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Underage Drinking ​ B​ y: Marta Almendres they can get unconscious. The liver, which removes poisons from the blood, is especially at risk.” This is horrible! We should stop underage drinking for our health and for our own goods. Some parents think that their kids don’t drink, but they don’t really know if it is true because sometimes their kids don’t tell the truth. Also they should know that most kids of 15 they have already had 1 drink.This statistics proves that parents should be more aware of their kids when they go to parties because that’s when normally kids take advantage of the situation to drink what they can.

Why do kids drink

My Story When I think about underage drinking I often think about when I was at the beach. My two cousins and my two friends and I were talking on a bench because we were tired of being with our bicycles. Suddenly, we found out that my brother’s friends were ​drunk ​and they were yelling, dancing etc. Also, I saw that my cousin was waving her hand at my brother and one of his friends gave her the middle finger and she wondered why are they were drunk. I thought that this was super bad for them because they were 2 years younger than me. So, I told my cousins to go because I didn’t want them to ask more questions about this because they could of think that my brother drank but he was the only one who didn’t. I didn’t want them to come and convince my cousins to try. ​ hat happens when you drink too much W Underage drinking is not beneficial for your health and mental skills. Many kids start drinking younger than age 15. According to National Institute on Alcohol Abuse, “by ​age 15​, 33% of teens had had already at least 1 drink​. Also, people consume more than 90% of their alcohol by ​binge drinking. If they keep drinking too much alcohol it can lead to alcohol ​poisoning​, which can kill a person. Over time, people who abuse alcohol can do serious damage to their bodies such as their heart,brain,skin can affect your face,muscles, and your stomach.. Also, it can cause damage to their brains and

Some parents drink alcohol in front of their kids and they are causing their kids to think that drinking is good. According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, they say that, “there is a risk that alcohol is the ​drug of choice ​among adolescents used by more young people than ​tobacco or ​illicit drugs. Children of alcoholics parents are between 4 to 10 times more likely to become alcoholics than children from families with no alcoholics parents.” This would be horrible because parents are already older than kids and they should teach kids what is good for their health and what is incorrect for their health. This matters because depending on the parents then you can have more risks of drinking and if you don’t have parents who drink alcohol then you would have fewer risks. Parents should try to stop drinking to give a good example to their kids; the chances of a kid tempted to drink could be very low in the future.

What happens if you drink too much

Things you could do to prevent drinking

As a consequence of drinking, teenagers take advantage of drinking excessively on weekends because they normally can’t drink on weekdays. According to the University of Rochester, “too many young people are participating in a dangerous practice called binge drinking. It means drinking alcohol to the point of getting drunk. It's defined as having 5 or more drinks in a row for men. For women, it's 4 or more drinks in a row. This amount of drinking will produce blood alcohol levels far above the legal driving limit of 0.08% for the United States, whereas in Peru it is 0 tolerance. For these students, getting drunk is usually the main goal of drinking. And getting drunk can involve many other dangers, including dizziness, loss of coordination, diarrhea, vomiting, lack of judgment, or even passing out. If a person vomits when passed out, the airway can become blocked, and the result can be death.” I don’t want to stereotype but, they say that man’s body can hold more alcohol than women’s body. This means that both boys and girls get in danger when they drink too much.This situation about underage drinking is really bad I think that all kids want to do it because they want to feel like they are the bests but, really they are destroying the life that you still have.

Then, you could think about a lot of things so you can prevent from doing it. Try to not get convinced about it because it can benefit you. Imagine if they ask you if you want a shot you could say no. It could be difficult because they are your friends but you would have to choose your friends or your health. Another thing you could do is get the drink and threw it away and fill it out with water instead of alcohol. Some teenagers think that this is fun, good to do but it is really damaging your health and your body like your brain, muscles, heart etc.This should stop because it is causing a lot of sickness, deaths, comas, cerebral damage etc on children under 18 years old and that is hurting a lot of boys and girls.

What can happen if you drink at a young age We should prevent underage drinking. It is dangerous for your body and for your brain. Also, it can affect your learning and your grades in school. Many kids and teenagers are getting sick or on the border of death because they can’t control their drinking. Also, it can cause you to go into a coma and the line between coma and death is really thin and it can lead you to an unconscious, cerebral damage...A lot of teenagers and kids may think that this is good, fun, it’s okay to do it and that nothing would happen. But you really don’t know how long your body can hold until you can get sick or on the border of death. Also, you can get convinced about drinking alcohol but you should always say no because of your health and your body. You are old enough to know what to say if they ask you. You should know what would be the consequences if you do this. Also, you should think about what are you choosing and you can say to yourself if it is right or is wrong to drink at a young age.

Eating Unhealthy is Bad For You 

In this world there have been lots of deaths because of this and if we don’t stop it their will be more. In a year the average number of deaths in only USA is about 365,000 and this is only because of obesity and imagine how many can their be in the whole world. And this is because obesity and other diseases. According NBC News there is high mortality level in us because of obesity this means that lots of people die because of this. Also 5 percent of adults in USA die because of this. Another thing that can happen to you because of not eating healthy is diabetes this is when you have a high level of sugar.

Fun facts about eating unhealthy #1 Americans eat 13 billion hamburgers each year, which is enough to circle the earth more than 32 times. #2 Eating junk food alters the brain activity in a way similar to addictive drugs do, such as cocaine and heroin. #3 Four out of five children recognize the McDonald's logo by the time they are three years old, which is before some of them know their own names.

Eating healthy can be good for you. This can be good for you because according to Healthier Scotland eating well can help you to be active all day and can give you nutrients for growing up and also it makes you keep strong and prevent diet related illness.

According to SFGATE obesity can lead you to type 2 of diabetes this is when you have unsustainable sugar levels. This is when you eat refined grains and food with lots of sugar, this makes your glucose levels go down repeatedly and over time it can cause you insulin resistance and if this isn't stop it can advance to type 2 diabetes.

How to prevent eating unhealthy. According to healthline there are 11 ways to prevent eating junk food. These are my top three: #1. Drinking Water If you are hungry you won't need to eat junk food anymore you just drink a glass of water finally your body was just thirsty and know you fill full. #2. Distance Yourself From the Craving If you want to eat you can just can move away from the food. They say that chewing gum can be helpful to reduce appetite. #3. Avoid Getting Extremely Hungry To avoid this you can eat a regular lunch and have a healthy snack next to you. Also to avoid not eating for a long time.

According to Quora, Food manufacturers spend millions in finding the perfect combination of salt, sugar, and fat that gives our brain that pleasurable feeling and hooks us for coming back for more.

Finally I hope it teaches you about what could happen if you eat unhealthy and how are some ways to prevent it.

Gender Stereotyping ​By: Carlota Brugada Gender stereotyping at a young age


hen I was with my three-year-old cousin I

asked her if she wanted a blue popsicle or a pink popsicle and she said pink. I asked her why and she said, “Because my friends told me that blue is for boys and pink is for a girl.” I told her that she could get whatever she wanted but she didn't listen. Stop gender stereotypes because it can make your life better. It is messing your kids.

Gender stereotyping affecting companies and what they sell When I think about gender stereotypes I often remind myself about an advertisement that I saw in the news that was about a company that sold the same game but meant for different genders. It was a construction game for boys and a mermaid under the sea for girls. I was shocked with this new- news about know changing companies and gender differences. Another thing that I noticed is that boys and girls don't really think about gender stereotyping; it is normally something that parents generate in their children. I mostly think that gender stereotypes are a waste of time because its just people's opinions about gender differences and I don't really care about that, and you shouldn't either. Whenever you see some kind of gender difference just help stop it.

Gender differences affecting sports One day I was at a soccer game, and some boys came to watch and started talking. I heard that they were talking and laughing at the girls and how we played soccer. It was a meaningful and sad opinion for us girls that heard what they said. I think boys and girls should just stop being how other people want them to be because of the gender differences and just be themselves.

How different genders should act like or be like According to the website The Negative Effects of Gender Roles, “Since a young age, people are told what they should like, act like, and become based on the gender of their body.” This means society has been showing or telling how boys should act and the same thing for the girls. “These present ideas start off by expecting young females to like pink or pastel colors and young males to like blue or darker colors. Society has come to call these ideals gender roles since they are basic roles and ideas that a certain gender should conform to and accept.” People should not accept that this is ok because if we start thinking this mentality we will adapt to this certain idea that people don't really think about.

