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Core Values

Core Values

Agent Onboarding Process

ASC/Manager Notifies RSC of new Agent

RSC gives Agent info to: • Human Resources • Marketing • Training Coordinator

Agent turns paperwork in to Manager/ASC


RSC enters agent into DASH & Online Office

ASC turns paperwork into RSC

Training Coordinator notifies agent, ASC, manager of passwords & training schedule

Who to Call? Maintenance: NOMI- Rob Gray 231-631-1243 CEMI- Rob Gray 231-631-1243 SOMI- William Erickson 616-949-9400 Ring Central: Rich Doher 231-668-1352 Accounting/Closing Department: Mike Griffith 231-995-8144 Brianne Bee 31-995-8187 Accounts Payable: Vicky Prough 231-995-7639 Kristen Gray 231-995-7639 Accounts Receivable: Sue Kelly 231-922-3946 Human Resources: Julie Vance


Referrals and Relocation: Kim Fouch 231-995-8163

Office Supply Order WHO: ASC METRIC: 20-30 MINUTES OFFICE SUPPLY ORDERS CAN BE DONE QUARTERLY Get the most recent order form from your rsc Do an inventory check of the office supplies before filling out the form 1. Fill in the Date of the order. 2. Notate which office needs the order. 3. Put your name in the “ordered by� section. 4. Enter the quantity of the items that you need to order. Leave all others blank. 5. For special order items, you will need to look the item up on and copy and paste in the item numbr and item description. 6. Once completed, send your form to and the items will arive within a couple days.

OFFICE & AGENT SIGN ORDERS WHO: ASC METRIC: 10 MINUTES Agent signs should be ordered HERE - Credit carded needed. 1. Indicate which office is ordering the signs 2. Write in the sign type, including the product number 3. Enter the quantity to order. 4. Enter the phone number for the sign, including the area code. 5. Enter the shipping address for the signs. If the office address is need for the sign, include that information as well.

Office sign orders are sent to Please note: Sign orders can take a few weeks for delivery.

Personal Expense & Mileage WHO: ASC


Please ask your RSC for the most current reimbursement form Personal Expense Reimbursement Fill in the name of the person, Office location and contact information, who will be receiving the reimbursement. Enter the last day of the month in the date box. From the receipts that are collected, input each item from the receipts under the corresponding category with one item per line. (i.e. If you have a lunch that work was conducted it would go under meetings and conferences. If there was a supply purchased it would go under “supplies�) Be sure to include the tax into anything that is not exempt. The totals from each category should auto sum in the Totals box. Double check to make sure the totals match receipts. Have the person getting the reimbursement and the manager both sign the form. Scan the signed document and all of the receipts to yourself. Forward the documents and receipts to, include in the subject line that this is a personal expense reimbursement. Mileage Reimbursement Enter in the name and month end date of the person receiving the reimbursement. Enter the date and location traveled to, along with the reason for going, into the Miscellaneous and Travel Expense Column. Enter in the miles from office to destination. The amount will auto fill once the miles have been inputted. Collect the required signatures of the employee and manager in the signature box. Scan the signed document to yourself and forward to Mileage reimbursements go through payroll.

Petty Cash Reimbursement WHO: ASC METRIC: 20-30 MINUTES Please ask your RSC for the most current reimbursement form 1. Enter in the cash received amount from the last reimbursement. This and the remaining petty cash balance should equal $100. 2. Enter each itemized purchase from the receipts under the corresponding category. 3. Enter in the total per item, including tax. 4. Enter in the total of the receipts 5. Enter in the total balance. 6. The itemized total, and the remaining cash should add up to $100. 7. Scan all receipts to yourself. 8. Forward the receipts and the petty cash form to 9. See petty cash guidelines below:

MESSAGE FROM VICKY IN ACCOUNTS PAYABLE Part of my job, is to help minimize cost and help maximize efficiency and profitability for the Corporation, with that being said I am sending a gentle reminder that things like Cleaning supplies, facial tissue, coffee, coffee supplies, bandages, etc., should be purchased through Kristen Gray or me with your Staples order. Petty Cash is to be used for emergency supplies, miscellaneous postage request, sales meetings, etc. We receive a corporate discount through Staples as well as a quarterly rebate so all supplies should be ordered through them via Kristen or me. If it is available (within reason) on the Staples website, we can order it. I have also included a copy of the corporate petty cash guidelines policy. As always, feel free to give myself or Kristen a call if you have questions Thanks for all you do, Vicky

