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Original Title: Adventure Stories Published in 2017 by Colégio ECCOS Copyright © 2017

Colégio ECCOS Rua Bariloche. 91- Jardim América São José dos Campos- SP- Brazil

Editorial Coordination: Camila Lamas Editorial Assistant: Edmara Alves; Kátia Castro Corrections: Edmara Alves; Camila Lamas Revision: Kátia Castro, Camila Lamas and Edmara Alves Diagramming: Camila Lamas All rights reserved Edition 2017

Summary 1. The Adventures of Arnoldo by Lucas Wiendl and Nicole Ricci ……………………………………… p. 04

2. The Boys and The Scientist by Bruna Westin and Mateus Feitosa …………………………………. p. 06

3. Jered and Erminho Looking for the Red Orb.

by Tiago Paixão and Guilherme Santos………………………...………………………………………………… p. 08

4. The Giant Raúl by Vitória Matuno, Afonso Pedrosa and Rayane de Faria……………………….. p. 10

5. The Dark Forest by Kiara Kitaguchi and Beatriz Ribeiro ………………………………………….…….. p. 14

6. João the Soldier by Theodoro Nunes and Diego Takai ……………………………….….……………….. p. 16

7. The Trip Through the Time by Calebe Ramos and Isabella Cotrim …………………………………. p. 18

8. The King Panda Kidnap by Vitória Santos and Rafael Bonfim ……………………………….………… p. 20

9. Hell Battle by Pedro Paixão and Guilherme Farias ……………………………………………….….……. p. 22

10. Kage Dream by Maria Eduarda Felix and Gabriel Hiroshi ………………….…………………………. p. 24

We thank our teachers and friends. We dedicate this book to our families, friends and everybody in our school.

Presentation Creating a new world is always a difficult undertaking. The writer needs to use up all of their creativity to give life to all the characters and their singularities, as well as the setting of the story. It is even harder if the story is a fantastic one. The young writer project has proven to be an amazing way to draw out this creativity, as well as many other writer qualities from our students, who had to embody the spirit of the content creator. To start our work we gave the students the opportunity of having quality material ranging from adventure books, character and its adjectives lists and possible settings and scenes on a fiction story. Aside from the content brought to class by the tutors, the students themselves already had a broad knowledge about the genre, which transpired into their stories when they were creating their characters and their worlds. After the initial brainstorming was over, we had some explanation so they could better understand how the writing process works, for that, we brought tools to help our young writers create, such as punctuation and pronouns guides, possible settings and places lists and tips to organize ideas into paragraphs. Another tool that they used, were the online translators, which gave them the creative independence that would be lacking in their interventions. The result of their hard work is this great adventure story book, the culmination of their dedication poured over ideas that they refined. Some mistakes on structures and expressions were kept to preserve student’s writing and to show their learning stage. Enjoy the moment of reading these stories and remember they were written by Year 4 Students. Ms. Camila and Ms. Mara


Words and pictures by Lucas Wiendl and Nicole Ricci


Once upon a time one boy named Arnoldo lived in a house in the forest, he was a very poor boy and went out to get water from the river, he distract and fell inside of the river, but the river had a waterfall, and the boy drown in the river, and fall in the waterfall. The waterfall had a secret way and Arnoldo fell on that secret way. When he woke up he decided to explore that way to see what he could learn there. On his way, he was impressed because he saw a chest, and then he found a key on the floor to open the chest. Arnoldo opened the chest quickly to see what was in that. Then he found a sword into the chest, he used the sword to fight with the dragon that suddenly appeared and he killed the dragon to stay alive. The waterfall’s secret way was a magic thing, if a person with a pure heart found the waterfall way and killed the dragon that person could get a lot of money from the secret chest.



Words and pictures by Bruna Westin and Mateus Feitosa


Once upon a time two boys named Andy and Red wanted to go to a lab. One day the boys decided to go to the lab in their city. In the lab they found a crazy scientist. The crazy scientist, was very, very crazy, he did a lot of strange things. Andy got scared, but Red didn’t because he was intelligent and Andy was a little dumb. The boys and the scientist went to visit the lab together and suddenly they heard a strange noise and they went there to see what the noise was. They found a ghost and the ghost was very, very, very ugly and scary. The ghost wanted to eat the boys and the crazy scientist, but Red had an idea, he set a trap, and Andy and the crazy scientist liked his idea. Red’s idea was to put food inside the trap and when the ghost passed through the trap the boys and the scientist could put a small cage to hold the ghost. The trap worked and the ghost couldn’t leave the cage so the scientist decided to give a potion to the ghost for it to die. The ghost died and the boys went back home. It was a great adventure.



