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The article to know how to have empathy for others.Â

EMPATHY Introduction Think about the others. Being left out feels TERRIBLE. Unfortunately, a lot of students at FDR have felt the same way and that is not a good thing. Not only at FDR, but in other schools from Lima too. Some even want to change schools because of this problem that is happening and then they make it happen. Including others and treating others the way you want to be treated is the way this needs to be fixed.

Fun fact: "Anxiety Levels Influence Empathy"

Real-Life Cases We Are All Equal

Example of Reality I have been at FDR since EC-3, that is about 9 years now, and I was always taught that treating others the way you want to be treated is the golden rule. Every year I was . taught this, even in now, in 6th grade, but apparently, not everyone shows this behavior. I’ve experienced it and I have noticed it. At FDR we have had a lot of activities to make inclusion not a problem anymore. I don’t know if it helps you, but it should make you realize that it is something that is not only for you but for everyone and it will be something you need to demonstrate and not just take it as an activity that is just for fun. I’ve had a situation with other people that some people didn’t want to include others because they were new to the school or they didn’t know each other so well. I think it was unfair because you wouldn’t like to be treated in that way, or would you? Just imagine how would you have felt. Just think that you would want to have a group of friends because you are new and you want to feel included and you try to fit in, but they won’t notice you. That would be terrible.

Exclusion First of all, not treating others the way you want to be treated is also exclusion. This is because you see everyone in different groups with all their friends and makes you feel sad or shy because they don’t notice you. This is also known as social exclusion. Probably, the person who is excluding you would definitely not like to be treated the same way, so at the same time they do not treat you nicely and they exclude you.

Sometimes, when you feel excluded and not treated nicely, you may also feel different from the others. This is something I have noticed with other persons when they try to fit in. It’s just like a first impression. A common example I have seen a lot, specifically with certain people, is that they try to be really good/close friends if they have a good thing in their life or personality. What I mean by this is that they try to be their friend if they seem pretty as if physically and if they are very social. Meanwhile, that makes you feel different because it's like you don't seem special and everyone should feel special and be treated equally.

How does it feel? Last but not least, it makes students very lonely. Why does this happen? Because you don't realize that many people only like to be with their friends or make friends that have special characteristics like the ones in the last paragraph. Occasionally, students who feel lonely try to be better as a friend or maybe change their personality. And that is not a good thing. According to Friendship Circle, Article 19 Article 19 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities states said, “Parties to this Convention recognize the equal right of all persons with disabilities to live in the community, with choices equal to others, and shall take effective and appropriate measures to facilitate full enjoyment by persons with disabilities of this right and their full inclusion and participation in the community.” You should not try to be someone your not because then when you have a group of friends they will not know your real personality and no one should be judged by their personality. I think personality is a unique thing about yourself and everyone should know about it.

Just think about it again Now you know that being left out and not being treated nicely feels terrible. After all the things that I mentioned, it makes me connect with reallife observations that I know about and how being in other's shoes makes you feel like those who suffer from not being treated nicely. Always keep in mind about how others might feel and always try to hang out with everyone and make them feel nice. So get in other's shoes and start treating others the way you want to be treated.

Stop Using Electronics! By: Aranza Diaz  Around I go to enter to my sister’s room,  she is mostly watching Netflix and Youtube or  using her phone or laptop to play games. All of  these at the same time. This means that she  uses one, two, or even three electronics at the  same time. Two hours later they will go to my  mom and start complaining about headaches.  My mom tells them to stop using electronics  and, as always they just ignore her and keep  using electronics, again, one, two, or three at  the same time. Then, after a bit more time, they  are complaining that their eyes are hurting. My  mom asks them, “Did you still use electronics?”  They will always say yes. At that time 

I would think what is this from? Is it from… not  moving in a long time? Is it from… watching a lot  of TV? From using their phones too much?  Using their laptops too much ? All of these  suppositions had something in common,  electronics. Kids should use fewer electronics. 

Spending A Lot Of Time In Electronics:  A reporter from CNN named Jacqueline  Howard wrote an article that’s named “Kids  Under 9 Spend More Than 2 Hours A Day On  Screens.” The reporter mentions a lot of things  in her article like, “ The report, released  Thursday, also found that 42% of children 8 and  younger now have their own tablet devices, a  steep increase from 7% four years ago and less  than 1% in 2011.” This information will mean that  of all the children 8 and younger (42%) have  already their own electronics and they would 

prefer to play games in their device instead of playing outside or being with friends outdoors.  Above this she mentions that, “Children 8 and  younger spent about 15 minutes a day staring  at a mobile screen in 2013 and now they spend  48 minutes a day”. To me this news is so  impacting by the way it is shared and by the  data it shows. For example I wouldn’t imagine a  kid under 8 years old spent so much time like,  48 minutes a day, with electronics. 

Your Heal

Is In Danger:

Not only are you kids using screens for a long time each day but adults are also doing  this. Electronics also makes your body feel  strange  and it  impacts  by the  ways  like your  health a  lot.  Bustle  has an  article  named “ 5 Things Too Much Screen Time Does  To Your Body” (written by JR Thorpe and  published on October 26 2015). This article  mentions that, “According to Psychology Today,  one of the fundamental consequences that a  large amount of screen time has on adults is a  restructuring of the matter that makes up your  brain.” It also mentions a few more ways that  electronics impact you: “ Metabolic syndrome  combines diabetes, obesity and high blood  pressure; it's a pretty toxic cocktail of poor  health, apparently linked to an abnormally  sedentary lifestyle. But it's pretty  well-recognised by the medical community that  too much screen time is seriously bad for the  peepers.” This news will mean that if you spend  more time or a lot of time online you can have 

children’s media use can have a big impact on how their brains process information, outwardly 

diabetes, turn obese, or even have high blood pressure. That way we can see that electronics  impact your health in very big and dangerous  ways. We should start to use less electronics  because it can impact your health in more ways.  If you want more information about this check  the text box on the top to see in what more ways  electronics can a ect us. 

It Affect your


In the article from “Center Of Media And Child  Health”  named  “Brain 

Development” they say that, “As the brain isn’t fully developed until young adulthood, 

a ecting how they react to and remember events in any given situation.” This article is  trying to tell kids to use less electronics. This is  because it a ects how your brain is developed  in negative ways that can impact you a lot. It  also a ects how you react to given situations  that happen in life. For example imagine if we  stop using electronics we would react to some  situations better than how we do.                              In conclusion, I would love to see my  sister interacting more with nature, like playing  outside, playing with her toys, any of these but  interacting less with electronics, devices, or  other technological device . This research and  data were so impacting to me because I didn’t  know that only using devices could a ect you a  ton in matter of health. So better try to not use  that much electronics, just for 5 minutes, try to  play outside having fun or reading a bo 

Being Social By Katie Dunn


alking​ to McDonald's, we sat down

and ordered. In the distance from another table, I saw a group of people across from us playing on their electronics. They didn’t even say a word. One was on his phone texting to the person next to him. I thought inside my head, “They aren’t very social, how would they know each other personally?” According to the website BrainyQuote the person JR says, “The more social media we have, the more we think we're connecting, yet we are really disconnecting from each other.” I think we should follow what he says because for example, you know someone in real life and you always play online games together. You think that your connecting but your not because you're not having a face to face conversation. Imagine a world where there were no social media, everyone was playing together talking to each other, socializing as a community The world would like a better and happier place to be playing all together!

How is technology bad for your social life? Technology is bad for your social life because when you are in a face to face conversation it gets very awkward because you're used to talking by texting to one another. The thing is, since you don’t talk to people face to face you are more likely to be comfortable talking online instead of talking to someone in real life.

The good things about being social. The good things about being social are that you can have friends to talk too, and whenever you are in trouble or hard times your friends can help. Also as reported by the website Simplemost, it is proven that being social can make you more productive when working. Also an addition to being social, you can have lots of fun playing with your friends, instead of by yourself.