It's messing with your kid According to to the website Common Sense Media,“While these stereotypes and ideal roles may seem innocent and harmless, they have a dramatic effect on the everyday lives of people.” Stop gender stereotyping. According to Common Sense Media, “Gender stereotypes are messing with your kid. It's not just one movie. It's not just one TV show. Its

constant exposure to the same dated concepts in the media over and over, starting before preschool and lasting lifetime concepts like Boys are smarter than Girls; certain jobs are best for men and others for women”. This means that people are developing and identifying each other by boys do this certain stuff and girls other stuff. The problem is that they are certainly developing and identifying their gender as this is what this gender does and that is what they gender does it is discriminating us because of our genders.

Missing out We are missing out on opportunities that people could have once in a lifetime just because of the gender stereotyping.We need to stop gender stereotypes for our own good. Stereotypes can be positive and negative but mostly negative, gender stereotyping are gender differences and a regressive characteristic. This means that gender differences have been evolving over the years and it has been regressive, the meaning of regressive is like something that comes up over and over again.

Influencing genders According to CNN 10, You've probably heard it before: “More than biology, family, friends and society influence impressions of what it means to be a boy or a girl, placing rigid gender expectations on children from a young age. In recent years, a growing body of research has focused on health inequities that result from enforced gender norms in children.”Meaning, that family, friends, and society is influencing you and others around you what boy and girl mean, for example; Girls are pink, dolls, shopping, how they look and not on their education and boys are, blue, cars, superheroes, being big and strong etc.. I think gender stereotyping should stop.

Job difference Margaret Thatcher said., “ In politics, if you want anything said, ask a man. If you want anything done, ask a women.” I think this is a very good quote because it's not just saying boys are good at politics its saying girls are better than them in jobs that should supposedly be good for boys and not for girls, In fact it's just a rumor and not a fact what society is telling you,-you can see that the quote is trying to say that girls could be as good as man or even better at the “mans job.” That's why we should stop gender stereotyping. We should stop gender stereotyping for our goods and for our daily life.

Stop Gender Stereotyping Gender stereotyping is a really bad problem that is happening all throughout the world.This stereotype is very common and the results of this stereotype are powerful meanings to others and really unfair to the ones that are having this kind of problem in their lives. Gender differences are unfair for girls, boys and adult (our society) these gender differences are not helping anyone and it will not help until we stop it ones for all! And one way we can stop gender differences is by speaking up when you hear a gender difference, like for example if the gender difference wouldn't have touched my cousin she would have picked the blue popsicle. Stop gender stereotyping. Its for your own good.

Start breaking ​gender stereotyping

Glossary ​ egressive:​ Less advanced or returning to a former or R less developed state Breaking: ​stopping something that is WRONG

U nder the O cean By Fr ancecsa

One day in Singapore, we went to the aquar ium. I remembered that there were ver y different types of animals and species of fish. For example there were dolphins,sharks,clownfish and jellyfish. What I thought the most was that the big fish would stay in small cages. Especially the dolphins, they would swim back in for th in there tanks with barely any room. They would sometimes get some food and that would be their meal for the whole day, sometimes they would barely have any company by other types of dolphins. Sea life have feelings too. Many sea animal are being har med ever yday, like orcas. Animals are getting hur t and killed,we need to stop hur ting sea animals.

According to the website Animal Equality ?over 56 billion sea animals are killed ever yday.? this is ver y impor tant because about that many sea animals die each day that about 16 tr illion each year. For example the website New Diseases, Toxins Har ming wildlife many sea animals are being poisoned by the ?nasty toxins? called microcystin, which is produced, by blue- green algae. The website says that, ?Orcas spend 95% of the time deep down in the ocean to protect themselves from the sunlight. Since the orcas at Seaworld live in shallow pools with chemical- filled water and can?t hide from the sunlight the orcas get sunbur ns.?

More than 100 cases of orca aggression comes from Seaworld, before the 5 orca?s that came to seaworld there were stolen from there families in the wild. In 1965 an orca was stolen by a hunter named Ted Gr iffin, even though he captured Shamu (the orca at seaworld) he also killed Shamu?s mother r ight in front of her. Orcas in the wild live from 60 - 70 year s for males and 80- 100 for female, but in seaworld the orcas that died from captivity live only 13 year s. We should care because if orcas would be free in the wild and not in in the captivity they would live much longer then they do, and should be free to hunt and live on their own. ?The animal of this world exist for their own reason. They were not made for humans anymore than black people for white, neither woman for men. - Alice Walker.

According to Aquar iums are a good thing aquar ium can also help sea animals. Like rehabilitation in november 2015, a tropical masked booby bird was found in newpor t, Oregon. The fir st booby bird had been in quar antined because of the avian flu possibilities. The bird was nur sed back to health and sent by via air mail back to Califor nia.Maybe ways people can help out is by using less plastic because when you consume plastic nad throw it away it goes to open dumps and to lakes,then r iver,then the oceans and the sea animals that live and hunt for there own food, cna mistake out dir ty plastic for other types of fish, and eat it. So that a way you cna help out by using less last.

FUN FACTS - Whale is the biggest animal that has existed in the world - The whale has the largest brain. it wights about 20 pounds - Whale do have any vocal chords.



By: Marcos Carhuallanqui

The traffic also affect to the health

This affect me.. Unfortunately every day that I come to school or go to other place I see all cars stuck in the same road and don’t move also I be late in the school and I feel stressed and nervous about being late.

Unfortunately also affect to the health. Let me show you how. The traffic has too many bad things besides, the drivers are also affect for the pollution produced by the smoke from the cars, this is dangerous for the environment and population.

How does this affect to life? This affect because the smoke are in the air for that reason is like you are smoking the smoke from the cars because you are


How do I know this? I know this because according to Sciencing “Car pollution is one of the major causes of global warming. Cars and trucks emit carbon dioxide”

We Lose Time

Is like smoke

Searching information to the article I find that we lost a week in a year so, we lost 168 hours and if the traffic decrease we can use this time for

This affect because the smoke are in the air for that reason is like you are smoking the smoke from the cars because you are breath the air of this place.

How does this can improve? This can improve if the mayor build more roads. No only for decrease the traffic also help to people in different forms.

The economy is also Affect

In conclusion The traffic affect to population, environment, health and economy. The traffic is bad we los too many time and this have to change because some people said the time is money we can also pay the we have to pay for the mayors can have possibility’s to do more road and for this form this can changes.

The traffic also affect to the economy in this case for the taxi drivers because if they can do a serve in 30 min he have to do in 1 hour and this is for the traffic, so this affect to the economy because they lost time that they can use to do another serve and get more money but he lost time and money in traffic.

F emi ni sm A misunder stood theor y Who am I ? Who ar e y ou?

By :MalaĂŻka Des Mar ais Many think feminism is about women taking over the wor ld and r uling it like men have for centur ies. That's why they ar e scar ed. Wouldn't it be ter r ible to be paid less, whistled at on the str eet, have your pr ivacy thr own out the window, get mur der ed for not accepting a man to love you? I could go on, but sadly this ar ticle has a one page limit and wr iting how unfair life is isn't changing things. This for m of activist is called a misandr ist. A per son who believes men ar e less than women and should be tr eated as so. Thankfully, I'm not tr ying to convince you of this. Why? Wouldn't I want to be on my own side? Yes. But I also call myself a human r ight activist and I tr uly believe no one deser ves to be tr eated as a bur den, or an object you ar e entitled to. Relax. What about the other way ar ound? A misogynist is a per son who believes men ar e better than women. We ar e their possessions, their monuments, things they must posses or things they can thr ow out. As Cher is Kr amar ae said, "feminism is the r adical notion that women ar e human beings. " Then, what is feminism?

I am sur e that almost all of us have something we ar e passionate about. Whether it's an issue, a per son, a movie, a book or so much mor e, our hear ts fir e up when we talk about it. We could r ant about it for days. It's what lights the fir e in us. That's what feminism means to me. I don't r ecall the exact moment that I became this way, but it was at least in thir d gr ade, since then, I have alway shown my utmost passion towar ds this topic. I call myself a feminist, without a doubt in my voice. But when other s have that doubt, when other s don't know why I fight so har d for this issue, why my eyes light up when it's discussed, I wonder, what's so har d to under stand? Why is it even an issue that people just don't get it?

I don 't get i t .

