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Original Title: The Stranger and other stories Published in 2017 by Colégio ECCOS Copyright © 2017

Colégio ECCOS Rua Bariloche, 91 – Jardim América São José dos Campos, Sp – Brazil

Editorial Coordinator: Denise Seabra Corrections: Denise Seabra Revision: Denise Seabra and Kátia Castro Popov Diagramming: Denise Seabra

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1. The Hallucination ................................................................................... p.6 by Gabriel Noronha de Lima, Heitor Nishimura, Matheus Junichi Takano

2. The Creepy Halloween Stories............................................................ p.8 by Isabela Oliveira Lisboa

3. All for the Daughter.............................................................................. p.14 by Marco Antonio Ribeiro Miranda Manzo Monteiro, João Pedro Caporal Gonçalves, João Victor Klabacher Carvalho

4. The Mississippi Hours......................................................................... p.16 by Maria Eduarda Patto dos Santos Fernandes, Sofia Felix Faria, Júlia Reis Araújo

5. The ABC Sisters................................................................................... p.20 by Isabella Fernandes Santana, Maria Julia Silva Campos Lobo, Agnes Yurika Michida Takeya, Giulia Pugliesi Colarini

6. The Stranger ....................................................................................... p.22 by Luana Estéfani Mendes Lima and Isabela Ballielo Oliveira

7. Secret Fire .......................................................................................... p.28 by Isabella Tiemi Hioki Abe

We dedicate this book to our families because they work hard and would do anything for us. To the teachers who helped us writing these stories. The school staff for keeping the school safe and clean. The book writers and movie directors who inspired us.

Thanks to Ms. Denise The readers All Preliminary students

Presentation Of all abilities involved in learning English as a second language, writing can sometimes be one the most intimidating. Students may feel reluctant or even threatened by a blank piece of paper and a request to write a story. However, this can be a great opportunity for the students to gain confidence. Fun activities, lots of interesting input and quality material available can work as building blocks to develop the necessary skills for the eager writers to produce high quality written pieces. The young writer project is proved to be an excellent oportunity to bring out the inspiration and creativity that results in fantastic stories full of details and solid content. The chosen theme was "spooky stories". These are stories about ghosts, mystery and supernatural things which in most cultures all over the world have been told and passed down orally from generation to generation. To have students get down to business whe had a number of brainstorming lessons, during which students were exposed to the genre and the possibilities for characters and settings. As the braisntorming/prewriting was over, students had contact with more technical content about the writing process steps (drafting, revising, editing, etc) and paragraph organization. There were also lessons focused on language topics filled with specific information about the usage of different groups of words (adjectives, adverbs, linking words, etc) and punctuation. It is a fact that the students already had a great repertoire about this kind of stories and that combined with the content of classes resulted in this amazing book, filled with mystery and excellent plots. It is important to point out that some minor mistakes concerning structures or expressions were kept to preserve the student's writing and show their learning stage. Enjoy your reading! Ms. Denise

The Hallucination

Words and Illustration by Gabriel Noronha de Lima, Heitor Nishimura, Matheus Junichi Takano

In 2017, a man called Sam wakes up in a rainy night. He tries to get out of his room but the door is locked. Then a giant shadow starts coming out of the bed slowly. He quickly tries to get the key and a lantern. Successfully, Sam escapes. But he doesn’t understand why the rest of the house doesn’t have electricity, just his room has light. And then Sam tries to turn on the flashlight but there isn’t any battery. Then a thunder strikes next to the house. The flashlight is on now. He starts listening to strong footsteps on the rooftop. Sam goes outside and sees a huge black smoke only with a big white sharp teeth smile opening its red eyes. It ran after Sam. While escaping, he slips and falls with his back on the ground. When Sam blinks he sees the monster, but he blinks again and sees himself in his own bedroom and hears a voice: " You’ll never be happy in your life!" Two years later, Sam has a wife named Bettany, a huge house and a car named Aston Martin. One day when he came back to his house, after a date with Bettany (wife), Sam was talking to her when he saw a black smoke next to a tree where Bettany was hanged. He screams and she looks at him, but she doesn’t see the monster. Sam looks back to the tree and the monster attacks him. Now, he wakes up again, and goes to a window. He sees flying cars, them he looks at a calendar and realizes he was in coma until 3063. How did he live for so long? That's another story, for another day.


