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What It Was Used For Upload videos such as my music video and to upload my feedback. Because it has a wide range of music videos it was used for my research Uploaded many PDF files, using issuu made it easy to then show it on blogger by using the ‘Blogger Embed’ tool. An example of this would be our digipak which had to be uploaded onto Issuu first then able to put it on my blog



Had a wide range of videos, easy to embed them and apply the videos onto blogger.

YouTube can have difficulties with publishing a video when it’s finished uploading.

Was easy to upload the files, it had a quick upload feature. Easy to access the library of your uploads, and there was many options given in relation to how you wanted to embed a document.

It sometimes would change dimensions of the file, which would interfere with how someone is seeing it; all files that were uploaded had to be PDF’s.


This simply used to blog and find work and help from the schools personal media blog.

With its new layout it’s very easy to organise posts and check posts that you are following.

When embedding a video, it would not fit the page.


This was used in the later stages for our evaluation; it was used to edit our music video with our running commentary which was part 2 of our evaluation.

Was very simple to cut and edit the shots we needed for our running commentary.


YouTube Issuu

Final Cut

This was used to edit our music video, add effects and lets us add the music.

Had much more options and effects than iMovie, editing was very simple which made it easy for us to edit to the beat. Having filmed our piece in HD using this editing software it maximised the quality.

Sometimes it would shift the sequence forward, so it took some time lining it up.

Photo Booth

This was an application we used on the iMac for our evaluation stage to record ourselves for our video of audience feedback.

Enabled simple capture from the mac’s webcam, it had a play and pause feature which came in handy.



This was used to create our digipak, magazine advert and extra logo’s such as our record label. With its photo editing technology.

Photoshop was very easy to use, the toolbar had all the requirements to make good quality logos and adapt the digipak.

When PDF’ing files, it would miss shape the document you have created.

Very simple and direct when using it to make the CDROMs, the tools were displayed very clearly.

It didn’t have enough effects or options.


This was used to create our CD roms, by adding images from the internet.


This was used to create word art, which gives many options in colour, fonts and positions.

Created an artistic design, was very easy to use, and just had to type in words.

Wish I had more control over the design instead of just giving pre-set options.


This was a website that has a wide range of fonts, which was used throughout our ancillary products.

Had a wide range of fonts, and the feature to look at the font with the words you want to write was helpful in choosing the appropriate font.

It was very hard to download the fonts, so I had to use grabber.

A website that showcased up and coming unsigned artists, this is where I discovered the band and song to use in our media project. Used to type documents such as this and write our script for our commentary.

It had clear headings of the categories of genres. It also displayed in depth knowledge of the band and also gave 3 other sings.

The playback tool was a little bit glitchy; it sometimes wouldn’t play after pressing it.

Very simple and easy to use, loads of options and features without being over complicated.


Used to capture our music video.

Captured in HD which added professional quality and made for a high production value, which the audience would enjoy. It was also simple to look back at footage because it is all divided into didn’t projects. Made it easy to capture certain screenshots, came very handy for getting typography onto our digipak.


Microsoft Word Panasonic HD Camcorder


Used to take certain screen shots, used it on screen shooting the fonts from

Sometimes it would not screenshot the area you wanted it to but the whole screen.


Lightweight and compatible, had many levels to position the tripod.

Part 5 Evaluation  

Part 5 Evaluation

Part 5 Evaluation  

Part 5 Evaluation