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Commissioner’s Corner: The Revenue Side of our Budget

Jeff Jenks, Mayor Pro Tem

I’ve enjoyed serving you for the past eleven years. Last October I became president of the Michigan Municipal League. I now represent 523 cities, villages and urban townships and about 5.4 million people. I’ve visited 25 cities, attended seven regional education meetings where more than 40 additional cities were represented, and lobbied extensively in Lansing and in Washington for bills that will help our communities. I’ve traveled about 7,000 miles in Michigan - at no cost to the city. My goal as an elected official is to add public value to our city, our region and our state.

I’ve been able to compare our city against other cities and against the ideal model. Our city is a 21st Century community, with attractive physical design and walkability. We encourage the arts and diversity, have been updating our technology to create greater access, have an outstanding elementary school, have three nearby downtowns and easy access to Detroit and all points in our region. Most recently we created a new advisory committee to exploring new and additional ways to serve seniors.

These assets and actions will grow both our community and your property values. If we do things right in the near future, we can also grow our state, and retain our young college-educated kids. Employers look for concentrations of young educated workers. Those college grads look for exciting cities and regions in which to live. Keep our cities attractive and vibrant and Michigan wins!

Huntington Woods has done what it can to reduce costs. Staff have taken salary and benefit cuts. We’ve used cooperation, consolidation, privatizing, energy reduction, and in some instances reduced our hours of service without reducing our service quality. And we even have a continual city budget/audit committee reviewing what we do. But some areas of cooperation are hampered by existing Michigan laws which actually raise the cost of cooperation and consolidation and by gridlock among elected leaders in Lansing. Each of you has helped us by providing more revenues through your adoption of the Headlee millage override, the Recreation bonds, and the adoption of road replacement bonds. You’ve gone about as far as you can legally go. But all of those actions cannot overcome the massive decline in property taxable values that has occurred and that will continue over the next 3 - 4 years. Your property taxes will decline and the total revenues to the city from those taxes will decline by 20 - 25% over the next four years.

But other sources of revenue, beyond the control of the city, primarily coming from the state’s role in collecting taxes and then returning a fair portion back to run local governments continue to decline, and they are having a negative impact upon all Michigan communities and institutions. That is where I ask for your help.

Michigan has a revenue problem created by our tax reductions over the past 10 - 15 years and our tax structure. A recent presentation by State Treasurer Robert Kleine indicated that FY 2010 General Fund/General Purpose revenue is at FY 1988 levels, and down 32% since 2000. When adjusting for inflation, it’s at the lowest dollar level since 1965. Michigan’s expenditure growth in our General Fund of 0% during the period 2001 to 2008 is the lowest among all states, compared to a 41% average growth for all states.

The state has diverted more than $3 billion in funds that were to go to communities as Revenue

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FALL 2010

No place celebrates fall like Huntington Woods! Enjoy the crisp bite in the October air by joining in all the fall festivities the city has planned for you. Saturday, October 2nd kicks off the fun with the Recreation Center’s annual Hay Day and the Public Safety Open House held from 4:30 to 6:30 pm. Enjoy pony rides, hay rides and the city’s rescue vehicles as the Recreation Center and Public Safety become your playground for the afternoon. Our celebration of fall continues on Saturday, October 9 with a full day of fun planned to celebrate fall to the fullest. Start with the annual Men’s Club and Women’s League Cider and Donut Sale (p. 3) and then stop by the DPW to recycle your unwanted electronics, books and metal during the annual scrap metal drive from 9:00 am-1:00 pm (p. 7). Relax at home with the famous MSU vs. UM football rivalry before heading up the Rec Center for Oktoberfest!! There will be a great oompa band, brats on the grill and even an adult beverage or two. Over 21 years only and pre-registration is requested (p. 17).


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Public Safety

DPS Info

OVERNIGHT ON-STREET PARKING Reminder, the City of Huntington Woods has an ordinance that prohibits parking on all City streets from 3:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. If there is some reason why you need to park your vehicle on the street during these hours, please contact the Public Safety Department @ 541-1180. Permission to park on the street is given on a case by case basis.

12755 W. Eleven Mile Rd.

Emergency (Berkley Dispatch): 911 Non-Emergency/General Business 248.541-1180

SMOKE DETECTORS Smoke is responsible for three out of four deaths. • Install smoke detectors on every level of your home and outside of sleeping areas. • Test every detector at least once a month. [See your instruction book for the location of the test button] • Keep smoke detectors dust free. Replace batteries with new ones at least once a year, or sooner if the detector makes a chirping sound. • If you have a smoke detector directly wired into your electrical system, be sure that the little signal light is blinking periodically. This tells you that the alarm is active. • Inexpensive smoke detectors are available for the hearing impaired.

BUILDING HOURS Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Steve Fairman, Director Lieutenants: Ronald Livingston; Nick Armold; Bill Cudney; Neil Gensler and Bill Spencer

BUILDING HOURS Non-emergency and general business calls are received by Huntington Woods Public Safety during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. After 5:00 pm telephone services are switched over to Berkley Dispatch. All 9-1-1 calls are answered by Berkley dispatch 24 hrs a day.

CITY-WIDE TRICK-OR-TREATING Sun. October 31, 6:00 - 8:00 pm Recommended hours for treat-or-treating are from 6:00 - 8:30 pm. Please leave your porch light on during this time if you are participating.

WALKERS/JOGGERS All walkers and joggers are encouraged to use sidewalks where provided. It is contrary to traffic law to use the street for jogging or walking. Where no sidewalks are available, pedestrians should use the left side of the street facing traffic. Always carry identification in case of emergency. Wear light colored clothing or reflective vests so you are visible to traffic. Public Safety has free reflective Velcro arm bands for added visibility.

Public Safety Open House

Saturday, October 2 4:30 - 6:30 pm Held in conjunction with the Recreation Center’s HAY DAY.

“Smoke Alarms:A Sound You Can Live With!” This year's campaign is designed to educate people about the importance of smoke alarms and encourages everyone to take the steps necessary to update and maintain their home smoke alarm protection. Refreshments and fun await!

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Community Calendar

September 1 6 6 8 13 14 15 20 27 28 28

Historic District Commission City Hall & Library closed Last day pool is open Tree Advisory Board meeting ZBA City Commission meeting Beautification Committee meeting Library Advisory Board meeting Planning Commission Parks & Recreation Advisory Environmental Advisory


Last day to register to vote for November election City Commission Historic District Commission City Hall Closed ZBA Tree Advisory Board Library Advisory Board City Commission Planning Commission Environmental Advisory Board Parks & Rec Advisory Board City Hall Open 10:00 am - 2:00pm absentee voting only Treat-or-Treating, 6:00 - 8:30 pm

October 5 6 11 11 13 18 19 25 26 26 30 31


2 City Election 3 Historic District Commission 8 ZBA 9 City Commission 10 Tree Advisory Board 11 City Hall offices closed 15 Library Advisory Board 17 Beautification Committee 22 Planning Commission 22 Parks & Rec Advisory Board 23 City Commission 23 Environmental Advisory 25-26 City Hall offices closed

Meeting are at 7:30 pm Call 248.541-4300 to confirm time and location.

City Hall Info

City Hall


WINTER TAXES 2010 The 2010 Winter taxes will be mailed on November 30, 2010. If you do not have an escrow account and have not received a tax bill within a week of that date, contact the Treasurer’s Office immediately. Non-receipt of the bill does not negate the owner’s responsibility to pay.

Civic awards were recognized during the annual Speeches and Awards, held July 4th in Scotia Park. This years winners were as follows:

Citizen of the Year Louise Rallis Wibbelman

Senior of the Year

CITY ELECTION November 3, 2009, 7:00 am - 8:00 pm Precinct 1 HW Lutheran Church Precinct 2 & 4 Burton School Precinct 3 City Hall Precinct 5 Recreation Center

Bess Zechman

Virginia Jones Spirit Award Jordan Hood

Joan Peterson Spirit Award James & Georgia Beers

Distinguished Employee Bill Cudney

For highlights of these deserving recipients, please refer to

CITY HALL POST OFFICE TO CLOSE The U.S. Postal Substation in Huntington Woods City Hall will close permanently on August 31, 2010. The Post Office closure is a result of severe budget reductions faced by the City. While a unique city service, use of the post office has steadily declined in recent years.

In the 2010 Community Survey, conducted by Wayne State University, a vast majority of residents gave the post office a low priority when ranking city services in light of economic constraints. It’s closure was also recommended by a citizen task force in 2003. The post office boxes will remain in the lobby of City Hall and there will be no change in postal delivery.

The City’s Postmaster for the past 25 years, Lois Silk, will be retiring on September 2, 2010.

CITY/SCHOOL/COUNTYTAXES 2010 The second half of the 2010 summer taxes are due by October 31, 2010.Taxes received after October 31, 2010 incur a penalty from August 10th of 1% per month until paid. A drop box is located in the west City Hall parking lot for your convenience. Please call the Treasurer’s Office if you are having difficulty paying your tax bill. While we cannot waive penalties and interest we will accept partial payments. We can be reached at 248 541-4300.

Residents interested in being on the permanent absentee voter list for all future elections please contact Joy at City Hall 248.541-4300. This will assure you receive an absentee voter application prior to all elections.

If you are interested working as an election inspector, please contact Joy Solanskey at City Hall 248.541-4300.

26815 Scotia Road 248.541-4300

HOURS Monday - Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm The City Offices will be closed September 6 , October 11, November 25 - 26

CITY HALL STAFF Alex Allie, City Manager Tony Lehmann, Finance Director Joy Solanskey,Treasurer/City Clerk Riki Scott Heroux, Deputy Finance/Treasurer Sheila Silk, Deputy Clerk Bonnie Cook, City Planner Hank Berry, Planning Department COMMISSIONS, BOARDS & COMMITTEE MEMBERS Applications Due November 30 Apply to fill a vacancy on one of the following boards: Planning Commission (2); Beautification Committee (3); Library Advisory Board (1); Historic District Commission (2); Community Fund Board (1); Environmental Advisory (1);Tree Advisory (1); ZBA (1) and Budget Advisory Board (1). Terms begin in January, 2011. Please call 248.541-4300 for information on how to apply for a Board position.

Commissioner’s Corner (continued from front page)

Sharing, over the past eight years, to fund other programs. Nearly every year our city has lost “Revenue Sharing” funds. This has had a significant impact upon our budget.

Michigan has a narrow sales tax base, and is ranked 31st nationwide. We tax very few services yet since 1970 we have spent more on services then on the purchase of goods. Our individual income tax burden, as a percent of personal income, was 35th out of 41 states that impose this type of tax. And further declines in the income tax rate are scheduled until it drops to 3.9% in 2016.

The state must reform our state tax structure so that it will grow with our economy but at the same time not discourage economic growth. A graduated income tax at 3.9%, 4.35% and 6.9% would most likely increase taxes for families making more than $120,000 but for most others it would lower their taxes. It would yield about $600 million additional to the state, and would be partially offset for taxpayers by its Federal deductibility. A broadened sales tax base, with a reduction to 5.5% would yield an additional $1 billion or more. Michigan also grants about $32 billion in tax breaks. They each need to be reexamined. Some of these should be eliminated or reduced. I urge you to become educated about these different taxing proposals that will be emerging later this summer and this Fall, and to seriously consider supporting some of them. Huntington Woods has always been a leader in government, politics, education, the arts, transportation and human services. Please, do that again. Become involved, speak out - both for your city and for our state. What may have seemed not that important in the past, as it relates to Huntington Woods, now is an integral part of our future. If you wish to communicate with me on these comments please do so by e-mail at or by phone at 248.546-3361.

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Jeff Jenks, Mayor Pro Tem



The Smartest Card. Get it. Use it. September is Library Card Sign-Up Month and the Library wants to make sure that your child has the smartest card of all — a library card. During September, people that register for a library card will be eligible for a random drawing of a library book bag filled with library goodies. Observed since 1987, this is a time when the American Library Association and libraries across the country remind parents that a library card is the most important school supply of all. Library cards are FREE and bring you a world of opportunity— no matter what your age.


Please bring your library card with you when you visit the library. It is needed to place holds, use the Internet and of course circulate library materials.Also we greatly appreciate if you would provide your email address for quicker notification of items on hold, as they become available. Should you have a late item, you will also be notified of the item, avoiding mail costs. Thank you for your cooperation.

Woods Gallery Lisa Grix, Gallery Coordinator


“CALLIGRAPHIC ART” September 3 - October 1, 2010

PALETTE AND BRUSH CLUB “BI-ANNUAL COMPETITION” Mixed Media October 4 - November 12, 2010


The Friends of the Huntington Woods Library thank those individuals who have donated used books for placement in the library's collection or the Friends' ongoing book sale. Prospective donors should keep in mind that only used books in good condition could be placed in our library or in the book sales and must be donated in boxes, as we have limited storage. Books in poor condition are discarded.We also do not accept textbooks, Readers Digest Condensed books and out of date reference books. If you require a tax receipt for your donation please provide a count of the number of paperback and hardcover books donated.


Again this year, our wonderful Friends of the Huntington Woods Public Library provided financial support for ALL of our Summer Reading Programs, this includes materials, prizes, speakers and refreshments. Our Friends work hard to make this large financial contribution to the Library. The 2010 Summer Reading Program was a wonderful success! We had over 150 children registered and almost 2,000 hours read! WOW! They may have been occupied swimming at the Huntington Woods pool or vacationing with their families but our young patrons still found time to “Make a Splash” at our library! Congratulations Summer Readers!