Creepy Halloween Stories

Words and Illustration by Isabela Oliveira Lisboa


I was talking to John about Halloween. Suddenly, Amy walked in and like always, wanted to participate in our conversation.

“Halloween? This calls for scary stories!”- She said, very excited. “I’m telling first!” Amy is a 13 year old girl. She walks in the park with her grandpa. His name is Joe. He suddenly coughs repeatedly and falls. He hits his head in the fall. Amy looks at her grandad’s eyes. “Sleeping. Good. No big problem, he only fainted.” she thinks. “I know my city very well, might as well use this knowledge and drag the old man over to a hospital or a church so we will have somewhere to stay for the night where it’s safe.” She chose a not-so-smart choice which was: “Drag the old man over to a church so they can stay in a place safe away from bad things instead of an safe hospital where the grandad could heal quicker and they could get out faster. The only problem is that the only church there was in town was next to a graveyard. You may ask: “What could go wrong?” But you should be asking: “What can go right?” After hours of dragging and carrying her grandpa to church, she lays him down on a bench so he could wake up in a better pose to get up. Then, she notices she made a bad decision but then a thought appeared in her head “I have came all this way. Why turn back now? Since I’m scared I’ll just go and check out the graveyard! Just gotta remember the way though”. Amy goes to check the graveyard. She goes through the fence gate (because the graveyard has a fence) and then it closes by itself “No getting scared Amy! You just need to take a walk like you were doing before! The old man will wake up and you will go home! Only he knows the way and he is your only hope! So just stay with that hope in you! Besides, the gate will open soon! The guard will come here and help you! It’s already night around 11:00PM (It took a long time to carry grandpa Joe to church). Just keep thinking positive!”. The girl walks through the graveyard slowly. She suddenly turns her head to the left. “Woosh” she hears. Then to the right. Nothing. Good. She continues walking as if nothing happened. She feels something putting a hand on her elbow. She slowly turns. It screams while on the other hand preparing to put the knife in her chest. She runs. She sees something hiding behind a grave. She looks. Nothing. She looks at another grave. A monster jumps out yelling. She runs back to the gate, which was now unlocked. She runs back to the church near. Her grandad is awake, ready to go home. No words were needed to tell that Amy also was ready. And so, they headed home and never went for a walk in that town ever again.


“Ok, John. Now, tell your story!” All right. Jack is a Pizza Delivery man. He always delivers the pizza to the correct house in the correct time. Tonight, he will be delivering the last 5 pizzas to a strange address. House 6 on Headblood road. People would usually think it is silly but it isn't. Well, at least for somebody who takes their job too seriously. Back to the story. The house said it was a party at 3:00 Am. “What a joy! A party means more pay!”. At the road where Jack is driving he sees another delivery person. It’s the Happy Burgers guy from the competitor restaurant. He seems angry seeing that Jack is also delivering food. He suddenly drives the delivery bike to Jack trying to push him off. But instead he is the one who falls down. Jack goes to the wanted address while the other person is fixing their bike with the extra tools. Jack rings the doorbell. “Ding Dong”. No answer. He waits and waits, then he rings the doorbell again. “Ding Dong”. No answer. He hears a strange laugh. He puts the pizza at the front of the door and leaves a note written on the papers he brings every time he does a delivery to be organized. He then goes back to his delivery bike and rides it. The bike went slower every time. Then, it stopped. No gasoline. Great. Jack hears a scream. He runs back to where the sound came from. It was the house. Then he looks. Nothing. He turns back to the bike then hears a sound of a motor starting and failing. Perhaps, a chainsaw? He runs to the bike, grabs a piece of it and drags it running to the nearest gasoline place. On the way there he continues hearing the chainsaw sounds. Scared, he runs faster. Faster until he finds the gasoline place. He fills up the tank. Then, he drives the fastest he can back to the workplace. Also in the way there he sees the burgerman driving the bike with several problems, making a chainsaw sound, the same chainsaw sound as before. “Ok, Isabela, your turn!” “Sure, I’ll give it a try!” Emily is 17. She is driving her car to go home. A sudden strange figure appears with a shotgun. It shoots at her. Misses. Shoots again. Right in the eye! Shoots again. Ooo, that’s painful, in the chest! Then, it runs away, seeing that Emily was gonna hit the car because she was injured. “Waterdeep Woods. One death. They hit the car. Huge probability of only being a car crash. I dunno. I wasn’t there.” John says. “Of course you weren't there! You would have known the actual cause of death by now, silly!” Julia says. “What is actually silly is how you fight for nothing! We have to work if we want to know the cause of death!” Harry says. “I agree with Harry!” Eliot says.


