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Very good and yours?

How was your last weekend?

Have you seen the same as me?

Yes, how scary!

It may have been our imagination . There’s nothing here.

I wonder what that may have been.

¥Oh! A man has fallen from the sky.Let’s go and talk to him.

In the sky you can see nothing.

Where has that man fallen from?

Sir are you well? He doesn’t answer.

Maybe he doesn’t understand or he can speak another language

Where has he fallen from?

I am frightened. Strang things are happening

Look! Up there someting can be seen.

Yes, they are some lights and a round thing that is turning around. What can it be?

Sheila! It is coming nearer and nearer!.

Maybe there are strange beings and they are coming here to eat us! I am very frightened!

Look! It has stopped let’s go closer to see what it is!

No, please! I am afraid! Well.. ok because I want to see what it is.

Look! they are green! Let’s go to ask it who it is. Hello, who are you and where do you come from? Why did that man fall from the sky?

We are aliens and we come from Jupiter. That man fell from our spaceship.

And how have you come here?

I don’t know. Our space ship took us here.

You are very nice. Would you like to be our friends?

We would be glad.

Will you take us to your planet?

Sure but, you’ll have to stay there.

There we’ll stay.

The Jupiterians  
The Jupiterians  

Comic story made by Patricia and Sheila. Colegio Santa Ana, Borja. School Year 2011-2012