Please consider joining the Friends, they meet the first Monday evening of every month, beginning October through May. We are especially anxious for new members to become involved in our monthly used book sales, programming throughout the year, newsletter, house tour and fundraising.


Tutors are needed and we provide the space. Interested in helping adults learn English as a Second Language? Contact Oakland County Literacy 248.253.1617.


Saturday, October 16, 2010 at Macy’s The 5th Annual Macy’s Shop for a Cause benefits charities nationwide on October 16. Since 2006, Shop for a Cause has raised more than $34 million for regional and local charities across the country. This is your opportunity to be part of the excitement.

Here's how the Huntington Woods Library benefits: the library will be selling special shopping passes for $5 each.The library keeps 100% of the proceeds. Here's how you benefit: when you Shop for a Cause at Macy’s on Saturday, October 16, 2010, you'll receive 20% savings* on most all of your purchases, including regular, sale and clearance merchandise*; 25%* off a single purchase AND customers will be eligible to win a $500 gift card.

Buy a $5 shopping card and ALL proceeds go to the HW Library AND you receive a discount when shopping October 16!

Any questions please contact the President of the Friends,Toni Brandt at 248 541 0764.

“ B o o k s a re t h e q u i e t e s t a n d m o s t c o n s t a n t o f f r i e n d s ; t hey are the m ost ac ces sible and w isest of c ou nselors, an d the m ost p ati ent of te ac hers.”

VARIOUS FEMALE ARTIST “A GROUP OF GIRLS” Mixed Media November 19 - December 28, 2010

Charles W. Eliot

City of Huntington Woods Hometown Herald page 4

Adult Programs & Services


Wednesday, September 15, 7:00 pm A FREE class to help you get the most out of your photography experience.

Get ready for the holidays with this beginning digital photography class! This class is for beginners and will teach you the basics about using your digital camera to take quality pictures. Please bring your camera to the class. Pre-registration suggested.


Monday, October 25, 6:30 PM Fabulous homemade cakes are a cinch to create. This two-hour workshop will teach you how. The class is free and open to all adults and teens. Our instructor, Rosemary Miller, will discuss the preparation of frosting, its application, and decorating techniques (including how to make butter cream roses). Participants will have the opportunity to try their hand during the class using cupcakes. Pre-registration is required by Oct. 21. Tips and Tools for Parents and Students


Thursday, Oct. 7, 7:00 - 8:30 pm How important is a college application essay? Come discuss the myths and facts with writing coaches who can help you turn everyday experiences into compelling stories. We’ll discuss voice, choosing a topic and how to stand out from the college application crowd. Bring paper and pen, and come prepared to write (you too, Mom and Dad.) Pre registration requested.


Sept. 29, Oct. 27, Nov. 17, 7:00 pm Join the Library Staff as we participate one of the fastest growing hobbies – KNITTING. The knitting movement has people of all ages, especially young adults, moms and daughters, seniors, friends, etc. gather in an organized group and getting their creative knit on. Coffee and tea will be provided and pattern books are available to borrow. Pre-registration is appreciated, and there is no charge for these gatherings. Knitters of all levels – beginner to expert - are invited to attend.


Sept. 27, Oct. 25, Nov. 22, 7:30 pm Our ever-popular book discussion group meets the fourth Monday of every month at 7:30 p.m. Book titles rotate from fiction to non-fiction. Please call the library for titles and more information about this lively book discussion group.


Art that inspires and engages, hands-on science that excites and educates, history and culture that brings past and present Michigan to life – all of these and more are waiting for you at your local public library. Library users with a valid library card from the Huntington Woods Public Library– can check out a Museum Adventure Pass. Library users will receive a museum admission pass for the organization they plan to visit. The museum admission pass is handed in at the box office of the participating organization for free admission for two or four people. Each museum adventure pass expires within one week of the checkout date. For more information, visit or call the library, or log on to

The participating organizations are kindly donating all of the free admissions; they are not reimbursed. Be sure to thank them for their generosity when you visit!

Library Info

26415 Scotia Road 248.543-9720 http://

The mission of the Huntington Woods Library is to serve the community by providing access to informational, cultural, educational and leisure resources. LIBRARY HOURS Monday - Thursday 10:00 am to 9:00 pm Friday & Sunday CLOSED Saturday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm The library will be closed September 6, November 24 at 6:00 pm and November 25 - 28. LIBRARY STAFF Director - Anne Hage Reference Librarian- Karen Tower, Gail Gilman, Joanne Johnson Technical Services – Jesse Mitchell Head of Circulation – Sally Kohlenberg Computer Tech – Jamie Richards Clerks – Tina Talbot, Jeff Fabian, Holly Martin Pages – Fuzzy Raebel, Kyle Gleisner, Lisa Momblanco

LIBRARY ADVISORY BOARD Millicent Berry; Toni Brandt; Jill Dauphin; Karen Dubrinsky;Max Dubrinsky; Iris Parlangeli; David Tigertt; Stacy Stutcher Bob Paul – Commission Liaison Library board meets the third Monday of each month at 7:30 pm.

Note from the Director: Anne Hage

Due to the tightening of its budget, the Huntington Woods Public Library began staff reductions on July 1. The Huntington Woods Public Library, along with libraries across the country are facing very difficult economic times. Even with these reductions, we remain committed to continuing to provide Huntington Woods and Pleasant Ridge residents with the service they need and expect.

Here are all the wonderful things that you can do with a Huntington Woods library card: • Borrow books—find a quiet spot, curl up with a book and enjoy adult fiction; non-fiction books; young adult books and/or children's books. • Borrow audio books or DVDs • Check out music CDs • Use the internet • Use computer word processing • Access online databases that the library subscribes to • Place books on hold • Request books on Interlibrary loan • Suggest books for the library to add to the collection Feel free to contact Anne Hage, Library Director, 248.543-9720 for questions or suggestions.

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Youth Programs & Events

Children’s Story Time


Saturday, September 25, 2:00 pm Suggested for ages 5 years and up. Pre-registration required. Back by popular demand is the American Girl Party! Join us at the Library for a fun American Girl themed party full of excitement, crafts, and of course delicious snacks! Bring your favorite American Girl doll! Don’t miss this party!


Saturday, October 9, 2:00 pm Suggested for ages 10 years and up. Pre-registration required. Submit to the Twilight mania! Join us at the Library where we will create shirts and buttons to proudly support Team Edward or Team Jacob! Can’t decide? That’s ok too! Create a shirt that supports both vampires and werewolves! You decide! Bring your friends to this fun event! Make sure to remember to bring a blank t-shirt to decorate. All other supplies will be ready and available at the Library…along with a fun snack!


Saturday, October 23, 2:00 pm Suggested for ages 4 years and up. Pre-registration required. Join us for an afternoon of pumpkin-carving fun! Bring your own pumpkin and we will provide the carving tools, templates and supplies. If you need a carving break, take advantage of our spooktacular snacks or simply test your dancing skills by boogying to our scary music. Bring your friends! We’ll be waiting for you.

New Addi ti o n s ?

If you know any new baby in Huntington Woods the library has an official bib for them. We just need the baby’s name and address. Contact the library for further details.

Mom and Tot Story Time

Pre-registration is required for Children’s Story Times and begins September 7 (unless noted). Register at the Library Front Desk.

Mondays 10:30 am, September 20 to November 1 A special story time for children ages 2 ½ to 3 ½ with a parent or caregiver. This story time features stories, flannel boards, music and finger plays.

Babes and Books Story Time

Tuesdays, 10:30 am, September 21 to November 2 A story time for toddlers’ ages 6 to 24 months and their parent or caregiver, which includes flannel boards, music, books, finger plays and fun!

Library Play Time

Wednesdays, 10:00 - 11:30 am September 22 to November 10 (except October 6 and November 3) Looking for a way to get out of the house and meet people? Join us in our spacious gallery for a morning of FREE PLAY and adult conversation at the library. Open to families with children 4 and under. Flexible and fun, age appropriate snacks and toys provided between 10:00-11:30 AM. Registration required.

Mother Goose Time

Tuesdays, 10:30 am, November 9 to December 14 A story time for toddlers’ ages 16 to 30 months and their parent or caregiver, which includes flannel boards, music, books, finger plays and fun! Pre-registration is required and begins October 26.

Pre-School Story Time

Thursdays, 10:30 am, September 23 to November 4 Suggested for children ages 3 ½ to 5 and not yet in Kindergarten. This story time features books, music, flannel boards, finger plays and other activities suited to preschoolers.

Bed Time Story Time

Wednesdays, 7:15 am September 22 to November 3 A nighttime story time for children ages 3 ½ to 5 and not yet in Kindergarten with a parent or caregiver. This story time features books, music and flannel boards. Wear your pajamas and let us tell you some great bedtime stories! Please arrive on time for Children’s Programs. It is very distracting for the children and the librarian when others arrive after the program has started. The story time room door will close when the librarian is ready to begin. Please be considerate. Thank you for your cooperation.


Saturday, November 13, 2:00 pm Suggested for ages 5 years and up. Pre-registration required. Bring the Rainbow Magic Fairy magic to life with your very own Magic Fairy! Join us at the Library for a fun Rainbow Magic Fairy bash! We will be creating fairies, door hangers and more! Come along for a day full of magic, sparkles, and glitter! Register today, space is limited!

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Public Works Info

Public Works


Monday, October 25, 7:00 pm Are you carrying too much trash to the curb? Have you done a trash sort at home? Join your neighbors at the fall WASTE NOT Program, Recycling 101: It Pays to Recycle! on Monday, October 25 from 7:00 - 8:30 pm at the HW Library. GREAT information for those using recycling carts and for those using recycling bins. Registration requested by calling SOCRRA at 248.288-5150. Be prepared for the next recycling challenge. Be on the look out for an additional WASTE NOT program by HW resident, Mike Calahan from Strategic Energy Solutions (the business with the windmill on 11 Mile!). It will address alternative fuel sources for your home. Watch for details along with your water bill.

TREE TRIMMING & REMOVAL Budget constraints have forced DPW to limit tree trimming and tree removal except where there is a clear and present danger. We are hoping to do a small trim project this winter. We do continue, however, to painstakingly track reported city tree concerns on trim and removal lists as future reference. We appreciate your patience as we make our way through these difficult financial times.

Join the HW Tree Advisory Board on the city website or look for the link to the Tree Board Facebook page for important information on trees and tree care. Help do your part to maintain the trees of Huntington Woods. The urban forest includes all trees, both public and private. Residents with OAK TREES on their property should check the site for important information on the care of oaks and a fungal disease, oak wilt, which is attacking these stately trees.

ADOPT-A-GARDEN PROGRAM A special thank you to all our wonderful gardeners who continue to change the face of Huntington Woods, its parks and common areas. Do take the opportunity to get around the city and enjoy the gardens before they lay dormant under a blanket of snow.

YARD HOURS Monday - Friday, 7:30 am - 4:00 pm Closed weekends and holidays NO CONTRACTORS OR LANDSCAPERS Contractors or landscapers may be ticketed


RAIN WATER IN THE STREETS Catch basin covers are designed to slow the release of rain water into the storm sewer system. Some debris on top of the catch basin is useful, however, if it becomes too badly clogged, residents can help by clearing some of the excess debris off the top.

SIDEWALKS Homeowners are responsible for the care and maintenance of the sidewalks adjacent to their property. If at any time, sidewalks are considered a danger to pedestrians, they may be marked for replacement at the homeowner's expense. They must be kept free of debris and clear of overhanging limbs from trees or shrubs.

WATER METER READING DEVICE Fall is a good time to clear the area around your outside water meter reading device from plant and bush growth. It is a black box like thing on the side of your house. If you can’t get at it easily, neither can we.

WEST NILE VIRUS INFORMATION Fall is here, but mosquito season has yet to wind down.

Continue to protect yourself and your children by wearing long sleeve shirts and long pants when heading out into mosquito infested areas and use proper repellants.

For more information check out the Oakland County Health Division. REMEMBER, West Nile Virus is cause for concern, not panic.

Environmental Advisory Committee & the Friends of the Library

ELECTRONICS/BOOK/METAL DROP OFF Sat., October 9, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm in the DPW Yard

Bring all types of electronics (e.g. TVs, computers, computer components, monitors, DVD/CD players); metal for the scrap metal drive; books for the Library Used Book Sale; or hardback books to recycle. Save a trip to SOCRRA and keep these items out of the landfill. During our May electronics collection, we kept 11,426 pounds of electronics out of the land fill, let’s keep up the good work!

12755 W. 11 Mile Road 248.547-1888

City of Huntington Woods Hometown Herald page 7

Larry Harworth, Manager Claire Galed, Manager Jay Mader, Superintendent Jan Batson, Office Assistant Lou Rubenstein, Code Enforcement

SOCRRA MATERIAL RECOVERY FACILITY/DROP-OFF 995 Coolidge, 248 288-5153. Household Hazardous Waste and Electronics Recycling By appointment only at 248.288-5153 PLANT SHARING Is your Garden Overgrown? Dividing your plants periodically will strengthen them and help beautify Huntington Woods. To share perennials, contact Claire at 248.547-1888 or SCRAP METAL CONTAINER In a continuing effort to divert more metal from the waste stream and help fund recycling outreach, the Scrap Metal dumpster will remain in the DPW yard throughout the year. The yard is open for drop off weekdays 7:30 am to 4:00 pm. On Monday, September 13, DPW employees will pick up metal items curbside which are too heavy or too bulky to bring to the yard. Call 248.547-1888 or email by Sept. 10 if you need help bringing items to the curb.