John and Harry lay Emily’s dead body on the surgery bed. Eliot notices that her eye wasn't looking good, so as her chest. “Find what there is in there” She says. “Yes mam’!” The three say. Eliot leaves the surgery room and goes to her office on the last floor of the building. “Bullets. It’s gotta be bullets.” Julia assumes. “Well, we can’t be so sure about that, we need to search further.” Harry says, getting the X-Ray ready. One X-Ray later they find out it was bullets. “Bullets killed her. Even before that all happened. I guess sis was right.” Thought John. “Ok, let’s see. She was shot and burned. No! She was shot and so hit the car from being injured and then something exploded in the car.” Harry hypothesized. “I agree” Says John. They hear doors closing and opening. Then, the lights turn out. Julia screams. The lights turn on. Julia looks normal like nothing happened. Then, runs into a wall. She hits her head. Faints. Unlikely for her to do so. The next day she can’t remember who she is. John, her brother needs to bring back the memories of the times they had together. “Remember?” John asks. “I remember a car, a gun, and me. I’m not Julia. I’m Emily. I also remember looking for medicine to cure myself. I remember turning the lights off and running towards my body so you people wouldn’t cut something, but instead hitting someone.” Julia says. “You are making no sense, sis.” John replies. It is said that the ghost of Emily possessed Julia and is possessing others until today. We are not sure but weird things happen and not always they can go as planned. But, we still fear the day of 6/6 when strange things happen. I hear my mom calling me. It was time to go. I quickly say bye and leave. I ask my mother if she knew some scary stories. She says yes. “Can you tell me some?” “I can only tell you one. I’m very tired.- She completes it with a yawn.- It’ll be quick, ok?” In a time long ago when women and men died at 30 years because there was no plumbing services, there was a woman called Kelly. She was from Japan and was looking for a home. She wanted to rewrite her life in a new place. She was getting out of the train until somebody pushed her back in. The doors closed, breaking her in two. At midnight Kelly woke up. She had no body parts from the bottom of the torso to the feet. She dragged herself, hopeless. She escaped. It is said she is still looking for revenge. The car stops. We're home. I go watch anything on TV that I have permission to. Suddenly, the power goes down. Ugh! Always the power goes down! I run to the drawer in the little hallway. I find a flashlight! Mom is asleep and dad is working. What about Julia, my little sis?


“Mom, I want water! Mom, I want water! Mom, I need water!” It’s her signal that she has seen the creature from her nightmares. A white skinned girl with entirely black eyes and hair. I go upstairs to check up on her. When I come in, I see my sister crying. I put my hand on her shoulder. She was frightened. “Shall we pray so God can protect you from all evil?” “Yes.” We stay fifteen minutes praying so she can be protected. I see her eyes. She was calm now. “I think it will be better if you just sleep.” “No! What if she catches me in my sleep?” “She won't. You are protected by God now.” “I am scared!” “I also am.” “Let’s wake up mommy! She will light up a candle!” “She will get angry and tell us to leave.” Julia talks to me while looking at my side. It gets cold. I look back, it’s her. She drags me to the bottom of the bed. There is a portal. It was black. Everything was just black. The creature still drags me. The portal closes. A door opens. In there we see a light. A very bright light shines before the door. The creature gets in. We are in the entrance to CTA. The creature leaves and I go back in. I go to my house and am locked outside. Since there is no electricity, the doorbell would not work. I have to wait until it’s day to come in. A few hours later, when it’s day, the TV turns on. I can finally ring the doorbell. It was such a long night. I ring it. No answer. I ring it again. Julia comes running downstairs. She opens the door. A tight hug welcomes me. “Are you in one piece?” “Yes.” I wanted to know. Out of all people, why us? Did we do anything bad? Did we have ancestors that killed someone. I hope not. “I’m bored, I’m gonna watch TV.” “No, come play treasure hunt with me!” “Where did this idea come from?” “I dunno, we just stay in the electronics the whole time and I was hoping we could do something mommy and daddy did on their age.” “Sure.” Since the backyard was the only place we could dig a hole that nobody would notice, we dug there. Suddenly, a surprise appeared. There was a body buried there. Almost looked like the girl. I guess there will be more Halloween stories for the future.


