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Two friends went back home, when ‌

What is it? It is a ticket‌

They had got a ticket

When they won the first prize of roulette. The first prize was a trip to London.

They travelled to London by plane.

They saw an antique house. The door was open and they came in the house

When they came in. The door closed alone.

They saw a ghost

They hid in a room

Ehhh !!

When they hid ia a room, a person came in the room. He was walking to the bed but someone cried:

When they left the room, they saw a ghost.

When Alison came in the room She saw a man. She Recognized the man.

テ]gela came in the room.

Hey テ]gela. Could you recognize him?

窶ヲHe is our chilhood friend窶ヲ

It is a horror house. Is owned by my grandmother.

Alison, テ]gela and the man were speaking

Travel to London  

Comic story made by Raquel and Ariadne. Colegio Santa Ana, Borja. School Year 2011-2012