In addition, all metal items placed at the curb will be recycled year round.

BULK METAL RECYCLABLES Consider saving your bulk metal for the Citywide Scrap Metal Collection container in the Public Works yard or hold for fall pickup. Remember, metal collected through our scrap metal drive directly benefits recycling education in HW.


Curbside Pick Up

RECYCLING & TRASH COLLECTION • Collection in Huntington Woods in on Tuesday for recyclables, trash • Collection of all material will be delayed one day after Labor Day. • Place household trash in containers up to 35 gal. or in 20-30 gal. 2-mil plastic bags • Containers/bags must not to exceed 60 pounds. • Place at the curb by Tuesday, 7:00 am and no earlier than 4:00 pm on Monday. • Empty containers MUST be removed by Tuesday at midnight or a violation may be issued.

BULK METAL RECYCLABLES • Collection is on Tuesdays throughout the year • Bulk metal includes all items larger than your bin, including but not limited to, barbeques, lawn chairs, filing cabinets, bed frames and shelving along with white goods, e.g. dishwashers, water heaters and stoves, appliances, gutters (bend) and pipes • Please separate these items from your trash containers and recycling bins. • Consider

YARD WASTE/BRUSH COLLECTION • Collection in Huntington Woods in on Tuesdays through December 14 • Collection of all material will be delayed one day after Labor Day. • Place in brown yard waste bags OR trash cans with a sticker visible from the street. • Yard waste bags and containers cannot exceed 50 pounds. • Branches, twigs or sticks must be shorter than 4’ in length and smaller than 2” in diameter • Bags (at cost) and stickers (free) are available at City Hall and Public Works. • Branch roots and fireplace logs will be collected on Tuesdays with yard waste. • State law prohibits yard waste into a landfill and will not be picked up with the trash. • See article below for new yard waste definitions.

CHIPPING • Mondays throughout the year • Place clippings neatly at the curb with the ends in one direction. • Branches must be over 4' and 2-6" in diameter. • Please place your chipping at the curb after 4:00 pm on Sunday. • Branches and bushes with the roots attached will not be chipped.

FALL LEAF PICK-UP • Runs weekdays October. 18 - November 24 • All leaves must be raked into the street. No bags or cans. • Residents are asked to remove sticks, stones, glass or debris of any kind from the leaves. • PLEASE refrain from parking cars in the streets during leaf season. • The City prohibits the outside burning of leaves and other materials. See additional guidelines below. Yard Waste pick up and Chipping is for work done by residents only. The city will not pick up if you have hired someone to do the work.

SOLID WASTE/TRASH, THE NON-RECYCLABLES Irregular Items - Large items such as sofas, mattresses and household furniture. If these items are usable, please contact the Furniture Bank of Oakland County at 248.332-1300. Carpeting, Padding and Painted or Treated Wood must be folded or cut no more than 3’ in length and tied in bundles not exceeding 60 lbs.. No nails please. Broken Glass - Wrap in heavy paper or cloth and put out with regular trash. Miscellaneous items - plastic utensils; ceramics, coffee cups, plates, mirrors, window glass or light bulbs (bring CFL bulbs to

SOCRRA’s drop off or Public Works for proper disposal), food waste, items with gunk on them and Styrofoam should be placed in the trash. EXCLUDED MATERIALS The City does not accept the following items: Contractor's materials, tires, motor oil, gasoline, bricks, concrete, stone. These must be removed by the homeowner. Call a waste hauler to dispose of privately or call SOCRRA (248.288-5150) regarding the fee to bring acceptable materials to the transfer station.

City of Huntington Woods Hometown Herald page 8

If you have construction material that can be reused, contact Habitat for Humanity at 313. 653-4890 or on their web site at

For other reuse ideas, check out

YARD WASTE COLLECTION Continues through December 14 To be in compliance with State law and SOCRRA’s new yard waste definition, yard waste includes: bush clippings, twigs, woody stalk material, ivy, brush under 2” in diameter and under 4' in length, gutter debris. In addition, you can add to yard waste containers and bags: • Vegetables and fruit from a garden or kitchen (uncooked) • Old potting soil (put the pot with your containers for recycling) • Play box sand; clean fill dirt; sod • Halloween pumpkins; hay or straw bales • Flowers of all types; old blooms, bouquets • Brush, branches, bushes and vines; roots; stumps and bark • Pine cones; seeds and seed pods from trees • Wood chips, sawdust and wood shavings • Untreated/unpainted wood boards, 2” x 4” or 4” x 4” in size, up to 4' in length. If you only have uncooked vegetable and fruit scraps from your garden or kitchen, you may place these in a brown paper bag (like a grocery bag or smaller) and place at the curb in a container with a yard waste sticker on the side. Your container need not be full. From December through March, yard waste is accepted free to all SOCRRA residents at the SOCRRA Transfer Station on Coolidge until April. It is against State law to put yard waste into a landfill. Yard waste will not be picked up with the trash.

BRUSH Branches over 6" in diameter cannot be chipped, collected as yard waste or placed in the trash. You must make your own arrangements to dispose of large limbs. Remember ash wood must be disposed of properly.

LEAF PICK UP The vacuums will be by as often as the weather permits. We try to vacuum every street each week. Sometimes, due to heavy volume and wet weather it takes longer for the trucks to pass through the whole city. Your diligence, patience and understanding is appreciated. Eleven Mile Residents are asked to rake leaves onto the easement each week for the City to vacuum on Thursday after lunch.

RECYCLING BIN BLITZ Huntington Woods will again participate in the SOCRRA-wide Recycling Bin Blitz. November and April are set aside in all SOCRRA communities to help focus on recycling and to invite residents to come in to pick up or call for delivery of additional bins.

While recycling bins are available FREE to residents throughout the year, with even more new material to recycle, you may need another one or two recycling bins. Stop by Public Works to pick up another bin.

For your convenience and ease at the curb, use one bin for all types of fiber (paper stuff) and one for everything else. Since the truck is dual stream, your separation will ensure driver efficiency. Don’t need two bins? Still separate your paper stuff by placing it in paper or see-through plastic bags or use a cardboard box stuffed with all your paper items. For those in the pilot area, if you are out of space in your cart, larger carts are available. Contact DPW to have your cart changed out.

BIN ENVY? WIN THE BIN! Red recycling bins continue to pop up around town. These go to our Recyclers of the Month along with our thanks, recognition by the City Commission and a $50 cash award donated by the HW Men’s Club. Make the initial cut by placing your bin at least 5' away from your trash. Sleuths are out each month looking for winners. Be the next Recycler of the Month in your area and Win the Bin! REMEMBER: STOP! THIEF! Be on the look out for scavengers taking recyclables from in front of your home, in particular metal and newspapers. Taking recyclables is against the law in Huntington Woods. Your recyclables are revenue for the city and help keep our sanitation costs down and reduce your taxes. If you see someone taking recyclables call Public Safety at 248.541-1180.

RESOLVE TO RECYCLE For the most up-to-date recycling information check out (also accessible with a link from the HW web site.) Why not resolve to recycle more? Recycle every scrap of paper, cardboard and paperboard including clean empty paper cups and paper plates, milk and juice cartons, soy milk and juice boxes. Recycle every bit of metal in the bin or next to it, every plastic container plus plastic cups and all glass bottles and jars. Recycling makes dollars and sense! Ask yourself, what’s in my trash?


Drop off these items in Huntington Woods or at SOCRRA (no appointment needed) • Cds, Tapes, Cases, Floppy Discs - City Hall, Library or Public Works • Ink Jet and Laser Cartridges - City Hall or Public Works • CFL light bulbs - Public Works

SOCRRA: MATERIAL REC YC LING FACILITY/D ROP-OFF CENTER 995 Coolidge,Troy (across from Meijers), 248 288-5150

Drop-off accepts • All acceptable curbside recyclables • Plastic bags • Automotive batteries • CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, tapes & hard plastic cases • Hardcover books Shredder available free of charge during MRF hours of operation

Great information on “How to get rid of . . . “


Please make an appointment through SOCRRA by calling 248 288-5153 • HHW includes old medicines. Pour into a clear plastic baggie, recycle the containers and take the combined medicines to SOCRRA. Keep old medicines out of our water. • Latex paint is not a HHW material. Check out the SOCRRA website for ways to dispose of latex paint ( • Electronics recycling includes TVs, cell phones, computers and computer components. There are many dangerous metals in electronic devices. Let’s work together to keep them out of the landfills. HW drop off October 9 from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm. • Household batteries can go curbside in a clear plastic bag placed on top or inside your bin. Automotive batteries should be taken to the SOCRRA drop-off (no appointment for batteries.)

RECYCLING HINT Remember that most of your current waste paper baskets can become indoor recycling bins. If you need a recycling sticker as a reminder, stop by or request one from DPW. Do a household inventory and replace trash receptacles with recycling containers. Make it easy to recycle and harder to throw things away. Be sure there is a recycling bin in each child’s room and easily accessible when you sort the mail. Make waste disposal a walking event. Check out the TREE ADVISORY BOARD ON FACEBOOK The TAB mission is to provide guidance and facilitate the planning for the conservation and care of the urban forest of Huntington Woods. They advising the City on all tree-related issues, educating and building community awareness.

City of Huntington Woods Hometown Herald page 9

HW DECLARED WINNER IN FRIENDLY RECYCLING CHALLENGE WITH NEIGHBORING OAK PARK. The May Recycling Challenge resulted in a stunning victory for HW as City residents out-recycled Oak Park by increasing our recycling tonnage during May 2010 by almost 11% over May 2009. The goal of the challenge, to create a buzz about recycling, benefitted both communities. Oak Park, while not the winner, increased their diversion of solid waste by half a percent in May. As the proud winner of the 1st SOCRRA Recycling Challenge, Jeff McKeen, SOCRRA General Manager, presented the Mayor with a trophy which will remain on display in City Hall until won by another city. The trophy participated in this year’s 4th of July parade, riding in a convertible and, we are told, waving to the crowds along the way. Watch for information as HW seeks another SOCRRA community to challenge some time next spring.

Parks & Recreation


The fall session begins Monday, September 20. Classes are eight weeks unless otherwise noted. Classes marked with an * have alternate start or ending dates. Please see back page for registration information. Age requirements for classes are as of the first day of class.


COOKING THROUGH THE ABC’S Instructor: Lisa Feber Thursdays, September 23 - October .28 Ages: 3 - 4 years (Parent & Tot) #220104-00 Thurs., 10:00 - 10:45 am Ages: 4 - 5 years #220104-01 Thurs., 11:00 - 11:45 am Join in the fun as little chefs cook up the most delicious food creations they can share with family and friends. Children will discover the fun of hands-on cooking fixing drinks, appetizers, entrees and desserts. Art projects and take-home recipes will be included. Students will also learn kitchen safety, healthy eating habits, table manners, as well as give them a sense of responsibility and pride. Cost: $125/6 weeks (add’l. $20 materials fee due to the instructor on the first day).

DANCE IN THE WOODS Instructor: J. Miller Ages: 3 - 5 years For information see Dance in the Woods box on page 13.

DRAWING Instructor: Young Rembrandts Ages: 3 ½ - 5 years #220106-00 Wed., 2:30 - 3:15 pm Pre-school children’s drawings are precious. Their simple images help them communicate. Young Rembrandts gives children the skills necessary to draw more complex images. This unique method of drawing will provide training in art and will prepare preschoolers as learners. Instruction will help children hold and use a pencil, understand and draw basic shapes, stay on task and complete activities, gain fine motor and handwriting skills, increase self confidence and self esteem, and at the same time have FUN! Cost: $78

GOBBLES OF FUN FOR PARENTS & KIDS Instructor: Amanda Krolikowski Ages 2 ½ - 4 years #220103-00 Sat., Nov. 13, 10:00 - 11:30 am Parents and toddlers can get ready for Thanksgiving in this special class filled with Thanksgiving songs, finger play, books and holiday crafts. Cost: $23/1 child & parent. $10 each additional child.