7 Steps you can take to be more social. 1. Is to not compare yourself to others. Everyone is different and also don’t worry about others when you can make yourself better and interesting 2. Is to always smile! Everyone wants to be around people who are happy. Also, people will more likely talk to people who are happy then those who are mad. 3. Is to try and meet/talk to people every day, whether it is your family or old friends. This will build your comfort to talk to people more. 4. Ask people about themselves. People love talking about themselves and if you want to be even more social just even say a “little how is your day?” 5. Is to call old friends or have a BBQ, so you can meet new people and hang out.

6. Since you are now very sociable after doing these steps you should be able to talk to people normally and not mumble when speaking. Also, you will have many more friends so you can have a fun time with them!

A Game That You Can Play To Be More Social. A game that you can play to be more social is the “Free Social Skills Game!” The purpose of the game is to build your social skills. It gives you situations and you place the card in the I Know My Feelings, I Know What Is Wrong, and I Know What To Do columns.

Facts ● Being social can make you less likely to catch a cold. ● You’ll live longer ● Get better sleep ● Less likely to be depreesed ● Your brain stays sharper


The Beginning.

            It was a Saturday morning and the house was silent. My family was sound asleep and I, on the other hand, was fully awake. Since reading normally helps me sleep, I pulled a book from my bookshelf, Twilight, my favorite book, and started to read. Hours passed and finally, my brother awoke. I could hear the sound the stairs made once my brother stepped on them. Hearing the steps getting closer, I guessed he was in the living room. In that instant, I heard another sound, music. Leaving my book on the bookshelf, I walked into the living room to see what was that sound. Arriving at the living room, I saw my brother, on the couch, playing Geometry Dash on his phone. Recently, we had visited the optometrist because my brother's eyes were itching too much and, guess what? The doctor said it was because of electronics. Of all the things we can do in the morning, why should we use electronics? Why not do something more productive that doesn't have as many negative effects? We, kids, the new generation, have to read more.

ise c r e x E Let's

Brain Work-out!            When you read you don't just use your imagination to transfer the printed stories into reality, it also helps develop and improve skills. CNN researchers found that, “When the young children were being told a story, a number of regions in the left part of the brain become active. These are the areas involved in understanding the meaning of words and concepts and also in memory. These same brain regions have been found to be active when older children listen to stories or read.” Reading is a wonderful indoor activity and, as the CNN researchers said, it is an activity that exercises the literature and memory skills of children. Reading exercises the word understanding and memory skills in your child's brain which are useful tools when in school. These skills help your child use an extensive amount of academic words in his/her essays and helps them to remember various things, such as the book characters names, the plot, etc.

Stressed out.            Reading doesn't just help you with your academic work, but it helps you in your daily life too. Imagine, you are preparing for a big math test, and you don't know how to study. What can you do? Well, a study made by the University of Sussex, found out that, by just reading six minutes, your stress levels reduce up to 68 percent! Also, an article of Ideapod, written by Coert Engels, said that reading about the life of other people who live a different lifestyle than you do can make you more open-minded towards that group of people. For example, if you thought that the dark-colored race deserved to be used as slaves and punished because of something they didn't choose, if you read a book of the life of a slave or a book of a dark colored woman or man during the segregation time in the US, you could finally start feeling empathy for them.



! S S

Boring Morning.            As you hopefully know, reading can be great at times of boredom or when you just want to leave your own world behind. When you read, you are transported into a different world, and maybe at a different time. You can be transported from a magical world, with fairies, dragons, and beautiful princesses that are in need of a rescue or, you can be transported back in time, at a time were there was no such thing as plastic pollution, were the world wasn't as polluted as it is now, when the streets and fields were not dirty with plastic, and were there were no such things as big garbage patches on the ocean. When you are reading, reading for fun, time passes in an instant, you feel like you are stuck into your own personal bubble where time is frozen.

Only Promise.

Prom ise

             Wouldn't it be fun to go into your brother’s, your sister’s room and see him or her reading, to see him/her without a technological device? I would love to see my brother reading his favorite book series, Wings of Fire, instead of playing Geometry Dash on the living room couch or for him not to destroy his eyes every day when he is playing a video game.  I would love for him to do something equally fun but not as harmful, something that may influence his life in a good way. I would love for him to read! So, if you can, promise me something, one day, when you are done with homework, grab a good book, sit on your couch, and, for just 6 little minutes, let the book take you to its world

Bicycles Over Cars Nicolas F.

Personal Story I was riding my bike with my parents to the park. We saw a bus; the bus wasn't moving because there was a red light. When the light turned green the bus let out a lot smoke. My parents and I were shocked because of all of the smoke that was coming out from the bus. Then we all started laughing because of how funny it is to see a lot of smoke coming out of a bus. So then I thought to myself that I’m riding a bike and I’m not polluting at all. I believe that riding a bike is more efficient than using a car because it doesn’t pollute at all. A car is a good mean of transportation, but it sometimes produces a lot of smoke and pollutes our environment. A car also uses gasoline or fossil fuels to power it. On the other hand, bikes don’t use gasoline to power themselves. They use you, you are the

engine that powers the bicycle. A bike is also a good

cardiovascular exercise. One of the disadvantages of using a bike is that it doesn’t go as fast as a car. That’s why people choose cars over bikes. You can also get tired if you are riding a bike and travel long distances. If you live in Miraflores and you are going to La Molina then it’s better to use a car. If you are going somewhere close like a park near your house, then you can use a bike because it’s close to your house. But still people choose cars over bikes

even if the park is blocks away One of the advantages of using a bike is that it’s cheaper. It’s also easier to put away. For a car you need a garage, a garage in an apartment can cost 40 to 60 dollars per square foot, and a 20 by 20 can cost from 16,000 dollars to 24,000 dollars. A car also needs more air for the tires. Which means more money spent than the amount of money spent using a bike. A car has four wheels while a bike has two. Two wheels means less money and less PSI needed for the tire to inflate. Also a car needs an electric inflator unlike a bike that just need a tire pump which needs to be pumped by hand. Going back to the speed part over the years bike brands have created electric bicycles which is like a motorcycle. Electric bikes or E-bikes for short work with batteries, which need to be recharged once their power has been depleted. Ebikes are also quicker than normal bicycles. Standard E-bikes can reach speeds up to 28 mph or 25 km/h. But the e-bikes stop supporting you until it reaches its maximum speed limitation. On

the left there is a biking route map in route 66which starts at Santa Monica and ends in Chicago. If a tire goes flat because of a nail then you only need to replace the tire, but

for a car you have to replace the whole wheel until you BUY an original one in the place you bought your car. In conclusion, you should choose bikes over cars because overall you spend less money using a bike than using a car.


By: Eleanor Foote



DANCE By Tessa Gonzalez Ferrette

You spin around, your arms and legs moving to the beat of the music playing from the speakers around you. You hear gasps and a few cheers from supporting friends and family. Then the song ends and the music starts to drift away and a pause of silence makes you nervous. You stand there, unsure what to do, getting worried that you possibly messed up or the audience didn't like it. Then out of nowhere the most deafening applause fills the room and you feel so proud of yourself for finally conquering your fears and the thought that you made people smile or laugh or feel anything with your own expressive dance feels so rewarding...that’s why I do it. Dance has been a huge part of my life for 3½ years and has let me express myself immensely throughout different styles and songs, but most importantly helped me overcome my fear of going up on stage to do something I love. If you ask me, of course I still get nervous but just like a roller coaster you are scared at first but once you get onto the ride, it goes by too quickly while you’re having a lot of fun then when you get off you want to do it NO M Asame D I C as | when 24 again and again, which is the you get onto a stage to dance.

