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Original Title: Adventure Stories Published in 2017 by Colégio ECCOS Copyright © 2017

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Summary 1. Merry Dinne and the Trip to Transylvania by Clara Tomazella, Nicoly Ruivo and Lara Bordinhon ……………………………………………….…. p. 04

2. Good or Bad? by Camila Galvão, Yann Nardini and Heitor Argento ……………………………….... p. 06

3. Camila’s Adventure by Amanda Garcia and Thaís Serrano………………………………………………… p. 08

4. The Super animals by Ana Clara Turetta and Luísa Luthien………………………………………………. p. 10

5. The Revenge by Thales Garcia and Vinícius de Castilho ………………………………………….………. p. 12

6. The Adventure of Pac and Mike by Fernando Daito and Felipe Ribas ……………….…………….. p. 14

7. The Cursed Warrior by Lionel Venturino and Marco Nascimento …………………………………. p. 16

8. The World of the Night by Bruna Saito and Sofia Paulino ……………………………….……………… p. 18

9. The World of Death by Lara Brito and Maria Eduarda Umehara ………………………………….…. p. 20

10. Ruby in an adventure by Sofia Machado ……………………………………………….…………………….…. p. 24

We thank our teachers and friends. We dedicate this book to our families, teachers and friends.

Presentation Creating a new world is always a difficult undertaking. The writer needs to use up all of their creativity to give life to all the characters and their singularities, as well as the setting of the story. It is even harder if the story is a fantastic one. The young writer project has proven to be an amazing way to draw out this creativity, as well as many other writer qualities from our students, who had to embody the spirit of the content creator. To start our work we gave the students the opportunity of having quality material ranging from adventure books, character and its adjectives lists and possible settings and scenes on a fiction story. Aside from the content brought to class by the tutors, the students themselves already had a broad knowledge about the genre, which transpired into their stories when they were creating their characters and their worlds. After the initial brainstorming was over, we had some explanation so they could better understand how the writing process works, for that, we brought tools to help our young writers create, such as punctuation and pronouns guides, possible settings and places lists and tips to organize ideas into paragraphs. Another tool that they used, were the online translators, which gave them the creative independence that would be lacking in their interventions. The result of their hard work is this great adventure story book, the culmination of their dedication poured over ideas that they refined. Some mistakes on structures and expressions were kept to preserve student’s writing and to show their learning stage. Enjoy the moment of reading these stories and remember they were written by Year 4 Students. Ms. Camila and Ms. Mara


Words and pictures by Clara Tomazella, Nicoly Ruivo and Lara Bordinhon


If you are alive it is because you must be one of the survivors of this story, so I will tell you the story of Merry Dinne and the trip to Transylvania. On a rainy afternoon Molenga and her family went to visit their best friend Jake because it was his birthday. They gave him a pet bat that ended up biting the whole family of Jake and the whole family became vampires. The vampires were attacking the city because they need a vampire army. Jake went to Merry’s Dinne house, she was his other best friend and crush. He saw Merry. She was hiding afraid but recognized her friend. Jake said “Merry, come here I am your friend, I won’t hurt you” And Merry said “Jake is that you?” Jake said “Yes, I have a very important thing to say to you!” Merry went to see her friend. And Jake gave a kiss in Merry’s jaw and left. The city was devastated and only some people survived, Merry was one of them The vampires left to Transylvania because they didn’t have any food in the city after all. 20 years later Merry went to Transylvania looking for Jake. When she got there she went to the Leeches Bar and she saw Jake. Merry talked with Jake but everybody saw that she was not a vampire and wanted to eat her, but Jake gave her a hug and bit her neck. Merry became a vampire. The other vampires saw a prey in Merry’s mouth and realized that she was now a vampire. 5 years later Jake and Merry got married and had 2 kids, a girl, Bella, and a boy, Jacob. They lived happily ever after in Transylvania.



