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English Department Sindy Rodríguez

Name: _____________________________________________ Grade:_11th B____ Date:_April 26th ___ I. Match the English word with its Spanish equivalent. (draw a line) forecast Escala Bail Pasillo stopover Fianza gate Multa Fine ráfaga flurries puerta (de embarque) hail Pronistico aisle Granizo (1 pt. each) II. Write the English definition of the following words To land:___________________________________________________________________________________ Witness :__________________________________________________________________________________ flood:_____________________________________________________________________________________ (2 pts. each) III.Write a sentence for each word Drought:___________________________________________________________________________________ Runway:___________________________________________________________________________________ Guilty:____________________________________________________________________________________ (2 pts. each) IV. Write the words in Spanish Attorney baggageclaim jet lag overcast Trial (2 pts. each) V. Write the words in English Jurado Vuelo Trueno Subir al avión Juez (2 pts. each)

vocab test weather, travel, law  
vocab test weather, travel, law  

English Department Sindy Rodríguez Name: _____________________________________________ Grade:_11 th B____ Date...