Fitness In Dance: But besides being fun and exciting it is also a good way to stay fit and healthy by increasing your strength in your lungs, heart, muscular strength and endurance in fitness in general. According to the webpage of INDEO, “Approximately 665 postsecondary institutions offer dance minor and major programs in the United States” which I think is really great since then if they are passionate enough, they can keep dance going which can help them physically and emotionally in university and can reduce stress because “ When your body feels good, your mind does to!” says the Arthur Murray's Dance Centers web page. Another reason they think that dance can relieve stress is because when you dance you are in a safe environment and can express yourself freely and with no judgement which can help you stay calmer and stress free.

competing with is you and your limits great. They know that I might mess and values. Dancing or actually any up or get off track or fall but at the end sport doesn’t always need to be even if I do, the applause with give me stressing you with the most courage and pride to do it all competition and work, over again. And that’s why I love it can also just be a dance. But that’s just the feeling relaxing way to without the fun costumes and clothes, spend your time like without the thrill when you actually a profession step onto the stage, or the motivation you get from your peers and family. or hobby... like me! Can you see what I’m trying to get at yet???


Final Word:

When I first started dance, I was a Dance is so fun and can be for bit insecure and nervous to be myself everyone and anyone, which means in front of other classmates and teachers. I couldn’t wrap my mind that also includes you! So go ahead and be yourself, don’t care what around the idea of dancing- no not even-just being on a stage or a platform anyone thinks only think about how where i knew people would recognize you feel and your movements on me and actually see me and think I was stage. Express yourself with your weird or too extra for doing something choice of song and styles, and be in front of an audience or even a few unique with your ideas and with your people was just...*shudder* But hey, expressions. By doing these you can “A flower does not think of look at me now! I still get nervous to go be all you want to be in a dancer, competing to the flower next to it. onstage, still insecure if people see me expressful, unique and yourself! It just blooms,” said Sensei Ousi in his book “Zen Shin Talks” where he shows performing, still shuddering at the you about expressing yourself and thought of recognition. But that’s only finding out your spirituality in life. Throughbefore I get on, before I know that all that quote he wanted to tell you that you those light shining, all the speakers don’t need to compete with other people to tuning, all the people watching, be the best, the only one you should be because they KNOW that I’m gonna be

Keeping Calm:

In this issue >>>

People should play less videogames because it can affect relationships with your family, mind and health.



By: Angelo William P. Jimenez

Back in the Summer break, there was this one day, I was in my room by myself. You could hear nothing but the sound of concentration and buttons clicking. With the mindset of not dying, the mindset of a fortnite player. But when I die, I have the motivation to go again. Too much can equal deadly pain. That's why people should play fewer video games. According to The Motley Fool article, 27% of gamers are under the age of 18. 26% of people who play games are older than 50, and in between 18-50 47% are gamers. This is IMPORTANT! 27% of the people who play video games under the age of 18 can change the way they think. It can change their mindset, attitude, mood. The average gamer spends 20 hrs a WEEK! Just imagine how much time you spend without your friends or family. In fact, 80 hrs is 4 weeks or one month, When you are playing more then 3 hrs a day on video games, you can experience fatique and migranes in the eyes. If this still keeps up then you can experience poor hygine.

A picture from Sony, there PS4 controller

Imagine, a world when people plays fewer video games. They would use more of the environment because the world is being changed by climate change, trash, and plastic. If the environment is being polluted , then we can’t go outside or get fresh air. That's why we have to make it last before it gets destroyed. According to an article of John Trudell, “The earth is our mother, we must take care of it”. Another website, ModernMom article, The more you play videogames, the more you separate yourself from your family members. You can also miss out on quality family time such as Christmas, Easter, or New Years and more. Just imagine all of your family members eating breakfast together or gathering around the Christmas tree, and there's you just sitting in your parents basement or upstairs in your room just trying to win, or finishing a level. In my family, that would be a shame. Also, the only thing you can’t take back in life is time.

The average American gamer is at age 13. He can play up to 5-7 hours everyday.

HEALTH Health Central, another website, showed that people who play more videogames are going to get less or lack of vitamin D. Vitamin D is a vitamin that helps with your guts. It enables normal mineralization of bone. Also, Vitamin D is a natural fat soluble (Meaning it shows how much fat, acts within the body) and also people who play it, having a lack of sunlight which lacks vitamin D.

Ways to giving up addiction>>> Videogames can also affect your health while playing. People stay up just to play video games to finish a level or complete a quest. This can cause sleep deprivation; sleep deprivation is the condition of not having enough sleep. There’s two conditions of sleep deprivation. Acute and chronic. Chronic sleep deprivation is inability to not control your sleep. Acute sleep deprivation is just very severe sleep deprivation.

Vitamin D pills, helps gain more vitamin D

The real truth >>> In addition to video games affecting your health or your relationship with people, the reason why people play video games and get addicted is because of the satisfaction. According to the article of Britekite, the reason why people are addicted to videogames is because the satisfaction. There’s a lot of things people play a game for but most players play for the satisfaction. This is when a player gets use to the reward system, once the player gets use to it, the mind will want more due to its satisfaction. If you know your addiction is way too far, or you know somebody that has a crazy addiction. Then you possibly have these symptoms for being a videogame addict, According to Level Skip, 1. You spend most of your free time playing video games. Instead of reading or going outside. You think more towards video games then those options 2.You skip or neglect school and work because of video games 3.You ignore family or skip out on family time 4.You are ruining your health, such as sleep, eyes, even mindset 5. Last but not least, you spend your parents money or your money on in-game accessories This is a very bad way of spending money, because if the game is not popular or you’re not going to play it anymore, then you wasted money. Also if you notice some of these things on a person, then that’s how you know if s/he is addicted.

If you are one of these people who plays a lot of videogames or want to help a significant other, friend or family, here are ways you can help people. According to New beginnings, Gamers have the compulsion to play video games. It's like a magnet, it grabs your attention, it grabs your will, then it takes over what you love. So.. 1. Reduce your time, try to play under a limited time strain 2. Do more activities, the more activities you will do, the less you will play 3. Hangout out with family, spend family time rather than playing video games 4. Hangout with friends, spend some time outside and try to be social 5. If your addiction has gone way too far then try to get therapy, this will consider last resort option if your addiction is way to bad. This will help refocus what you want to put your energy into. Also, it can change your feelings and thoughts to help you. It will give you more habits and change your physical environment to help your addiction.

Remember>>> So, with all of this in mind, next time you go on a summer vacation, keep in mind how long you play video games. Playing video games is fine but there could be other things you can do such as, playing outside, read more, and playing sports etc.

by Regina Lopez





by Regina Lopez

Stop Bullying! YOU WILL FIND





Last week while watching YouTube on my cell phone I saw a video that it was supposed to be very funny. But for me, it wasn’t funny. There were some guys saying lots of bad words to another kid. But it wasn’t just that, they ended up in extreme violence. It was just horrendous. Whenever I think about bullying I’m often reminded of lots of kids suffering because of this problem. The simple fact of knowing that every day children are depressed because of bullying generates in me a sad feeling. People need to know that bullying is bad and that it needs to be stopped!. When I was in 2nd grade and lived in Mexico one of my classmates was constantly bothered by other students because he was a bit fat. But I didn’t say anything because I thought that was not a problem that I should care about. But now, I really regret not helping that friend because although it didn’t get too far there was still the chance that it did. And if something worse had happened  I would now feel very guilty.

The Effects of Bullying in Kids According to, “Kids who are bullied can experience depression and anxiety, increased feelings of sadness and loneliness, changes in sleep,  eating patterns, and loss of interest in activities they used to enjoy.” That is why bullying is very dangerous. In some cases, kids fall into depression and because they just can’t control themselves and they feel very useless and stupid then they end up by committing suiciding. To realize when bullying is happening is very difficult because not many people know what are the effects on kids that are suffering from bullying or how to notice if a kid is bullying someone else.

The Meaning Matters Once Abraham Lincoln said, “I would rather be a little nobody than to be an evil somebody”. This quote is important to mention because it makes us understand that sometimes it is best to be a person that doesn't bully and makes things correct than being a disgusting human being that is continually bullying others and making others feel bad just because he or she enjoys their pain.

