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4th Secondary Santa Ana School, Borja

Rue St Honore in the afternoon

Description … • Is a picture, in the picture has been a street and there are some peoples and trees. • Is was made by Pisarro. • This painting was made in 1897. • Is importan becouse it is a history of the past. • In my opinion i dont like the painting becouse is sad and is very old.

T h e b ir t h o f V e n u s , b y B o t t ic e l l i.

• Botticelli’s real name was Alessandro gave Mariano Filipepi. He has born in Florencia in 1444 and died in 1510 • There is a girl in the middle of the picture, she is naked and she is on a big shell. Around of the picture there are 3 people. • In our opinion this picture is very symbolic because there is a woman on a shell and there are 2 persons flying.

T h e K is s , b y K l im t

• In t h e pain t in g t h er e ar e t w o peo pl e k issin g an d h u g g in g . It is a pain t in g by Kl imt .

• This picture makes me feel good and happy. There are a lot of people having a good time. This is a park and there are a lot of trees. In my opinion, It’s a very colourful painting. Georges Pierre Seurat (French 2 December 1859 – 29 March 1891) was a French Post-Impressionist painter and draftsman. He is noted for his innovative use of drawing media and for devising a technique of painting known as pointillism.

Guernica, by Picasso

Guernica is a world-famous painting by Pablo Picasso. It is one of the world's greatest antiwar paintings. It is a very large painting which shows the bombing of the Spanish town of Guernica in 1937 during the Spanish Civil War. Guernica is navy blue, black and white, 3.5 metre tall and 7.8 metre wide.

THE CREATION OF ADAM • The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo (1511) fresco • 480.10 cm × 230.10 cm • Creation of Adam is a section of Michelangelo's fresco Sistine Chapel ceiling painted around 1511. It illustrates the Biblical story from the Book of Genesis in which God Father breathes life into Adam, the first man. • It’s the fourth in the series of panels depicting episodes from Genesis on the Sistine ceiling, but it was among the last to be completed.

Gran Via, by Antonio L贸pez.

INFORMATION ABOUT THE ARTIST: • Antonio Lopez García (Tomelloso, Ciudad Real, on January 6, 1936) is a painter and Spanish sculptor.

• DESCRIPTION: • Is a picture of a street, in the picture the street is empty, the photo is taken in the medium of the road.

• MY OPINION: • We really like the picture because it looks like a real photo and not a painting.

The meninas

Description … • In this picture is old people have got old clothes, they are in an old room, in the picture there is also a dog. • This painting is was made by Velázquez. • In my opinion this picture is better than other pictures and it’s very famous. • This picture is a baroque work of art.

Self portrait by Frida Khalo

Description … • • • • •

This picture is a autoretrat of Frida Khalo. Its was made by Frida Khalo. Its was made in 1939. She is Mexican. These painting have got a ugly girl she is unibrow, and she has got old clothes. • In my opinion this picture is very old and its uglier than other pictures.

T h e G io c o n d a , b y D a V in c i

• It Is a po r t r ait o f a w o man w h o l o o k s l ik e smil in g . • It ’s a po r t r ait by Da Vin c i. • t h is po r t r ait it is in par is in t h e l o u v r e mu seu m.

The persistence of memory, by DalĂ­

Describing The persistence of memory • It’s a 1931 painting by Salvador Dalí. • It is possible to recognize a human figure in the middle of the composition, in the strange "monster“. • The orange clock at the bottom left of the painting is covered in ants. • Dalí often used ants in his paintings as a symbol for death.

• The work of art is a landscape. This is about a beautiful field. It’s very colourful. There are a lot of red poppies. There are two men and two women. • Claude Monet (14 November 1840 – 5 December 1926) was a founder of French impressionist painting . • In my opinion, the painting is very natural .

Su n f l o w e r s, b y V a n G o g h


• What is usually called the "flower" on a mature sunflower is actually a flower head. • The flower petals within the sunflower' cluster are usually in a a spiral pattern.

• • • •

THIS PICTURE IS ABSTRACT. IT’ S VERY COLOURFUL AND SURPRISING. There are lot of squares. in my opinion, the abstract painting is very original.

2012 02 22 Describing art  

Slideshow about paintings made by 4th grade secondary students in Santa Ana school (Borja, Zaragoza), school year 2011-2012

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