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Once upon a time 3 students met in a house.

Oh my god! What´s that?

In this house there were strange noises every day.

How scary!

One night Juliet goes to the bathroom

What´s that?

When she was washing her hands.She saw something strange in the mirror.

She ran away to her bedroom.

The next morning, Juliet appeared dead.

hAhAh AhAha!

The ghosts of the house buried her in the garden.

Three years later‌

You killed me!,You killed me!

Juliet appeared and she said‌

The studients decided to call an exorcist

The exorcits called her and she appeared.

On the next day, everyone appeared killed.

The mysterious house  
The mysterious house  

Comic story made by Victoria, Sheila and Almudena. Colegio Santa Ana, Borja. School Year 2011-2012