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My daily life

Daniel Lerin Berna, Jonathan Lucio, David Larios Roldan.

I get up every day at eight o´clock ooooh

I have breakfast at eight fourteen

Oh this is very delicius. Mary cokies.

I go to school at 9:10.

I don´t want to go.

The meal is at 1:30

It's very delicious

I go back to school at 2:40. well...

Yes i came


I do my homework at 5:40

I play computer games at10:00


We have dinner at 10:30

Oh my god how delicious!

I go to sleep at 11:00



A day in my life by Daniel, David and Jonathan  

Comic presentation made by 5th grade Primary pupils in Santa Ana school, Borja (Spain), school year 2011-2012