Accor ding to Kathy Capr ino, feminism is about equality. People often confuse equality with sameness even if that misses the point completely. Women and men ar e not the same. "It?s cr itical to under stand that ?same? does not mean ?equal. ? The issue her e is about equal r ights and equal access to oppor tunities. Men and women don?t have to be the ?same? in physicality to have the r ight to equality. I?d love to see that ar gument (that women and men ar en?t the ?same? so they can?t be equal) disappear for ever. Fr om my view, it?s a misguided one. " Mentally and physically it is impossible to r each a level of sameness. Feminism is about equality, having the oppor tunity and r esour ces to tr y. People make mistakes about what feminism means, and that's why they ar e so afr aid.

The equal i t i st


Feminists believe in equality of both sexes. If feminism is for equality, why is it not equalist? I wr ote a book about this in 5th gr ade and still think about it sometimes. But her e is the answer to this question. Accor ding to Tumblr user castiel- knight of hell "The wor d feminism was cr eated by Char les Four ier in 1837 who believed women wer e being tr eated as slaves.

We wer en't allowed to vote, own anything or wor k a r eal job. Women wer e r uled by their father 's household and then they got mar r ied and wer e r uled by their husbands. If a woman r efused to follow the r ules of the patr iar chy she would be shunned by society and tr eated as a disgr ace. The r ule of thumb or iginated fr om the r ule than a man could beat his wife with a stick only if it wasn't thicker as his thumb. " Ignor ing that it is a female issue would be denial or ignor ance. That's why feminism is about br inging things r elated to femininity up. An equalist would ask to br ing men down and find an equality ther e. But we ar en't asking men to tear themselves down. We ar e asking them to make r oom for us.

The r eason this list matter s to you too is because not only as boy but as a human you have the r ight to do these things, that's why this issue is for us. As a human you have the r ight to expr ess your self. It's liter ally an official human r ight because it's that impor tant. I guess what I'm tr ying to say is that we ar e all par t of this somehow. In the end, this system is a system we should not be r uled under. I'm pr oposing a r evolution for the both of us.

Top t hr ee r ev ol ut i on ar y weapon s - Compassi on Un der st an d peopl e an d t ak e t i me t o see t hei r poi n t of v i ew. An ger v s an ger i s an en dl ess f i ght . - Pat i en ce Tr eat peopl e as human s. Un der st an d t hei r doubt an d t ak e t i me. - Fl exi bi l i t y Be open mi n ded. Thi n gs ar e al way s chan gi n g, k eep t he gear s i n y our br ai n wel l oi l ed.

A shar ed pr obl em I think ever yone should be a feminist. I tr uly mean ever yone. Yes boys ar e a par t if this conver sation too. Don't only join me thinking you ar e pr otecting your mother, your wife, your daughter, and your sister. Our r elationship to you does not make us mor e valuable. We ar e a per son. It impacts you too. We have a common enemy. It's this big blob of expectations. It just waits ther e and sometimes you don't even see it. That's how used we ar e to being attacked by it. Boys ar en't immune and it's impor tant to r ecognize that. Her e's a list for you of things r elated to femininity and ther efor e put down for men:

- Cr y i n g - Bei n g v ul n er abl e - Fai l i n g - Fami l y chor es - Sen si t i v i t y - Mor e an d mor e an d mor e

Good l uck , i t s a dan ger ous wor l d out t her e 2 2

Trash in The Ocean By: Maya Escajadillo Thoughts


ach time I go to the beach I look at the marvelous ocean full of fish and marine life

giant boat pass in front of us. It started throwing things in the ocean. It was their trash. After a while that trash got near to where we were fishing. We


got a net and


started picking

say I

up the trash. We

am in front of

started picking

the blue

up all the trash

paradise, I start

that we could

running to the

but it was way

dock that I am

too much trash.

going to jump

It was hard to

off but before I jump into the extraordinary blue ocean I see trash. Tons of trash all around the beautiful ocean. I pause and think for a moment. This is all human’s fault. It’s no fair for all the wonderful creatures living in the ocean to live with all this trash that we humans produce and then just dump it all in the ocean. We should reduce our trash and avoid it to go into the ocean. If you see trash in the ocean go and pick it up. You can also recycle and reuse but what you can do best is reduce like buying less materials like things that you don’t need.

fish and swim because all of the trash that was there. We didn’t want to even look in there!

Sea turtles and other animals On April 12, still not wanting to look in the ocean, I read in National Geographic Kids that 52% of sea turtles worldwide have accidentally eaten plastic trash in the ocean. This plastic that they eat gets into them and they die. All the chemicals get into their bodies and this is really bad for them and their nutrition. They think that plastic bags are jellyfish then they eat it,


and plastic is not food so the chemicals that plastic has

Last January, I returned to the ocean and I

not given them nutrition or energy like food does

was trying to fish with my friends. When we stopped

and this is really affecting turtles species. We

and looked down at the ocean it was full of trash. We

don’t want for sea turtles to be extinct

couldn't fish with all that trash in the ocean. We saw a

right? Poor sea turtles they just want to eat


jellyfish and swim. But if we put plastic in their faces

their source of food. Instead of food they eat our trash.

that’s not their fault. It’s our fault. This doesn't only

The only thing that our trash really does is kill. It kills

happen with sea turtles this happens with all kinds of

tons of animals, plants, etc. What is going to happen

sea animals. They eat our trash. We also eat fish. If we

with the ocean when we fill it with our awful trash? We

keep dumping trash in the ocean more and more

will kill all marine life. No ocean for them, no ocean for

animals will eat it. This also affects humans because

us. This is also affecting humans. We swim and enjoy

fish eat our toxic trash and we eat fish. If we keep

the ocean but now there's trash in the ocean disgusting

polluting the ocean we won’t be able to eat fish

trash. That we ourselves have thrown in there. Now we

because if we do they are going to be full of trash and

can’t swim it’s full of trash, animals dying, no marine

we will get sick. We will die.

life, we are killing ourselves by killing the ocean. If we kill the ocean we are killing planet earth our home. So

Fun fact There is a place in the Pacific ocean called Pacific ocean patch. That place is full of trash. It was created because all the currents bring the trash there and all the trash came together and formed a gigantic place of trash. It is really hard to clean it because it’s way to much trash.

Ocean Zones On the same day, thinking that humans can die because we eat polluted fish, I read a fact in an an organization called Soft Schools that was, there are zones in the ocean that have been created by pollution making life in those zones impossible for marine or plant life. This zones are full of awful trash. Our trash is toxic and kills all the life. We pollute animals by destroying their natural habitats and taking

we are killing ourselves.

How can you help When you go to the beach, and you see trash in the ocean pick it up. All of this ocean pollution is making earth sick. If we keep polluting the ocean earth is going to get even sicker and maybe even dye. To not kill the earth, we can reuse, reduce, and recycle our trash. Here are some ways you can help. When you have food waste, compost the food that you don’t need. After using plastic you can recycle the plastic. You can donate your things to not waste them like when you have a toy that you don’t like anymore because you grew up don't throw it in the trash donate to other people that need and want the toy because it won’t be wasted. Reduce your trash by using reusable bags instead of plastic bags. You can also donate other things. The biggest part you can help with is when you see trash in the ocean pick it up and don’t throw your trash in the ocean… recycle it! Let’s stop polluting the ocean and start cleaning it up! 2

Use Less Paper By : Alvaro Fernandez­Palomero   

The use  of  paper  in  the  world  is  affecting  the  Earth.  Every day millions of  human  beings  produce  lots  of  paper.  In  order  to  produce  paper  humans  have  to  cut  millions  of  trees  damaging  our  environment.  To  help  our  planet  we  can  start  by  planting  more  trees,  by  recycling  the  paper  we use instead of  throwing  it  to  the  trash  and  printing  less  paper.  A  close  example  of  how  badly  humans  use  paper  is  that  they  don’t  reuse  it;  they throw it behind trash cans. 

then I believe that people don’t like Earth  because they treat it badly. As long as  there is paper people are going to  destroy the Earth. Another reason why I  don’t like paper is  because it  contaminates.      My  first  solution  for  this  problem  is  to  plant  more  trees.  I  can  do  this  by  starting 



club that  promotes planting trees  in  areas  where  there are none or in  places  that  have  been  deforested.  I  could  also  sign  up  in  a  NGO  like  ARBIO  which  plants  trees  in  the  Amazon  jungle  and  help  them  out  by  telling  my  friends  and  other  students to support it.  Also  this  bad  for  animals  cause  when  animals  are  moving  people,kill  them  cause  they  don’t  want them in there house. 

Recycling According  to  the  website  “The  World  Counts”  we  produce  165.068.999  tons  of  paper  in  a  whole  year.  When  I  was  10  years old I found a lot of trash and since  

Additionally I  will  start  recycling  every  paper  I  use and tell  people to recycle.    

