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Silvia is a very pretty and intelligent Spanish student who goes on holiday. I’m looking forwad to go on holiday tomorrow.

It’s very beautiful

She arrives to a Luxury Hotel Ritz.

Suddenly the thieves went into her bedroom and robbed all her things. ha, ha, ha

Silvia goes to the police station to tell the police what happened, she is very sad.

The police looked for the thieves arround the city.

The thieves realise the police are looking for them and they decide to do something. We have to do something soon

The thieves were Silvia’s friends that wanted to play a joke on her. April fool ! hahaha

April fool !

It isn’t funny !!!

The police arrested the false thieves. You must keep silence or what you say can be used against you.

No! We are innocent‌

Silvia tells the police everything is a joke of her friends. We were Let’s have a party

Ok, but you must invite me

about to go to jail!

Disaster in Palma de Mallorca  
Disaster in Palma de Mallorca  

Comic story made by David, Javi and Silvia. Colegio Santa Ana, Borja. School Year 2011-2012