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Elopements the new definition

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What is an

Elopement? T he new definition

by cole critchfield

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kid you not, the “official” definition on google of the word elope is this: “run away secretly in order to get married, especially without parental consent.” When it comes to eloping my mind goes straight to that friends episode in Vegas inside that random church where Ross and Rachel are in the chapel getting married. They wake up and realize they “eloped”… drunk… in Vegas. Pretty typical right? WRONG! The typical quick-service, secretive, crazy-stupid-love elopement is a thing of the past. What if I told you that there is a whole new way to Elope? There



is a way to get married in an epic location, Hawaii, Rome, Greece, or Iceland without having a big wedding. You can get married there alongside those that are closest to you, and the person you love in your arms. Eloping isn’t just an avenue to get married by signing a piece of paper quickly without your parent’s approval anymore. The new way of eloping is intimate, it is raw, and it is real. There are many things to consider when deciding if you want to elope or not. The location, the story capturers (photographers and videographers), and the dress just to name a few. But, the most

important thing we want you to think about is that eloping points the focal point of the day back to you and your love. It shifts the focus from the “big wedding,” the “big day,” the “you have to have lots of people at your wedding,” and the “it’s everyone else’s day,” to you and your best friend on the top of some mountain somewhere thinking about each other. It is all about you. Some people are under this pre-conceived notion or this unseen pressure that when you get married you are forced into a big wedding that you might not necessarily want. If you do? That’s totally okay. Do whatever makes you happy, because that’s what



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.� ~ Maddie Mae (Adventure Instead)

Blue Ridge Bride


the most important day of your life is about. We are just here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way if you Don’t want it to be. You can do whatever YOU want on YOUR day because that’s what it is, YOUR day. But for us, and many of you, there’s nothing more romantic than reading your vows on top of a mountain, with a person that you have shared experiences with, and will share experiences with for the rest of your life. You know them in ways that no one else does, or ever will. And today, it doesn’t matter what people want from you. It doesn’t matter where they want you to be. It doesn’t matter what flavor the gift bag chocolates are (it’s happened). All that matters is that it’s you two, together, sharing this moment that will last a lifetime. There’s no one better to share it with than the person that you are starting this crazy adventure of marriage with. Adventure always is our motto, and marriage truly is an adventure and it is insane. So many ups, downs and in-betweens. But for us, we want this day, your day, to be about you two, and no one else. We have been blessed with the opportunity of third wheeling with couples shooting photo and video in many different locations, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, New York, South Carolina, and Florida to name a few. The one thing that has stood out to us in talking to these couples after being married for a couple months isn’t the color of the flowers or the taste of the


Blue Ridge Bride


food. They don’t remember the piece of chiffon that fell down during the ceremony, or that the cake was a little too hard, or frozen. These couples, our friends, remember their feelings, and the people closest to them that were there. The feelings you have, and the people present that are close to you are what is important. Why don’t we stop making weddings about what they “should” be about and make it about what you will remember forever? So what is this new definition of eloping that we have been ranting about? An elopement is the small intimate joining of two unique, rad, and madly in love people, where the ceremony, theme, and focus of the day is you.


An elopement isn’t just about people that want to get through the day that matters most in their life. It is about finding that one person and experiencing something so outside the norm of the wedding world in the most memorable, and unique way possible. It is not for people that just want to get a few snapshots, grab those signatures and be done. It is for people that want that strong,

meaningful, tear-filled commitment that two people enjoy together through one day, or two days, or three days of just being together in some epic location. It is for the ones that want to be under no obligation. It is for the people that don’t want to hear people say, “You have to do this” or “do that.” It is for couples who recognize marriage as an adventure and take a bold leap to start their marriage. They jump in, together, vows in hand, bold and intentionally. And guess what? We will be there to capture it all. We are Zandi and Cole, and we capture memories through photo and video. We capture the raw, the real, and the intimate moments of the most important day of your life.

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Blue Ridge Bride Magazine  

A magazine about the ins and outs of adventure weddings and the some great recommendations for vendors.