Words and pictures by Tiago Paixão and Guilherme Santos


Erminho and Jered are brothers, one day they were riding their bikes, next to their house and suddenly in the sky appeared a portal and they entered on it . When they entered, they noticed that they were in a cave, so Jered looked for an exit and left, he noticed they were in a forest. Jered and Erminho were in panic when they saw that in the forest had many people, magic animals and one man saying “go to the WAR!!!” Erminho said “What?!!” And before they realized they were going to a war. Jered asked the man “What do we have to do to win?” The man said “You have to get the red orb from the other team”. Erminho said “Okay”. Then, they two, went to the armory shelves, got a bow, some arrows and went to the war. Jered and Erminho found a map to the red orb, and then they saw a baby dragon and a baby monster. The boys couldn't let the baby dragon and the baby monster there, where they were, so they got them. Jered got the baby dragon and the Erminho got the baby monster. The name of the baby dragon was Kami and the name of baby monster was Bo. They four went out of the forest and walked to the castle in front the forest. They entered in the castle and there were many people so the hid and waited for everybody to leave. When they felt safe they went upstairs in the castle and found the red orb but there was a witch and they started fighting. Jered, Erminho and their friends Kami and Bo won the fight but before the witch was dead she made a curse and many skeletons started blooming from the floor. The boys and their dragon and monster started stepping on the skeletons together and they met in the middle of the room and they touched the red orb. When they touched the orb they traveled to another place and the man said “Congratulations, you have three wishes”. So they choose, power for themselves, power to their new friends and take their new pets to their real home.



Words and pictures by Vitรณria Matuno, Afonso Pedrosa and Rayane de Faria


Once upon a time in a city in Jupiter called Bird City where living a family that the mom died. The dad was named Rául and he has one son and one daughter, they are named Júlia and Thiago. One day Rául becomes sick and goes to see in the computer the medicine. The disease that he had was called “Gian”, he was doctor so he knew how to look for this things. So he got the potion that was wrote Gian but when he drank…BOOM!!! HE WAS A GIANT!! The potion was wrote “gian” because of giant! Júlia and Thiago wore scared and ran away from their dad. Rául was sad and scared because his son and his daugther ran away from him! He went to the forest to hide himself into a cave. When a witch appeared into the cave and saw him, she said: “Oh My Gosh, you are a giant! Here, I have the cure. But you have to drink just ONE DROP!” “Thank you very,very much!” Rául was so happy that he drank everything and got bigger. When he looked in the mirror he saw just his toes and said: “What did you do with me?” “I just said you should drink just ONE drop!” “Why I didn’t pay attention on what you said?” said Raúl. “Don’t worry, in about 3 or 4 weeks I will have the cure for you”. “Thank you” said Rául. So during those three weeks, Rául was crying and thinking about Ju and Thiago. Three days before finishing the time that the witch said, Rául was thinking: “I think that the witch finished the poison for my cure. Let’s check in her house”. So he went to see in the window of the witch’s house and he heard the witch saying to herself “I am this close” ‘said the witch making a gesture and continuing “to finish the poison for that two kids.” When Raúl heard that, he was so angry that he shouted “WHY DID I TRUST IN THAT WITCH????!” The witch obvious heard that so she turned back and said “Well, well, well! Look, who is here.” “Opps” said Rául. “Okay you discovered my plan but being a giant you can’t do nothing.” the witch said 11

“Ohh no! I forgot about that.” Rául was thinking about this during the whole day, but when he was going to sleep he had an idea in his head and shouted “I KNOW WHAT I’M GOING TO DO!” So he couldn’t sleep too much because he was so excited, he slept just a bit. He was following the witch during the whole day, the witch didn’t see him because in that day he got an invisible potion. When the witch was going to throw the potion on the kids to kill them, Rául ran and got in front of them and he died for his kids. The kids cried, but they were so angry that they made a gesture with their heads one to another and got a wood plank and slap on the witch’s head. The witch died and Ju and Thiago were the heroes of the village because they killed the witch and so she couldn’t make bad things to the Village.



