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Mission Our mission is to empower our students to pursue their passion for learning, lead lives of integrity and create socially responsible solutions.

Vision The school will provide an educational experience that: • is academically rigorous • enhances student learning through a diversity of teaching practices and styles • encourages independent thought, collaboration and artistic expression • offers choices in curricular and co-curricular activities • promotes environmental responsability and social awareness • is competitive by international standards for a community that is united by the English language.


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The theme for the 2011-2012 academic year is BUILDING OUR COMMUNITY. Colegio Franklin Delano Roosevelt, - The American School of Lima- is a unique community of students, families and teachers representing over 40 nationalities and cultural backgrounds. As the school celebrates its 65th anniversary, our goal is to continue to unite our community through various academic, artistic, socially and environmentally responsible, athletic, literary and celebratory events.



PAC UPDATE The Performing Arts Center construction project continues to proceed on time and on budget. In July, Graña y Montero (GyM) began construction and we have all been impressed with the pace of the construction progress. The full external structure is due to be completed in early January 2012. All exterior work on the structure and the Secondary drop-off lane is also due to be completed by the time we return to school and the entire project remains on schedule for a September 2012 opening.


BUILDING NEW FUTURES BY (GIN) GLOBAL ISSUES NETWORK BREAKING OLD HABITS – THE GLOBAL ISSUES NETWORK (GIN) Colegio Roosevelt is honored to host the EXPERIENCE AT COLEGIO first Global Issues Network (GIN) of the FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT. Americas “Building new Futures by by Allana Rumble, MYP 9 Science Breaking Old Habits” in October 21-23! and DP 11 Environmental Systems This event is sponsored by the Teacher Association of South American Schools in South America (AASSA). The GIN Mission is to empower students to work internationally with their peers to develop solutions for global issues. What is the GIN Network? Inspired by J.F. Rischard in his book, “High Noon: Twenty Global Problems and Twenty Years to Solve Them”, the GIN Network has grown to become a dynamic, engaging, and relevant forum through which students are working together to address some of the weightiest issues facing human societies and our delicate global ecosystem. Currently in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and North America, Global Issues Networks (GINs) successfully GIN students with Global Villageare Leaders (purple shirts) forming a students network of student innovators of connecting as they research change. Photo by Allana Rumble to global and seek sustainable solutions issues.

Three student leaders, GINs hundred are groups of students and twenty-nine differentinternationally, schools fromto teachers, working a develop dozen different nine solutions countries for global, issues. Paso troop of GINs horses, challengeastudents andscissor teachers dancers, twenty global issues, a to immerse themselves in a chosen multitude one issue and ofto solutions, interact withand peers and new tradition for a continent. Fromto other international collaborators Friday, October think 21st and to act Sunday, create networks, critically, October 23rd the first ever Global creatively, and innovatively toward Issues in creatingNetwork solutionsconference to address South America real-world global was issues.held at the Franklin D. Roosevelt school in Lima, With Peru. support from AASSA’s leadership and the involvement of GIN The mission of each organizers from other regions GIN of the conference held annually around world, the first GIN Conference of the the world is, “To help students Americas will provide an opportunity realize they can maketoa connect difference for regional schools with byeach empowering work other as well them as with to the broader internationally with their peers to global GIN community. develop solutions for global issues.” On hand foster feelings Learn more abouttoGIN efforts already ofunderway empowerment in world! the student around the leaders Go to: in attendance were ten incredible keynote speakers from around the world including; Jean Francois - the author of Our GIN Rischard Conference Website “High Noon” the book that inspired

52 the GIN movement and former World Bank Investment Director, Joaquin Leguia - an Ashoka Fellow and Founder of the Association for children and their environment (ANIA), Manuel Maqueda co-founder of the Plastic Pollution coalition and Trash Island and participant in the Midway Journey, Scott Muller - Director of the Clinton Climate Initiative for Peru, John Lui – CBS News bureau, and Jane Goodall National Geographic documentarian, Joel Simonetti-co-founder of Fintegrity an organization that promotes education about and protection of the biodiversity of the world’s oceans, Cathryn Berger Kaye co-author with Phillipe Cousteau and content provider to, Linda Ragsdale – Founder of the Peace Dragon Project which teaches students about peace through creativity an student must select an issue from the twenty global issues identified in High N o o n org/ , form a team of 2 to 6 students, develop a solution to their identified issue and then create an interactive and impactful forty-five minute long presentation that they will deliver to their peers

to network their solutions. At this year’s conference student teams presented solutions on topics as diverse as terrorism, education for all, the fight against poverty, fisheries depletion, and plastic pollution reduction. Colegio Roosevelt’s student-led technology team captured these presentations both through live streaming and video and they are available for perusal via the website created for this event. It is amazing to see students from Peru, Columbia, Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Venezuela, United States and Canada collaborating on such important ideas.