HOW? I  will  recycle  paper  by  seeing  videos  about  using  papers  and  then  use  it  and  stop  using  notebook  or  use less notebooks.    Finally  I  will  print  less  paper  and  make  people  realize  there  is  no  need  to  print  every document they receive.    HOW?  By  writing  in  a  paper  and  reuse  it  and  also  you  will  ask  yourself  “But  poor  people  need  paper  and  they  have  to  print  it  to  be  creative?”My  answer  is  that  they  don’t  have  computers,  also  there  is  a  lot  of  poor  people  but  they  need  it  more  than us so,  what  I  am  talking  about is that the world  needs  to  use  less  paper  cause  in  the  world,  we  are  cutting  a  lot  of  trees  and  we  are  type  of  killing  animals.  Example:  Bees and monkeys.    So  I  would  stop  by  reusing  paper  in  big  amounts  and also paper is bad for  earth  cause  it  takes  out  nutrients  and  it’s  very  popular  and  important  but  we  have to  use it in small amounts I know it  is  not  easy  to  do  not  use  it  cause  poor  people  use  it  and  they  need  creativity  but  the  thing  is  that  more paper for poor  people  and  less  paper  for  rich  people.Animals are important for human  cause  if  they  don’t  have  habitat they can  die because there is no food. 

When I  say  that  people  thought  trash 

behind the  trash  can  is  that  they  maybe 

think about  someone  is  going  to  take  it  and  the  other  reason  why  they  leave  it  behind the trash is why they are lazy.  

The Power of Plastic By Rafael Golergant

​ A Plastic Story

A​ few months ago, I

was walking down the street by my house. It has no garbage. At that time, it was a very wonderful street. It had big houses with different colors red, blue,white and gray. Now, when you look down, you see all the plastic wrappers down in the gardens and roads. You see all the plastic bags all over the floor. You see the recycling bin, and unfortunately there is nothing in there. My neighborhood has not done anything to avoid the accumulation of plastic and, as a result, my street is now suffering the consequences of that inaction. So if you see any object made of plastic on the floor, make sure to pick it up and recycle it.

How Is Plastic Polluting The Ocean? According to National Geographic, “91 percent of plastic is not recycled. Also, about 8 million metric tons of plastic ends up in the ocean.” This is a really bad thing because all the plastic bags and wrappers end up in the ocean. In addition, the Animals Friends Croatia website says that, “The real impact of plastic bag litter is felt on wildlife both in the marine environment

and in rural areas. As a matter of fact tens of thousands of whales, birds, seals and turtles are killed every year from plastic bag litter in the marine environment as they often mistake plastic bags for food such as jellyfish. As plastic bags can take up to 1,000 years to break down, once an animal dies and decays after ingesting plastic, the plastic is then freed back into the marine environment to carry on killing other wildlife. This quote talks about how plastic harms animals and that one plastic bag can harm many animals in the ocean. “This is bad for society because animals think that the plastic is food and then eat the plastic. This harms them in the stomach and kills them little by little. People eat animals and they get the plastic the animals ate. People can get really sick because of this so if you want to save your life and the animals lives then use your plastic wisely”.

Why Is Plastic Polluting Oceans Bad? Plastic harms the environment. All the trash ends up and pollutes the trees and the rivers. Now, places that once were beautiful are full of trash in every corner and all of this is because of human beings; it is because we

don’t recycle. The utah recycling website plastic also says “it takes 1,000 years disintegrate.” That means all of the plastic bits are in the environment for a long time. 1,000 years ago from now, humans created the first paper. Because of this,make sure that your plastic ends up in the right place. The Eco Watch website has some important facts about how plastic harms the environment. First af all, over the last 10 years we humans are using more plastic each year so we are not improving we are making the world a more polluted place. Plastic is about 12 percent of the waste we produce every day. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a vortex on the ocean full of trash. It is the largest accumulation of ocean plastic in the world. This a problem because not only does plastic pollution in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch pose risks for the safety and health of marine animals.

Oil in Plastic In addition, plastic is made of oil and when you transport the oils some might fall and pollute the ocean. This is call an oil spill; oil spills are very hard to clean up. This can harm society beuse when oil spills stay on oceans they can be toxic and this toxic gas can harm humans and animals.Many governments are supporting the use of plastic because plastic is made of oil and oil is a very good for getting a better economic profit so, it will be very hard to eliminate the use of plastic. To do this, all humans will need to know about this and make a boycott (people don’t use plastic). Another example is that you can get your neighbors to collect the plastic and recycle. If everyone starts to do that in their street, we will soon have a cleaner city of plastic and a less polluted world.

Glossary ● ● ● ●

Boycott: Protest to make people believe the way you do. Disintegrate: Something that is broken up into smaller parts. Marine: Something produced by the sea. Rural: a country people or life

Deforestation, A Terrible Thing By: Costy Maawad 

Personal Story  Everyday when I research on the internet I see  that a lot of trees are being cut down per year. Paper is  made from trees. Every day at school I use a maximum  of 10 pages of paper per day. We need to use paper  wisely. Paper is made out of trees and they cut down  trees to make paper. It destroys the animal habitats and  our beautiful nature. Trees gives us fresh air. We  breathe from it. 

The situation of Deforestation  The situation of deforestation is getting worse  and worse. Animals are losing their habitats and people  are getting less  healthier. Our nature  is getting destroyed  only for money. The  world should be a  better place but  now… it's called a  worse place. 

Facts According to, each year an  estimated of 3.5  billion to 7 billion  trees are being cut down each year. They cut trees only  for money. Using less paper saves the world rainforests.  It saves our rain forests because now people will not cut  down more trees because they already have paper.     Adding to, According to Conserve  Energy Future,  in an estimated 100 years there will no  longer be rainforests.  There will no be rainforest  because of deforestation because they are cutting down  trees every second! We need to save rainforest so we 

can have a green world and it helps people breath more  fresh air.     Imagine that we used less paper. Fewer trees  would be cut down and we are going to have fresh air  that we could breath. We also could see our beautiful  nature and the earth would be a better place with more  green. 

Why is it bad for us  Deforestation  is destroying our nature. It's  destroying animals habitats and also their food because  some animals get food from trees and get their energy  from that. Also I think that some animals are becoming  extinct because they are not going to get their food and  they are going to starve to death. It is destroying our  earth nature. People are getting more infected with  pollution because they are destroying our trees and  trees air. Also when babies are getting born they can  get sick because of pollution or by  any virus. Also some animals are  getting extinct because they don't  have more food and they starve to  death.    The effects of Deforestation to our  society. First of all we need oxygen  so when cutting down trees it  decreases the amount of oxygen. It  also will affect our food system. It  can make the food that grows on  trees become more dirty and you can  get viruses from them. If there was no deforestation,  trees would clean the  atmosphere . It would take out  the  carbon dioxide  and reduce the  greenhouse  gas  effect. Also the food from the trees would be cleaner  and healthier. To help so there's not so much  deforestation, recycle paper and use wisely your paper  you are using.    Deforestation is bad to the earth  because when  there wasn't deforestation our trees cleaned the  atmosphere. It takes the  carbon dioxide  and gives them 

fresh natural air. It is also bad for the earth because  trees gives you fresh air and now in days there is a lot of  pollution and people are breathing the oxygen that is  contaminated with pollution. It is also bad for humans  because it doesn't give them fresh air and also bad for  animals that live in the wild  because the animals that  live in rainforest and lives at the trees there trees get  chopped down. A fact that I saw on the internet that  why does people do these things it is because of the  money. They pay the workers  a good amount of  money to do these job. They don't realize that they  are being harmful to our earth and animals. They also  don't realize that they are hurting themselves  because the trees gives us fresh air to breath. Trees  give us oxygen. Without trees we couldn't breath.    According to WWF states the scientists  estimate that a third of the world's  arable  land has  been lost to deforestation since 1960. People who are  cutting down trees don't realize what are they doing  because of the money they earn..     Finally, that is why you need to use wisely  paper. Recycle paper don't throw it to the garbage. Do  not make an incorrect step. Make the earth to be a  better place. Make your kids enjoy nature. That's the  beauty of earth. We need to stop deforestation because  it is destroying our nature and animal habitats. You can  help to stop deforestation by using paper wisely.           

