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Kaki Ortiz. is a recognized ps3 gamers he plays all the day and he is going to talk about games of 2009-2010 Pablo Decinti. is the winner of a recent tournament of wii and he will help Kaki.

Ignacia Varela. is a crazy foreteller and she will talk about the horoscope.

Ernesto suarez. the prestigious sport commentator he talk about all the sports news

Paloma and Valentina. two recognized stylist of famous stetic center they both talk about beauty tips

Montserrat and Camila. two famous fashion designers will talk about the fashion of the year.

Sebastian Concha and Benjamin Parra will talk about urban art

Camilo Osorio the musician of the year will help all the people to know about the music and Tomas Romero will help

Karim Musa a humorist will put a very funny jokes

Belen Pedraza a very good reporter will talk about the most embarrassing moments

Ignacio Alfaro a very good cartoon creator will put cartoons in the magazine.

Tomas Valenzuela will put a very funny fail images

Antonio Moure an expert of cars will talk about the new technology of cars and other technology

Antonia Fredes a reporter will talk about all the gossip. And Claudia Esparza will do a reporter about tailor swift. Jose Manuel Solis will talk about entertainment

Gossip Embarrassing moments Music Sport Fashion Beauty tips Games Urban art Technology Horoscope Jokes Cartoons Fail

1. a) b) c)

¿what can’t be missing in your make up? Mascara Lip gloss blush

2. a) b) c)

If you have to choose an accesory ¿which would it be? feather earring String of pearls The striking bracelet

3. a) b) c)

¿what is your favorite color? Pink Green Red

4. a) b) c)

The best way for a guy you declare your love is: For letters Whit some surprising In the place special

5. There is a fancy party Dress. What are you going? a) The hippie b) The devil c) The princess 6. a) b) c)

I love to have her hair: With many curlers Smooth motion at the tips Súper straight

a) b) c)







* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

Simple really. Artist, designers, free thinkers, and business owners partner together to create unusual art events in different locations around the downtown area.

In public spaces,street art represents the voice of the community,marginal groups,and young people that strive to be heard , often defying the notion of private property. Latin America is not an exception for this. Some of latin American street art is distinct from what is created by the hip-hop movement, focusing on political messages and stories of struggle that speak directly to the viewer

Pen Spinning: Leasure raised to the power of two? Recently, Pen Spinning has became a very popular way to waste your time. It is a very hard and frustrating kind of object manipulation and it is not fun, so we actually can’t understand why some people spend hours and hours practicing it. Anyways, after some years of training it gets really awesome.

It mainly consists on spinning a pen around your fingers. Also, it is almost impossible to get good at pen spinning using normal pens or pencil. That’s why pen spinners spin “pen mods” which are pens modificated to be longer and heavier, so spinning them is easier. Pen mods usually look much better than normal ones. The ironic part is that most of pen mods can’t write. Feel free to search about pen spinning on YouTube or other web pages so you can actually understand what I’m talking about.

New coca-cola tooth

New deodorants

paste paste.

that smells like



One Coming soon new



Buy 1silicone and we gift u one free!! Gift u one

2x1 25.000


New t-shirts that change colors with temperature.



Only on music Tomii’s shop Yours favorite pedals. .

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Ninth A  

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