GIN conference participants in a meeting of the minds during a Global Village session. Photo by Allana Rumble


With this conference presentation format students gain the experience of leadership and the recognition that their skills can be used for powerful, positive change. They are also provided with opportunities to engage with other students, learn from different perspectives and develop solution networks that allow them to return home with new directions to further problem solving based on what they have learned and the connections they have formed. These connections were developed through the formation of more intimate Global Village groups of 8-10 students from different schools who are partnered with GIN ambassadors/Global Village leaders from FDR who received leadership training in the months leading up to the conference. In these smaller sessions students get to know each other, have conversations, and engage in the conference experience at a more personal level. They also had a lot of fun. This element of fun was maintained throughout the conference by an outstanding collection of arts and entertainment activities that featured the talent of Colegio Roosevelt students and local performers. Peruvian culture was featured through traditional scissor dancers cascading through the air in unbelievable twists of athletic

abandon, Paso horses and their artful dancing in the sunshine with riders in costumes that speak to a different age, and the much appreciated by all, delicious assortment of Peruvian food enjoyed when new friends and colleagues dined al fresco on campus. Visitors even had the opportunity to have their photo taken in front of “Machu Picchu� a hand painted background to create Peru’s most well known landmark. Student performances included drama shorts to highlight various global issues and an all out musical crescendo with an FDR homegrown student rock band finishing off a fabulous Saturday night entertainment set with the crowd on their feet in applause.

It is no wonder then that the momentum has already begun to build for the next GIN conference in South America to be held October 12-14th in Sao Paulo, Brazil at GRADED School. The time spent in planning, preparing and participating for this conference has personally, been the most rewarding of my career. The Global Issues Network conference embodies the philosophy that education can and does make a difference. The now annual GIN conference seems to be the phrase on everyone’s lips and it appears that a new future has been formed indeed.





THE ARTS CONTINUES TO BUILD COMMUNITY AT ROOSEVELT! Each first Friday we hosted These Great Arts Fridays (TGAFs) on The Green, an morning activity that carries on from last year’s theme Building for the Arts., showcasing student performances across the divisions and crafts tables “Have fun, make art.” Starting this semester, we began to use clean energy generated from the wind turbine atop the Media Center to power all the microphones and speakers for TGAF. …The new mosaic mural was completed and exhibited in the ADCA Art Exhibition, and now proudly hangs in front of the Primary School building. …The comedy Fools by Neil Simon was presented to our school community in October. …Our student musicians performed in various events such as the Nueva Acropolis Music Festival, Suzuki Music Festival, Secoondary School music recital, DP solo performances, among others. There will be more arts next semester – we look forward to Arts Week on April 9-13, 2012!


SECONDARY SCHOOL RESTRUCTURING The 2011-2012 academic year opened with the new Secondary School structure joining the Middle School (grades 6-8) and High School (grades 9-12) to best deliver the MYP program. This new structure provides an aligned class schedule, articulates subject area coordination, while reorganizes division offices and unifies secondary school faculty. IMPROVING COMMUNICATION In an effort to improve the flow of communications between the administration and parents, Superintendent Russell Jones began hosting a monthly Superintendent's Coffee and publishing Notes from the Superintendent. The monthly coffees are designed to be constructive meetings to allow a diversity of perspectives in our community to be heard. These coffees allow a maximum of 15 parents to discuss in depth any topic of the parents' choosing. The Notes from the Superintendent provides a monthly update on current and upcoming projects and initiatives to all constituents. ACADEMICS Our PYP, MYP and DP curriculum frameworks are becoming much better understood and delivered due to the knowledge and leadership of our administrators, curriculum coordinators and faculty. The MYP in particular has benefitted from an intense professional