All for the daughter

Words and Illustration by Marco Antonio Ribeiro Miranda Manzo Monteiro, João Pedro Caporal Gonçalves, João Victor Klabacher Carva


In the middle of the night Fred wakes up with a strange noise coming from his bathroom. He gets up and goes to the bathroom. Everything was fine, so he washed his face. When he came out of the bathroom he noticed that the floor was sticky, the wall was dark and it was extremely cold. He started to panic, knocked himself in the room and closed the windows. He tried to turn on the lamp but it didn’t work. He was in panic and tried to get his cell phone, but there was no signal. He was desperate and as he stepped down the stairs he realized he was in a bad situation. He looked through the glass kitchen window and saw several children with black eyes. He started to walk backwards when he saw a knife on the table and before committing suicide he wrote a message apologizing to his daughter Ana: "Ana, I'm sorry, I'll be with you now�. In the morning they reported in the paper that a man committed suicide, the police suspected the reason for this act was the fact that he ran over his own daughter 2 years ago.


The Mississippi House

Words and Illustration by Maria Eduarda Patto dos Santos Fernandes, Sofia Felix Faria, JĂşlia Reis AraĂşjo


In 1915 there was a murder in a mansion in a small town in Mississippi. No one knows how and why it happened but after that night strange things began to happen in the mansion and everybody got scared so the neighborhood was empty for a long time. One day a family with three children - Megan, the older sister, Harry, the middle brother and Scott, the younger brother - that had just moved to town and came to visit the house. The broker said: "This house is appropriate for a family with three children and the room for the couple is very large. It is a very good place to live. It was built in 1900 and it is perfect until now. And it is cheap!" The family liked the house so they moved there. Not so long after that, they started seeing some strange things but, as it was close to Halloween, they didn’t worry. But months past the Halloween the things kept happening and only the children realized that something was wrong so they started investigating. Harry, who likes to explore things, already had a plan to find out what was wrong with his home so he remembered that one day he heard his Dad talking about old things that belonged to the other family who lived there before them and that were not removed from the basement yet. He decided to talk with his brothers and they went to the basement and found an old album of photos. Harry opened the album and saw something that maybe he should not have seen. In that moment he felt a twinge in the abdomen but he ignored. They heard the noise of a car and they ran up. During that night Harry woke up and went to the kitchen to drink water. He felt a wind like someone was walking behind him. He went upstairs and fell asleep. The next day Megan and Scott realized that Harry was not there so they went to the basement to look for him and they found a message saying: “ I need help “ They went running upstairs and told their parents but they didn’t believe. They kept looking for him. They decided to get the album and started looking for the photo. All the pictures had a landscape and most of them were in the same place. It was in an old square so they ran there and saw an old church. Megan, the oldest, found Harry but he was very different. She soon realized that it was not Harry but a ghost in his body. The ghost of a priest was using the boy’s body to communicate. He gave the other kids a message: ”If you tell anybody about it , I will kill more people from the family” The kids went home and had to come up with a story to tell the parents. They were very sad, angry and nervous


The family decided to move and when they went to clean the basement they saw the album but it was different, there was a picture of the brother. Nobody knows more about what happened, but neighbors say the boy’s soul still haunts the house, waiting for a next victim.


The ABC sisters

Words and Illustration by Isabella Fernandes Santana, Maria Julia Silva Campos Lobo, Agnes Yurika Michida Takeya, Giulia Pugliesi Colarini


