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COLEGIO BIBLICO Spanish Ministerial Education

Mission To prepare workers for Christian ministry among the Spanish-speaking peoples of the world

Background • CB is a pioneer in ministering to the Hispanic people in the United States • 90% of Hispanic preachers in Christian churches of Christ in the U.S. are graduates of Colegio Biblico • 484 graduates from 1949 to 2012

Degrees • Colegio Biblico offers academic programs to prepare students for preaching and teaching the Bible. • Theology (5 years) • Ministerial Science (4 years) • Sacred Literature (4 years) • Christian Education (2 years)

Student Visas • Prospective single student has to pay $365 to apply for a student visa • If the visa is denied, they lose their money • It is harder for a Latin American applicant to obtain a student visa for Mexico than for the United States (Mainly because of religious persecution). • U.S. Consuls look at financial stability of applicant and real estate that would guarantee the student would go back home.

150 miles southwest of San Antonio is little Eagle Pass

Piedras Negras (Mexico)

Eagle Pass Campus

Harland Cary Administration Building

Frances Cary Cafeteria

Colegio Bookstore

Vicente Aguilar Building married student apartments

Women’s Dormatories

Tom & Barbara Hansen Educational Building



Mexico Campus

Multipurpose Building

Women’s Dorm

Men’s Dorm



Interim President: Gonzalo Flores

Academic Dean: Daniel Llamas

Faculty & Staff

Faculty Meetings

Student Body (2012)

Christian Service • Local ministries in 30 churches in Texas and Mexico. • Evangelism: To fields of ministry, camps, and other churches. Share the Gospel by way of preaching, music, and drama. • Camps and Youth Conventions

Christian Service

Christian Service


Work-Study Program • Students do not represent a source of income to the college. They only pay a $60 registration fee per semester. • Students depend on what Colegio has to offer them. • Scholarship program is possible thanks to the gifts from churches and friends. • For 20 hours of work per week on campus they get education, room, and board.

Work-Study Jobs

Work-Study Jobs

Where in the world are the graduates? Spain Puerto Rico Dominican Republic Nicaragua Honduras

United States Mexico Guatemala El Salvador Costa Rica Colombia Chile


Argentina 75% Mexico 20% U.S. Hispanic communities 5% Latin American countries and Spain

Class of 2012

Ministries • • • • • • •

Church planting Orphanages Radio & TV Nursing homes Medical clinics Bible colleges Local church ministries

Work -Groups & Construction

Dallas, TX.

La Fontaine, IN.


Construction • Colegio Biblico has a no-debt policy. • Construction is done only if funds are available.

Guest Dorms Construction

Guest Dorm

You can also be a part of Colegio Biblico’s Minsitry! Spiritually, Financially, Physically, or all three!

Spiritually: Your Prayers • More students recruited for ministry among the U.S. Hispanic churches • Student Visas for international students • Our student body • Our faculty and staff

Financially: Your Donations • • • • • •

Unrestricted gifts: where needed most General Fund Food Fund (Pack the Pantry) Building Fund Scholarship Fund (work-study) Medical Fund

Physically: Your Work Teams • • • •

Youth or Adults Maintenance Construction With local churches (VBS)

Colegio Biblico invites you to visit our campuses and support our vital ministry

Thank You! ยก Gracias!

Overview of Colegio Biblico  

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