development focus and well-managed subject area work to identify learning objectives for all subjects, planning guides for the areas of interaction, and the identification of a technology skills continuum for all grades. Middle Years Program: The MYP curriculum overview document provides an overview of all the units taught in the MYP at Roosevelt, which include Significant Concept, Unit Question, Area of Interaction Focus, Main Content, Main Skills, and Main Assessments of every unit. This document is available through the school website in three formats: 1) whole curriculum, 2) by subject area and 3) by grade level. Diploma Program: There are 65 students in the Class of 2012 enrolled in the full IB DP, which is the school’s larges DP cohort. To accommodate this increase and to support improved learning and results, we have included extra Extended Essay support on weekends in addition to the regular Wednesday support, and also scheduled mock exams earlier. TECHNOLOGY ON CAMPUS The Technology department is continuing to implement the “1-to-1” initiative that allows the use of student-owned laptops and other mobile devices to enhance learning and teaching at the Secondary School level. So far only Grade 12 students have access to the new parallel wireless student network, composed of 20 access points and two control devices. This initiative will be fully implemented over the next couple of years throughout campus.

4 MEDIA CENTER The Media Center continues to be the busiest place on campus, offering information literacy instruction, support for teachers and students and inspire creativity and learning among students. Special displays and purposeful collections highlight cultural and thematic events helped increase material circulation. Working hours on Wednesdays after school have been extended to accomodate students and a new databases were included in resources. For the first time, the Media Center hosted a writer-in-residence program with author Jana Laiz and began a collaboration with ICPNA Miraflores, who provided a venue to host Michael Thompson’s talk for the local community. The Media Center continues to lead in technology integration and iPads are nearly always in use. The librarians continue to hold daily sessions and teach in conjunction with classroom teachers. Community service projects also continue, a team of 10 student volunteers helping install a young children’s library in a community center with entirely donated books and materials. On February 29, 2012 everyone is invited to celebrate Leap into Reading!, the grand opening of the EC/K Center Library, which will include poetry reading, special guests and day-long read alouds. NEW WEBSITE We are very pleased to inform the school is producing a new school website with Silverpoint, a U.S. company specializing in website production for independent and international schools in the United States and around the world. The new school website will serve as a vital communications tool for current students, parents and teachers and will enhance our image within the international school community. The new website is planned to launch in June 2012.

MARKETING COLEGIO ROOSEVELT TO PROSPECTIVE TEACHERS In an effort to showcase our outstanding campus facilities and offer a glimpse of life in Lima and at school, we produced a teaching recruiting video titled “Teaching at Roosevelt” for prospective teachers. Filmed and directed by Corbett Jones, an L.A.-based filmmaker and produced by the Office of Communications, the video is a fantastic promotional piece available in our school’s YouTube channel. 65TH ANNIVERSARY GALA CELEBRATION The 65th Anniversary Gala was postponed this semester after considering many factors including schedule conflicts and events in our community. The organizing committee for the 65th Anniversary Celebration has decided to reschedule the event to May 26, 2012. Further details will be shared as the planning proceeds. TECHO CLUB COMMUNITY BUILD The FDR Techo Club and Un Techo para mi Pais are teaming up to organize the first ever Roosevelt Community Build in April 2012. All Roosevelt parents, teachers, staff members, students, or alumni, are welcome to join us on April 28 and 29, 2012 to build emergency homes in Villa Maria del Triunfo. To take part in the build, all you have to do is create a group of 8-12 people and raise S/. 3,500 for the cost of the materials to build the home. The FDR Techo Club hopes you can participate and together we can help mitigate the effects of poverty in Peru by providing families with safer, more dignified shelter. For complete information about the FDR Techo Club Community Build, visit and click on ROOSEVELT BUILD.




10TH GRADE MYP PERSONAL PROJECT EXHIBITION The 10th grade students did a fantastic job of both displaying their MYP Personal Projects and articulating to the visitors aobut the whole 7-month process. Center Stage was packed and we had visits from 30 9th grade students and 6 staff from Casuarinas College and Colegio Lincoln.

We also had all of our 5th graders, many 4th graders and all 9th grade as well as many other classes throughout the morning. The evening was also successful with a large turnout of parents. It was wonderful to see parents taking the time to look at many of the projects and supporting our students.