Becoming Bullies On the other hand, did you know that according to, people bully others because of family issues, stress, and trauma? This information is very important because it gives a clue of how can bullying be stopped by saying the main reasons for why kids become bullies. It also shows how parents can realize if their children are being a victim of bullying, or if their child is the one doing the bullying. It is just so crazy how bullying can go too far. 

Think About It YouTube is not only a place where you see horrendous things as I saw once, YouTube is also a place where you can learn from as I did. A week later in my humanities class, I saw an anti-bullying video that showed how to prevent bullying. It was about a kid who was bullied and other kid that stood up for him and faced the bully. Next time that you see bullying happening, be like that kid in the video, you need to stand up for others, treat others with respect and get involved in what is happening because sometimes your help can make a very big change.

Stop Déforestation

My Inspiration Every July, I used to go horseback riding, with my brothers. We would go past the river and palm trees. And finally into the forest of pixies, my favorite type of tangerines. Like this we went every year, with my family and some times with my friends.Until one day,I climbed onto my horse, went past the river and the palm trees and saw, nothing? The place where I had had so many memories wasn't there, all the trees were gone! I couldn't believe it. I had to stop it. I had to stop deforestation.

Why should we stop it? So what is is ​deforestation​? Deforestation is to clear a wide area of trees and as the ​council of climate change ​says, it is one of the main causes of global warming. This is because when cutting or burning down trees they release carbon, mostly in the form of carbon dioxide, that affect the atmosphere and causes global warming. Deforestation has many more effects on earth, for example the devastating effect that it has on animals. Millions of animals lose their homes

because of people cutting down the trees that are the home to so many animals like monkeys and birds all around the world.

The causes of déforestation All of these problems that deforestation has brought are made by humans because humans are the one that cut down trees. Deforestation of the forests and jungles causes damage to the environment and to themselves. We cut down the trees so that we can get materials like wood for houses or pencil and papers for our schools. But what we don't know is that it is also harming us. Trees help us breathe, they take the carbon dioxide that we breathe out and turn it into oxygen that they then release so that we

can breathe it again and continue the cycle. So if we cut down trees we will slowly run out of oxygen.

The ones most affected Deforestation has many more effects on earth, for example the devastating effect that it has on animals. Millions of animals lose their homes because of people cutting down the trees that are the home to so many animals like monkeys and birds all around the world. Because of losing their homes the animals that survive are forced to emigrate to a new place where they may not be welcomed. This animals that migrate into this new environments have to try to adapt to leave with the animals that are already there. This can be a bit difficult. The new animals can become predators to some of the species that live their. If this species already has a predator then this species numbers will start to decrease which will cause whatever the animal it ate to start to have greater numbers. This would totally ruin the ecosystem, and it was all caused by


Stories By: Sofia Musiris

()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()() Getting ready for bed, I grabbed a book. Completely normal. It was a book about fairy tales. About princesses and princes, dragons and castles, magic and treasure. I did what anyone would do, I read it. Afterwards, I noticed something, in most of the stories in the book the woman are helped, saved and/or need rescuing. I thought about it for a while and, guess what, I only knew a few stories that were not like this, and most people did not know those. Most stories, especially fairy tales and classics, are like this, portraying woman and girls as helpless and weak and men as the strong and brave characters. People, if you think about it, you will notice that stores, well the ones from your childhood, are almost always portraying women as helpless weak characters who need to wait around to be saved. If you think about it, stories have become stereotyping, and male inclined in most cases

Clipped Wings

men are smart and more. This divides the two genders even more.

Classics Most people know Malala, right? For those who don't, Malala is a young woman who fights for women and girls. As a young girl, Malala Yousafzai defied the Taliban in Pakistan and demanded that girls be allowed to receive an education. She was shot in the head by a Taliban gunman in 2012, but survived and went on to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. If you want a more detailed explanation go to Malala Yousafzai Biography. Malala is the writer of `I am Malala´. Well, her father, Ziauddin Yousafzai, once said, ​“In most parts of the world, when a girl is born, her wings are clipped. She is not able to fly.” And I completely agree. I believe he means that in most places a girl is believed to be below men, therefore having fewer and less valued opportunities, meaning she is not able to excel. With stories like the fairy tales I mentioned, stereotypes are being subconsciously implanted in the heads of young children, making them think that women are weak, men are strong, women are stupid,

Take a few classic fairy tales for example, Snow White, Rapunzel and Cinderella. There are more, but I won't bore you with them.

The one with the long hair

In Rapunzel, she is kidnapped when she was a baby by Dame Gothel, an evil witch, and then locked away in a tower, where she is raised to believe that Dame Gothel is her mother. All the while Dame Gothel uses Rapunzel’s powers, which she got when her mother ate a magical flower because she was sick and

the flower transferred its powers to her, to make herself young. She wants something more than anything, to see t​he lights that come out in her birthday, but is not able ​to get it because she is not allowed to ​by Dame Gothel. She needs to wait for Flint Rider, to come take her to the lights, or in her words, be her guide.

Skin as White as Snow

Snow White wakes up, they marry and live happily ever after.

Cunning and Conniving There are also plenty of conniving princesses, clever maidens, heroic serving girls, and supernatural queens. For example Brave, The Old Woman in the Wood, The Feathered Bird and The Snow Queen.

The Old Woman In the Woods

In the story of Snow White, she lives a perfect life until her father, the king, dies and she is left with her stepmother, who after asking her enchanted mirror who was the prettiest of them, wants to kill her because the mirror responded that she was the prettiest of them all. The queen sends a hunter after her and asks the hunter to bring her Snow White's heart. The hunter has a moment of kindness and compassion, letting her live. She finds the house of the seven dwarfs and falls asleep. Then, The dwarfs find her asleep, and after explaining her situation, the dwarfs decide to let her stay with them if she cooked, cleaned and took care of the house when they were away. Snow White agrees. A few days later, the queen discovers the hutt, after again asking her enchanted mirror who was the prettiest, then where was Snow White. The Queen disguises herself as a old woman selling apples and goes to the seven dwarfs hut, gives a poisoned apple to Snow White and she collapses. The dwarves find her dead on the floor and hold a funeral, with a crystal coffin, when a prince sees her through the coffin and thinks she is pretty and kiss kiss. Then,

The Snow Queen The Snow Queen story is a bit of a cheat because it’s from Hans Christian Andersen, but hey, who doesn’t love Frozen, right? A little girl called Gerda undertakes an epic quest to find her friend Kay when he is stolen by the Snow Queen. She eventually tracks him to the Queen’s palace and finds that he has been brainwashed. Gerda’s tears, born of love and compassion, melt Kay’s icy heart and free him from the Snow Queen’s spell.

Brave In The story of the old woman in the woods, Known only as “a poor servant girl,” the star of is assaulted by a murdering band of robbers and left for dead in the forest. To thank the white pigeon who saves her, she infiltrates an evil witch’s cottage, battles the old hag to recover the bird’s stolen goods, then chases her down through the forest when she flees. Ring in hand, the girl breaks the witch’s curse and turns the bird back into a prince.

In Brave,the beginning of the story is basically about Merida fighting to save her hand in marriage, and then she messes up, giving her mother the pie.

Good bye

The Feathered Bird

One of the most brutal and bloody of the Grimms’ Fairy Tales is also one of their best revenge stories. The Feathered Bird starts with a sorcerer who kidnaps two sisters, takes them to his cottage, and chops off their heads. But when he returns to snatch the youngest, she brings her sisters back to life, then trick the sorcerer into returning them to their father. And then, she burns him alive in his own house of horrors.

Unfortunately, most people don't know these amazing stories, only growing up with stories that are full of stereotypes and prejudice, most being male inclined. Look, I know that there are many stories that are not like this, full of stereotypes, but the ones that I am talking about are the ones that accompany you since the beginning of your lives to the last breath you take. Next time you read a book, or hear a story, do what I did and think about it.