          Glossary  Arable :Land that is used to grow crops  Deforestation :The action of clearing a wide area of  trees.  Greenhouse gas effect : It cleans the atmosphere  taking out carbon dioxide and gives them fresh air  Atmosphere :The envelope of gases surrounding  the earth or another planet  Carbon Dioxide : Gas produced by burning carbon  and organic compounds and by respiration     

The Consequences of Smoking By Julián 

My  dad  smokes.  He  started  smoking  32  years  ago.  He  smoked  7  cigarettes  a  day.  He  was  14  when  he  started.  He  now  has  stopped  smoking.  I  am  afraid  that  he  could  get  sick  and have cancer.  According  to  Factslides  smoking  causes  1  in  every  5  deaths  in  the  U.S.  That  is  about  525,283  deaths  each  year  caused  by  smoking.  This  is  bad  because  there  are  fewer  people  to  take  care  of  the  earth  and  other  people.    Smoking  is  bad  for  the  people  who  smoke.  It  is  bad  because  the  cigarette  contains  over  4,800  chemicals.  Those  chemicals  enter  your lungs and you can get cancer.   

It is  also  bad  for  the  people  who  are  around  the  smokers.  When  non-smokers  are  around  smokers  the  smoke  can  enter  their  lungs  and  they  can  get  cancer.  When  the  smoker  uses  a  filter  they  feel  the  flavor  but  when  the  smoke  gets  to  the  lungs  of  the  people  around them.   

They don’t  feel  the  flavor.  People  are  not  supposed  to  have  smoke in their lungs.  Smoking  is  very  expensive,  it  may  cost  you  around  $1500  each  year!  Not  only  of  money,  but  to  your  health.  Your  lungs  suffer  and  you  get  popcorn  lungs.  The  smoke  gets  to  the  lungs  and  contaminates  the  blood.  The  blood  circulates  the  system  and  infects  the  organs  it  goes  through.  You  can  get  cancer  in  the  mouth,  nose,  throat,  the  lungs,  the  stomach, 


pancreas, in  the  kidney  and  in  the  blood.  I  want  people  to  stop  smoking  because  it  is  harming  their  body,  the  atmosphere  and  other  people.  I  want  people  to  be  healthier  and  to  live  healthy  lives.  Instead  of  smoking  you  can  do  exercises  or  play  sports.  If  you  know  someone  who  smokes,  please  tell them about this information.  Smoking  can  harm  you  and  others  around.  My  dad  has  stopped  smoking  now.  I  convinced  to  stop  by  telling  him  what  would  happen  if  he  kept smoking. 

Animal Abuse

By: Jose Miguel Perez         




and filthy slaughterhouse.These  water and food that  the animal eats  contain millions or  billions of bacteria,who are rich in diseases  and infections that could infect you if eaten  or entered the  body.These  infections are  mostly lethal  which means  that it can kill  the animal.We  should take  care of them  because  they’re ​LIVING  THINGS.  Also,these mistreatment against  animals make them more  ferocious because when  they were abused,they  remember about of their  owners hits and defending  themselves from their  owner.That is a extremely negative effect  because of what happened to them because 

when a person tries to help them and rescue them,they’re gonna think that they’re gonna  hit them.The simplest things to do to take  good care of the animal is:if you’re going to  have a pet, realize that it’s like a living  thing.And second of all, take care of him as  you take care of yourself. 

Unfortunately, These animals are big danger.This is caused because the animals are  very mistreated.Their owners hit them,make  them starve,dehydrate them extremely,use  them in puppy mills,and sometimes euthanize  them which is illegal(euthanizing is killing  them because they should be living). 

Issue 6 | Volume 4 | 2015

Let's Disconnect [InĂŠs Pestarino]

I t i sn ' t al l b ad Techno

lo phones gy, such as t , abl et s, and hel ps u c o m p s in m ut er s, w ays. I a t t ak es ny di f f er ent e w hol e Going to my friend's house is always a fun experience. Well..., di f f er en ducat i on t o a t t al k w i most of the time. Some days we enjoy ourselves and play t h peo l evel , w e can p l e w ho i n t he sam outside, but others we stay with our phones looking at a a e r o o w e can m as u r en't screen and barely talk. I miss the times when we were little s , and new t hi ex pl or e and ngs w i t kids, and we didn't even know what technology was. We just l e a rn h j ust a W i t hou ? t c wanted to go out to our backyard and run around all day. l i c k .? t echnol w ogy, Although technology has affected humanity in a significantly p oul dn't have w e de e positive way, I know that it is taking over our lives in a c opl e, but , w vel oped as h onsequ ences o at ar e t he harmful way, as well. So let?s disconnect! f el ect r oni cs?

Tech n ology addict ion First of all, according to the Daily M ail ?The average adult is awake for 15 hours and 45 minutes every day and 45 percent of that time is spent using a proliferation of technology.? This means that approximately seven hours of our daily lives are spent with a device in our hands. It is shocking that half of our waking life is spent watching a screen, and most of the time our brains are actively paying attention to games, posts, videos, etc. in an unhealthy way, and we don't even realize it. We do this so often that has become an addiction. ?If you are suffering from Internet Addiction Disorder, your brain makeup is similar to those that suffer from chemical dependencies, such as

drugs or alcohol?, suggests PSYCOM . They continued by saying that suffering from a chemical dependency means ?Being incapable of limiting drug or alcohol use, spending much time using or obtaining the substance and falling behind in work, school, or family responsibilities due to use. Also, continuing to use drugs and alcohol even when aware of the problems it causes and abandoning former interests or hobbies to engage in use.? This is the information we have about what happens when drugs or alcohol are consumed, 1

but why don?t we know that similar effects occur if we use technology in an addictive way? We lack consciousness of the downsides of technology and internet addiction. N ow that we know about this issue, we need to spread awareness to other people. If we don?t, we will continue dangerously using electronics and we wouldn't realize that it is as harmful.

sations with people we didn't even know were there? Would we realize how much electronics are taking out of our lives? And how we are missing opportunities to share experiences with the people we know and love? The obvious answer to these questions is a big yes! Certainly, we will have more time to interact with each other, time to hug, kiss and fill the satisfaction of human contact and conversation, just like we did, centuries ago, when humans first started existing.

Im pact on Social Lif e N ot only does technology damage your brain it also disconnects us from socializing and interacting with people in real life. I can't remember the last time my brother ate breakfast without looking at Youtube. Each day we have fewer conversations with the people beside us. Sadly, we text more than we talk. At dinner, we eat and practically forget that people are in front of us, we are just thinking about when we can go back to our rooms and watch our series or play another Fornite match. We don't even pretend to care if our siblings or parents had a good day.

Ways to



Fi n d a n act i vi t y o hobb r y to d o . Leave yo u r phon hom e e at . - S ch ed u le t h e t im yo u s e p en d u si n g t ech n o l o gy .

Imagine if we just disconnected from technology for a day. Will we have more conver-

outside, and this is hurtful to our health. A M edium Corporations says, ?Spending time outdoors has a huge number of positive effects on the body?? ?it provides you with exposure to sunlight, which supplies your body with Vitamin D. This helps to fight infections and keep your skin healthy.? N ot only that, but they also added, ?Child obesity rates have risen drastically over the past several decades. In 2012, the child obesity rate was measured to be 18 percent, which is an 11 point difference from the obesity rate in 1980.? Technology is not helping our bodies health, and it will continue this way and till we stop it ourselves.

Ef f ect on Ou t door Lif e In addition to reducing the time we socialize in real life, electronics are decreasing our time outside the house. Recently, my father showed me a remarkable quote by Isaac N ewton who said, ?I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the seashore, and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.? We seem to be losing this beautiful kind of feeling, probably forever. Thinking about it, if my mom didn't force me to play in my backyard once in a while, or play a sport after school, I wouldn't. Phones, tablets, and computers are taking away the time we spend

I still come back to when I?m at my friend?s house. H ow much I wish we had the strength to unplug for half an hour and go outdoors. Laughing and enjoying with the sun shining on our backs. If there is one thing I learned is that technology has many unknown consequences, and we need to become aware of them, so we can disconnect for a while. 2

No More Homework !

By: Juan Diego


My story of homework One day I entered math class and  freaked out when I saw the board. All the  homework I had! Every day in school I pay  attention and when I get to math class and  I see that there is homework, I stress out.  It make me feel that I cannot play or relax  because I have a lot of homework. I end up  finishing my homework at 11:00 because  there was a lot of homework. So that is  why I hate homework. Students should  not have homework. It is a waste of time. 