Congratulations to Caitlin Yama (5th grade) for getting her essay published in the December issue of IB Americas Newsletter. Caitlin's submitted essay was chosen from over 200 students to represent the PYP perspective in describing how the PYP has impacted their lives. THE IB PRIMARY YEARS PROGRAM by Caitlin Yarna “Go on. Go now and memorize this for the test tomorrow!” the teacher said to the class. It’s hard to believe this was a few months ago before I arrived in Lima, Peru, where I started Colegio Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the American School of Lima. It seemed so natural to cram as much as I could into my head and pass exams by memory. But then I started the Primary Years Program. It was a life-changing experience for me in many ways to go from memorizing in a rigid manner to pass exams to now working at my own pace and becoming exposed to things that make me a better person. Thinking back to those previous days, I made inquiries which gave yes and no answers. Within a short time when I started the PYP program, I started asking many open-ended questions, and when no one could answer them, I decided that I would go and research them myself.

Because of this change in the way I ask questions, I managed to become a more open-minded person to both the people and the world around me. Also, when I first saw all of the Learner Profile attitudes and traits, I knew that the IB program would be a better learning experience. My first IB teacher told me to take my time and let the work just amalgamate into me like the stars and the night sky. I took the advice and applied it to the Units of Inquiry (UOI). One of my favorites was titled “Family History.” This was the first Unit of Inquiry. My teacher had helped us through it and let me answer many questions, one at a time, to find the best open-ended solutions to all of them. She guided us through the work and when we didn’t understand something, she explained it to us and changed her pace according to who she was working with. The IB helps many kids want to learn and gain more knowledge. It also helped me express myself while I was learning and through what I was learning. The IB helps us develop the traits and attitudes that we need. It is a way of learning that prepares us for the future, for us to become independent and live our lives to the fullest. You may download the IB Americas December issue on PDF Newsletter.pdf


STUDENT HONOR SOCIETIES The Technology Student Association (TSA) is an honorary group of students with a strong interest in technology. To become a member, students must maintain a high GPA and indicate a level of service to the school and community. This year, the club is looking forward to several service projects and trainings. The TSA faculty sponsor is Mr. John Kurtenbach.

Johnnie Tirado Jimena Ormeno Ignacio de Osma Juan Fernando Correa Franco Scamarone Juan Diego

Vidaurrazaga Ernesto de Losada Alejandro Gago Dorca Erik Dandanell Andres Gonzales

Kevin Fu Pedro Jeoung Heechae Chon Jeffrey Leuridan Heojong Nam

Members of the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) are Middle School students who demonstrate strength and outstanding traits in the following four pillars: Scholarship, Service, Character and Leadership. Scholarship standards are a minimum of 5.6 in the IB grading scale. Service standards are a minimum of 3 hours per month of community service. Character standards are showing traits of high morals and good choices, also receiving a minimum mark of 5 in the HAL grading. Leadership standards are the ability to gain the trust of others and guide them by outstanding examples of good judgment. Faculty Advisor: Ms. Sou Cheng Leong Our NJHS members are: Valentina Alvarez Camila Bustamante Ana Lucia Cabrera Patrick Chang Lorenzo de la Puente Cristobal de Lozada Juan Manuel de Osma

Frances Fischman George Hancock Tracie Horsington Miguel Kantor Araceli Masias Jose Ignacio Onrubia Lorenzo Pinasco

Nerea Ramos Alejandra Reynafarje Janella Schwab Noa Shavit Kun-Woo Song Ariana Wu

The National Honor Society (NHS) is made up of High School students who have been selected by an anonymous, five-member faculty panel which analyzes and uses teacher feedback and use of student’s application and their personal knowledge of the applicant to decide if s/he represents all the NHS pillars: Scholarship, Leadership, Community Service and Character. More specifically, the student must have strong scholarship and leadership skills, must be involved in genuine community service and, most importantly, have a solid character. NHS Faculty Advisors: Ms. Melody Hopkins and Mr. Jacob Johanssen. Leonardo Coz Jose de los Heros Camila Ferreiro Camila Bayly Caroline Zecchinato Andrea Garrido-Lecca Ana Sofia Hibon Laura Frias

Heojong Nam Mateo Llosa Gabriella Silva Daniella Silva Maria Gracia Santa Cruz Samantha Ho Stacey Armstrong

Alessa Esparza Paula Jaramillo Harry Kwak Michelle Furman Joon Kim Tinsa Harding Maria Gracia Gan

Tri-M is the international honor society recognizing High School Music students for their musical ability, academic excellence, school involvement, and community service. HS music teacher Mr. Jacek Dubiel is the Tri-M faculty sponsor. Santiago Alvarez Stacey Armstrong Erik Dandanell Pedro Espinoza Daniel Gavidia