Words and pictures by Camila GalvĂŁo, Yann Nardini and Heitor Argento


Once upon a time there was a girl named Cloe. Cloe was a bad girl, rich and jealous. She lived in a big house with her mom, dad and 10 brothers and sisters. One day the girl disappeared and her brothers and sisters started disappearing too. Mom and dad were worried and called the Police. Cloe was scared; she was in a cage watched by monsters. The police couldn’t find Cloe and her brothers and sisters in 3 days of search. Cloe’s brothers and sister were in a cage too in the forest watched by a monster but one of the girls had a bobby clip and opened the lock of the cage and set the prisoners free. Cloe was alone at the cage and she heard a conversation between the monsters and discovered that the monsters could die with water. The monsters were distracted having lunch and they didn’t know that Cloe had a little bag with her. In her bag she had a paperclip, a water bottle and 3 pieces of rope. She used the paperclip to open the lock and escape the cage the cage carefully. When she was walking to the forest she found a bucket and decided to make a trap to the monster. Cloe put water inside the bucket and she used a rope to put the bucket hanging on a tree above the cave entrance. She expected to drop the water in the monster to kill them and tell the police. When the monster came out Cloe dropped the water and the monsters fell on the floor, she tight them and run to the city to tell the police. At the police station Cloe saw her brothers and sisters the police discovered that Cloe’s uncle had hired the monsters for this work, because he wanted to teach Cloe not be so jealous and boring, and the monsters also took her brothers and sisters because they didn’t like kids. Cloe felt very sad and she learned the lesson that she was not better than anybody.



Words and pictures by Amanda Garcia and Thaís Serrano


Camila is an adventurous girl and a spy too so she goes to many different missions. She was sent to a mission in the space to look for a meteor that was going to destroy the Earth. When she arrived in the space she met a monster. The girl felt scared, and got a gun and shot the monster, but the monster didn’t die so Camila thought and decided to put a song for her to think in her cell phone. She had a bag with some things and she used her cell phone to play the song. She noticed that some monsters started to run and scream then she started to sing and the monsters died. The spy girls got happy and continue the way. Camila noticed that in this planet there was a strange way to save things. When she was running she found a ghost and tried to defeat the ghost without a gun but the ghost didn`t die. Camila shoot the ghost. The ghost died. The girl found an entrance to a planet and she saw the meteor so she took a flying saucer from an ET and defeat the meteor.



Words and pictures by Ana Clara Turetta and LuĂ­sa Luthien


In an animal planet where all types of animals are equal to person, a super dog, a super cat and a super rabbit have super powers. The rabbit has a super jump, the super cat has a super night vision, the dog has a super bite and the mutant pig is super strong and the animals can even see his veins. The mutant pig is a big and bad animal. The mission of the super animals is to protect the animals and the mission of the mutant pig is to make all animals mutant. The mutant pig makes all animals mutants and you should be thinking how this ends, so I will tell you. The mutant pig kidnaps the super dog and the super rabbit. The super cat noticed super dog and super rabbit disappearance. He decided to go save his friends. During the night the mutant pig was finishing the poison to make the animals mutants but while the pig left to buy the ingredients to make the poison the super cat tried to save super dog and super rabbit. The secret hiding place of super pig was very dark and the cat needed to use his night vision to find his friends. Later the three super animals tried to stop the mutant pig, the rabbit used his super jump, jumped in the pig and the rabbit held him. The dog used his super bite in the pig’s leg making the pig unconscious. The super animals take the mutant pig to the local police station. They arrested the mutant pig, the super animals won the mutant pig and the mutant pig never hurt anyone again.



Words and pictures by Thales Garcia and VinĂ­cius de Castilho


One day in a castle the king declared war against the Garlocs because they were ugly and bad monsters. When the war started, the knights went to the Pasistron and the Garlocs too, they were fighting and out of nowhere the king disappeared and the knights died. Only the knight Jureg didn’t die. After days Jureg discovered that the Death kidnapped the king and killed the knights. The Death wanted revenge, because the king killed his brother, so he decided to get together with the Garlocs in the war. Jureg decided to go looking for the king. In the way he met monsters and fought with the monsters. Jureg won. He found a portal to a sub word, entered, and he saw two fireballs. He found the king in the jail and he wanted to free the king, but the Death appeared. The Death and the Jureg fought. Jureg took the sword and the Death took the sickle. During the fight the Death took the arm of Jureg. He couldn’t hold the sword anymore, but somehow he got a power and an arm made of fire. The Death called its demons and they came with their red wings. His sister, the God of Death, came too. Jureg used his arm made of fire and he killed the God of Death, because she was a little dumb and easy to fight. They fought a lot, in the end the Jureg killed the demons,he took the head of the Death and ,he found the King on the top of the Death’s castle, he released the King from prison. Jureg returned to the castle and the knights got their life back.