No time According to  this website,  “”  kids need time  to relax, and if  they stay up  late doing  homework the  next day they  are going to be  sleepy in  school. Also  kids need time  to hang out  with friends.  Kids need social time. There is no time to  do anything, not even time to play!!!!!! It  takes out your time. My opinion is that  children need time with their families and  also they need time with friends, and they  need to have fun, homework gets them  crazy, free time is very important for kids  and homework takes their time away, it  makes children hate tasks and school, so  that is why I agree with this website.   

Stress Imagine that you have a lot of  homework and it is your friends birthday,  but you can’t go because you have math  homework, three pages of a test review,  also you have a vocabulary test in English  and you need to study. Also you have the  science showcase and you need to  research. Missing your friends birthday  would be awful because he is really your  friend, but you can’t go because you have  a bunch of homework, and you will  hate school, and your friend would ask  you why didn’t you come.   Stress is clearly an impact  to children. It makes them  mad, it makes them crazy,  and if you don’t  understand your  homework you are going  to fail even if you stay up  late stressing and doing it,  you are still going to fail,  and if you fail your parents  are going to be mad, and  your average is going  down and that is bad. 

Why do kids hate homework   Did you know that if you have  homework before seventh grade it could  get you crazy, like mad, frustrated and it  impacts you, and kids don’t deserve stress  their to young to fight stress. This is  according to “”. So that is why  stress is a very bad thing for everyone, but  especially for kids that have homework.  My opinion is that stress is a bad thing for  children. 

Statistics and facts Did you know that most of the  children don’t like homework,76% don’t  like it and 24% like it, according to  “” Including me, I hate  homework. Every day I say “I hate  homework.” This website “” is  correct because everyone most of the  children don’t like homework. So my  opinion is that this website is correct.      One month ago I went to a  restaurant, and something in my mind  made me feel that something was  missing.Then I realized that I had math  homework, and science homework. The  school think that it is necessary because  they say that it is a review of what you did  in class, it is really the same thing. At the  end I went to sleep at 12:00 because I was  doing my homework. The next day I went  to school very tired so I didn't pay  attention in class. That night when I went  to the restaurant I felt that there was not  enough time. So I stressed a lot.  So I think that homework is a bad  thing, because of stress, because of time  and because children don’t like it. And I  think that you should believe this to.    


WAYS TO HELP STOP GLOBAL WARMING In reality, you can do something about global warming. You can help other generations by taking care of the earth.

Use Solar Panels One of the things that you can do about global warming is use solar panels in your house or cars. You can use a solar car that will not use electricity and it will help the earth. Maybe you think that it doesn’t matter because it is only one car in the whole world, but it does matter because one little change in the world makes a big difference


Save Electricity In addition to using a solar panel car, you can reuse your plastic like plastic containers, plastic water bottles and stop using straws. In fact, you can also do small things like save water and electricity, to do this you can the turn of the water faucet while you are washing your teeth and turn off the light when you are not in your room. These things help stop global warming because energy is the largest production of carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide is making global warming worse, actually it is the main reason that has caused global warming. So if you help reduce energy there will be less carbon dioxide and that means less global warming. These are just some things that you can do to stop global warming.

   Breathing in the fresh air on la Panamericana, I was admiring the sky and the cars that passed by when all of a sudden a huge truck honked right next to my ear. When the truck passed I was relieved and all of a sudden a huge cloud of smoke landed on my face. I started coughing and coughing and when I thought it was all over I took a big breath in and it wasn’t fresh air; it was black smoke. After I could breathe fresh air again I started thinking about how this smoke from all these trucks, buses and cars is affecting the earth. I started wondering if this increased the amount of global warming there is. It actually does. Global warming is destroying the world. Every single day it is getting worse. In the first place, the world is becoming hotter and hotter, melting the ice in the Arctic. Every year about  1,500 to 900 polar bears is dying in northeast Alaska and Northwest Territories because of global warming. We need to help stop global warming. We need to do something. Because of global warming, we are dying.      According to National Geographic, “Climate change is heating the Arctic faster than anywhere else, and the sea ice is shrinking 14% per decade. Even today, in the middle of the bitterly cold Arctic winter, satellites show there is about 770,000 square miles less sea ice 1981 to 2010 median.” This is bad. Do you want animals to die because their habitat is slowly disappearing? The habitat of polar animals is disappearing and they will die if we don’t do something In the future there will be no sea ice left for the Arctic animals and they will slowly die. Days will be much hotter and many people will die of dehydration. Do you want people to die? Children are more weak in health than grown-ups; they need more water and food than the grown-ups. 

Poor people don’t have much money but a lot of them have kids. They need more money to survive but if global warming gets worse poor kids will need more water but their parents can’t afford it so they dehydrate and die. “Global warming isn’t a prediction. It is happening.” This is a wise quote by James Hansen. We actually aren’t realizing that global warming is really happening, we are so busy succeeding in our daily lives that we don’t really realize that the things outside are really happening.

       You know how your parents always set the example and how you think that they are doing the right thing? Well, all over the world adults/parents are not taking care of the earth. They are throwing trash in the street and ocean, they are making factories that release pollution to the air, they are cutting down every single tree in the world. After all, without trees, there is less oxygen and more carbon dioxide that is making global warming worse. Parents and adults are making the worst impacts in the world and we kids need to change our behavior, we need to save the earth and help it get better. Let's help by planting more trees and making an impact in the world no matter how small.      You need to help stop global warming because it's harming the earth and all living things inside it. If you want to give a better world to the next generation and not a horrible one that no one can live in, then stop global warming.

Floods will triple by 2030

The number of people affected from the floods . this year will triple by 3 from 21 million to about 54 million. This will triple because of global warming.

Social Media   In Our Lives  By: Luana Siucho 

Picture by: shutterstock   









                               social media                   virtual world                                                 video  games                                                                                          

A New World 

      phone                                               opportunities                               communicate                                                        





                                            technology                                              T   video   








                               chain                       social media           phones         electronics             energy                                                                    phones  T                                                                       virtual reality                                                            


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Stereotypes in The World

By: Jessie-Ann Introduction


Personal view

tereotyping makes other people feel bad in

In my school I saw that there was a new boy and he wanted

many different ways. Everyday all around the

to play 4 square. But he was shy so he didn't join in and

world people stereotype and make other

play. When he asked the kids if he could play they just

people feel bad and do bad things. People have even died

ignored him, because he was new (and by the way they said

because of being badly stereotyped by other people. This

that he looked like he was not very trustworthy and not

can be really dangerous! You may or may not believe

very friendly, weird and he didn't look very reliable). He felt

this, but ask around you will see that other people that

bad, so he just went away slowly and alone. Then there

you know may be stereotyped or that other people that

was another boy that saw him leave and wanted to go and

they know might have that problem.

run to him and invited him to play to. But his friends told him, “No do not go, that boy is weird.” But he didn't listen

Fun Fact !!! Aboriginal kids estimated that about 95% of aboriginal people are stereotyped.

he went to the boy and asked him to play. The new boy lightened up and said, “Sure.” Then they went and played together. This is an example that I saw in my school. In other schools it might also happen but worse or not that worse. This shows that there are lots of people in some schools that are stereotypical.


I found this information on a website

Amanda Todd

that a girl called Stephanie Chan made for fact and comments about people and people being

The video that she did went viral and

stereotyped. This website is called Stereotyping:

everyone wanted to help her but

Statistic and Physiology. Not only is stereotyping

unfortunately it was too late. In conclusion people stereotype because

on aboriginal it is all around the world. Martin Luther King Jr. said “ I have a dream that my four little children will live in a nation where they

they just feel they should do it. This is not good for the world and for people and are being victims to this.

will not be judged by the color of

Stereotyping can happen at home at school, at

their skin, but by the content of

work, in the park etc, but some people try to

their character ” That was really

fight it. So if you see someone being stereotyped

inspirational.This relates to

or stereotyping other people help stop it and

stereotyping because he is

don't just say it do something about it.You can

saying that he doesn't want to

stop it by standing up for a Because if you

live in a world that people stereotype because of the color

don't stop it it can get worse and worse until maybe the

of their skin.

person that is being stereotyped may consider suicide

There was a video that I saw that there was a

(the person might actually kill herself) and that is not good

girl that said that she was bullied and stereotyped her

for the person or

whole life and that she was going to commit suicide only

the person's family.

because of being stereotyped by who she was and nobody even try to make it stop. In the video she talks about her whole life experience was and how was she treated and how did she feel when all of this was happening to her. This girl was called Amanda Todd.