Paula Jaramillo Chooeun Kim Joon Kim Min A Kim Harry Kwak

Se Young Lee Jose Ignacio Odiaga Tato Pastor Nicholas Savage Johnnie Tirado


We celebrated Chela Gonzalez's 50th Anniversary of teaching at Colegio Roosevelt!. This is a truly remarkable milestone, unprecedented in the school's history. We held an all-school assembly in her honor and declared Monday, August 22nd as "Chela Gonzalez Day." Over the course of her career here, we estimate that Chela has taught nearly 1000 students and

many current alumni parents were among that group of former stud ents. Additionally, parents and family members were invted to participate in this commemoration by submitting their favorite memories, photographs and messages. THANK YOU, CHELA!



Visiting Author & Renown Child Psychologist December 5 & 6, 2011 Thanks to the PTA and Office of the Superintendent for helping support the Dr. Michael Thompson’s visit to Roosevelt. The visit was a huge success; over 1,500 students, teachers, and parents took advantage of the opportunity to hear Dr. Thompson speak. Some very unique moments: 120 FDR fathers gathered together, the first presentation in Miraflores at ICPNA, and a lot of collaboration.

We look forward to doing something like this again next year! Michael G. Thompson a psychologist, school consultant, and author or co-author of eight books, including "Best Friends, Worst Enemies: Understanding the Social Lives of Children", the New York Times bestseller, "Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys," and "Speaking of Boys: Answers to the Most-Asked Questions about Raising Sons".


Author of Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Lives of Boys and Best Friends, Worst Enemies: Understanding the Social Lives of Children.


Over 250 students and parents attended our Family Fun Night! Thanks all the attendees, volunteers and the Roosevelt Reads! committee for making this event a success! Our first writer-in-resident author Jana Laiz was very impressed!

Two books were unveiled for One Book - One Community Wolves by Emily Gravett (ideal for early readers) Holes by Louis Sachar (ideal for ages 7-14) Our students enjoyed lots of new games based on Wolves and Holes, book raffles, and tasty treats! For the first time students posed with their favorite books and we made them into fun magnets to take home.



78 SAAC Tournaments

After School Activities

The Varsity Boys’ soccer team are the champions of this year’s SAAC Soccer Tournament held in Lincoln School in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Varsity Girls’ team placed a spirited 4th.

The Elementary After School Activities program is coordinated by new ES PE teacher Daryl Radford, offering over 20 fun activities for students. The Secondary Afterschool Activities program offers over 20 diverse quality activities ranging from regular sports to gardening and music ensembles. This semester a big effort was made to bring English-speaking coaches and sponsors.

The Varsity Girls’ volleyball team obtained 1st place in the SAAC Volleyball tournament held in Escuela Nido de Aguila in Santiago, Chile. The Varsity Boys’ team reached 2nd place. The next SAAC Basketball Tournament will be hosted at Colegio Roosevelt on April 19-21, 2012. Make sure to save those dates and come to school to cheer for our boys and girls teams! For the first time, SAAC will organize a Performing Arts Festival in Lincoln School in March 2012.





CONGRATULATIONS ROBOTICS TEAMS Secondary students in the Robotics Club and their coach Ms. Angie Urbina participated in two national robotics competitions by and placing first place in both of them. The first competition of the semester was National Robot Olympiad was held in September at Colegio Roosevelt. Four school teams participated in this tournament. The students in Category A were: Kondortech A1 Team: Ignacio de Osma, Diego Correa, Geunhyung Ryu; The Grey Lanterns Team: Sebastian Mendo, Diego Martinez; Calidad Team: Gonzalo Vidaurrazaga, Kevin Lo and Jorge Mufarech. In this category the students built and programmed a robot to transport people in save way. The students in Category B were: Kondortech B1 Team: Kevin Fu, Juan Fernando Correa, Nicolas Heeren. They built and programmed a robot to recycle materials without help of any written material or adult. With the participation of 79 school teams from Lima and other cities around the country, we are very proud for all our teams for a very successful participation. Kondortech B1 won the Best Robot Design in

their category they received Lego sets to continuing working on futures challenges. Kondortech A1 won the first place in their category obtained the best score and the best completion time among all the teams! Because of their excellent performance, this team qualified and participated in the World Robotics Olympiad in Abu Dhabi where they represented Colegio Roosevelt and Perú with great pride and hard work. First Lego League, the second competition took place in December at FDR. The topic was “Food Factor”, and the competition was not just about robotics, students were also judged on their investigation, presentation, teamwork and technical knowledge about food safety. The full “Kondortech” team with Juan Fernando Correa, Kevin Fu, Juan Diego Vidaurrazaga, Ernesto de Losada, Diego Correa, Geunhyung Ryu, Ignacio de Osma, Gonzalo Vidaurrazaga and Nicolas Heeren, our team obtained the best score on the Investigation and Robot Design and received the most prized “Champion of Champions” award, which allows the “Kondortech” team to represent Perú at First Lego League World Festival to take place in St. Louis Missouri at the end of April 2012.