Words and pictures by Fernando Daito and Felipe Ribas


Pac and Mike are brothers and pokemon trainers. They have a friend his name is Gutin. Gutin is a very smart robot that doesn’t make mess. They captured Charmander and Lugia. The Charmander evolve from Charizard because Pac take one fire rock and gave to Charmander and Mike gave one thunder rock to Pikachu and it evolves to Raichu and they built one house in the desert because there is a village with lots of pokemons and one tower with many monsters. And 1 year later, Pac and Mike with Charizard and Raichu fought the god of Death, The god of death was JVNQ, he was Pac and Mike’s friend, but he was cursed. They lost because the God of death killed people and animals from the village. Pac and Mike tried to protect the village The king asked Pac and Mike to fight the God of Death because he was killing people. Pac and Mike tried to defeat the God of Death, they had a surprise Pokemon which was a Mega Alakazan and they win the fight. Four years later Pac and Mike revived their friend JVNQ.



Words and pictures by Marco Nascimento and Lionel Venturino


In Japan there were two brothers one was Ing and the other was Iang. The brothers were Wakfu fighters. Wakfu is a kind of magic that you can learn. Ing practiced his magic very much so he got a very powerful magic that his brother didn’t have. Ing and Iang were enemies they fought too much. Ing in one of the fights used magic and Iang was cursed and killed becoming the cursed warrior. Then, he wanted revenge and everyday in the middle of the night his spirit attacked the city and Ing tried to stop him. Ing was feeling guilty because he had cursed his brother so he decided to practice for 6 months with a wizard to learn how to reverse the curse. After this time, Ing returned to Japan and waited for the cursed warrior spirit to attack the city again to reverse the curse. When the cursed warrior came Ing used all his magic against his brother and got to reverse the curse. His brother Iang came back to life and didn’t attack the city anymore.



Words and pictures by Bruna Saito and Sofia Paulino


53 years ago in a distant small and beautiful planet, lived Avatars and big gnomes. The plant had only nights and not days. The Avatars had one magic flower that can revive and a pit that can heal. But the big gnomes wanted the flowers and not the pit, because the princess Angélica was old and going to die and they wanted to save the princess so she could bring the sun back for the planet. The big gnomes invaded the territory of the Avatars and they got the magic flower. The afraid Avatars started fighting and the war started. The gnomes went to the enemy territory and the Avatars went to the territory of the big gnomes, they had a big fight and the Avatars got the flower back. The Gnomes got sad. The Avatars were sad too and they said “Hello, did you want the flower?” “Yes we want the flower, please.”- said the big gnomes. “Why?” asked the Avatars. “Because, our princess is going to die!” - said the sad gnomes. “Aaaah!” - said the Avatars. “In this case, you can use the flower to save your princess”- sad the Avatars The Avatars gave the magic flower and the big gnomes held the magic flower and were very happy next to their princess because she made the sun rise again! The big gnomes were very happy and they said to Avatars: “Thank you very much!” “You are welcome!” - said the Avatars The gnome’s princess Angélica thanked the Avatars and the Gnomes. And they all become best friends! 19


Words and pictures by Lara Brito and Maria Eduarda Umehara


One day a youtuber named Taynara went to a circus. Arriving there she went to the bathroom and walking next to the mirror, she saw a not normal figure, a scary and paranormal figure; she kept this in her mind. Coming back for her seat she saw a clown on the stage. It was very similar to Pennywise the clown of the movie ‘’IT, the thing’’, but when she went out of the circus, she saw another scary figure. Many days past, and she continued seeing scary and paranormal figures. So she thought “I need to stop with it!!! I can’t take it anymore!!!” Later she received a message from her friend Chloe “If you play “Ouija” at 3:00 am and if you win you can make a wish, but if you lose you die. But Taynara don’t play it!!!” Taynara ignored her friend’s advice, and bought the game on “Amazon”, she waited, waited and waited for 3:00 AM, but at 00:00 AM she was hungry, and ate a midnight snack, yummy! Two hours later, it was 3:00 AM and she started playing. Sometime later the window opened and the wind came and mixed the game so she lost and died. She had a surprise when she arrived in heaven, she saw Jesus Christ and God, and she asked forgiveness for all the things that she did. Jesus and God forgave her. She told them that in real life a very bad luck, out of nowhere, came for her, God and Jesus Christ said that they would investigate. Jesus and God showed the city for her and she rented a house, she needed a rest.