Stereotypical map


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Inclusion problems By:Isabella Stork


hen I was walking through the school I

saw a person sitting by herself looking really sad. I asked her “Are you ok?” and she answered, “No." People feel lonely because of not being included in school.There are many people in this school who are “friendless.” There are also many schools that don’t even have any groups of friends.Students need to be included more at school. Not including kids `or making them feel welcome makes them feel bad. “​Inclusion is a right, not a privilege for a select few,” said Judge Geary.” Inclusion is not tolerance,it is requested acceptance”.-Jw teach.” Exclusion is always dangerous. Inclusion is the only safety if we are to have a peaceful world”.-Pearl S. black. These quotes are told by famous people a.k.a authors and these quotes are meaningful and we should understand them. Imagine if everyone was included in school. Everyone would be happy. Students and teachers would be happy and most important no one would be excluded. This quote would mean that kids should not feel excluded without any friends and be happy with at least a bit of friends. If you see a child alone sit next to them to make them feel good. ​ Inclusion is a bigger problem than you think When we hear of bullying we think, “Oh ​bullying is horrible for kids.” But what almost no one

knows that bullying is also the cause of exclusion. Not all schools have bullying. When a student gets picked on they usually don’t have a lot of friends because they make nonsense or made up stuff about him. Like, “Oh this boy likes garbage”. Also ​cyberbullying can also be the cause of exclusion too. When someone

hears that you have a birthmark shaped as a trash can. ”Hey trash,where is all the plastic?” Bullying and cyberbullying can be a problem for

inclusion. Bullying can also include a lot

punching and self harm.

​What exclusion leads too Exclusion is something that is really important. Exclusion can lead to self harm,bullying and depression. People should stop this because something minor can turn into something major. Exclusion turns into self-harm then self-harm turns into depression,then it turns to maybe even suicide. Exclusion mostly happens to kids not adults.So here is a question we should all answer. Why are we letting such minor problems turn into major problems? Feeling left out is like

not feeling important. Imagine being a kid that's left out. You only have one friend. Everyone bullies you and you feel miserable. Would you like this kid to be you? ​Names of exclusion People have thought of the words “nerd and geeks”. This is just a name that doesn’t even make sense. Why would you call someone a “nerd”. Being smart has nothing wrong with that. Being a “geek” is not bad, knowing a lot of computer stuff is really good. You shouldn’t be ashamed of that. Th​ere’s another name that kids are being called in schools.It is “dork”. Being a “dork”is totally normal. You should be happy of what are you are and who are you and no one should be telling you that “You’re not special”. Just be yourself. ​The main source Exclusion is the main source to a lot of problems in school. A lot of people really just don’t care. They should care because inclusion is like a minor situation but the more people make that person feel left out the problems get bigger like exclusion

​ Interesting Words ​I​nclusion :When kids are with kids at school Exclusion:When kids are left out at school Bullying:Kids or adults getting teased but harsher Cyberbullying:When kids or adults tease online+

then turns into bullying then it goes to something even more harsher. Suicide and self harm, these two don’t usually happen but through my eyes I would feel like “happy”when I cut myself because all of the problems just go away. Some people don’t think that bullying and cyberbullying is a big problem but through my eyes I would say it’s a really big problem. ​Ways you can help Bullies don’t think of what they are causing to the poor victims/targets. Victims/targets of bullying try not to remember what the bullies say because it hurts their feelings. About a bit of people stand up for these bullies but almost none of the victimes stand up. They only ignore this. Some ways you can help are: 1. Stand up to kids being bullied 2. Sit down with kids who are not with anyone 3. Tell the teachers if someone is being bullied 4. If someone wants to die, help them 5. If someone wants to cut themself,help them We should all help these kids because these kids feel bad about being excluded in friendships.

Does Education Really Matters? By:Ana Sofia Taipe

Walking or traveling in a car every single week, I see  at least one child on the streets ​working​ by singing,  dancing, or selling sweets, etc. I know that they must  be ​studying in a school and learning things​, just like  all children, but that is not the reality. When I am on  the school bus, I see through the window a woman  with a kid on her back carrying the boy with a blanket  fastened to them. At the appearance, they don’t have  anywhere to live, don’t have someone to help them.  Then I see the kids on the bus and ​there is a lot of  difference​ between us and them. Unfortunately, not  all the people are born with enough money. So, I was  thinking that this is an example of most of the families  in many places because maybe are passing through  same difficult times as them.    

The Ministry of Education of Perú  

It Really Try To Do their Work The Ministry of Education has a lot of problems to  solve, but sometimes it shows that they ​really try to  do the possible​ about children going to school and  study. Unfortunately, the national schools are free but  they don't bring the uniform and the materials in some  schools, so the student’s family have to bring to the  school that materials and the uniform, but they can’t.  “25.8 percent of the population lives in poverty,” said  the website The Borgen Project. That is one of the  reasons of why sometimes that Ministry focus in  another problems about Peru. However some of us  don’t value the food and the education we have  from our parents sacrifice​. As we are stable in every  aspect like we can eat, we are in a good school, we  don’t recognize it.    

Education to Every Single Child

Before in Perú the education was a privilege for rich families to can pay a lot for it, just a few people got  education and most of the population didn’t. But now  as we are more advanced in every aspect like  technology and things like that, the education past a  law that has to be obeyed​ in Peru. “34 percent of  children ages 5 to 17 work in the labor force”  according to a website statistic named The Borgen  Project.  

Some Difficulties to Resolve

It works on what they can to resolve the problem, but sometimes they are so busy and they ignore the  problem because of another more important one. I  believe that everyone must have access to a good  school because the humans are the only living thing  that can change the world to be better, so they first  have to have knowledges to make or create it, so the  best way is in learning in a school. But this is not easy  as it looks because as I wrote before, some people  can’t go to school for any reason like one of the most  known about​ lack of money​, and since everything  bad has something good there are also people who  can help them to solve the problem so poor children  can go to school.  

This could be because sometimes mom or dad or both of them lost their jobs, and this ​affects their families  life​, the money from one moment to another  disappears and they don’t have any to pay for the  house, electricity, clothes or even meat , as you see  the real life is hard. That becomes a problem and as 

the parents don’t have enough money, the children can’t go to school anymore because maybe they are  searching a job and they​ ​are busy to be preparing the  children to go to school in the mornings, also if they  can’t find it they don’t have money to​ pay what  school needs​. They need money, so then becomes the  hard cases that children have to help them to can live  by working.  

because the only living thing that can change the world for better are us the humans as he said.  

We Can Be Able to Do What We Propose  

When mom and dad have died and the children from  them pass to grandparents or uncles, etc, and the  families money was precise to themselves or are poor  and they can’t keep the children, so one of the ways  that can resolve the problem is that the ​children work.     Also one of the possibilities about why some students  students don’t go to school that I hate is that some  mean people maybe are making them work to can  earn money without hard work from them and that  mean person is ​controlling that poor children​ by  threatening or something like that. Fortunately this is  seen in less situations here in Peru than the other  possibilities according when I saw the news in the  mornings. That third reason is an explanation of why  we need to go to school because maybe that people  mean who are controlling the children didn’t go to  school when they were children, so maybe they do not  realize that they are doing wrong in the world. 

We have the ​ability to make extraordinary things​ if  we study as much as academically and  psychologically, and where can we have more  possibilities to do that, is at school. When we are  students we don’t appreciate that ​school is so  important​, few recognize it but not all, they think that  is so bored, but when they are like in high school or  now going to the university they miss how nice the  experience was. School teach us a lot about life and  what is going on, that is why “The Ministry of  Education” of Perú takes responsibility for that.    

Education Open a Lot of Doors

So finally, if every child in Peru has education, we will have ​good consequences​ like focusing on other  problems like the pollution in Peru and how to control  it, and we will grow as a country because we are going  to have more educated people who ​can help and  think new ways to make the world better​; as I  always said is that the change starts from you, so then  children will be able to think and learn new things to  can start the change. How we are going in the years  also less discrimination will be show off. As you can  read there are a lot of things that humans can do,  since school because the school connects us to the  reality. No children must lose that opportunity!   

Changing the World to Better      As the ex president South Africa Nelson Mandela said  “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to  change the world". When children have no education  it’s not just bad to them, is also bad for the world 

doesn’t work out and the animal ends up dying because of something that failed.

Wrong animal Testing 

Making it worse

By Pilar Tremouilles

Animal testing is wrong. It can cause millions of negative impacts in the world. It can even cause death, for a ton of different species. The animals that are being used for testing, are getting abused and that is not fair. A ton of animals are dying each year because they get abused. Animals shouldn’t have their lives wasted like this.

