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Teacher Oana Lungu

Once upon a time, there were two indian tribes. One of them was ruled by The Great Buffalo and the other one by The Golden Eagle. The Great Buffalo was a good, skilled leader, who loved animals and the people very much. He also had a very pretty daughter, Sunshine.

The Golden Eagle was the leader of the other tribe, but he was opposite The Great Buffalo . He didn’t like people or the animals, but he used them for hard works. He also believed in revenge. A war started between the two tribes. The Golden Eagle started the fire in the middle of The Great Buffalo’s tents, killed entire families, and took the Great Buffalo as a hostage.

Sunshine and her mother hardly escaped The Golden Eagle, only by the help of her horse, Thunder. They took refuge in a cave. She thought about her father day by day. She remembered how he taught her love animals, respect people and nature and when he gave her that lovely foal. This horse and having her mother beside her, encouraged her a little bit. So, she started thinking of a plan to save her father.

That night, all of those Indians went to save The Great Buffalo. They finally saved him, but Thunder hurt his leg. They hid in the mountains where formed a new camp. They took care of Thunder and raised him into a fine big and strong horse.

This story teaches us that the people can live along the animals in harmony and the good always defeats the evil, if we keep staying united. THE END

The wilderness girl  

Comic story made by Romanian students for the etwinning project The Comic. School year 2011-2012.