According to,  "The  opportunity  to  access  social  network  sites  and  games  can  tempt  students  away  from  planned  learning  studies".  This  is  an  example and a  fact of why kids and teens, who are mostly students, should use  their  electronic  devices  less.  Education  gives  you  the  knowledge  and  skills  you  need  in  order  to  live  and  be  successful  in  life.  Students  (kids  and  teens)  shouldn't  be  wasting  this  opportunity,  that  a  lot  of  kids  don't  have,  on  electronic  devices.  Since  these  electronic  devices  are  distracting  the  students  from  their studies, the students might  be  failing  or  not  learning  the  facts  and  skills  that  they  need.  Also,  if  those  students  don't  pay  attention  during  class,  their  parents  will  get  angry,  which  will  result  in  a  type  of  consequence  that  could  include  taking  their  electronic  device  away  or  an  even  worse  punishment.

  FRUITLESS KIDS?  Enlightening  my  day,  the  sun's  rays  were  breaking  through the strong wall my bedroom curtains made. Feeling the  day's  warmth  on  my  skin,  I  already  knew  it  was  a  bright  and  sunny  morning,  a  perfect  day  to  go  to  the  park.  At  the  Benjamin  Doig  Lossio  park,  you  could  see  that  kids  and  teenagers  of  all  ages  filled  the  park  with  their  beaming  faces  and  laughter,  ones  that  would  clear  up  all  your  gray  clouds  in  less  than  a  second.  The  kids  and  teens  would  clamber  the  tall  and  magnificent trees, do weird gymnastics tricks on the grass,  and  pet  the  a ectionate  dogs  that  adroitly  ran  around  everyone.  But  now  as  the  years  gone  by,  I  have  seen  the  extravagant  changes.  Those  kids  who  once  filled  the  park with  smiling  faces,  have  locked  themselves  in  their  rooms,  where  the  only  bright  light  is  the  one  emitted  out  of  their  electronic  devices. Even from the park, you could see kids in their parents'  cars  just  staring  down  at a screen. At night, you could hear the  shouts  of  angry  parents  and  annoyed  kids,  arguing  about their  time  on  electronics.  Are  all  kids  and  teens  now  like  this? Why  can't  we  do  something  more  entertaining,  energizing,  and  productive?  Kids  and  teens  should  use their electronic devices  less!     


In addition  to  technology  tempting  students  away  from  planned  learning  studies,  according  to  Business  Insider,  "Research  has  found  that an eighth grader's risk for depression  jumps  27% when he or she uses social media." Even though the  risk of depression for an eighth grader when using social media  is  less  than  half  of  100%,  that  27%  is  a  lot.  Imagine  all  the  eighth  graders  in  the  world  having  a  phone,  computer  or  electronic  device  where  they  can  access  social  media.  Even  though  you  can  express  yourself and communicate with people  through  it,  social  media  can  be  a  bad  environment.  "In"  social  media,  there  are  a  lot  of  cyberbullies  and  negative  people,  which  will  influence  their  own  negativity  "into"  you.  There  are  millions  of  eighth  graders  in  the  world.  Envision  all  the  8th  graders in the world, instead of being ecstatic and merry, being  pessimistic and bitter.    

oranges. Nightlights  and  television  screens  went  o .  Even  the  sound  of  video  games,  movies  and  videos  diminished.  Back at  the  park,  more  kids  come  everyday.  You  can  see more jubilant  faces  and  electrified  running  bodies.  Instead  of  listening  to  bitter  arguments  between  parents  and  their kids, you can hear  positive  comments  and  laughs.  There  is  hope. One day, the sun  will rise brighter than all the electronic screens.    “Technology can be our best friend, and technology  can also be the biggest party pooper of our lives. It  interrupts our own story, interrupts the ability to have a  thought or day dream, to imagine something wonderful,  because we’re too busy bridging the walk from the cafeteria  back to the o ce on a cell phone.”  

  LEARNING TOO MUCH  Lastly,  as  stated  in  the  New  York  Times,  "Media  use  among  children  and  teenagers  ages  8  to  18  has  grown  so  fast  that  they  on  average  spend  twice  as  much  time  with  screens  each  year  as  they  spend  in  school."  This  is  extremely  bad!  The  media  could  be  mentally  harmful  and  inappropriate  in  some  cases  since  there  a lot of mean and bad people on the internet.  Since  children  and  teenagers  have  been  on  average  using  media  on  their  electronic  devices  twice  as  much  time  as  they  spend  at  school,  those  kids  might  be  learning  things  ahead  of  time.  Even  though  in  some  instances  it  is  considered  good  to  learn  more  since  you  are  wiser,  those  kids  might  be  learning  inappropriate or too complicated themes.   

UNPLUG & GO Once  you  start  using  your  electronic  devices  less, life  can  start  becoming  boring  in  your  opinion,  since  you  have  nothing  to  do.  One  way  you  can  pass  time  without  using  electronics  is  to  take  a  nap.  The  sound  of  it  might  seem  very  boring  but,  your  dreams  could  be  interesting.  Also,  after  your  nap  you  will  feel  more  refreshed,  which  is  a  bonus  if  you  do  sports.  Another  way  to  pass  time  is  to  clean/organize  your  room.  After  this  activity, not only your parents  will stop telling  you to clean your room, but you   will  also  have  more  space  for  yourself.  The last activity/way is  to  get  ahead  in  school  work. Even though it’s not interesting, if  you  get  ahead,  with  your  teacher’s  permission, you might have  more  free  time  in  school  to  read,  draw,  write,  etc.  There  are a  million  things you can do to entertain yourself without using an  electronic  device.  Don’t  let electronics be the limit of what you  can and cannot do!   

OUTDOOR KIDS The  light  dimmed  as  the  sun  went  down.  The  sky  turned  into a dusky indigo, hinted with pearly pinks and blazing   

-Steven Spielberg


What can I do to help?:

1. Play non-technological activities games with the “tech person”   - UNO, Monopoly, Tag, Coloring, etc  2.   Talk with the person you are worried about and tell them  the consequences that technology can bring to their lives    3. Spread the message.   - Make posters around your school, neighborhood,  etc, about kids and teens using less technology. 

RISE UP    There  is  hope.  Help  me  solve  this issue, help me tell  kids  and  teens  to  use  electronics  less!  One  day,  the  sun  will  rise  brighter  than  all  the  electronic  screens.




BY CARLOS             Have  you  ever  wanted  to  know  which  game  is  worth  it  to  play  well  hier is the article you were looking for where we  are  looking  at  the  to  console  mobile  computer  most  famous  game  and  here  we  are  going  to  tell  you  which one you should  play and this gam are FORTNITE and PUBG  Before  we  begin  you  need  to  know  that  both  games  are  battle  royale  games. e  game  is  that  you  jump  from  a  plane  or  a  bus  with  nothing  and  when  you  get  to  the  ground  you  have  to  get  weapons  and  start  killing  the  other  persons. e  goal  in this games is to get first place by killing all  the other persons and being the only survivor. 

Fortnite Types of Ammo

FORTNITE  is  better  than  PUBG  because  it  is  a  lot  simpler  to  do  anything.  You  do  not  have  to  worry  about  the  ammo  because  there  are  only  4  types  of  ammo  like  heavy 

ammo medium  ammo  and  light  ammo  rocket  ammo  and  some  don't  even  need  ammo  like  the  crossbow  that  it  has  the  infinity of ammo but its long recharge.  

e Game is Faster  

It’s  faster  because  the  map  is  a  lot  smaller  so  each  match in  top  5  is  about  10  to  15  minutes  long;  a  PUBG  match  is  about 20 to 50  minutes  long  and  you  would  not  like  to  waste  20 to 50 minutes of their life  for  just  a  match.  ey  would  just  go  to  something  else.  Also,  You  should  play  FORTNITE  because  you  want  to  play  a  random  game  before  going  to  do  something else like having lunch.       