Abuse According to an organization called PETA, which stands for ​People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, “​Each year more than 100 million animals are killed in U.S laboratories. This includes mice, rats, frogs, dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, monkeys, fish and birds. Before their deaths some animals are ​forced to inhale toxic fumes, and others are immobilized in devices for hours, some have holes drilled into their skulls, and others have skin burned of or their spinal cords crushed.” This is all happening because companies want to try and make new things like new products, new cures for diseases and new medicines, but most times it

Unfortunately, some companies don’t really care about how these animals are being​ tortured​; they just want to make money by selling products. According to the company PETA, “Some companies are being accused of animal testing, such as Revlon, which is a cosmetics company, and Air France, which is a plane company. Since Air France is an air transportation company they ​transport​ animals in the baggage compartments of the plane, and take them to other countries where the animals get ​caged,​ cut into, poisoned and killed in experiments.” I think that animal testing affects the society because after all of these poor creatures get killed, the species could become extinct. For example if chickens become extinct people will start to ​complain​ that they can’t eat more chicken, and will feel sorry they did nothing from the start, but it was all their fault. As I said before Revlon is a cosmetics company, and what they’re doing according to PETA2 is, “They are selling their products in China, and in China they have ​policies​ that in order for you to sell your product, it has to be tested on animals first, because of safety issues.” After the PETA organization found out about this they told the world, and now a lot of cosmetic companies don’t want to sell their products in China because of their rules on having to test animals. I think that this is important for people to know because after this happened since some companies stopped selling their products, or don’t want to start to sell their products in China. In the future companies will try to not use animals for testing their products, and they want to be

like the companies that make money and don’t get accused; they don’t want to be the company that gets accused and earn no money like Revlon.

Companies working for the better Not only are there companies who don’t care about animal deaths, there are companies who are against​ it. There are companies who try and stop this horror such as PETA because they have a bunch of information on how to stop animals testing, why to stop it, and how you can daily help stop it. Some other companies (I found out about them from an organization called One Green Planet) that joined the fight to stop animal testing are, LUSH, Kiss My face and a bunch more. These companies are helping by joining organizations that help stop animal testing. I think that more companies should be like these businesses because animal testing is ​wasteful​. First of all it wastes money, ​according to PETA, “​9 out of 10 experimental drugs fail in clinical studies.” Second of all it’s old fashioned​. Now scientist have discovered more modern ways of testing things that are more accurate than animals and are more safe. Lastly, testing animals is unnecessary, most of the tests they do on animals is for soaps, shampoos, cosmetics and more. We don’t need new types of eyeliner, or soaps or shampoos. We could all just try to use the same products.

Beauty cosmetics I think that if people especially women, start to think about how much money and time they spend on trying to find a new blush that makes them look nicer, or a new foundation or concealer to make them look younger, then they would actually start to notice how many times they change their cosmetics to look younger and more pretty. Just spending your time and going to a cosmetics store and wanting to try and buy something new and different, you’re also contributing to killing animals. What you can do to help stop animal testing is, you can support and donate money to those organizations who also are against animal testing.

Most people don’t notice but they’re all contributing to different types of things in many differents types of ways. It could be contributing to the good side, or to the bad side. We should all be contributing​ to the good side. We should all stop animal testing.

Facts No experiments are illegal, no matter how cruel irrelevant to human health, redundant, or painful. Even when alternatives are available for animals, the law doesn’t require for them to be used. Laboratory employees have been caught on tape abusing and insulting animals.

Glossary Ethical: doing the right thing Redundant: no longer needed or not useful

Child Abuse by Nannies or Babysitters by : Merian Villaverde   

Personal Story     When I go to the  beach I see children in  the beach alone  without supervising. I  turn around and I see  the nanny's talking  with each others and they don’t take care of  the children. And the children can drown      

​This is the chart from University of

New Hampshire  

Reports from Child Abuse According to a report on Newstimes, an  attorney mentioned that “the video shows  Quilligana holding the three-year-old child’s  hand to a hot burner on the stove for more  than five seconds, and another shows the  nanny picking up the girl and forcing her leg  onto the hot stove as the girl screamed and  struggled to get away.” this shows that  sometimes nannies can influence on child  abuse.  In the report by Tamar Lewin he said "But child  care affects so many children that for society  at large, even small effects are important,"  Professor Booth-LaForce added. "We have to  consider whether we're creating a generation  of children who have slightly less self-control,  slightly more behavior problems, and whether  teachers will have to spend a little more time  on classroom management and a little less on  instruction." This shows that the effect on the  children are less self-control, slightly more  behavior. 

This chart shows that child abuse by nannies increase with victims ​under 6 years old. 

How to know if yours children’s nanny is treating them good?  I suggest that parents need to supervise  the nanny that takes care of their children.  Sometimes parents are not responsible when  they do not supervise how does the nanny  treat their kids. sometimes parents can’t take  care of their children because they have to  work, for that they contract a nanny to take  care of the children. So parents go to their  work thinking that their children are with the  nanny, but parents can’t know how does the  nanny really  treat their  children  when parents  are at work.  For that  parents have  to supervise,  and if parents 

don’t supervise the nanny probably they don't know how the nanny really treats their  children. But how if they are working? Well  parents can put cameras to supervise that  their children are in good hands. But what if  the nanny sees the camera? The nanny  probably can pretend to treat well the child,  and hit the child where the camera cannot see  her. For that parents have to put a hidden  camera. So the nanny does not know she is  being observed.Now parents can know how  the nanny treat the children when they are not  at home. So parents can observe the nannies  and make sure nothing bad happens to their  children. 


  Parents needs to go out to work everyday to  bring money home. This situation will continue  being careful when a parent chooses  somebody that takes care of their children is  an important thing that parents should think  about before going work.Children and their  safety is more important than any job. 

Companies and Trust Do Not Go Together By Gael Wu

Cars crash, phones stop working, information revealed without users knowing. I am going to talk about companies they promote as this awesome person that cares so much about their customers but is what they say true. Well, we buy a lot of things. One time my family bought a fidget spinner on this webpage that they said was so great. But they never brought us the fidget spinner! That's when I started thinking should we trust companies or should we not when they have lied to us so many times? Why do we still have to trust them?

Hey facebook your secret is here. Companies lie. They tell things that are not true and they earn money. This should not even be legal. To begin with: Facebook! What happened was that they revealed people's information and that was illegal. They were selling people's information to a British company. They literally showed that they only care for money when they sold 50 million people's information. That's more than the population of Peru . And that is not legal. They lied to all their audience and they have millions of users who trusted them. They lied to all does users because of money.Can you believe this? and if this company that is so big does it then others are doing it too! Another company that lied is the Volkswagen car company. If you did not know it is not expensive but not cheap but as Facebook, they lie to their clients. Volkswagen had a device so

that when it was tested they could change the amount of pollution it detected. It was called the defeat device when it was tested the device changed the way the car measured the amount of pollution it could produce. And that is illegal! At that exVolkswagenact moment the CEO of all the brands related to , Porsche Bugatti that have the same owner, left the company. What a coincidence! Totally a coincidence. Already that's two examples from worldwide companies they got famous by lying. Unacceptable! They are companies worth billions of dollars. They don't need to grow more but in this world money is more important than people. They don't care if it is bad for you they only care that they earn money. And this is only one more of the examples. There are thousands only they are smaller companies.

Are oil companies innocent. But I am not going to talk about the small companies. Let's talk about oil companies. We know that much pollution most is produced by oil companies and their products but I am going to talk about why we should not trust them. Clearly now they are harming the environment. They know exactly what they are doing but they are looking for money like most of the people in this world. They know everything even governments support them. When biofuels started getting into the market the US

government dropped the oil price and the us dollar was worth more so people thought oil was cheaper but it wasn't really. (So the government also tricked us but that is another topic.) If companies are supported by governments that mean they are undefeatable.Only we can fight. We are the only people that can make a change; people can change anything. We are the only thing that can change the government. Together we are strong; alone we cannot change. So lets make a change! Let's get our respect back. We deserve to know the truth, not a lie, that is harming us. So let's make a change and let's make companies tell us the truth together. If you don't believe this then you don't believe in human rights. They are controlling you every day life and you can't even trust them. well this world is like this now and we can choose to let it become worse or make it a better place. So will you take action or let your world die and be taken by the worst if people? I just gave examples of every type social media transportacion pollution and there are more but it would take pages to mention all of the companies that are doing this you should make a change lets complain let's take action. .


you know so defend yourself

Facts 109000 is the amount of times a average man lies And a woman 60,00 so if that is true how many times do companies lie.

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