KID FIT Instructor: Coach Bruce Ages: 3 - 5 years #220110-00 Fri.,2:00 - 3:00 pm A fun-filled class providing lots of exercise, flexibility and teamwork through a variety of sports, games and other fun activities. Throw the chicken, stack the cups… Who has more fun, Bruce or the kids? Cost: $65

GYMNASTICS Instructor: Jump-a-Rama Staff Ages: 4 - 5 years Tues., 1:30 - 2:15 pm #220212-00 Session 1: Sept. 21 - Oct. 26 #220212-01 Session 2: Nov. 2 - Dec. 7 In this fun and friendly environment, children will learn gymnastic skills and stunts that encourage self-confidence and coordination. Cost: $75/6 weeks JUMP-A-RAMA Instructor: Jump-a-Rama Staff Ages: 2 - 3 years Tues., 2:30 - 3:15 pm #220108-00 Session 1: Sept. 21 - Oct. 26 #220108-01 Session 2: Nov. 2 - Dec. 6 Children build hand-eye coordination, focus on gross motor skills and boost self-confidence. Gymnastic equipment is incorporated into each week’s theme. Parent/caregiver involvement required. Cost: $75/6 weeks

KIDDIE SPORTS & GAMES Instructor: Leisure Unlimited, Coach John Ages: 4 - 6 years #220214-00 Wed., 3:30 - 4:30 pm This jam-packed hour introduces your kids to sports including soccer, football, t-ball, floor hockey, volleyball, lacrosse and more! Emphasis is on effort, sportsmanship and teamwork for a positive learning experience. Silly games and drills have your youngsters looking forward to this hour of play. Bring a water bottle and wear gym shoes. Cost: $86

LITTLE KID POWER: ABC’S OF KID POWER Instructor: Girls & Boys Empowered Staff Ages: 4 - 5 years #220112-00 Sat., 1:00 - 2:00 pm Runs: Oct. 2, 9, 16 and 23 Kids will have fun making a book that teaches ways to be a strong, empowered kid. They will learn how you build self-esteem and confidence while learning about themselves. The ABC Book of Kid Power will give kids a chance to practice their writing skills & learn the language of self-confidence and build a foundation for a positive self-concept and high emotional intelligence. The session includes themed crafts and stories. Cost: $65/4 weeks

Lots for Tots – Drop-In

Ages: Up to 5 years with an adult Monday - Friday, 9:00 - 11:00 am (schedule subject to change) The balls, mats, riding toys, parachute and other equipment are all available for you and your child to enjoy together. The gym is your playground! Tots can run, jump, play ball, laugh and giggle with other tots in a safe atmosphere. Also, the little ones will begin learning socialization skills. Children must be actively supervised by an adult while in the gym. Cost: $35 /Annual Drop-in fee. Check in at the front desk upon arrival.

City of Huntington Woods Hometown Herald page 10

PARENT/TOT FUN ZONE Instructor: Leisure Unlimited, Coach John Ages: 2 ½ - 4 ½ years #220105-00 Fri., 10:30 - 11:15 am This creative play program uses a variety of silly games, sports, and musical activities to keep you and your child moving, interacting and having fun! One adult must be registered with each child. Cost: $82

PARENT/TOT WACKY ART Instructor: Jeannette Pugliese Ages: 2 ½ - 5 years #220113-00 Thurs., 2:00 - 2:45 pm Join your child at the art table and work on some wacky art projects. An active imagination and creativity is required. Plan to get messy. New Projects! Wear art clothes or bring a smock. Come join the fun! Don’t wait! With all the fun projects this class will fill up fast! Cost: $75 + materials ($15 material fee payable to instructor first day of class).

SOCCER SCHOOL FOR LITTLE FOLKS Instructor: Coach Aaron Ages: 3 ½ years – pre-K Runs: September 21 - October 28 #220239-00 Tues.., 6:15 - 7:00 pm #220239-01 Thurs., 12:30 – 1:15 pm Join Coach Genevieve’s staff for an exciting class of soccer. Each day we will do fun exercises as we work on basic skills. Beginning drills and new techniques will be taught while promoting teamwork and sportsmanship within the group. A soccer game will end each class. FUN will be stressed at every session. T-shirt included. Cost: $82/6 week

SPORTS SHORTS Instructor: Coach Genevieve, LLC staff Ages: 3 ½ - 5 years Runs: September 25 - October 30 #220240-00 Sat., 10:15 - 11:00 am Join coach Aaron for an exciting introductory sports class. Each week we will work on the basic skills of one sport – soccer, flag football, t-ball, floor hockey or basketball followed by a game. This is a great way to introduce your child to different sports. Cost: $82/6 week


Instructor: M. Robertson, certified Kindermusik instructor

KINDERMUSIK VILLAGE: Newborn – 18 mos. with parent or caregiver

#220215-00 Tues., 9:15 - 10:00 am #220215-01 Wed., 10:15 - 11:00 am Theme: Dream Pillow This title alone brings images of rocking, cuddling, singing, and lulling to sleep. But leading up to sleepy time are many upbeat and playful activities. Babies and Adults will swirl to a dreamy cloud dance “Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland.” They’ll also play baby appropriate instruments to “Aiden Drum,” and “Sarasponda.” Favorite nursery rhymes like “Wee Willie Winkie,” and “Diddle, Diddle, dumpling,” are sprinkled throughout the classes. It’s easy to weave many of the class songs and activities into your families’ daily routines. Home Materials: A board book that calms and relaxes – Dream Pillow Lullaby, Home CD of the songs heard in class, a set of Art Banners for the nursery wall that strengthens vision and promotes early literacy, and a Star baby instrument for music-making at home. Cost: $70 + REQUIRED home materials fee of $35 payable to instructor at the first class.

KINDERMUSIK OUR TIME: 18 months-3 years with parent or caregiver

#220215-02 Tues., 10:15 -11:00 am #220215-03 Wed., 9:15 - 10:00 am Theme: Milk & Cookies Make everyday home activities and chores easier and more fun with music! Cook and sing to “The Muffin Man”; dust and clean to the original song “In My House”; get ready to wash clothes to the delightful poem, “Washing Machine”. Baking cookies, eating cupcakes, blowing on hot cross buns, wiggling like jelly, going grocery shopping and making tea are all represented in familiar as well as new songs. Move, play, and sing together in developmentally appropriate activities created just for 1 ½ to 3-year-olds. Capture the familiar and new moments of the day and learn how music can impact your toddler. Home Materials: Double CD featuring songs from class; two books – At My House and Cookies, two Home CDs, stir xylophone instrument, and a Home Activity Book – all arriving in a durable lunch bag. Cost: $70 + REQUIRED home materials fee of $50 payable to instructor at the first class.

City of Huntington Woods Hometown Herald page 11

HWP&R Info

26325 Scotia Road (248) 541-3030 http://

BUILDING HOURS Monday - Thursday 8:30 am to 9:00 pm Friday 8:30 am to 6:00 pm Saturday 8:30 am to 3:30 pm Sunday 9:00 am to 3:30 pm The Center will be closed September 1- 6 for annual floor maintenance (dates subject to change) and November 25 - 28. ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Nancy Waldmann, Director Colette Nutton, Recreation Supervisor Steve Wasinski, Parks Supervisor Lisa Anderson, Childcare Director Tracy Shanley and Mary Gustafson, Program Coordinators Joann Serr, Office Manager/Sr. Programmer Jennifer Furlong, Sr. Outreach/Clerk Kathy Seidl, Recreation Clerk Scott Levine, Birthday Coordinator Support Staff: Elaine Eggleston, Daniel Monaco HWP&R ADVISORY BOARD Catherine Einhaus, Chair. Members: Alan Droz, Dan Dubek, Rick Kreinbring, Mel Natinsky, Molly Rott, Mike Tripp and Carolyn Weed.

The Recreation Advisory Board meets the last Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm.


Simply Music, the breakthrough Australian piano and keyboard method has students from ages 5 – 90 years playing great-sounding music from the very first lesson. #220126-00 Free introductory session on Monday, September 20, 7:00 pm in the Recreation Center. Call 248.541-3030 to pre-register for the introductory session.

L o o k i n g f o r a d o n at i o n o f a n u prigh t pi an o in good con di tio n f o r u s e at t h e Re c re at i o n C e n t e r. C a l l M a r y, 2 4 8 . 5 4 1 - 3 0 3 0


ART APPRECIATION Instructor: Annette Berson Grades: 2 - 5 #220113-02 Thurs., 3:30 - 5:00 pm Emphasis will be placed on an appreciation for the artist and the art of Roy Lichtenstein, Jasper Johns, and Andy Warhol while incorporating various media including crayons, markers, water colors, oil pastels and acrylic paint. Cost: $120 (includes material fee)

BASKETBALL WITH GEO Instructor: Coach Geo, Alphawolf Grades K - 1: “PUP” Basketball #220206-00 Mon., 5:30 - 6:15 pm A super-fun clinic for Players of Unlimited Potential (PUP). Coach Geo and his staff will introduce and refine basketball skills for the beginner player. Clinic will focus on the fundamentals as well as sportsmanship and team play. Class concludes with the “Big Games” on the final day. All participants receive a season ending award. Cost: $100 Grades 2 - 3: Rookie Basketball #220206-01 Mon., 3:30 - 4:30 pm A fun yet structured introduction to playing organized games. For the first four weeks, players will be taught proper technique in passing, shooting, rebounding and defense. They will also be introduced to the rules that govern the game. The next four weeks, players are divided up into teams and will play round-robin games. Class concludes with the “Big Games” on the final day. All participants receive a season ending award. Cost: $100 Grades 4 - 6: Skills & Scrimmage #220206-02 Mon., 4:30 - 5:30 pm Coach Geo will break down a different skill each week. Players will spend 30 minutes playing games. Individual stats will be taken each week so that players will be able to chart their progress. This is a perfect class for kids to learn or refine the proper mechanics of basketball. Cost: $100 BREAK WEEK BASKETBALL CAMP Grades: 1 - 6 #220206-03 December 27, 28, 29 & 30 9:00 am – noon This camp focuses on the fundaments, while utilizing games, drills, scrimmages, shooting contests and more to improve basketball skills. Registration requested by Cost: $105

CARTOONING WORKSHOP Instructor: Neal Levin Grades: K - 5 #220102-00 Fri., Nov. 12, 3:30-5:00 pm You can learn to draw cartoons even if you’re a beginner! Neal’s Cartooning Workshop will teach you how to draw through simple instruction and games. You’ll even learn how to make up your own. Fee includes the workshop and all materials plus a FREE BOOKLET to take home. Cost: $20

COOKING WITH FUN FOODS Instructor: Lisa Feber Ages: 6 - 10 years #220104-02 Friday, 3:30 - 4:15 pm Runs: : September 24 - October 29 Discover the fun of hands-on cooking. Work with a variety of foods including drinks, appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Learn kitchen safety, healthy eating habits, table manners while developing a sense of responsibility and pride. Cost: $125/6 weeks (add’l. $20 materials fee due to the instructor on the first day).

DANCE IN THE WOODS Instructor: J. Miller Ages: 5 - 14 years For information see Dance in the Woods box on page 13. DEALING WITH BULLIES AND MEANIES! CHILD/PARENT Instructor: Girls & Boys Empowered Staff Time: 6:00 - 7:30 pm Parent/Daughter, 6 - 9 years #220116-00 Mon., Sept. 27 Parent/Daughter, 10 - 14 years #220116-01 Tues., Sept. 28 Parent/Son, 6 - 9 years #220116-02 Wed., Sept. 29 Parent/Son, 10 - 14 years #220116-03 Thurs., Sept. 30 Kids and parents learn strategies together to deal with mean-spirited and bullying behaviors like teasing, exclusion, ignoring, gossip, and unhealthy friendships. Parents learn strategies to help their children minimize the social pain that sometimes can be caused by peers. Parents and children will learn: how to identify bullying and mean behavior; the different role kids play in social situations; and strategies how to deal with meanness and stand up for yourself and others and still be yourself. Cost: $30/each class BERKLEY ICE ARENA Lessons for Parent/Tot through Adults Registration begins September 11. Please contact Berkley for more information, 248.658-3460/248.658-3470

City of Huntington Woods Hometown Herald page 12

DON’T BURST MY BUBBLE! PARENT/CHILD Instructor: Girls & Boys Empowered Staff Time: 6:00-7:30 pm Parent/Daughter, 6 - 8 years #220123-00 Mon., Oct. 18 Parent/Daughter, 9 - 11 years #220123-01 Tues., Oct. 19 Parent/Son, 6 - 8 years #220123-02 Wed., Oct. 20 Parent/Son, 9 - 11 years #220123-03 Thurs., Oct. 21 Being yourself is one of the biggest challenges each of us face in life. Together parents and kids learn about their own personal power and how they own the beliefs they hold about themselves. They will learn how they give their power away when others make them feel bad about themselves, make decisions that are not right for them, give into peer pressure, or are mean to someone because they were mean to them. This workshop will teach kids how to stand up for themselves and make good choices while building confidence and self-esteem. Craft and game included! Cost: $30/1st child: $15 additional child

DRAWING Instructor: Young Rembrandts Grades: K - 1 and 2 - 5 Wednesday, 3:30 - 4:30 pm #220106-01 Grades K- 1 #220106-02 Grades 2 - 5 This innovative, step-by-step drawing method can teach any child how to draw, giving them skills to express their creativity. The curriculum is designed to teach basic to advanced drawing skills and art techniques including perspective, portraiture, color theory, composition skills patterning and more! Grab your drawing pencils and head right for class today!!! Cost: $78 FUN WITH PANDA CHINESE LANGUAGE CLASS Instructor: Fun with Panda Staff Ages: 6 - 10 years #220115-00 Tues., 3:45 - 4:45 pm Fun with Panda offers Chinese language classes taught by bilingual teachers who have four-year college degrees and extensive experience working with children. Each class is designed to be fun, interactive and educational. Children will be immersed in music, activities, crafts, games, cultural lessons and story time. For more info. please visit Cost: $140