Also because  FORTNITE  has  no  vehicles  and  PUBG  has  so  in  PUBG  you  can  get  run  over  by  a  car  and  in  FORTNITE  you  don’t  have  to  worry  about  someone  running  over you.   

e type of  skins  you  wear 

Also a negative fact  about  PUBG  and  a  reason  why  you  should  prefer  FORTNITE  is  the  kind  of  skins  that  the  player  can  change  during  the match. If  you  are  going  to  pay  around  10  dollars  for  a  skin this are how  your character looks or gets dressed up as that looks like yours  before  but  a  little  bit  better  in  PUBG  you  may  not  pay  for it,  but  in  FORTNITE  you  can  buy  a  skin  that  is  totally  di ferent  and  non  realistic  (like,  not  so  long  ago  they  added  a  guy  of  a  tomato  head  and  before  of  that  long  time  ago  the  raven  with  the  new  skins  and  know  with  the  Stillsight  skin  that look like  terminator) you probably are going to buy it. 

e Guns

Also  there  are  pickaxes  that  you  cannot  find  in  PUBG,  in  PUBG  if  you  don’t  get  a  gun you need to use  your  hand  to  kill  them  but  it  is  unusual  because  your  hand  does  a  lot  of  damage  so  you could kill him  even  if  you  don’t  have  a  guns,  and  in  FORTNITE  the  pickaxes  does  10  damage  per  shot so if they have full  shield  you  will  kill  him  in  20  shots  and  if  he  does  not  have  any  shield  you  could  kill  him  in  10  shots  when  he can grab a gun and kill  you  or  you  kill  them.  Also  talking  about  the  pickaxes  you  can  buy  other  pickaxes  that isn’t the one in the beginning and that  make  di ferent  noises  and  look  a  lot  cooler.  And also their are  weapon  in  PUBG  weapon  accuracy  is  horrible  because  when  you  start  shouting  the  weapon  starts  moving  every  wear  and  in  FORTNITE  know  but  depending  on  the  distance  the  damage  will  change.  But  because  of  this  FORTNITE  players  can have more health than PUBG characters. 





probably have  the  best  graphics  of  FORTNITE  in  mobile.  Maybe  you  don’t  have  PS4  or  a  good  computer  to  play  on  would  probably  play on a cellphone and because FORTNITE is  a  lot  faster  they  would  surely  choose  this  game  instead  of  PUBG because less internet is required for it.    Also  now  that  you  know  both  games are on consoles  computers and mobile here there's a big di ference: the chance  to  build  walls,  stairs,  loors,  pyramids  to  hide  in.  In  FORTNITE  you  can  do  all  of  this  while  in  PUBG  you  can  search for places where to hide or to use as bases.  FORTNITE  is  free  this  is  also  why  you  should  like  it  because  is  free.  Why  play  PUBG  if  you  can get the same exact  game  but  better  and  free?  at is a huge di ference. Adding to  this  FORTNITE  is  in  one  more  console than PUBG and that it  is in PS4 the most sold console ever it has over 70 million units  sold  and  Xbox  has  only  had  35  million  units  sold and because  all the famous people gonna play FORTNITE.  FORTNITE  is  a  wonderful  game  but  something  the  developers  do  really  well  is  the  update  they  update  it  every  week  and  with  the  meteor  that  just  strikes  they  are  going  to  build  a  building  so  they  can  investigate  the  asteroid and each  week  it  will  grow  until  it  is  completely done. 

Developers of  FORTNITE  pay  Attention  to 

the Community

ere was  this  story  about  a  university  teacher  that  had  a lot of his/her students playing FORTNITE mobil in class  and  he  did  not  want  that.He  contacted  the  FORTNITE  developers  to  put  a  message  that  said,  “Mr  Hillman  said  to  stop  playing  in  class.”  ey did not respond. A few weeks later  the  developers  noticed  the  message  and  for  one  day  the  message  was  in  the  FORTNITE  loading  screen.  Also  there  is  this  one  that  happened  recently  with  the  season  4  update.A  kid  that  contested  in  the  #boogiedown  contest  and  this  kid  was  recognized  as  the  Orange Shirt kid he made the favourite  dance  for  all  the  people  but  another  person  won  but  a ter  season 4 got released by surprise the Orange Shirt kid dance is  in the game because the community.   


FORTNITE battle  royale  is  the  best  game  ever  iven  PUBG  an  also  good  game  could  beat him so a ter reading this  article  you  are  probably  going  to  want  to  play  FORTNITE.

You've probably  heard  about  FORTNITE  mobile  and  PUBG  mobile  these  are  the  two  biggest  mobile  games  in  IOS  (this  is  the  Apple  system)  because  in Android they are still not  available.Because  both  of  these  are  in  IOS,  they  have  to  have  some  di ferences.  Some  of  these  di ferences  are  expressed  in  graphics.  For  example,  if  you  have  a  good  cell  phone  like  iPhone  8  or  iPhone  X  the  game  will  run  luently  and it would 

Smoking Is Deadly! By: Marcelo Panizo Last year, I was in Asia boulevard. It was beautiful. There was VR games, good food, and even a VR rollercoaster! We were walking to the Papa John's. I smelled the delicious pepperoni pizza as we were getting closer. We were walking through a discotec and there were a lot of under aged people waiting outside. They were smoking, drinking and even showing fake ids to the guards. I asked my mom what is the horrible smell and she said that it is smoke. I tried to hold my breath because I knew that smoke is worse for me than for other people. Afterwards, I could not breathe well and my throat was closing. I felt horrible after that experience and from there I asked everyone I know that smokes to at

least not smoke near me. Smoking is deadly! According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States every year smoking has 480,000

more deaths on its name. Smoking can be harmful to smokers, non-smokers, and even animals.

lot of dangers it can kill you, it is very addictive, and it can even control you to do horrible things. Also, smoking can make you waste money on cigarettes. It is not cool and it can give you popcorn lungs. Popcorn lungs are when you get a specific type of lung cancer that makes your lungs’ airways fail. Your lungs have black dots and it looks like burned popcorn.

Why Smoking is Bad for Smokers Smoking is harmful to people because it can cause lung disease and cancer. Smoking has a

Another thing is, you lose oxygen over time and die from lack of oxygen. There is a lot

more diseases caused by smoking, so be aware.

Why Smoking is Bad for Non-smokers Smoking is also bad for non-smokers. You, yes you! You are smoking right now. You might be thinking ​but I have never smoked, what are you talking about?!?! ​Well, the chemicals are airborne and they are mixed with the air you breathe so, you need to tell other people who smoke to stop because it doesn't just influence the smoker, it influences you. You still have the same risks of diseases with secondhand smoke, but it isn’t as bad as smoking. You should still keep away from it.

How to Stop Smoking Stopping smoking can be really hard. To stop smoking first you need elaborate a quit plan. A quit plan is a plan that gives you ways

to stay focused, confident, and motivated to stopping. You can make your own ​here​ or find one that fits you. While quitting, you have to stay busy. Ways of staying busy are drawing, exercising, or even eating gum or hard candy! Also, avoid your smoking triggers and try staying with non smokers. Finally stay positive. But if you need help quitting, ask someone who managed to quit. They will help you

through your journey! Imagine the beautiful Asia Boulevard with no smokers or cigarrete​ buds on the floor. There would be a clear sky, no coughing

sounds, and no cancer risk! This place would be much more visited without that ​deadly smoke coming along. I wouldn’t have that horrible day! It would be like a smoke-free ​heaven​.

​People Should​

​Not​ ​be Racist  

By: Matias Restrepo   Every day if you watch the news you will    hear about many problems in the world like  pollution, poverty, global warming, terrorism,  diseases, drug addiction, etc. But one of the  biggest problems you will see is racism. Not only  in US but in the whole world. Hearing news  about racism I get really sad because I don’t  understand what is the problem with another  person having a different skin color. That is why  I get sad. People should ​NOT​ be racist! 