10 STUDENT ACHIEVEMENTS Albiera Camaiora, (5th grade) obtained a PADI scuba license at the age of 10. This certifies her as a Junior Open Water Diver. This is a major achievement, as very few 10 year-olds in the world are able to complete the junior scuba license course and certification. Pedro Bentin (8th Grade) was awarded the title of National Champion of Quadcross 2011 in the Rookie Category. After winning the last two races in August and November, Pedro obtained the maximum points and won the National Championship. Edgardo Escobar (9th grade) participated at the Pan American Taekwondo Championships in Curitiba, Brazil. He won two gold medals and a silver medal. José Antonio de los Heros (10th grade), Sebastián Salomón (11th grade) and Franco Scaramone (11th grade) traveled with the Peruvian Debate Team in the World Schools Debating Championships (WSDC) in Dundee, Scotland in August. Their coach, Sixto Ramos, is a former FDR Teacher. Under his guidance, FDR students have represented Peru in debate championships worldwide since 1993. Gianni Porcari (12th grade) was a member of the Peruvian Surfing Team that competed in the 10th Panamerican Surfing Games in the island of Guadeloupe. Gianni participated in the long board, men's open and junior categories.

STAFF ACHIEVEMENTS After 24 years Ana Maria Paz is retiring from Colegio Roosevelt. Ana Maria served as High School guidance and counseling director and since 2009 served as the school’s Peruvian Director. Ana Maria pioneered the university fairs on campus, coordinated SAT and university testing on campus, and provided mentoring to students through their college application process. We are truly grateful to her service to the Roosevelt community. Ana Maria, you will be missed! Lucha Villar, Aquatics Coordinator, is an inspiration! Lucha participated in "La Ruta Olaya, a grueling 22 km swimming event starting at the Pescadores in Chorrillos and finishing in La Punta in Callao, under very challenging weather and ocean conditions. Lucha's achievement is impressive: Out of the 31 starting swimmers, Lucha was one of the 10 who completed and one of 3 who swam without the aid of fins. Lucha is proof that goals and dreams can be accomplished with determination, willpower, discipline and hard work. Technology Director John Lakatos was invited by Fundación Telefónica to represent Colegio Roosevelt as a panelist in the conference "Steve Jobs, Apple and his influence in development in Peru". John is a pioneer in computer education in Peru, and Colegio Roosevelt was one of the first educational institutions in Peru to bring Apple computers in an educational environment. He joined a panel of experts to discuss Apple's impact in different sectors.




The new Parents Association (PTA) executive committee started a busy semester organizing and actively participating in various school events. Their two largest events of the semester were the Book Fair and Holiday Bazaar. The Book Fair, held in September, was a week-long event with over 4,000 book titles available to students of all grade levels. The Holiday Bazaar, held in November, was a two-day event open to the local community and offering over 150 vendors an opportunity to sell gifts just in time for the holidays. The PTA generously funded the WindAid wind generator, sponsored Michael Thompson’s visit, purchased the workers’ children Christmas gifts and supported various community events such as Superintendent’s Breakfast, Fright Night Trunk-or-Treat, Welcome Back To School Family Event, Primary and Secondary Schools Brown Bag Lunch, Primary School Bake Sale, School Supply Sale, school uniform recycling program, Secondary School Sponsored Walk, Red Apple, Parent Ambassador Coffee and monthly TGAFs. In addition to supporting various school projects, the PTA also generously cotributed to charities such as Operation Smile and SOS Aldeas Infantiles, among others. We are very grateful to the PTA executive committee and volunteers for their continuing support, boundless energy and help in building our community! The new PTA Executive Committee are: Co-Presdients: Teresa Benet and Adriangela Yamin de Tirado Vice President: Cecilia Komatsudani Secretary: Yarna Bissesar Treasurer: Cecilia Delgado Advisory Liasons: Paula Ceballos and Cecilia Van Oordt


