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Five Apps for Women Empowerment This month, we are celebrating Women’s Equality Day and we are going all out to push for women’s empowerment through technology! And while there are dozens of ways to celebrate the 19th Amendment like registering to vote or supporting non-profit organizations for women or visiting the National Women’s History Museum, we’d like to make things simple by giving you a different list.

You don’t have to go all out to feel empowered, all you have to do is to gear up and sell used iPhone to get a new one (because it is your right to have a brand spanking new iPhone!) and then enjoy these iPhone apps! 1. What Women Want (USA), Free – This app isn’t just for women, it could also work well for husbands and boyfriends who want to understand their female counterparts. Empower yourself with knowledge and total self-love by getting this free app from D&Tech7 Inc. It’s the perfect app for tracking your menstrual days and getting to know your body and your cycles better! You also don’t have to sell iPhone 3GS because it runs on iOS 3.0 and above! Oh and what we love about this app is that it has an Obesity Checker, just so you don’t have to doubt yourself and ask “Do I look fat?”

2. The New Age Handbook (Guide to Spiritual and Personal Empowerment 1.0), $0.99 – Another good (not to mention cheap) app for women empowerment is The New Age Handbook by Weblantis. It talks about self-empowerment through the New Age Movement including tips on goal improvement, aromatherapy, stress management, yoga and building self-esteem! If you find this app a joy to read, you can also email the chapters you like to your girlfriends! 3. Women’s Health Workouts, $1.99 – If you’re into empowerment through exercising, try Women’s Health magazine’s health and fitness app. Not only is it fully designed to keep you motivated for staying fit and healthy, it also features workouts that are made by women for women! It has workouts for melting fat, keeping your body sexy, perfecting a confident posture and toning muscles! It comes with 16 preloaded workout routines and also helps you keep track of your workouts with logs and timers! 4. The Pill, $0.99 – As an empowered woman who values gender equality, it is important that you practice your rights and responsibility in keeping yourself sexually safe. The Pill is an iPhone app from Stephane QUERAUD that automatically calculates your period and your cycle. It actually reminds you to take your pill every day so you can be sure that you’ll never skip! It also alerts you via email and is very customizable depending on your needs. But you might have to sell iPhone 3GS because it runs only on iOS 4.0 and above (preferably above). 5. iBody (Get in Shape), $9.99 – Yeah, it may seem a bit too pricy for an iPhone app but if you’re a dieter who is determined to keep a fit body and a stable weight, iBody is probably the most comprehensive app in the App Store. It’s not like any other calorie counter that would make you want to sell iPhone so bad. It measures and evaluates your blood pressure and cholesterol level and keeps track of your target weight for you! Now that’s a mighty app for an empowered gal! Source:

Five Apps for Women Empowerment  

You don’t have to go all out to feel empowered, all you have to do is to gear up and sell used iPhone to get a new one (because it is your r...

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