GETTING IT WRITE HANDWRITING PROGRAM Instructor: N. Wade Ages: 6 - 12 years #220127-00 Wed., 3:45 - 4:45 pm Runs: September 29 - November 3 This unique program was developed and taught by an occupational therapist experienced in sensory integration and fine/visual motor techniques. The program strives to improve the child’s perception of letter formation through fun sensory activities as well as visual and verbal instruction. Children should be able to recognize the letters of the alphabet. This special program is designed for the child who avoids writing tasks, is unable to finish homework due to the writing involved, is constantly having to re-do assignments due to pool legibility or receives poor grades on otherwise correct assignments because the teacher cannot read the writing. Cost: $155/6 weeks

GYMNASTICS Instructor: Jump-a-Rama Staff Grades: K - 5 Tues., 3:40 - 4:25 pm #220212-02 Session 1: Sept. 21 - Oct. 26 #220212-03 Session 2 Nov. 2 - Dec. 7 Children learn progressive skills that encourage self-confidence and coordination. A fun, friendly environment is provided where children can learn to do gymnastic stunts safely. Equipment will be rotated each week to accommodate the weekly area of emphasis. Cost: $75/6 weeks

KARATE & SELF DEFENSE Instructor: Sanchin Systems Staff Grades: K - 3 #220225-00 Thurs., 6:30 - 7:15 pm Grades: 4 - 8 #220225-01 Thurs., 7:15 - 8:00 pm Runs: September 23 - December 2 The art of self-defense, (Sanchin-Ryu), provides great exercise, entertainment and encourages each person to develop a greater level of discipline in his or her life. Set in a fun, yet structured environment, students will be trained with proven, age-appropriate techniques used to protect kids from attackers. Participants will develop great self-confidence and leadership through physical techniques, mental strategies, drills and exercises. Instructors hold a ranking of at least 1st degree black belt. Parents are encouraged to attend. Cost: $63/10 weeks, $106/family KIDDIE SPORTS Instructor: Coach John Ages: 4 - 6 years (see preschool classes for information)

KID FIT Instructor: Coach Bruce Grades: K - 2 #220110-01 Tues., 3:30 - 4:30 pm Grades: 3 - 5 #220110-02 Tues., 4:30 - 5:30 pm The fun just keeps on going. You will perform a variety of fun physical activities while learning to work with others. Group, team and problem-solving activities are included. Cost: $65 Healthy, physically active kids are more likely to be academically motivated, alert and successful.

MAD SCIENCE: NASA: ACADEMY OF FUTURE SPACE EXPLORERS Instructor: Mad Science Detroit Staff Ages: 6 - 10 years #220202-00 Fri., 3:30 - 4:30 pm Children engage in exciting hands-on activities, watch spectacular demonstrations, participate in inquiry-based discussions and take home things that they have made themselves. Each week will bring a different topic: Planet & Moons • Atmosphere & Beyond • Space Phenomena • Sun & Stars • Rocket Science • Space Travel • Space Technology • Living in Space. Cost: $110


Instructor: Miss Jodi & Miss Jennifer

WHY PAY HIGH DANCE STUDIO PRICES WHEN YOU CAN GET DANCE STUDIO QUALITY AT THE HUNTINGTON WOODS REC CENTER? Dance in the Woods teachers are trained and dedicated to providing you and your children with a complete dance experience focused on fun and a healthy lifestyle - all at a fraction of the cost of dance studio prices! Dance in the Woods offers a positive and exciting dance experience through high quality technique, creative choreography, and up to date music and moves! Dance in the Woods is a dance studio in your own backyard! Come join the fun!


Princess Ballet/Jazz Combo classes – dance like a princess while learning the basics of ballet and the fun, creative moves of jazz. Boys Jazz/Hip Hop – dance isn’t just for girls! This ALL boys class will teach the basics of jazz and incorporate the modern moves of hip hop all while focusing on the energy and strength of active boys!


MONDAY: Instructors: Miss Jodi & Miss Jennifer Tap/Ballet Combo 1: 3 - 5 yrs. Tap/Ballet Combo 2: 4 - 6 yrs. Fun & Funky Hip Hop: 7 - 9 yrs. Princess Ballet/Jazz Combo: 6 -8 yrs. Boys Jazz/Hip Hop: 6 - 10 yrs. Princess Tap: 6 - 8 yrs. Intermediate Hip Hop: 9 - 11 yrs. Adult Int./Adv. Tap Adult Hip Hop/Jazz SATURDAY: Instructor: Miss Jennifer Tap/Ballet Combo 1: 3 - 5 yrs. Tap/Ballet Combo 2: 4 - 6 yrs. Princess Ballet/Jazz Combo: 6 - 8 yrs. Princess Tap: 6-8 yrs. Hip Hop: 7-11 yrs. Cost: $115/10 weeks (9 classes + recital)

#220125-01 #220125-02 #220125-03 #220125-04 #220125-05 #220125-06 #220125-07 #220125-08 #220125-09

Mon., 3:30 - 4:15 pm Mon., 4:15 - 5:00 pm Mon., 4:15 - 5:00 pm Mon., 5:00 - 5:45 pm Mon., 5:00 - 5:45 pm Mon., 5:45 - 6:30 pm Mon., 5:45 - 6:30 pm Mon., 6:30 - 7:15 pm Mon., 7:30 - 8:15 pm

#220125-10 #220125-11 #220125-12 #220125-13 #220125-14

Sat., 9:30 - 10:15 am Sat., 10:15 - 11:00 am Sat., 11:00 - 11:45 am Sat., 11:45 - 12:30 pm Sat., 12:30 - 1:15 pm

THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW: Level 2 & Intermediate classes require previous dance experience. A dance recital will be presented at the conclusion of the session. Date and location TBD. All students must be potty-trained before registering for class. Appropriate dance shoes are required for all classes. Students registered for combo classes should have appropriate dance shoes for both forms of dance (i.e. tap & ballet). Please note that ballet shoes can be used for jazz and/or Hip Hop classes. Dance wear is suggested and dance skirts are optional.

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POTTERY Instructor: A. Mann Grades: K - 2 #220237-01 Mon., 3:30 - 4:30 pm Grades: 3-5 #220237-02 Tues., 3:30 - 4:30 pm Learn a variety of techniques including hand building and wheel-throwing. All pieces will be glazed and fired. Students will take home many unique projects. Cost: $135 (includes $25 material fee)

TENNIS Instructor: Luv All Tennis Staff Runs: Saturdays, September 11 - October 2 Need a racket? Let us know. Luv All Tennis has rackets available from $15. (Register more than 1 family member in a class and receive a $5 discount) Pee Wee Ages: 5 - 6 yrs. This class is for 6 year olds with no previous tennis experience and for 5 year olds who have already had lessons. Basic fundamentals are taught through a game-based approach. Students continue to work on movement skills and eye-hand coordination. #210610-00 Sat., 9:00 - 9:45 am Cost: $45/4 weeks Jr. Beginner Ages: 7 - 9 yrs. Designed for children with little or no prior tennis experience. Students will learn all the basic strokes along with developing enthusiasm for the game. #210610-01 Sat., 9:45 - 10:45 am Cost: $58/4 weeks Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Ages: 8 - 12 yrs #210610-02 Sat., 10:45 - 11:45 am Cost: $58/4 weeks Quickstart Play Ages: 6 - 10 yrs. For anyone who has already completed a Youth Beg. or Adv. Beg. class. A competitive play format that features modified equipment & courts to allow kids to actually “play” the game of tennis. With a smaller court, slower ball, and appropriate racquets, kids can learn faster than ever before. Instead of contacting the ball above their heads, they can hit the ball at their waist, allowing for a much better stroke. Students will be practicing their skills and playing matches! #210610-03 Sat., 11:45 am - 1:15 pm Cost: $65/4 weeks WACKY ART Instructor: Jeannette Pugliese Ages: 5 – 11 years #220113-01 Thurs., 3:30-4:30 pm This class will wake up your wildest imagination with some wild & wacky art projects! Fun for all ages! Plan to get messy & wear art clothes or bring a smock. Lots of new projects that will hold their attention & spring

board their creativity (not to mention bringing laughter & smiles to their faces). Both two & three dimensional art work will be involved. Come join the fun! Do not wait! With all these new projects this class will fill up fast! Cost: $75 + materials ($15 material fee payable to instructor first day of class).

YOGA FOR KIDS Instructor: Fitness Rx Ages: 5 – 10 years #220417-00 Thurs., 4:30 - 5:15 pm Participants will develop strength, flexibility, coordination, body awareness in addition to improving concentration and focus. Using interactive games you will learn about animals, nature and basic anatomy through Yoga postures. Students will also learn how to release energy and to relax! Yoga mat available for purchase: $25. Cost: $79

YOGA FOR THE FAMILY Instructor: Becky Siden #220417-04 Tues., 6:00 6:45 pm Ages: 5 years + with adult Runs: September 21 October 26 Enjoy the opportunity to spend time together as a family. Adults and children practice side by side while exploring animal poses as well as some partner poses. Improve your body and mind with a fun approach to breathing and movement. Increase strength, flexibility, coordination, raise body awareness while building self –esteem. Learn relaxation techniques that will help develop a sense of inner peace and well being, creating a foundation for health and wellness. The bond that occurs in this class between parents and children is truly special and a gift you give to each other. No experience needed. All levels are welcome. (please bring a yoga mat if you have one) Cost: $82/family for 6 weeks:


CHAIR YOGA FOR BEGINNERS Instructor: Fitness Rx #230210-00 Wednesday, 10:00 -11:00 am A program of mainly gentle sitting exercises for the ageless 'over 50s', seniors & elderly, that includes low impact stretching, strengthening & breathing routines to improve energy, posture, balance & flexibility. This class will introduce you to a series of yoga stretches, all done in your chair. The instructor guides you to mindfully relax and rhythmically breathe. Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothes. Cost: $61 DANCE IN THE WOODS Intermediate Tap & Hip Hop/ Jazz See Box on page 13.

DROP-IN ATHLETIC CONDITIONING Leader: J. Stuart #220234-00 Tues., 7:45 - 8:45 pm Work out at your own pace, but in the company of friends. Weights and Gymnic balls will be available. Cost: $35/Annual Drop In Fee (runs with school year - renewable each fall). Check in at the Rec Front Desk weekly. FOOD FOR LIFE NUTRITION & COOKING CLASSES Instructor: Judy Nolish, certified instructor #220199-00 Tues., 6:30 - 8:30 pm Runs: Oct. 12, 19, 26 and Nov. 2 Topics: Intro. to How Foods Fight Cancer; Fueling Up on Low-Fat, High-Fiber Foods; Discovering Dairy and Meal Alternatives; and Cancerfighting Compounds and Healthy Weight Control This program is geared to empower cancer survivors along with healthy individuals, their friends and family members with practical cooking skills and tips that turn every meal into a delicious dose of healthy nutrition.


CO-ED DOUBLES TENNIS INTERMEDIATE AND COMPETITIVE LEVELS Wednesdays, beginning Sept. 1, 6:30 - 9:30 pm Co-ed teams: 1 man/1 woman on the court at all times, 3 - 4 players on a roster are suggested. Six regular season and playoffs for qualifying teams. Held at the Center Courts. INDOOR CO-ED 6'S VOLLEYBALL - INTERMEDIATE LEVEL Wednesdays, beginning Sept. 15, 6:30 - 9:30 pm Co-ed teams: 3 men/3 women on the court at all times, 8 players on the roster suggested. Seven regular season games and playoffs for qualifying teams. Held at the Rec Huntington Woods residents get members rates when registering Stay & Play leagues located in Huntington Woods!! To register for SPSC leagues, please sign up online at Additional questions? Please email or call 248.733-9999.

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Each class will begin with a video segment on the nutrition topic(s) of the day followed by a live cooking demonstration and tasting of at least 3 quick, delicious dishes, all of which have a dramatic positive effect on your health. Recipes will be available at each class. Minimum number of students required by October 4, please register early. Cost: $100/4 classes

KARATE Instructor: Sanchin System Staff Ages: 14 yrs - Adult #220225-02 Thurs., 8:00 - 8:45 pm Runs: September 23 - December 2 The art of Sanchin-Ryu is taught in a way that allows students to grow and learn at their own pace. We’ve found that this builds selfconfidence and increases composure and self-defense awareness. Students will learn a broad range of techniques including individual strikes, advanced combinations and more. You will also receive training on how to deal with, get out of and counter different grabs and other attack scenarios. The Advanced Youth program is held in conjunction with this program. Youth students ranking Green Belt (2nd level) and above continue their Sanchin-Ryu training. Instructors hold a ranking of at least 1st Degree Black Belt. Cost: $63/10 weeks, $106/family.

