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PIZZA MOTZZARELLA. Ingredients: Flour: 300 grams. Warm water: 180 d.c. Fresh yeast: 20 grams. Salt: 1 teaspoon. Oil: 1 tablespoon. Fried tomato sauce. Mozzarella: 200 grams. Pitted Olives. Oregano Ground Pepper. Garlic. Ham Preparation: stir gently to dissolve the yeast in half a glass of lukewarm water 1-2 teaspoons of sugar and let stand covered about 10/15 minutes.A lather. In a bowl pour the sifted flour, add salt and stir into dry to mix well. Stir in oil, yeast and prepared and then very little lukewarm as you go lacking, beginning to hand mix the dough gently without squeezing.

After the mixture with a hand-olied review just on the surface around the bun and you do not lose their moisture nor dry.Do not overdo it whit the oil in any process, because it would alter the proportions described at the beginning of this recipe. Cover well and leaven in a warm place for 20 minutes.

In addition, entirely a Pizzera Spread with minimal oil. Syndicate Same as evenly as possible the bun to the edge of it, not violently or excessively crush.

Moreover, there are plenty of ways to prepare depending on tastes and preferences. Describe how personally elaborated in a simple and quick: I can use for every two pizzas to prepare a can of whole peeled tomatoes adept, that completely removing the lid open and draining as much liquid as possible. Then add a teaspoon of sugar, salt to taste, 1 clove of garlic, a pinch of pepper, oregano, red pepper and within it can process a few seconds with a whisk until well blended. Will result in a very simple sauce, traditional and tasty.

After the first leavened, then distribute over the pizza evenly as possible a ladle of the sauce already prepared, so that amount is impregnated into the body. Cover well and leave for 20 minutes again leaven.

Once leavened dough is placed in a preheated oven temperature and graduated just under the maximum and not open for anything, leave for 10 M, thus obtaining a concoction similar to a pre-commercial pizza.

Remove from oven. At this point, if you look up just the dough with a fork, you will see that the floor is a smooth and even golden, while maintaining good flexibility.

Syndicate very even amount of sauce needed, sprinkle with oregano and red pepper to taste, adding some optional preference as slices of cold meat, peppers, olives, etc.. and incorporating the mozzarella finally ready for him.

Place again but now in the broiler, at the same temperature, so that only receives heat from above.

Allow complete the cooking a few minutes (less than 10 depending on the type of oven.) Monitor in a while to reach the ideal point, which should be at the edge of the pizza just golden brown and cheese is completely melted.



1 Cup of water.

1 ½ Cup of sugar.

½ Cup of oil.

2 eggs.

2 Cups of flour.

1 ½ Tablespoon powdered, lemon zest,vanilla.

3 Tablespoon dark chocolate.


In a bolw is made all ingredients (except chocolate) and stir as little as possible, just until blended.

Is empty half dough to a mold hopefully those with a hollow center.The rest of the dough, add the chocolate a little water to dissolve more easily an add to pan. Is set to hot oven for about 25 minutes.Regulating the flame goes up and down. It is the easiest and quickest cake addition to rich that yo’ve done in you life.

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