In a stormy night two girls, Caroline and Bonnie, were home alone. Out of the blue the lights went off and they got afraid. A guy knocked on the door and asked for shelter from the storm and they let him inside. Caroline invited him to enter but Bonnie didn’t like, because she was scared. The guy was looked so weird, and there was an intimidating silence. He saw a picture with three girls but there were only two at home, but he didn’t say anything. He asked Bonnie where the bathroom was, she told him that was the second door to the right, he entered and closed the door. The lights turned on and the TV was on and the news said that a psycho got out of prison. They showed a picture of the guy and for their surprise... it was the guy in their house. Bonnie was more afraid than Caroline. He finally got out of the bathroom, and they were with fake smiles on their faces. The guy said that he wanted a cup of water and Caroline, less afraid, went to get it. His sister Bonnie thought that she was taking so long and she heard Caroline whispering her name, she went to see what happened. She saw a blood trail on the floor, it was her sister, she was dead. She thought that the better exit was to run away, when she turned back the guy cut her throat. When he was hiding the bodies the third sister, Anne the little one, saw him. She went downstairs and, he killed her? Maybe… Actually she killed him, better, I killed him. -Annie Wheeler.


The stranger

Words and Illustration by Luana EstĂŠfani Mendes Lima and Isabela Ballielo Oliveira


He was a man like the others, normal. But he has a little difference. His face, was deformed. All the people were afraid of him. But inside he was a good person and I was the only one that knew that. And this fact costed his life. I always lived with my aunt Nora, and one day she told me to buy bread. When I was walking down the street I saw Charlie, the man with the deformed face. All the people ran away, but I stayed there and stared at him until my aunt arrived and pulled me inside her house. “He is a bad man, Lucy! Stay away from him!” - She said. “And how do you know?” - I asked. “I just know! All the people say that and I agree! “You don’t know if he is a good or a bad person.” “Yes, I do. Forget the bread kid. Let’s eat soup.” - She said. And this is how I met Charlie. How Charlie felt I don’t know but I think that he was sad and angry knowing that people didn’t accept him the way he was. The next week, my friend told that Charlie had gone crazy because of the people insulting him and then he was taken to a hospice. In the middle of the night, Charlie woke up and went to drink water when he saw a room that looked very scary and isolated from all the rest. The door was open so he entered. There, he saw one girl on the corner of the room. “Who are you?” - He asked. “I’m just a girl that wants to revenge.” “Do you know how to leave this hospice?” “Yes I know, sweet boy. But I will not tell you. Simply like that.” “Why?” “Because I want something back..” “What?” “I want you to kill someone.” “No chance. I’m not a murderer.” “Not yet, Darling.” She stood up and came closer to him looking into his eyes. “All the people judge you, why can’t you hurt someone? Someone that deserves?” “How do you know ? I never told you about that.” “Oh sweetheart, I know everything. But, are you going to kill this boy or not?” “I already told you, I will not kill him, I am not a murder.” “It’s the only way for you to escape from this hospice. No one knows how to escape, except me.” “Why do you want to kill him?


“His mother was very evil to me and I want her to suffer.” “What did she do to you?” “She took my baby away from me.” “She killed him?” “No. She made me kill.” “Oh.” “Now, I am losing my patience! Are you going to do this for me or not?” Charlie smiled at her and said that he is going to do everything to revenge her. In the end of that day Charlie came to the room with a body of a child in his arms. Then, she smiled and said: “That’s my boy. Thank you. Now, do you wanna know how to escape from here?” “You don’t even need to ask.” “On the corner of the bathroom there is little door, if you escape tonight no one will see you. Well, outside you can see a circus not very far from here. There you will see one thing that will call your attention.” “Thank you.” “Do you wanna tell me something?” “Like what?” “How did you feel when you killed the boy?” “It wasn’t so bad.” “That’s my boy.” “But I will never do it again.” “We will see.” Then, Charlie left the hospice quickly so anyone could see him. Ten minutes later the girl took a knife and killed herself. Charlie was walking searching for the circus and then he saw a man pushing a little cart with some carrots inside. “Can you give me a carrot? I am hungry.” “It’s Charlie! He is here!” - The man shouted and ran away. Charlie kept walking and saw the circus. He went inside and as he looked down he saw a mask and a paper on the side, he took it and read: “If you put on this mask, there’s no coming back.” “That’s ridiculous.” He put the mask on and felt something strange. “What the hell is going on?” - He shouted trying to take it off. - “It doesn’t get out of my face!” He looks down again and sees another paper. “I told you.”