KICK BOXING Instructor: Daniel Bemus, Fitness Rx staff #220224-00 Thurs., 5:30 - 6:30 pm Runs: September 23 - December 2 Kickboxing is the ultimate cardiovascular challenge. This class does not require previous kickboxing experience.You’ll have fun AND BURN LOTS OF FAT. Please bring a mat for floor work and light hand weights for toning exercises. Teacher is a martial arts expert and personal trainer. Cost: $99/10 weeks

MAH JONG Instructor: Elayne Urnovitz #230190-00 Thursday, 7:00 - 9:00 pm Runs: October 7, 14, 21 and 28 Learn the basics of the popular tile game Mah Jong taught by Huntington Woods resident Elayne Urnovitz. Registrants will be instructed through game play. An $8 materials fee payable to the instructor will be collected at the first class. Cost: $50/4 weeks



PAINTING 1 *NEW* Instructor: Patrick Wise #220113-03 Wednesday, 6:00 - 8:30 pm Patrick facilitates workshops at the DIA as well as teach classes at Paint Creek Center for the Arts in Rochester. This class is for all levels of experience in acrylic and watercolor painting. Beginning students in particular will benefit from working alongside more advanced students in a mixed setting. There are many techniques offered in this class designed to enhance the skills of the more experienced painter while laying a solid foundation for the beginning artist. Emphasis will be on still life set-ups with a strong focus on individual attention motivating and challenging each student. Cost: $110, supply list available at registration

PILATES *EXPANDED* Instructor: J. Frazier #220414-00 Wed., 7:45 8:45 pm Runs: September 22 December 8 Pilates focuses on improving flexibility and strength for the total body without building bulk. It is a series of controlled movements engaging your body and mind, supervised by an extensively trained teacher. Benefits include strengthening your abdominal and back muscles without straining your body, improving posture and stretching. Small apparatus including exercise balls, therabands, light weights, floor roller and barre work will be included. This class is for all fitness levels Cost: $155/12 weeks CONVERSATIONAL SPANISH


Instructor: Joaquin Frias, Spanish International #220201-00 Wed., 7:30 - 9:00 pm An introduction to the Spanish language through practical, real life conversations. Lessons will be taught through speaking, listening, reading and writing. Text: “Easy Spanish Step-by-Step” by Barbara Bregstein. Cost: $145 + $10 material fee paid to instructor

SWEAT AND TONE TO THE OLDIES Instructor: Fitness Rx #230208-00 Monday, 10:00 -11:00 am Set to favorite oldies tunes from the ‘50s and ‘60s, this class is designed for the older or deconditioned adult.The choreography is very simple, low impact, light intensity, and appropriate for beginners and overweight exercisers. Class includes warm up, low impact aerobics for at least 30 minutes and cool down. Cost: $61

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REBECCA’S ENERGIZING YOGA FOR LEVELS 1 &2 Instructor: R. Sobczak, CYT #220417-01 Wed., 6:00 - 7:30 pm #220417-02 Sat., 8:45 - 10:15 am Runs: September 22 - December 18 Tune into your body. Learn to avoid sports injuries. Personalized instruction. yoga is great for people of all ages. Not only is it good for your body, it is also an excellent way to relax, increase flexibility, boost your energy level, balance your emotions and stay in shape. Attention is paid to the alignment of the bones and muscles to aid in freedom of movement and thought. (LEVEL II: students will refine your alignment, work toward a better knowledge of how the body works in each position and begin to feel the work from inside.) Class is taught by a certified Level V yoga instructor. Bring sticky mat and blanket to class. Cost: $130 or $240/2 classes each week for 12 weeks YOGA FOR A BETTER BACK,

KNEES & MORE *NEW* Instructor: Rebecca Sobczak, CYT Runs: September 22 - December 18 #220417-03 Sat., 10:30 am - noon For people with problems with their back, knees, hips, or neck and shoulder tightness. Discover simple yoga poses that strengthen these parts of your body using proper alignment. Relieve chronic discomfort or tightness. Class includes a flowing series of poses and guided relaxation. Bring mat and firm blanket. Cost: $130/12 weeks DROP-IN YOGA (See times above) If you are unable to register for the entire session, drop in when your schedule allows! Cost: $15 per class payable to the instructor at each class. Pay by cash or check payable to City of Huntington Woods. Bring a mat and a water bottle.

ZUMBA DANCE Instructor: Fitness Rx Staff #220229-00 Mon., 7:30 - 8:30 pm Runs: September 20 - November 22 ZUMBA – fun Latin music with great dance moves to get you movin’ and groovin’ and losin’. The routine features aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body. Cost: $99/10 weeks DROP-IN ZUMBA (See time above) If you are unable to register for the entire session, drop-in when your schedule allows (minimum class registration must be met for this to be an option) Cost: $15/class payable at the front desk prior to each class.

HWP&R Basketball


4th Grade+ Call to confirm gym availability on 1/2 and full days off. Cost: Free with ID card. Guests must be accompanied by a resident (limit one guest per resident). Guest is $2. 18 years and older Sunday, 9:00 - 11:30 am and as available Cost: Residents: $3/visit, non-residents: $5/visit. Guests must be accompanied by a resident (limit one guest per resident).


Leagues begin at 4th grade. For basketball opportunities for kindergarten and up, check out Basketball with Geo on page 12.

BASKETBALL LEAGUES for Grades 4 - 12

Deadline to register is Friday, September 17, 5:00 pm Some leagues have limits, first-come, first-served - register early!

HW P & R B OY S B AS K E T B A L L LE A G U E ( I N - HOUSE) Grades 4th - 6th

Very limited openings! #210235 Thursday, 7:00 - 9:00 pm at the Huntington Woods Recreation Center and Norup Middle School. Seven straight months of basketball, limited registration and a guaranteed game.

Game and practice days may vary, but games are primarily Monday and Thursday evenings at the Huntington Woods Recreation Center. Games January - March. Practices begin in late November. Sign up by Friday, September 17, 5:00 pm #310233-00 Cost: $75

Pre-registration required. Spaces are VERY limited. Season runs September 9 April 28. Mail-in/drop off registration begins now. See back page for registration details. Cost: $115.

Le agu e sign up d ead lin e: Sep temb er 17!

Weekly basketball rentals for residents on available evenings, 9:00 - 11:00 pm Contact Nancy Waldmann for prices and details, 248.541-3030.


The Huntington Woods Recreation Department, in conjunction with the Berkley Hoops Program, is offering youth basketball leagues, age groupings finalized after all registrations are in. HW must register in HW, other Berkley School District residents must register directly with Berkley Hoops. 4 - 6th Grade #310230-01 (girls) (boys see above ) 7th & 8th Grade #310230-02 (girls) #310230-03 (boys)* 9th Grade #310230-04 (girls) #310230-05 (boys)* 10 - 12 Grade #310230-06 (boys)* Girls seasons run December - March; 4th - 6th grade games are on Saturday mornings at Anderson Middle School. Middle school and up play Saturdays, and some Tuesday and Friday evenings, times and locations vary and will begin late January and play through March. Practices are scheduled by the coach and will vary depending on gym availability. Spaces are limited. Cost: $70. Deadline to register is when teams fill, no later than September 17, 5:00 pm *Leagues will begin upon completion of the Norup/BHS season ending. Cost: $80 REGISTRATION FOR SPORTS LEAGUES MUST BE DONE IN PERSON AT THE RECREATION CENTER. PLEASE READ ALL INFORMATION CAREFULLY. Player evaluations are not held for most divisions. Please mark your child's skill level on the bottom of the registration form. Sign up deadline is FINAL.

COACHES ARE NEEDED! Please mark your child’s registration form to indicate an interest in coaching. Draft dates tba. Mark your calendar now! Mandatory Coaches Clinic led by Tom Whinham on Monday, October 25, 6:30 pm at the Rec.

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HWP&R Events

Tues., Sept. 21, 7:00 am - 8:30 pm Held at Atlas Valley Country Club, Grand Blanc. Includes 27 holes, cart, lunch, prizes and fun. Sign up by September 3 with Jim Dwan. Forms available at the Rec Sponsored by the Men's Club. Cost: $110.


Mon., Aug. 16 Thurs., Sept. 2 Due to staff reductions and varying weather, please call 541-7700 for daily times. Fri., Sept. 3 – Monday, Sept. 6 General Swim daily, 1:00 - 8:30 pm



Wed., September 8, 10:00 am – 2:30 pm For seniors 62 and over living in Wayne, Oakland or Macomb County, admission is free to the Zoo on September 8. There are also free rides on the Tauber Family Railroad, tractor train tours of the Zoo and live entertainment in the Main Picnic Grove. You can even participate in bingo with fabulous prizes. See what’s new at the zoo this year! #130628-00 Cost: $2


Thurs., September 9, 9:00 am – 3:45 pm Detroit Historical Society guides will board the our bus in Huntington Woods. As we travel to the first of four churches we will tour, the guides will talk about many of the places we see. Churches may include Mariner’s, Historic Trinity, and St. Bonaventure. One of the churches will provide a delicious, light lunch for our group along the way. #230000-00 Cost: $49 includes transportation, tours and lunch; please sign up by 8/9


Saturday, October 2, 4:30 – 6:30 pm Come to the Recreation Center parking lot and participate in games, crafts, pony rides and hay rides to the Public Safety Open House! Refreshments will be available for a nominal fee. Dress appropriately for the weather. This program is free for the community and geared towards the entire family. Co-sponsored by the Huntington Woods Men’s Club. No need to pre-register.


Tues., September 14, 8:30 am – 3:30 pm In 1845, Father Louis Gillet and Sister Theresa Maxis established the IHM community in the settlement of Monroe, Michigan. Their initiative was to educate young girls. Continuing as pioneers, today their focus is on the plight of the Earth, its creatures and its non-renewable resources. They choose to walk lightly on this Earth and have become an award-winning national model of sustainable living. We will tour their community and have lunch in their banquet center. Please sign up no later than Sept. 3. #230126-00 Cost: $43 includes transportation, tour and lunch.


Tues., October 5, 6:30 - 8:30 pm Join us for an evening of wine & cheese, along with other light refreshments and a presentation by Carole Doll of Exploritas. Formerly Elderhostel, Exploritas, offers many types of travel experiences, near or far, easy to challenging activity levels, pure entertainment or learning opportunities. There may be one to fit your style and interests! The Exploritas tagline is “Adventures in Lifelong Learning”. Come see why! Must be 21 years+. #230127-00 Cost: $5 includes refreshments and presentation.


GREAT FAMILY CAMPOUT Sat., September 11, 4:00 pm – Sun., September 12, 9:00 am

Activities will include: • Geocache, GO Fish, Playground Games, Climbing Tower • Hot dogs on the grill, chips & beverage for dinner • Songs around the campfire • S’mores, games, crafts & movie • Juice & muffins for breakfast #200101-00 Cost: $30/family per camp site/tent. Pre-register for a camp-site by Sept. 3. Participants provide their own tent, sleeping bag, camp hair, flashlights, insect repellant and any other basics you need to camp. Held on Burton Field. Offered in cooperation with Oakland County Parks & Recreation.


Thurs., September 16, 11:00 am – 3:45 pm This year’s show is a salute to the special individuals who have entertained the troops throughout the years. Music from the Andrews Sisters, Danny Kaye and Loretta Lynn and visits from personalities like Bob Hope, John Wayne and Marilyn Monroe will be part of the show. Lunch is included prior to the show. Please sign up by August 16. #230125-00 Cost: $34 includes transportation, show and lunch;


Email (or bring in) your pet’s photo, taken in 2010, between now and October 1 and it will be posted on the hallway wall in the Recreation Center. Winners in various categories to be posted at Family Hay Day. (Sorry, limited to HW residents only)

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HWP&R Special Events continued


Fri., October 8, 9:45 am-9:30 pm We will take the Huntington Woods bus to Grand Rapids to see their Art Prize. Part competition (the top 10 entries win prizes $250,000 to first place), part festival, this event will amaze and overwhelm you! Attendees vote for the winners earlier in the competition so you will be able to see the winning entries. In 2009, 200,000 visitors saw 1,262 works in 159 venues from 41 states and 14 countries. There will be walking involved although there are some locations that have 100+ works. Lunch and dinner on your own. #230128-00 Cost: $20 transportation only to and from Grand Rapids


Sat., October 9, 8:00 - 11:45 pm Big tent + oompa band + adults 21 & over only + adult beverages = party. Join the HWP&R for a wild ride that stays right on the front lawn of the Recreation Center. Beverages included, food for purchase. Co-sponsored by the Huntington Woods Men’s Club (oompa bands don’t come cheap in October!). Pre-registration suggested. #220512-00 Cost: $12 ($17 for non-res.)


Tues., October 12, 1:00 – 3:00 pm Enjoy light refreshments, tea or coffee and pleasant company. Hat collector, Lori Hoffman will present a one hour fashion show of nearly 100 hats from the 1860’s through the 1950’s. #230129-00 Cost: $17


Wed., October 13, 11:45 am – 5:15 pm The National Tour premiere of West Side Story starts right here in Detroit. Enjoy this perennial favorite in our Loge seats. “Something’s coming, something good”, let’s see it together! #230130-00 Cost: $41 includes performance and transportation


Friday, October 15, 10:15 am – 4:00 pm This Gilbert and Sullivan opera first opened in 1885 at the Savoy and was performed 672 times there. Ko-Ko, a cheap tailor, becomes the Lord High Executioner in the town of Titipu, while Pooh-Bah is Lord High Everything Else. Nanki-Poo, the Mikado's son, wants to marry Yum-Yum, Ko-Ko's ward. The situation gets complicated when Ko-Ko executes Nanki-Poo. The most popular Gilbert and Sullivan Opera, and perhaps the most popular opera ever. Following the performance we will have lunch, on your own, at Wasabi Korean and Japanese Restaurant in the Park Shelton. #230131-00 Cost: $39 includes transportation and performance; lunch on your own


Fri., October 22, tba Are you a good S-P-E-L-L-E-R? If you are up for the challenge, sign up for the Oakland County Spelling Duel which will be held again this year at the Birmingham Senior Center. Last year’s Oakland County winner was none other than Huntington Woods resident, Joan Reutter! The duel is free and weekly prac-

H U N TI N G TO N WO O D S TAS T EFEST Thursday, October 14, 6:30 pm at the Recreation Center Presented by the Community Fund Board

Join your friends, neighbors and community for a delectable evening, while you help to make our city a great place to live! Enjoy an evening of delicious food/beverages from local restaurants, including: D'Amato's • Café Muse • Amici's Pizza • Vinsetta Grill • Mr Kabobs • Tapestry • Coffee Beanery, Berkley • Gayle’s Chocolate • Leo’s Coney • Holiday Market Silent auction including gift certificates from: Soul Sisters • About Face • Gourmet Everyday • Shirt Box • Rise • Zumba’s #220528-00 Suggested Minimum Donation $35/person (tax deductible) Tickets available at all City Offices. BOLD denotes donors since CFB DAY ONE! For more information, please contact Kellie Treppa, 248.545-8054.

