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How Cell Phones Lead Our Lives After so many years, I believe the mobile phone has taken the place of the ordinary computer. The billions of cell phone units across the globe have the capability of storing personal data and access the World Wide Web. Increasingly more, our handsets have been the tools that help us navigate through the wiles and ways of life and of the real world.

Virtually speaking, our phones have changed the way we conduct ourselves and how we perceive things. It has revolutionized our perspective on reality and surrealism. You see, when the desktop computer was introduced, a lot of consumers were in awe of its great functionality. But when the cell phone came into the picture and paved the way for some modification of its prototypes- the smartphones, more tech consumers saw the gadget as a potential and convenient replacement of laptops and desktops. Some people even sell used cell phones so that they can use the cash to buy such a powerful device. And why not? The advent of the smartphones has certainly made a positive impact on almost all areas and disciplines of life. Let us talk about them here and see how cell phones are leading our lives. First, the pros: Safety - This is perhaps one of the stalwart advantages of a cell phone. If you’ve ever been stranded on the road with a flat tire or under a waiting shed amid heavy rains, the cell phone can come in pretty handy. With it, you can call a friend or a family member to fetch you home or help you fix the problem. Thanks to your reliable handset, nothing needs to be a big deal. Dial a few buttons and salvation will be there (chuckles)! Communication - Never before has communicating with your loved ones ben so convenient. As long as you have their contact details, distance is virtually invisible for you and your acquaintances, friends, and family. Surfing the Web - If you sell old cell phones to get a new smartphone, this is one of the cool perks of owning one. Being able to access the internet is now a basic requirement for all smartphone makers. Phones, nowadays, are designed to enable you to surf the web and get busloads of available information in just a few button-pressings.

Now, we go to the cons: Health Hazards- In spite of the many benefits of the cell phone, it also poses dangers that we cannot trifle with. Some academic and health studies suggest that overexposure to the kind of radiation emitted by our cell phones can be the cause of several diseases like cancer, and heart, and reproductive disorders. Inappropriate Behavior- It seems that most of us, in being preoccupied with our phones, have forgotten good cell phone etiquetteand have become inconsiderate of other people. We all have had that kind of experience, and chances are, in one way or another, we have also become disrespectful of other people. Now that you see both sides of the coin, we hope that you will be aware of the effects of cell phones on our lives. Better yet, just sell mobile phones at!

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Do Cell Phones Lead Our Lives?  

Virtually speaking, our phones have changed the way we conduct ourselves and how we perceive things. It has revolutionized our perspective o...

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