And that’s how Charlie felt the darkness in his veins and soul for the first time. That’s how he became a bad man. Every Halloween night Charlie kidnaps eight children younger than 10. And I was one of this “lucky” children. I remember that my aunt told me that Charlie was a bad man, and unfortunately she was right. I was asking for trick or treat and I saw a light at the end of the city. It was a circus. Charlie’s circus. Me and my stupid mind got inside to see if there was someone, and guess what? There he was. “Hello girl. What are you doing here in my circus?” - he asked. “I came for trick or treat.” “Oh please. Your parents never told you? You can’t talk to strangers, girl." He smiles and gets a glass bottle and hits my head. When I woke up I was trapped and I saw a lot of children in the same condition that I was. ”Hello people! I’m Charlie, and today and I’m planning to kill all of you. Well, I guess you never imagined how is death, so let me show you.” Then Charlie catches a girl by her arm with strength. ”People, meet Emily! She is a special girl because she is the one that is going to show you how it is to die.” “No! please no!” “She never did anything to you, why are you doing this to her?” “Because in the past, her father destroyed my face, and now I have horrible scars. That’s why i use this mask.” “But... she never did anything to you. You don’t have to hurt her.” “I don’t care. I need my revenge.” Charlie smiles and gets a lot of different knifes. “Well, as I’m not that bad, you can pick one.” “I don’t want it! Please stop!” “So, i guess I’m the one that is going to pic.” Then he turns to Lucy and speaks: “What do you think about that one?” - He picks up the pointed knife and shows it to her. She looks with a scary face and says: “Charlie... you don’t have to do this.” “Oh yes sweety, that’s exactly what I have to do.” - Then he starts cutting Emily’s beautiful face while everyone tries to pay attention to something else so as not to hear her screams. This day traumatized me. I will always remember the sound of her screams and how she soffer. Charlie made much more horrible things, he killed more kids, he hurt them and he doesn’t stop. As I couldn’t believe that someone could be a


killer just for fun, I stayed weeks trying to discover why is he like this, and one day, I discovered what made him like that. So i’ve made some theories and I discovered that the problem was a mask. A possessed mask. It controls him, so the only way to save him was taking this out of him. But I couldn't, Charlie was a very strong man, if I touch him for a little moment, he will kill me. But fortunately I had a plan. A very good plan that will work for sure. When Charlie goes to the bed, I will enter in his room and take off his mask, and he will be a good man forever. Everything was going to work but unfortunately, he discovered my plan and I failed. After that he took me to a very scary room, and there was a boy, a very strange boy. “Why are you here?” - he asked. “I tried to take Charlie's mask off. And you?” “I tried to escape.” “Charlie, I believe you, I believe you can change, I believe you can be loved. Just stop this. Stop killing people.” “No! Love is weakness, and I’m not week! I’m a bad man and anything can change it. And when I finish here, I’m going to kill in the worst way you can even imagine.” At that time, the only thing that I could do was run away, and that was what I did. But first, to make sure that he would never hurt anyone again, I stole a lighter from his pocket and I lit it, then I threw it on the ceiling and all the circus started to burn, including Charlie. I got all the children with me and we escaped from there. Now, I’m 22 years old and yesterday, I came back to the circus and it was on fire. But how? How can someyhing stay on fire for a long time like this? Then, I looked backwards and I saw Charlie with a smile on his face and he said: “Did you miss me?”


The secret fire

Words and Illustration by Isabella Tiemi Hioki Abe


One night a person called Emily was in a fair at the center of the town, when she starded to hear the sound of the church´s bell, marking 9:00 pm. It was already dark and the fair was empty so she decided to go home. Emily arrived, took a bath and got ready to sleep. She was already in bed when a fire started, but as she was in a heavy sleep she didn't notice anything. The flames were spreading slowly while she slept, until the fire finally reached her room. The next day the policemen found her body burned tied to the window. The neighbors confirmed to not have seen the fire, but obliviously something happened in the lady´s house. The policemen identified the mom of the woman and called her to tell the bad news, but they had a surprise when the mom answered. She said: -This is not possible, she is here with me now! After this event the policeman searched for Emily´s mom for many years, until they found her body burned in her house. She was dead. They thought that this has a connection to Emily. They say that there is a blond girl with blue eyes and a pale skin walking around the streets killing everyone that stays in her way to find the person that started the fire in her house.


Profile for Colégio ECCOS

The stranger and other stories - Preliminary 2017  

The stranger and other stories - Preliminary 2017