Words and pictures by Kiara Kitaguchi and Beatriz Ribeiro 14

Today, Alex and Karina are going to their gramma’s house, her name is Antônia and the name of the grandpa is Antonio but the kids enter in the wrong way, this wrong way is for the Dark Forest. Alex and Karina are walking when they see a monster coming out from a cave; they get scared of the monster Guilbert! The monster of the stories they read, is real now. Alex and Karina run, run and run, but the monster Guilbert gets Alex and Karina to eat ice cream in his cave. He says “Come to this room, you’re going to sleep here” Alex and Karina go to the room, but the room is a jail in the room they touch something but they don’t see in what they touching. The Invisible man recognized his grandkids and says “My grandkids, why the two of you are here?” “Who is there?” Karina says “Me, your grandpa, Antonio” “Antonio? It´s you? “Alex asks. “Yes, it´s me.” he answers The jail opens again for the grandma to enter. The monster Guilbert got the grandma for dinner but she got angry and got the keys and the monster didn't notice. The grandma is deaf and thinks that the cave is a hotel, but Alex, Karina and Antonio don´t worry about this, they were saved! The monster Guilbert goes to the forest to get fruits, this is a good moments for an escape “Let´s go!” say the grandpa. So they leave the cave and go to their house and the monster tried to get them again but got stuck in the trees and stayed there until he died.



Words and pictures by Theodoro Nunes and Diego Takai


Once upon a time a boy named João, had the dream to become a soldier and he read a lot of books of soldiers. One day he went on a tour in the army. João loved to go there but he got lost and found clothes of soldiers so he dressed up and saw some soldiers training and went there to participate. He practiced a lot and he went to a war hidden. In the war he was abducted and the aliens took him to another universe, he went to the planet of the aliens. When he got in the planet he was in one battlefield and he was scared because his enemy was a monster. The monster ran after João and João ran. He saw one sword and he got it to kill the monster. Because he killed the monster the aliens sent him back to Earth. When he came back the captain didn’t believe that a kid fought in a big war: humans versus alien.



Words and pictures by Calebe Ramos and Isabella Cotrim


Once upon a time there was a boy and a girl that lived in a simple house. The name of the boy was Lucas and the girl was Larissa they were brothers, the boy was 17 years old and the girl 16 years old. Their dad was Ryan their mom was Fernanda. One day a voice asked to the brothers to go to a cave because there were armors, and the brothers went to the cave and there they found a chest and a key, the boy open the chest, in the chest had two armors and two swords of titanium but when they put the armors and got the swords they traveled to the past, when they arrived in the past they saw a lot of dinosaurs and the brothers got scared because they didn’t know what or where they could hide. While they were traveling to the past their parents were worried. There, in the past, they saw a baby lion alone and Larissa wanted to take care of it but was becoming night, and Lucas, Larissa and the baby lion decided to sleep. When they woke up they saw dinosaur coming to attack and they saw the lion throwing fire and killing the dinosaur, but another dinosaur appeared and the brothers got the sword and attacked. When the brothers and the lion killed the dinosaurs they saw a door with a key and then they went for it and opened it. In the back of the door didn’t have anything, but they went in and suddenly they were in the Future. They noticed that the door was a portal to the Future. In the Future they saw many flying cars, big buildings and some aliens. The aliens started shooting and the brothers started running. They entered in a store and asked “What’s going on?” “The aliens are attacking our planet” said the man in the store “Go to the first floor and find the door 11. There are laser guns” They go and find the guns so they start shooting the aliens’ flying saucer, and the aliens fell in the floor but a enormous flying saucer came and on it there was a big, big Alien, a King. They started a fight, the lion was throwing fire, Larissa was using her sword and Lucas was shooting the big alien. They won the fight but before the king died they found a key and behind the big alien there was a portal for them to go back to the real world. When they arrive home their parents say “Where were you guys?” “We had a big trip!”



