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Plastic surgery: More Popular Than Ever in Tampa , Florida There are two types of plastic surgery: (aesthetic) cosmetic plastic surgery and reconstructive plastic surgery. Reconstructive plastic surgery is concerned with correcting functional impairments, and if needed, approximating a normal appearance, brought on by traumatic injuries, burns, developmental abnormalities, congenital abnormalities, infections/disease, and cancers/tumors. On the other hand, cosmetic Tampa plastic surgery , which is likely the betterknown between the two, is concerned with the “enhancement” of a patient’s physical appearance via surgical and medical techniques for the maintenance, restoration, or enhancement procedure the patient desires. According to statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in the 2011 Plastic Surgery Statistics Report, a total of 1,579,079 cosmetic surgical procedures and 12,249,647 cosmetic minimally-invasive/nonsurgical procedures were done in 2011. These figures are probably more astounding when compared to their 1997 counterparts: only 939,192 cosmetic surgical procedures and 740,751 cosmetic minimally-invasive/nonsurgical procedures were done back then. This significant increase in the popularity and demand for plastic surgery can potentially be explained by a variety of factors. One reason could be that all different kinds of cosmetic plastic surgery, from tummy tucks to laser hair removal to Botox injections, are now more efficient, more effective, safe, and cheaper than ever. Many new developments have cut cosmetic surgery Tampa and recovery time by more than half and new techniques and procedures are continuously minimizing the pain and discomfort associated with any type of surgery. Another reason for the popularity of plastic surgery being on the rise is that plastic surgery is perhaps more widely accepted than ever. This is evidenced by the fact that 13% of surgical cosmetic procedures and 8% of minimally-invasive/nonsurgical cosmetic procedures were performed on males. Women are now not alone in participating in the plastic surgery craze; everyday, more and more men are choosing to fix their appearance issues through cosmetic procedures. Yet another reason as to why the interest in plastic surgery is on the rise likely due to the media and the advent of new social media technologies. Not only has the media been portraying air-brushed and cosmetically enhanced men and women as the standard way of looking and appearing, countless reality shows about losing weight and staying in shape are being viewed by millions and millions of viewers every day. Facebook and Apple’s FaceTime have given prominence and attention to the individual’s face and appearance: plastic surgeons have noticed an increase in the number of people looking for facelifts- just so they can look good while using FaceTime!

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Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is an advanced surgical procedure in cosmetic plastic surgery used to remove excess skin and fat from lower and...