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tice sessions will be set up based on the availability of the participants. Step up to the C-H-A-L-L-E-N-G-E! #230225-00 Free!


Friday, October 22, 6:30 - 8:00 pm All ages (8 years and under must be with parent/guardian). The feature movie will be G or PG rated. All movie goers are required to remain in the gym during the movie. PJ’s and sleeping bags suggested! FREE at the Recreation Center.


Wed., October 27, 9:20 am – 5:45 pm Enjoy the beautiful fall colors along the Grand River on the Michigan Princess. Relax on board the ship and take in the scenic view while we have a delicious buffet lunch. On our way back to Huntington Woods we will stop at Uncle John’s Cider Mill for (included) donuts, cider and wine tasting. #230132-00 Cost: $75 (includes transportation, lunch, cruise and cider mill stop.


Fri., October 29, 12:45 pm Contact Burton School at 248.837-8600 for time/date confirmation. Participation by Latchkey and all students and faculty of Burton School.


Sun. October 31, 6:00 - 8:00 pm Recommended hours for treat-or-treating are from 6:00 - 8:00 pm. Please leave your porch light on during this time if you are participating.



Friday , November 5, 9:30am-3:00 Probably Rodrigo’s best known work, the Concierto de Aranjuez will be performed by the young Chinese guitarist, Xuefei Yang in her DSO debut. The international flavor of this program is further enhanced by the Detroit premiere of a commissioned work from Argentine composer Osvaldo Golijov, with another debut by the award-winning conductor from Portugal, Joana Carneiro. Tchaikovsky’s popular Symphony No. 5 completes the program. Lunch on your own afterwords in Mexican Town at Los Galanes restaurant. Please sign up by October 29. #230155-01 Cost:$42, Includes ticket and transportation.


Fri., November 5, 9:00 am – 3:45 pm We will tour this state-of-the-art, hi-tech facility which opened in December, 2008. The tour was specifically designed with the education of recycling in mind. No stairs and a cat walk around the interior of the facility allow for easy viewing but if walking is an issue, most of the facility can be viewed from the education center. Following the tour we will have an included lunch at the historic Waltz Inn in Waltz, Michigan. Originally a home in the 1800’s and then a home and tavern later in the century, the Inn is now said to be haunted by previous owners who passed away in an upstairs bedroom. Plus, we will have a delicious lunch! #230150-00 Cost: $30 includes tour, transportation and lunch.


Fri., November 12, 10:15 am – 4:00 pm Giacomo Puccini’s four-act Italian tragedy debuted in 1896. Set in Paris in 1830, La Boheme is the story of two starving artists, Rodolfo and Marcello, and the women with whom they fall in love. Lunch, on your own, will be at Opus One, following the performance. #230171-00 Cost: $39 includes transportation and performance; lunch on your own.


Tues., November 9, 9:30 am - 2:00 pm We will tour some of the facilities on the Cass Community Social services campus to learn more about their work “Fighting Poverty, Creating Opportunity.” We will see the 90 day homeless shelter, Mom’s Mart and other places where so much good takes place. Lunch will be generously prepared by our hosts. #230157-00 Cost: No charge, but please consider a donation to CCCS.


Friday, November 5, 6:30 – 8:30 pm Ages: Kindergarten – 2nd Grade And the Oscar goes! Call your agent ‘cause you have a Hollywood Party to attend! Wear your pj’s to the Rec. and we will have a great time signing autographs, eating pizza, making crafts and “acting” up! Spaces are limited to the first 40 actors & actresses….and because this is the party to end all parties in Hollywood, it will sell out! #220117-00 Cost: $17



Sun., November 21, 4:00 pm Fun for the whole family, with a turkey as the bounty! Teams are made up of two family members, one adult 18 years or older and the other under 18 years (age divisions will be based on sign up). Teams shoot 2 rounds of 5 free throws each. Overall winners of each division wins a turkey for Thanksgiving! Pre-registration required by Nov. 19. #200000-00 Cost: $5/team.


Tuesday, November 30, 6:00 – 7:15 pm Grades: K – 5 Come and celebrate the Chanukah season with latkes, crafts, activities, stories and more! Pre-registration required by November 23. #220509-00 Cost: $10 per child.


Saturday, December 4, 10:45 am – noon Ages: 7 & under with parent Snacks, crafts, activities and storytime stations to rotate through at your leisure - and of course, time to visit with the big man himself! Don’t forget your camera. Pre-registration required by November 24. Siblings 12 months and under are free, but please register them. #220508-00 Cost: $15 for parent/child; $7 each additional person.


Fri., November 19, 6:00 – 9:00 pm Ages: 6 – 10 years It’s never too early to do a little holiday shopping! Sign your children up for a night of Rec. Center fun and head on out to do some holiday shopping. Your children will be supervised by the amazing HW Teen Council! Pizza, open gym, crafts, music and so much more. The HWTC is offering this program as a way to raise some money for their fundraising projects. Limited spaces so don’t delay when registering! #220507-00 Cost: $15/per child



Thursday, December 2, 8:20 am – 9:40 pm We will travel to the Grand Rapids area on Blue Drive Tours bus stocked with complimentary water, juice and muffins. Our first stop is at the Frederick Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park for a tour of the Christmas and Holiday Traditions Around the World celebration. It features 300,000 lights, strolling carolers and more than 40 international trees and displays. Lunch is on your own at the Meijer Gardens café. Next, we will travel to the Grand Rapids Art Museum for Diana

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A Celebration. This exhibit features more that 150 personal objects celebrating the life and work of Diana, Princess of Wales, including her royal wedding gown, 28 designer dresses, family heirlooms, personal mementos and rare home movies. You will have time to see this special exhibit and more at the museum. After working up an appetite at the museum, we will have an included dinner at Noel Restaurant, a quaint restaurant whose building house served as a community church for 67 years. Please sign up no later than November 2. #230175-00 Cost: $95 includes Meijer Gardens, Grand Rapids Art Museum including special Diana exhibit and Noel dinner.


Friday, December 3, 9:30 am - 3:00 pm Leonard Slatkin is joined by pianist Jean-Yves Thibaudet as they collaborate on one of George Gershwin’s most melodious compositions, the Piano Concerto in F. Another American work by University of Michigan composer Stephen Rush, Tango Symphony, will receive its World Premiere. Johannes Brahms spent 14 years perfecting his First Symphony, which firmly established him as the heir to Beethoven. Lunch on your own afterwords at Vince’s Italian Restaurant. Please sign up by November 26. #230155-02 Cost:$42, Includes ticket & transportation.


Teen Stuff

26325 Scotia Road (248) 541-3030 http://

email with your email address and she will add it to the list. Don’t miss out on getting all the information about being an LIT throughout the year!

FALL MEETING DATES September 16, October 7 & 21, November 4 & 18 and December 16 at the Recreation Center, 7:00 pm

EXECUTIVE BOARD We love teens and we Council Coordinator: Anthony Nickele love parents. What we Council Manager: Max Hammerle really, really love is when Program Coordinator: Rachel Pernick parents let their teens Secretary: Jordan Hood take the initiative to conOrganization: Alex Fahoome tact us to become inSocial Awareness: Codi Stafford volved in the teen Treasurer: Erin Michonski happenings with the Middle School Liaison: Grace Hammerle Rec. Center (i.e.,Teen Council, Public Safety Liaison: Lt. Bill Cudney wa n n a be ! Program Inquiries, etc). We are building HW TC i s th e pl a ce yo u Program Coordinator: Weezy Shanley strong, confident teens here in HW! TEEN COUNCIL So parents….please don’t be offended when Positions of Liaison to the Grades: 6 – 12 we tell you to have your teen call us….we only City Commission and Enrichment Join us for our fall meetings as we plan activido it out of love! (Don’t get us wrong…you Coordinator to be appointed prior to ties and programs for teens, by teens. Meetcan nudge them in the right direction and rethe start of the school year. ings are held the first and third Thursday of mind them about things teen related and the the month (unless noted) at 7:00pm at the fact that we are really nice to talk too….we Recreation Center. Our meetings are all just really want to talk to them)! business and we follow Roberts Rules of Order. At meetings we share ideas, set up programs, learn about community service projects and discuss what is going on at school, etc. We have very high expectations in regards to our teens behavior at the meetings….so please arrive on time, participate in HWTC DROP-IN DODGEBALL meeting discussion and respect all those in Thursday, November 18, 8:15 - 8:50 pm attendance. Thursday, December 2, 7:00 - 8:15 pm (no mtg).



The Teen Council Executive Board would like to invite you to join the Huntington Woods Teen Council! You have heard all about us, now come and find out for yourselves what we are all about. Join us for meetings, trips, parties, events and more! Send Tracy your email so you can receive weekly updates on what is going on ( Put our meeting dates in your calendar. Let us know your thoughts on trips, activities, etc. It’s your turn to be a Teen Council Member…haven’t you waiting long enough for this?!?!?!?!


Please make sure that Tracy/Weezy has your email address so she can update you on volunteer opportunities that happen throughout the year. Applications are not necessary for the fall session, but updating your email contact information may be in order. Send Tracy a quick

Planned and run by the HWTC Board. Cost: $1/week (no pre-registration required)

EREBUS.THE WORLD’S LARGEST HAUNTED HOUSE HIGH SCHOOLERS ONLY Friday, October 22, 9:30 pm – midnight Grades: 9 & up Dinner afterwards on your own. Please know what you’re signing up for by checking out the website! The HWP&R is not responsible for changing underwear. Super, super scary! (I’m NOT going in). #220301-00 Cost $25 (includes admission & transportation, dinner on your own) WEEZY & COLETTE’S MIDDLE SCHOOL ONLY WILD RIDE

Thursday, October 21, 12:45 - 6:45 pm Grades: 6 - 8 WELCOME TO HWTC! Lesson 1: Do not miss Wild Rides. Weezy & Colette have planned a trip that will blow your mind! You will given a list of items to bring as we get closer to the trip. Lesson 2: If you don’t have a sense of adventure, this trip is not for you. Lesson 3: Limited spots available and YES, WE DO SELL OUT QUICKLY! Dinner and snacks on your own. #220299-00 Cost: $24 (transportation, supervision and great memories).

City of Huntington Woods Hometown Herald page 20

55 Years Plus +

See the SPECIAL EVENTS pages for details on these trips/activities, especially designed to be senior adult-friendly:

• Mah Jong for Beginners • Sweat and Tone to the Oldies • Chair Yoga for Beginners • Oakland County Spelling Duel • Senior Day at the Detroit Zoo • Historic Houses of Worship Tour • Immaculate Heart of Mary Motherhouse Tour • Novi Senior Show • An Evening with Exploritas • Art Prize in Grand Rapids • Fall Tea Featuring a Vintage Hat Fashion Show • West Side Story at the Fisher Theatre • The Mikado at the Detroit Opera House • Michigan Princess Color Cruise & Uncle John’s Cider Mill • Great Lakes Recycling Tour and Waltz Inn Lunch • Cass Corridor Community Services Tour • La Boheme at the Detroit Opera House • Princess Di Exhibit & Holiday Traditions at Meijer Gardens Recreation programs and trips are also listed in the Leisure Forum, a bimonthly recreation publication available at all city offices.

Are trips and activities no longer “your thing”? Staff is available to assist you with your day-to-day needs in order to maintain your quality of life in the City of Huntington Woods. Feel free to contact us concerning any of the following special services:

BLOOD PRESSURE Third Wednesday of the month Join us on the third Wednesday of each month in the Senior Lounge of the Recreation Center, 10:00 -11:00 am to have your blood pressure checked by Mary Jo Israel, a registered nurse. If you are tracking your blood pressure, this is a great service. Fall dates are September 15, October 20 (at the Health Fair) and November 17.

TRANSPORTATION Call between 9:00 am - noon Residents who are 55 years or better and unable to drive, temporarily or permanently, are able to arrange for transportation on the City SMART van for medical appointments, support groups, shopping, or other activities of daily living. The van is wheelchair accessible. If you are using a walker or are unable to handle steps, the lift is available to bring you into the vehicle. Forty-eight hours advance notice is required and the travel distance must be within a seven-mile radius. The fee is $1 each way. Call Jennifer at 248.541-3030.