Words and pictures by Vitรณria Santos and Rafael Bonfim


One day there was a bad guy named Diogo and he had a servant, his name was Cabe. They kidnapped the King Panda. Two warriors discovered it and went to save the King. The warriors were Rafael and Vitória. Rafael got his sword and his shield, Vitória got her bow, arrows and her bag. They went out of the Bamboo Kingdom. The warriors passed by a monster. Vitória held the monster with one arrow and a rope and Rafael killed the monster with his sword. They saw a tribe of giant chicken and Vitória shot five arrows and killed them. During the night they saw a cave and enter it. Inside there was big bat. The bat controlled too many bats, Rafael defeated them with his shield and Vitória killed the bats with the arrows, Rafael threw the shield and ran in the walls to kill more bats with his sword. They left the cave and in the other day they saw a tower in the forest. They entered the tower and saw that king panda is locked there. Diogo was in the tower too and he command Cabe to go and kill Vitória and Rafael. Cabe became a monster, a big, big monster. When the monster came Vitória locked the monster using her bows and arrow but the monster was too strong and escaped so Rafael came with his shield and hit it on the monster’s head a it fainted. So, Vitória and Rafael took the king back to Bamboo Kingdom.



Words and pictures by Pedro PaixĂŁo and Guilherme Farias


Once upon a time Satan had two sons, they were Black and White. Satan was very bad to his sons. When Black turned 9 years and White 12 years they rebelled against their father, because Satan killed their mother. Black and White went to an adventure to kill monsters and practice to kill their father, when they left the hell and were in the earth it was night, they found a big house, Black and White entered in the big house. When they enter, White found a bedroom with two beds and they went to the bathroom to pee after that they saw a monster on the mirror, it was saying scary things. The monster got a knife and destroyed the mirror to kill the brothers. The monster ran after the brothers and when the brothers looked back, the monster was not there, they were scared, so they ran to the kitchen of the house, when they looked to the table, the monster was there, they ran to the bedroom and Black said “What are we going to do?” “I don’t know.” answered White. The monster knocked the door, TUM, TUM, TUM. He broke the door and entered the room and he said “you are going to die!!” The brothers found some rocks in the wardrobe and they started throwing it in the monster. The monster couldn’t concentrate in the transformation and some smoke came in the air. The brothers couldn’t see anything but when the smoke was gone the noticed that the monster was Satan. Satan tried to send more monsters but the brothers discovered that they had powers so they used it together and killed Satan. When Satan was dead a God came from the sky and Black and White saw that the God was their Mother. They were happy!



Words and pictures by Maria Eduarda Felix and Gabriel Hiroshi


In a long time ago there was a big village, in the village had a king. The King had two children called Maria and Gabriel. One day a gigantic fox of 10 tails attacked the village. When the fox decided to attack Maria and Gabriel the king jumped in front of them, to protect them, before the king died he took the power of the fox and with magic put it on his children. 10 years later Maria and Gabriel became ninjas. Maria and Gabriel received a mission and they had to attack a ghost called Akame. Maria, Gabriel, Rafael and Vitória Gurin went to desert looking for Akame. Rafael and Vitória Gurin were Maria and Gabriel friends and they were ninjas too. When they arrived on the desert, they realized that Akame was not there. They went to the cemetery and they found a ghost named Amy Ichirra, Akame’s sister. Amy sad: “Hello humans!” “Wow, you are a ghost!!!” sad Gabriel and Rafael: Then Maria asked: “Are you Akame?” “No Akame killed me after she died” Vitória said “what is your name and why Akame killed you? “My name is Amy, and Akame killed me because she didn’t want me to tell her secret identity. I’m her sister” “Do you want to kill your sister?” asked Gabriel. “Yes,I do” answered the ghost. Gabriel, Maria, Vitória Gurin, Rafael and Amy looked for Akame Ichirra. Amy took them to the mystery part of the cemetery. Then they found a broken tv on the mausoleum and they saw Akame. Gabriel felt scared and set free the fox of 10 tails that was inside his body. Gabriel, Maria and Vitória Gurin destroyed Akame. Amy and Rafael put Akame spirit on the city, then Akame cursed the city, so in this city have a forest demons. Maria and Gabriel became the Kages of village. 25

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Adventure stories - Year 4 afternoon - 2017  

Adventure stories - Year 4 afternoon - 2017