​Racism Even to Famous

There are many people that have suffered because of racism in their lives, even  famous people. For example the Italian soccer  player Mario Balotelli suffered a lot racism in  his soccer career. Once when he was playing a  soccer match between OGC Nice against Dijon  the fans from Dijon started to scream racist  insults to him. When he went to tell that to the  referee the referee gave him a yellow card  because of “complaining.” Mario Balotelli said,  “Racism springs from ignorance”.     

Surprised by that story that when I was  searching I saw many more facts and statistics  about racism.I saw that employers are less likely  to hire job applicants with black names. This is  important because if they receive a CV with the  same things and they see one has a black name  and the other with a white name they are more  likely to hire the one with the white name.  Another statistic that surprised me is, “In 2010,    

the U.S. Sentencing Commission  reported that African Americans receive 10%  longer sentences than whites through the  federal system for the same crimes.”  Unfortunately that is unfair because only  judging people by their skin color to say that  they did something more wrong than a white  person    

Government This problem can get really worse. Racism can get to ​government​ and that can  cause corruption and crisis to the whole society.  If that happens companies will not have enough  money to pay their workers so many people will  lose their jobs and then the whole society will  have problems. For example if a president is  racist all of the community will have problems  there will be conflicts, black people getting    

depressed and even commiting suicide.

People in Racism

Racism in Sports In ​sports​ racism is also present, in sports like football, basketball, soccer there have been  many incidents of racism, According to  research from the University of Central  Florida's Institute for Diversity and Ethics in  Sport, racism in sports in the United States  went from 31 causes in 2016 to 41 causes in  2017. But that was only in the USA. In the whole  world there  were many  more causes of  racism in  sports, There  should not be  racism in  sports because  people do  sports because  they like and  they want to  but they should not be treated differently or  discriminated only because of their skin color.  So imagine you are a black person who is  passionate about soccer and you are good at it  and you want to be a soccer player but you can't  have the same chances as a white person only  because you are black. Then, if you get to be a  soccer player, you would be discriminated all  the games, social media,before games,etc only  because of your skin color.      Map of the countries with most racial  discrimination in europe.   

The ​people w ​ ho have been or are victims of racism suffer a lot in their life because  they have to deal with people thinking that their  race(black) is not as important as the than  others races (white) and they can even be  treated with violence and aggression. People  who are racist and do  racist things think  that they are better  because they are  white but mostly of  the time they do  racism because of a  reason for example if  a kid does racism at  school probably is  because they want  attention or be the  “fun kid”.   In conclusion In the news I watch many  problems in world but racism is one of the  biggest, there are many people that are  racist in the world but there is always a  reason, nobody does racism for nothing and  that is why it is stoppable we can stop  racism if we want. We are not born being  racist; that  it is something we develop in our life. So  education is one way to stop racism.​ ​DO  NOT BE RACIST.



By Mia Siu

My real life experience           It was night, my friends and I were planning to go and ride bicycles. Riding our bicycles we passed to a football field. My friends including me heard some laughs and screaming with a loud music in the background. Then we started to get closer to the sound, and we saw a bunch of underage kids who were drinking and smoking.  Turning around we saw a girl who was 15 years old, she was being carried by a security man.

The girl had blood on her face and she seemed really drunk. My friends and I were really scared so we decided to go to our houses where we feel safe.

Not just that

To start with, alcohol is a drug that most teenagers drink at those ages, for example, 13 to 19 years old. It can lead you to violence, accidents, and other health problems that can be really dangerous and a serious problem. This can happen when you don't know how to control the alcohol and you can drink alcohol in excess. Young people like teenagers start to drink at that age, but what they don't really understand or know is that they are too young and can't control the alcohol. They can take it to the next level and take the alcohol in an unsafe way. Underage drinking is a health problem and it’s really dangerous. Parents need to be really attentive because kids do stuff that the parents will never notice for a long time. Teenagers drink without their parents looking. That is even worse because any things that happen is the parent's responsibility and in this case, the parents don't know that their child is doing an illegal thing.

FUN FACT 33% drank some amount of alcohol. 18% binge drank. 8% drove after drinking alcohol. 20% rode with a driver who had been drinking alcohol.

The Alcohol Alert According to the article Underage Drinking published by Alcohol Alert “Scientists currently are examining just how alcohol affects the developing brain, but it’s a difficult task. Subtle changes in the brain may be difficult to detect but still have a significant impact on long-term thinking and memory skills. Add to this the fact that adolescent brains are still maturing, and the study of alcohol’s effects becomes even more complex.” The brains of your child can change, and their memories won't be the same.

Why do teenagers drink? I notice that life is really important and it is your choice to make a good or bad choice about your health or life. Underage drinking can make you fill fit in, with a group of friends. A lot of teens says that if you don't drink you are not one of the cool people, and that's what makes you feel that you cant fit in. When a teenager drinks, they will feel more comfortable because they think that now they are in one of the popular groups and that there are cool and everyone will like him/her.

It get's worse Not only does it affect the health of teenagers, it can lead to violence. According to the article, Youth Violence and Alcohol, written by World Health Organization, “Across the world an average of 565 young people aged 10 to 29 die every day through interpersonal violence, with males at greater risk,” Teen drinking leads to behavior problems and issues. Teens can’t only hurt someone else, they can also hurt themselves. They can have brain issues and that will lead us to hurt or kill themselves. Another important and unsafe thing that alcohol can cause is accidents. When teens drink too much alcohol they are drunk and they don't know what are they doing. Sometimes they are out of control and may not pay attention and accidents may happen. There's a lot of risks that they may fall or do an unsafe thing that causes an accident because they are drunk.

Advice for Parents You as a parent, need to do something. You need to let your child fail and helping them learn that they can pass a lot of difficulties in their life. You need to have a really nice relationship with your children so whatever thing that happens, the will tell you. The worst thing that you can do is spy on them or not trust them, you just need to be aware and understand them. Not only is about your relationship with them, also not let them take all the choices by themselves. Children and teenagers still need a parent or grown up to guide them. If you see that you’re a child is making good choices give them more freedom, but if you see that they are taking a bad choice, take away the freedom and put more limits, because that means they are still not mature.

My opinion

In my experience, I felt really scared and didn't know how to react. Seeing the girl bleeding and putting her life at risk, really affected me. The girl's mom was freaking out. But another thing that really surprised me in a positive way, was when I saw another girl not accepting alcohol in her body. That girl knew what choices to take. She had alcohol in front of her but she decided not to drink. Not drinking alcohol or smoking, doesn't mean that you can't hang with your friends, be happy or go to parties. It means to make good choices and be responsible for your actions.

Street Dogs Deserve Homes   

Last year my friend Dina and I went to Voz Animal. (Thanks mom for driving.) Voz animal is a  shelter of dogs that have  been on the streets  seriously injured,  abandoned, or really  needed a home. At the  time there were about 96  dogs running around the  shelter and jumping on  you licking your face. I  thought to myself, “​Wow!  These dogs used to live on  the streets and have been  abandoned from their previous owners, and now they are  the most happiest dogs I’ve ever seen. Its like they have  forgotten about the streets and their past lives.”​ After  thinking that a dog jumped on me. My friend and I 

were laughing. This is the reason I want dogs to be adopted, so they can live happy. They deserve  amazing homes and owners.     Everytime I go somewhere in  the car, there is a dog on the  streets and I try to think what  it’s life it would have been  with an owner. That dog  would’ve been so happy, loved  and cared for if it had an  owner. I think how sad it is  that these dogs are walking in  the heat, starving to death,  And no one has helped the poor dog, just imagine  you’re in their shoes, or should I say ...paws.    