PEN PAL PROGRAM The Pen Pal Program brings together Burton students and Huntington Woods seniors for the purpose of becoming acquainted through letter writing. With this project, fourth graders will be learning the fun of getting mail, as well as becoming acquainted with someone of another generation and learning the fine art of letter writing. As an added bonus, the youngsters become aware that there are folks, other than family, in this community who care about them (and vice versa!). With the school year beginning, we need pen pals NOW. Does this sound like something you might enjoy? Please contact Jennifer at 248.541.3030. MONDAY LUNCH BUNCH Mondays, 12:15 pm at the Rec Come and join your neighbors on Mondays for a hot meal served at 12:15 pm with a program following. The requested donation is $2.75. Call Jennifer to register for lunch and transportation (if needed) by noon on the preceding Thursday at 248.541-3030.

City of Huntington Woods Hometown Herald page 21


Here’s-To-Your-Better-Health Fair Wed., October 20, 10:00 am - noon Held at the Recreation Center Need your flu and/or pneumonia vaccine? Join your neighbors, 62 years+, and have an opportunity to discuss health issues with medical staff in an informal setting and receive needed vaccines. Blood Pressure Reading Dermatology Audiology Testing Blood Sugar Testing Vision Screening Podiatry Screening Cancer Concerns Refreshments provided. Flu vaccine costs $25 (fee may be waived if you have Medicare part B). Please bring Medicare card, supplemental insurance cards, and picture ID. Pneumonia vaccine is $50. If you are over 65 years old, a pneumonia shot is only needed once in a lifetime. Wear shot-ready sleeves. Transportation available to Huntington Woods residents. Call 248.541-3030 for more information or to set up transportation.


Traffic Improvement Association’s

Sept. 22, 23 & 24, 9:00 am - 1:30 pm This program is designed to help mature drivers (55+) self-evaluate their driving skills. The program provides tips and techniques to help experienced drivers compensate for changing vision, reflexes and response time. The program is conducted over three days, consisting of two, four hour sessions focusing on strategies to improve defensive driving in a variety of situations. The third day, the driver has an optional on-the-road evaluation with a certified instructor. There are no records or scores kept. The results have no bearing on your driver’s license. The goal is simply self-awareness and to improve driving strategies. Continental breakfast and lunch served on the first two days of the program and included in the fee. The Public Safety Department generously supports the program by underwriting registration costs for residents, as well as providing continental breakfasts and lunches. #230195-00 Cost: $5/residents and $20/non-residents

Clubs & Organizations

FALL IS A GREAT TIME TO GET INVOLVED! Listed here are just a sampling of the many clubs and organizations available in the City of Huntington Woods. Feel free to contact these groups to find out additional information and get involved! ATTENTION CLUBS & ORGANIZATIONS As your club contact information changes, please update it with Ruth at City Hall, 248.541-4300 to assure you do not miss any special events or mailings.


The HWBC started over 35 years ago and consists of HW moms who babysit one another's children on a point-based system – no money exchanged! Membership includes working and at-home mothers. You receive: - Flexibility scheduling appointments, running errands and taking time for yourself, all while knowing your children are safe with another mother. - Opportunities for weekday and weekend play dates. - Enjoy family, mom’s only and couples’ events!!! You will be glad you joined! Contact: Chair, Cynthia Sullivan at


Great schools make great communities! The Burton PTA supports and enriches the Burton Elementary School learning community by organizing volunteer and financial support. Burton Parents contribute their time to assist and organize classroom and school-wide activities. Local financial support is crucial to fundraising efforts, where 100% of the profits are invested in our children’s classrooms. PTA meets at Burton at 7:00 pm the first Tuesday of each month. Questions? Call President Lauren Hirsch at 248.584-4877.


Boy Scouts provides a program for middle school aged boys that builds character, trains them in the responsibilities of participating citizenship, and develops personal fitness, all through a combination of educational and fun activities. "Scouting is 3/4 Outing" so the Troop plans outdoor activities each month along with meeting bi-weekly on Mondays. Sponsored by the HW Men's Club. For more information, please contact Scoutmaster Dave Enerson at 248-545-0559 or email

BERKLEY ADVOCATES FOR KIDS WITH DISABILITIES Berkley Advocates for Kids with Disabilities is a parent-led support and advocacy group for families of children affected by any type/degree of disability. We support each other and share information and resources through monthly meetings and an online discussion group. We work with school and community leaders to promote an inclusive culture and parent education. We welcome all families living in the Berkley School District. Contact Sue Klunk 584-2655 or Jenni Moss 591-0854.


Sponsored by Advanced Manufacturing Group and Advanced Eyecare

Friday, October 1 at Burton Field

The Fun Run serves as the Burton PTA’s primary fundraiser and the money raised is used everyday to support learning in our classrooms. We’re looking for guest runners as well as fans - find us on Facebook - and come join us for the fun! To get involved or to pledge your support, contact Joyce Krom at or

City of Huntington Woods Hometown Herald page 22


Chess is more than a game. Chess improves problem solving skills, concentration and selfdiscipline. It enhances reading and math ability and has a positive impact on developing memory and verbal skills. HWYCC teaches elementary-aged children the basics of chess and more advanced topics like well-known openings, midgame strategies and fine-tuning of checkmates. HYWCC meets Thursdays 3:30 to 4:30 pm at HW Library from November thru March. Membership fee is $20. Contact Matt Tomlinson (248.761.2937 or


County Downs Garden Club, a branch of Women's National Farm & Garden Association, meets on the third Monday of each month in a member's home at 7:30pm. With a focus on gardening, houseplants, crafts and conservation, our club welcomes new members who are interested in learning and creating new friendships. We also plant and maintain gardens at the Detroit Zoo and in our city. Interested persons may call Toby Cheney at 248.544-0242 for information about the club and its activities.


Boys in Grades 1 - 5 Learn new skills, build fun projects, earn badges, and wear cool uniforms! Elementary school boys in grades 1 - 5 are invited to join Cub Scout Pack 1292. Sponsored by the Huntington Woods Men's Club. Look for additional information in mid-September or contact Avery Goldstein at 248.582-0277 or


Do you value and use the Huntington Woods Library? Become a Friend! You can choose an annual or lifetime membership.Your membership dollars help support programs, activities, and capital enhancements for the Library. Join us, too, for the Friends Used Book Sale which is the 1st Saturday of the month, October – May. You’re welcome as a worker or as a shopper! You're also welcome to attend the Friends' Board Meetings, Mondays, 7:30 pm, October - May, at the Library.

For more information, pick up a membership form at the Library main desk or call Toni Brandt at 248.541.0764 .


The Hurricane Swim Team has just completed another successful season. If you want to be a part of a team that works hard but likes to have fun, look for registration information in early March. Hurricane Swim Team is open to all residents of Huntington Woods and/or students who attend Berkley Schools between the ages of 5 and 18 years. For more info contact Lisa Momblanco at 248.336-0219 or email


We are on Facebook! "Huntington Woods Men's Club" The Men’s Club is a great way to meet your neighbors and to improve "The Woods" through a variety of civic, social and fundraising events. The Men’s Club annual auction has supported a variety of projects such as: the recent pool renovations, going "green" with solar panels for the Rec Center, Past President’s scholarship fund, Cultural Center/Library kitchen, Burton running track and renovations to Reynold’s Park, just to name a few. The Club holds social events throughout the year, including New Members Party, Tigers Game, Gleaners Food Bank, Holiday Party, Ice skating at Campus Martius and a weekend at Camp Dearborn. Meetings are held monthly at a members home or local restaurant on the third Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pm. For more information, please Contact Membership VP Rick Kagen, 248.701-6500 or

Cider and Donut Sale

35th Annual Men's Club & Women's League Saturday, October 9, 8:00 am - noon

Huntington Woods Men's Club and Women’s League will be on the streets of Huntington Woods during the near-famous cider and donut sale. Look for volunteers selling cider and donuts on the corners of York/Lincoln, Nadine/Berkley and Lincoln/Scotia. If you would like to have cider and donuts delivered to your home, watch for a pre-order form to arrive on your doorstep. Simply return the pre-order form and payment by the due date and delivery will be made the morning of the sale. On the day of the sale, door-to-door sales will try to hit your house but to be assured fill out the pre-order form. If you have questions, please call Brian Bell, 248.548-8837.



We have monthly meetings from September through May. We maintain the Children's Garden next to the Library. New members are welcome, with or without a green thumb!

Meetings are open to the public and are held the first Wednesday of each month, except July, @ 7:00 p.m. at the Michigan State Police Metro North Post, 14350 W. 10 Mile Rd. in Oak Park.

Founded in April, 1940, we continue to be gardeners who love nature and appreciate its marvels. We continue to learn about our natural world in order to conserve and improve our local and global environment.

Our club holds a garden walk every other year. If interested in having your garden consider for our 2012 walk, contact us.

For more information, please contact President, Cathy Fresia, 248.544-3547.

Shout out to our fabulous Clubs and Organizations! The city is so fortunate to have such committed and generous groups. Keep up the GREAT WORK!


Calling all former winners (this includes civic awards, egg toss; baby; princess & princess...yes, everybody!) We want to feature YOU in the 2011 July 4th Parade. Please call 248.541-3030 or email

City of Huntington Woods Hometown Herald page 23

The mission of the Tri-Community Coalition is to eliminate substance abuse and other risky behaviors in our youth and adults through education and effective programming in order to promote a healthy community.

For more information, please contact Judy Rubin, Executive Director at 248.837-8008, or email:


We are on Facebook! "Huntington Woods Women's Club" The Huntington Woods Women's League is an organization that offers both civic-orientated and social activities. Proceeds from our fundraising efforts are donated to causes selected by our members, that support our community, education, and women and children's organizations. The league holds social events throughout the year that span many interests and provide opportunities for members to network and have fun. Meetings are held in members homes on the second Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pm. New members are welcome at all meetings, but we have a special new member Potluck scheduled for our October meeting For more information, please contact Judy Bell General Membership Representative at 248.548-8837 or email Visit our web site or look for us on Facebook.


MAIL-IN/DROP-OFF: Mail-in registration (or drop off at the Recreation Center front desk) begins as soon as you receive your newsletter. Please use the registration form provided or a reasonable facsimile. Select class alternatives should your first choice be filled. Should any class be unavailable or cancelled, you will be notified. If a class you requested is closed, you will be given a household credit. Hand delivery for registration forms at the front desk of the Recreation Center will be processed along with the mail-in registrations, and during this time period, will not be processed while you wait. You must enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope to receive a receipt/confirmation of class. Please note, the Recreation Center will be closed for annual maintenance from September 1 - 6. Please plan accordingly. IN PERSON: In person registration begins on August 26 and continues until classes are full. Unless otherwise noted as a residents-only program, non-residents may register for classes beginning September 8 for an additional $5 fee per class. Registration for special events is open to residents only (unless otherwise indicated).

ROYAL OAK SECTION: An annual $40 facility fee will be assessed to all Royal Oak section residents participating in latchkey.. A 25% surcharge is also in effect for latchkey and the pool membership. All non-residents pay an additional $5/class. These fees are in place to equalize the tax burden borne by Huntington Woods residents.

CLASS REFUND POLICY: All requests for refunds must be made prior to the second session. Participants will be charged for the first session. A $5 processing fee will be withheld for each cancellation. Material fees associated with a class will not be refunded. Due to the prep work required for special one-day programs, refunds will not be given unless a replacement is found.

CANCELLED CLASSES: The City reserves the right to cancel activities due to insufficient registration, holidays, vacations and situations beyond its control. When Berkley Schools are closed because of inclement weather, all daytime recreation classes will also be cancelled. Please call the Recreation Center after 4 p regarding evening classes. Every attempt will be made to make-up all classes cancelled due to weather. Absences from classes for personal reasons are forfeited.

LATE DELIVERY: All Huntington Woods Hometown Heralds are mailed at the same time. For this reason, we cannot take responsibility for lost or late delivery. Please contact the Royal Oak post office with any delivery concerns.

city of huntington woods 26815 scotia road, huntington woods mi 48070 mayor ron gillham commissioners jeffrey jenks jules olsman bob paul mary white city manager alex allie newsletter editor colette nutton

P R S RT S T D u.s. postage PA I D permit no. 393 royal oak, mi

ecrww postal patron huntington woods mi 48070

RECREATION CLASS/ACTIVITY REGISTRATION FORM Mail or deliver your registration to: Huntington Woods Recreation Registration, 26325 Scotia Road, Huntington Woods, MI 48070

__________________________________ __________________________________ Primary Guardian/Registrant


____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ Home Phone Day Phone

____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ Cell Phone Primary Household Email


____________________________________________________________ _____/ ___ /_____ ___________ Full Name of Student Birth date _______________ Class #

_______________ Class #

________________________________________________________ Class Name Fee

________________________________________________________ Class Name Fee

__________ __________

____________________________________________________________ _____/ ___ /_____ Full Name of Student Birth date

_______________ Class #

_______________ Class #

________________________________________________________ Class Name Fee

________________________________________________________ Class Name Fee

Checks payable to: The City of Huntington Woods



___________ Grade

__________ __________


In registering myself or my child for any recreation-sponsored activity, I hereby release the City of Huntington Woods and the Berkley School District of liability for any injuries sustained while participating in any of these activities.

Signature____________________________________________ Date____________ EDITORIAL POLICY: Although the Parks and Recreation Department goes to great lengths to ensure that all information contained in this brochure is accurate at the time of printing, errors occasionally occur and last minute changes in programs, classes and activities – such as dates, times and locations – may be necessary due to circumstances beyond our control. We apologize ahead of time for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding.


City of Huntington Woods quarterly newsletter

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