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Nothing to Love It was another day in the shop right on the top when a little girl stop and put me inside a box. She grabbed me She hugged me She kissed me She loved me But by the time she grew up I was nothing but a bug. Nothing to grab Nothing to hug Nothing to kiss Nothing to love.

One day, I was about to pay even though I couldn't stay I was laying, where shouldn't have been staying In an hour, the human looked sour It looked like a tower of power She ran out the door I thought she went to the store I didn't know, how much I should have been ready to go The Exterminator came like a terminator He looked like a mean green bean the most fearsome thing I had ever seen I ran outside into the grass before he gave me the gas I ran out there like a mouse I never returned to the house they wanted to poach me, a little brown cockroach

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