In real life her mom and her dad arrived from work and saw their daughter in the floor with a lot of blood and the game. Her father and her mother cried a lot and Taynara’s funeral would be on “May,13th, Friday” Back in heaven she made a list of the the thing she could do there “walk on the city; go on the theme park; buy a lot of toys; eat much candies; make new friends, and more.” She thought In the next day, Jesus and God saw a poster about a clown and the name of it was Pennywise. It was written “Pennywise, the evil and unlucky clown wanted. Reward $1.000.000,00 call “506-171-0778” if you see him. Jesus and God with their powers had telepathy with Pennywise and saw where he was and teleported to Taynara’s new house and she told them everything that happened to her. The three of them teleported to the sewer that Pennywise was hiding. When everybody arrived there they saw paper written “You think they’re going to get me? You thought it was going to be easy? You will have some challenges” Jesus Christ and God didn’t pass in the challenges, but Taynara did. One of the challenges was in a place that didn’t have floor and a lot of float balloons. She finished it In the same paper it was written. “Second challenge, pass in a place that Georgie, the boy that I ate the arms and I cursed to kill someone. Make jokes and make him not to kill you and you pass” So, Taynara found the boy and said “Hi Geeorgeorgiie!” “Hello, who are you?” he said “You don’t know me?” she asked “No” 22

“I am Taynara, the youtuber.” She explained “one of the most famous” “ Oooh, I know who you are but don’t like YouTube or you and your channel” he said “Sorry?” said Taynara, irritated “What wait a second. You said that you don’t like me and my channel! It took me a long time to make my channel and you still say it’s a bad thing?” Georgie thought she was funny “Hahahaha this is so funny!” And she continued “Can I make another joke, please?” He said “Yes” Taynara told him another joke and asked “did you like? ”Hahaha, yes!” Taynara was very happy because the curse came out of Georgie’s body, Taynara and they were all free from Pennywise’s challenges. Jesus and God brought Taynara and Georgie to the heaven and had a conversation. They decided that they would take Taynara and Georgie to real life again. Jesus and God t took them and suddenly Taynara woke-up in her house it was all just a dream and a signal because the next day would be “MAY, 13th F-R-I-D-A-Y” and she went to a circus.




Words and pictures by Sofia Machado

It was 00:00 pm on 31st of October and a girl named Ruby was watching videos on her computer, when appeared this sentence “FAMOUS VIDEOS -3:00 AM so, she searched this type of video and saw “DON’T MAKE SLIME AT 3:00 AM” Ruby was curious, so she clicked. In the video the girl made slime and out from nowhere the light turned off and the slime was smoosh and its color changed. She felt like doing the slime then, in the next day Ruby went to TARGET with her mother and brother to get the ingredients of the slime, that were glue; food coloring; shaving cream; warm water; borax. Ruby went home and waited until 3:00 AM and at this time she started making the slime. In a bowl she put the glue, the shaving cream and the food coloring, them in another bowl she put the warm water and the borax. She stirred the glue, shaving cream and the food coloring and stirred the water and borax, them she put all together and mixed everything but suddenly out from nowhere the light turned off and when Ruby opened her eyes she was in a museum. Ruby was surprised and scared them she walked, and walked and walked until she saw 2 boys and started talking to them their names were Leonardo and Matheus. They talked for a while and when Leonardo decided to leave Matheus said to Ruby “My brother is bad, he wants to get all the city to him, don’t stay with him Ruby”, she was scared but ok. 26

In the next day when Ruby woke up she noticed that she had dreamed about her real friends. Later she went to Matheus and Leonardo’s house to do 3:00 AM challenges again, and when the light turned off Ruby was in her house, she was surprised again. In the afternoon Ruby was bored and thought “I’m going to make slime, why not? She started to make the slime, the light turned off and when Ruby saw she was in the UNICORN WORLD, and then she saw 2 unicorns, their names were Cute and Beaxy. They talked for a while and when Cute left Beaxy said to Ruby “My sister is bad, she wants all the Rainbow City to herself, don’t stay with her, Ruby” Ruby thought “Wow, isn’t it the same thing that Matheus said to me?!” When Ruby woke up she said “Wow, this was a crazy, crazy, crazy dream”


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Adventure stories - Year 4 morning - 2017  

Adventure stories - Year 4 morning - 2017