., Ph.D. In private practice for more than 30 years, Dr. Niels H Lauersen founded the New York Medical Center for Reproductive Technology in 1984 to meet the growing needs of the thousands of patients from the United States and abroad who sought his expertise every year. As a board certified obstetrician/gynecologist, as well as a surgeon, Dr. Lauersen became world-renowned for his expertise in the management of high risk pregnancy, the treatment of endometriosis, PMS, & hormone imbalances as well as the development of fertility - sparing surgeries to avoid hysterectomy. As a fertility expert, he was a founding member of the New York Society for Reproductive Medicine and among the first private physicians in the New York area to offer a full range of infertility treatments, including IVF, GIFT, and the newest ICSI , at his prestigious Park Avenue fertility center. Educated in his native Denmark , Dr. Lauersen received his American medical training at New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center, where he continued to do research and clinical patient management and held a professorship in Obstetrics and Gynecology. His academic career expanded, to include professorships at both the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine and New York Medical College. In addition to his private practice, he was also on the clinical staff of Mt Sinai Medical Center, Lenox Hill Hospital, and St. Vincent’s Medical Center, all in New York City. During his active practice career, Dr. Lauersen was a Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and a member of the American Medical Association, the Society For Gynecological Investigation, The American Fertility Society, and the NY Obstetrical & Gynecological Society. As the author of 10 books on women’s health care, including the international best selling fertility book Dr. Lauersen has published more than 100 hundred scientific medical papers, and wrote and edited several medical textbooks. He has lectured extensively throughout the world and appeared on numerous national television and radio shows including those hosted by Oprah Winfrey, Joan Hamburg, Regis Philbin, Phil Donahue, Sally Jessy Raphael, Maury Povitch and Geraldo Rivera. He has been featured in articles in newspapers and magazines worldwide including Time Magazine, The New York Times, New York Magazine, The NY Daily News, People Magazine, The Los Angeles Times and others. Currently, he is the medical director of, one of the leading fertility and pregnancy web sites as well as a principal in a medical publishing firm. He also a consultant on the use of natural treatments in both men and women's health. Dr. Lauersen also holds a European medical license for practice throughout the European Union.


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About Colette Bouchez An award-winning investigative medical reporter, author of 9 books on women's health, including an international best seller, a Women’s Wellness Health Pro on and the creator of the phenomenally popular weekly health column, Colette Bouchez has become one of the most widely read journalists on the Internet. There are currently more than 100,000 pages of references to her work in major search engines, resulting in tens of thousands of individual articles and book excerpts. As the Editorial Director of ElleMediaNetwork, she is responsible for the editorial content and production of 14 web sites on health, beauty and style, each month programming more than 3 million page views. As the former content producer for WebMD’s women's health, Ms. Bouchez was responsible for conceptualizing and creating content for some 35 million new and unique website readers every month. In March 2007 her WebMD report on anti aging received more than 725,000 hits - and became one of the all-time most read articles on WebMD. As a journalist Ms. Bouchez's work has been honored by many major medical organizations including: The American Cancer Society, ·The American Academy of Dermatology, The American College of Colon Surgeons, The Coalition of Breast Cancer Organizations, The Multiple Sclerosis Society, and Columbia School of Journalism for her health coverage following the aftermath of 9-11. In 1996 she was the writer on the award winning WNBC TV team that produced a seven day report on breast cancer, taking the Emmy for best news documentary. In 1997 she was one of only a small number of journalists ever to be offered a fellowship at the University of Virginia College of Medicine. In both 2004 and 2005 her articles received the WebMD Reader's Choice for the top ten most read articles of the year. In 2004 the Physician Editors of WebMD chose Ms. Bouchez's reports on fertility as one of 10 most important articles of the year. In addition to her professional journalism memberships, in 2001 Ms. Bouchez became one of only a select few journalists to be admitted to the prestigious AMWA -American Medical Women's Association -the division of the AMA (American Medical Association) that honors female physicians and researchers. Her experience in reporting medical news spans more than two decades and includes 14 years as senior medical reporter for the NY Daily News , founding member of the Health Day News Service , an active member of WebMD through 2008. She continues to be a contributing editor to major media including The NY Daily News, The LA Times, The Washington Post, MSN-NBC, WABC,FOX NEWS Network, USA, and many other news sources. Experience also includes writing CME (continuing medical education) updates for the Excerpta Medica Publishing Group which helped prepare physicians for CME exams. Ms. Bouchez is also a medical/legal consultant for the prestigious law firm of Gerald Shargel and Associates where her medical research and data has often been used during high profile murder trials

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