There are so many dogs on the streets because some dogs that are on the streets aborn on  the streets then causing more to be around. No one  will adopt them anyways so they are left in the  streets to die, Unless people sell them from the  streets but that won't do any good anyways because  those puppies are extremely sick and die in a few  days. It’s even more dangerous for puppies to be on  the streets because food for them is more  important , but they have to eat from the trash  causing them to become very ill. Also there can be  lots of dogs on the streets because more and more  people are abandoning their dogs.” According to “​Approximately 7.6 million  companion animals enter animal shelters  nationwide every year. Of those, approximately 

3.9 million are dogs and 3.4 million are cats.” (​That means 3.9 million dogs are abandoned and left in  the shelters to die and be depressed.) ​ ” ​Each year,  approximately 2.7 million dogs and cats are killed  every year because shelters are too full and there  aren’t enough adoptive homes.”, ​This sound  horrible and makes me feel really sad when I think  about it.   It makes extremely angry because why  would someone want to do this in the first place,  what comes to their mind when they give up their  own dog like that, do they feel sad or do they feel  nothing at all? I just don’t get it. I don’t get it one  bit.    

Street dogs get injured while they are on the street. They can become really unhealthy by eating  food from the trash that could have diseases on  them , but they do what they can because they  never have anything to eat. They can die because of  this. Some people don’t even care for these dogs 

that they think they could do anything bad with the dogs and get away with it. Some people have hurt  these animals really horribly. Some people have run  them over because there are so many on the streets(  Which has to stop), That they could run them over  easily. Some people do care but some don’t care  that these dogs are suffering and are depressed.    We can help these dogs by first, donating to  animal shelters to help them raise money like, Voz  animal. Then you might want to adopt these dogs  because they are really amazing. You might want to  tell your friends about this shelter who love dogs.  You can also help the dogs on the streets and give  them lots of love and lots of help. Dogs are amazing  creatures and want love. That's Why Dogs Deserve  Homes.

STOP​ R ​acism By: Nicolas   One  time  scrolling  down  through  the  videos of YouTube at my house while watching  a  compilation  of  the  best  goals  in  soccer,  on  the  right  corner  I  saw  a  video  that  was  called,  “Compilation  of  racism  in  soccer,”  or  similar  titles.  I  get  angry.  No  matter  what  your  skin  color  is,  people  shouldn't  be  judged  by  their  skin  color and should be treated the same as a  white  person  or  the  other  skin  colors.  People  should ​STOP​ racism. 

Toscano help.”  ​Morgan  Gibbs-White  was  racially  abused  during  the  Under-17  World  Cup  final  last  October.  He  was  called  “monkey”  by  a  Spanish  opponent.  After  the  incident,  FIFA  started  an  investigation  but  dismissed  all  charges, citing a “lack of sufficient evidence.” 

Racism in Soccer   Mario  Balotelli  is  a  famous  soccer  player.  Playing  for  the  French  soccer  team  OGC  Nice,  he  has  suffered  a lot of racism. In a  game  a  lot  of  people  shouted  many  racist  insults  at  him  ,  so  much  that  it  made  him  cry  and then he left the game. 

Racism in Society

Italy Magazine  had  a  quote  of  Mario  that  said,  ​“You  can’t  delete  racism.  It’s  like  a  cigarette.  You  can’t  stop  smoking  if  you  don’t  want  to,  and  you  can’t  stop  racism  if  people  don’t  want  to.  But  I’ll  do  everything  I  can  to 

Surprised by  the  statistics  of  Dosomething  that  said,  “After  being  arrested,  African  Americans  are  ​33%  most  likely  than  whites  to  be  detained  while  facing  a  felony  trial  in  New  York.”  This  isn’t  fair  because  African  Americans  shouldn’t  have  more  probabilities  of  going  to  a  trial  just  because of  their  skin  color.  They  are  just  judging  them by  their skin color.    According  to  the  American  Psychiatric  Association  website,  black  people  are  getting  depressed and they want to commit suicide.  

In Wisconsin,  a  statewide  survey  reported  alarming  rates  of  high  school  black  people  have  ideas  about  wanting  to  committing  suicide;  while  4%  of  white  students  reported  they  attempted  suicide  at  least  once,  within  the  past  year,  16%  ​of  black  students  reported  suicide attempts.   

Health Problems Because of Racism   

A new  survey  conducted  by  the  NPR,  the  Robert  Wood  Johnson  Foundation  and  the  Harvard  T.H.  Chan  School  of  Public  Health  found  out  that  racism  can  also  cause  you  health  problems,  literally  health  problems!  It  found  out  that  being  treated  with  less  courtesy  than  other  people,  or  bad  service  in  restaurants  or  stores,  people  who  are  the  most  affected  in  that  kind  of  experiences,  passing  the  time,  this  people  are  in  a  rapid  coronary  heart  disease​.  The  research  also  found  out  that  pregnant  women  who  report  lots  of  discrimination  give  birth  to  babies  who  are lower in baby weight. 

Youtube  videos  shouldn't have this kind  of  racism  content,  Youtube  should  have  some  strict  rules  about  this  type  of  content  and  delete any videos that have this kind of  

content.  We  need  to  stop  racism  or  at  least  reduce  it.  Racism  is  all  over  our  world. We are  the  only  ones  who  can  stop  it.  It  is  causing  health  problems  to  people,  and  this  is  really  bad  because  a  baby  may  be  born  with  weight  problems  because  her  mother  was  always  a  victim  of  discrimination.  You  can  reduce  racism  by  not  judging  someone  by  his  color  and just treating him as you would treat     another  person.  Don’t  expand  it,  reduce  it,  and as I said in the start, ​STOP it​.              

Some curious facts about racism in soccer 


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[Escriba el subtĂ­tulo del documento]Personal Story One day I was at school in lunch. I was really hungry! I almost cried because of how hungry I was. One of my friends, my best friend, took out of his bright blue lunch box a package of vanilla Oreos put his hand out and gave me the package of

Oreos and that alleviated my hunger. I felt super good and super happy.

SHARING RESOURCES So sharing resources is the thing that I am going to talk to you about.


Eli Khamarov, a famous writer from England said "Poverty is like punishment for a crime you didn't commit." And this is really bad because the children have not done anything bad to anybody in the world and they are just dying because they can't afford food. According to unicef “22,000 children die of poverty around the world”. So now poverty in our world people asking for money in the streets also innocent kids dying because they do not have enough money to afford any sort of drink to be hydrated and they need to drink from rivers and the water in the rivers might look really clean but actually it is really dirty. Now quietly imagine a world without poverty and think how would it be if there were no kids starving to death, dehydrating and not having anywhere to sleep or live in, that would be a good world. Right? And if you don't think this is good well something is wrong unless you like that children starve to death. But wouldn't you be happy if there was no poverty, no children dying and no crime this is why it would be a good world without this big problem. Well if we shared resources with poor people we might not erase it from the world but we will reduce world poverty massively and everybody will be happy. You and the ones who get the resources will be happy and not just them that get the resources you donate but you too because you are doing a good thing and even saving life. Some ways you can share your resources are by donating to some orphanages or when your school is donating food to poor people you can give them some food so they can give it to the people that need it the most. Some of the

places that you can donate to are: Hogar de Gina, you could give them food and hygiene products and Pamplona Alta they also need a lot of food and some cover in the night because it's really cold in there especially during the nights. Also another way to help is if you are in my school you could join bag to mat or if you don't get in you can donate them some bags so they can make the mat for the poor people that suffer of cold during the night. "Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity," this was said by Coco Chanel a french fashion designer. As you can see nobody thinks poverty is something someone deserves or something good and by our side (the people that have money) poverty does not seem that harmful because I don't think anybody of us have ever starved until the point it really hurts (and believe me it is not a good feeling). Some of the symptoms that you get when starving are that you start vomiting, you get really bad headaches and you can even die of it. So now you know a little bit about the symptoms and I think you king of felt bad for the people that suffer of this. And what if you wanted to do something bigger like going there and helping paint something, well you can actually visit Hogar de Gina and you can help them paint their house or maybe cook them food. So now you see how the world is with poverty and the consequences of this problem.

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