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Who’s Winning the Smartphone War? The battle for smartphone supremacy has become a dog-eat-dog competition, primarily between Apple and its iPhone and Android phones from HTC and Samsung.The competition between these two camps has become so intense that even outsiders like Nokia and BlackBerry have to keep pace with the changing trends, lest they want to be trampled and forgotten. The weird thing about it is that some parts found in the iPhone are actually manufactured and supplied to Apple by its direct competitor, Samsung. What makes it weirder is the fact that the two companies have been at each other’s necks, suing for even the most petty of reasons. The mobile tech market is indeed a turbulent place for the weak and only the strong will survive. Given that Apple is already a giant in the electronics industry; even a sturdy company like Samsung might not stand a chance. Does that mean Samsung smartphone owners should just sell broken smartphones to websites that buy them?

Image Credit: Moreover, this does not mean that Samsung is not capable enough. This just means that they still have to do more to be able to uphold their status against Apple. The importance of getting the title, “world’s thinnest smartphone” is very important for companies like Apple and Samsung. This is because one of the most important components of a smartphone is their design. And when we talk about the design, it basically centers on its size.

A smartphone that is sleek, thin and sturdy enough to hold will always be adored by many because of its easy-to-grip characteristics. As an effective marketing attempt, getting the title with the word “world” is something big enough to get all smartphone consumers’ attention. The Birth of the iPhone 4S Now that Apple just released their latest iPhone iteration, Samsung will face more challenges in getting what is supposed to be theirs. As Apple is esteemed as a company run by perfectionists, they should become more prepared and more innovative so they can win them over. Owners will also have to decide whether or not they want to sell used smartphones. The iPhone 4S, though at first receiving overwhelming disappointment over the improvements it offers is now selling fast like hotcakes. According to reports, Apple enjoyed an all-time-high in pre-orders just in a span of 24 hours after the iPhone 4S’ release. Over a million customers placed their orders at the counters. What was more incredible was when it was reported that Apple had more than four million preorders just in the iPhone 4S’ first weekend. This is a record-high for the company as they did not expect that the iPhone 4S would be a huge hit. The iPhone 4S received a lot of nay sayings before it was released. There was not too much pre-iPhone love when the 4S was about to be released so naysayers flooded the internet about the iPhone 4S’ “loneliness.” So, are we just going to accept that the world is an iPhone one? If you’re one of those people who want to even out the balance, then go ahead and explore all possibilities to get cash for smartphones so you can upgrade to a new smartphone. Source:

Who’s Winning the Smartphone War  

The mobile tech market is indeed a turbulent place for the weak and only the strong will survive. Given that Apple is already a giant in the...

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