Felipe Calderon MYP 6-8 Music Teacher

Laura Hovenier MYP 6-8 EAL Teacher

Tena Cassity Kindergarten Teacher

Sou Cheng Leong MYP 6-8 English Teacher

Jessica Collado IRT- SEN Grades 3-5 Teacher

Lucienne Martinez MYP 9 & 10 Spanish Teacher

Josh Davis MYP 7, 8 & 10 Technology Teacher

Paula Mejia EC 4 Teaching Assistant

Raul Delgado Technology Support Assistant

Silvana Mendez Finance Assistant

Ciaran Fitzpatrick MYP 7 & 10 Math / DP 11 Economics Teacher

Rebecca Morrison MYP 10 / DP 11&12 Drama Teacher

Desiree Flores Grade 2 Teacher Assistant

Colleen Page MYP 6 English & Math SEN Teacher

Ruben Grados Media Center Assistant

Kelly Paredes MYP 10 Design Technology

Alexandra Guabloche Grade 2 Teacher Assistant

Diane Parker Grade 1 Teacher

12 We welcome our new administrators, faculty and staff who have joined our Roosevelt community:

Greg Parker PYP Coordinator

John Slack MYP 6 & 8 Science Teacher

Kristopher Petersen MYP 6 & 8 Math / MYP 6 Science Teacher

David Smith Grade 5 Teacher

Daniel Radford PHE Teacher (Grades 3-5) Jonathan Rees MYP 8-10 / DP 11 English Teacher Rossy Rivas Plata Grade 2 Teacher Assistant Joshua Rospigliosi Grade 2 Teacher Assistant Christos Savva Grade 1 Teacher

Jacqui Sullivan Grade 1 Teacher Assistant Mary Ann Sullivan High School Counselor Sandra Vasquez EC 4 Teacher Assistant Ilana Winer MYP 8 SEN Teacher Cynthia Wissman Secondary School Grades 6-8 Associate Principal

Quentin Sheriff MYP 6-8 Music Teacher Amy Silverman Kindergarten Teacher


JUSTIN COLOMA (1994) Justin Coloma (1994), a music video director based in Los Angeles, directed legendary rocker Peter Murphy (former vocalist for Bauhaus) music video “I Spit Roses” and is currently writing a four –part illustrated novel “The Raven: Night of the Sinecore.” Photo source:



Maria Delfina Cuglievan (2009) won the Ladies' Slalom Gold Medal at the 2011 Under-21 World Water Ski Championships in Meuzac, France in September. Maria Delfina won the gold medal with 3 buoys at 11.35 meters.

Ricardo Maldonado (1990), a commercial advertisement director based in Lima, directed the popular promotional documentary “Peru, Nebraska”. Ricardo and his team at Cine 70 obtained major accolades in "Ojo de Iberoamérica" awards, which brings together the best creative talents in the advertising and marketing industries in the region.

KOCFA CHUNG-DELGADO (2008) Kocfa Chung-Delgado (2008) published a scientific research article in the Public Library of Science. Kocfa, currently a medicine student in Universidad UPC in Lima, was the main author of this article titled "Factors Associated with Anti-Tuberculosis Medication Adverse Effects: A Case-Control Study in Lima, Peru."

FOUR FDR ALUMNI IN LOCAL THEATER PRODUCTION OF “AUTOMÁTICOS” Four FDR alumni participated in the theater production of "Automaticos" by Javier Daulte in November and December. The play was directed by Adrián Galarcep (FDR 2003 and former FDR teacher), Eloa Perez Luna (FDR 2011) served as the assistant director, and Camila Zavala (FDR 2005) and Andrés Bragagnini (FDR 2011) were part of the cast. The play was very well received by critics and audiences.


16 13

Roberto Vidal (1986) visited campus talk to High School (Grades 9-12) students interested in pursuing engineering careers in November. Dr. Vidal talked about fields of study in engineering, engineering career paths, provided very advice on skills for the engineering industry and engaged with students in very lively discussion and questions and answers. Dr. Vidal, who obtained his all his academic degrees at Columbia University, has ample experience in Chemical, Metallurgical and Mining engineering.


Colegio Franklin Delano Roosevelt The American School Of Lima Av. Las Palmeras 325, Urb. Camacho, La Molina, Lima 12, PerĂş

Roosevelt News - Acadmic Year 2011-12 Semester I