PETTY CASH POLICY PURPOSE Petty cash funds are for small incidental cash purchases by employees for an amount up to $100. Petty cash provides availability for small purchases of products and or services when it is not practical or efficient to make the purchase through the normal process via the weekly supply. Petty cash can be used for unexpected emergencies such as office supplies, coffee supplies, postal expenses, Birthday/Sympathy cards, bank fees, sales meeting goodies, etc. SECURING THE PETTY CASH ACCOUNT The manager is in charge of ensuring the security of petty cash money held by their office. All cash and receipts for expenditures must be held in a secure area with access limited to the BC or Office Manager. The manager is responsible for the petty cash thus access to the funds must be limited. The petty cash fund will be reconciled on a regular basis by the manager. The manager must ensure that the cash on hand plus the receipts are equivalent to the total amount disbursed ($100.00) to the petty cash account. PETTY CASH PURCHASES An employee making a purchase with petty cash must follow this process 1) Obtain approval from the office manager 2) Obtain petty cash funds for the equivalent amount of the anticipated purchase 3) Make the purchase and obtain a receipt 4) Provide the receipt to the BC or manager If an employee does not obtain petty cash funds prior to the purchase, the employee should, submit receipts and receive reimbursement as soon as possible after purchase is made. REIMBURSING PETTY CASH ACCOUNT Reimbursement of the petty cash fund should be completed at least, but not limited to once per month. All reimbursement requests must be made by completing the petty cash log, balancing the petty cash log to the receipts and scanning the log, and receipts and e-mailing them to the Accounting Department IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS CONTACT VICKY IN ACCOUNTS PAYABLE AT: 231-995-7639 OR

Postage Requests WHO: ASC


1. 1. Always check the website for current pricing before placing an order 2. Clarify which office is requesting postage. 3. Enter the date of the request. 4. Enter the denomination of stamp being requested. 5. Enter the quantity of the stamp needed. 6. Enter the total of each denomination. 7. Enter the total of the whole order. 8. Send the order to accountspayable@

ADDING POSTAGE TO A POSTAGE METER WHO: ASC METRIC: 5 MINUTES 1. Connect the cable to the back of the meter. 2. Turn on the postage machine and connect the cable to the computer. 3. Press “Add Postage” 4. Press “Add $500” 5. Follow the prompts displayed on the postage meter.


1. Please add Office Name, Month and Year to the header of the spread sheet. 2. Please name the spreadsheet as Office Name, Month, Year Transaction Log. (Eg. “Suttons Bay February 2019 Transaction Log”) 1. Please delete all extra rows between the final transaction and totals at the bottom of the page so when it is printed, the totals show directly after the last transaction. 2. Email the TR log to amy.miller@ 3. In the subject line of your email, please include “office name, month, year Transaction Log” (e.g. Suttons Bay February 2019 Transaction Log)

NEW LISTING LOG WHO: ASC METRIC: 2 MINUTES EACH NEW LISTING SHOULD BE RECORDED AS THE PAPERWORK IS SUBMITTED TO THE ASC 1. Record the Address, Listing Agent, Owner Name, City, Price, Expiration and Listing Date of the new listing. 2. At the end of the month, total the new listings and enter them under the totals tab. 3. Send the new listing log to 4. Include Office Name, Month, Year, New Listing Log (e.g. Suttons Bay February 2019 New listing Log)


1. Click on “Add a Residential Sale Transaction. (Or if you have not customized your dashboard, it can also be found under the left-hand side under Transactions -> Add residential transaction -> Sale.) 1. Click on Already exists in Dash 2. Click YES that you are representing the buyer. 3. Enter the MLS number or property address, and click on the correct one that pops up.

1. Start on the Listing and Terms Tab. 2. Check to make sure all of the listing office information is correct. (This should auto fill) 3. Check to make sure the buying side office is correct. (This should auto fill) 4. Enter the final sale price. 5. Enter the percentage of the commission for the buying side. Gross Commission will auto fill. Gross commission can also be entered, in which case the percentage will autofill. 6. Enter the percentage of the commission for the listing side. Gross Commission will autofill. 7. Enter the Under Contract Date from the closing cover sheet. 8. Estimated Close date should auto populate for 2 months out. Please be sure to change that to one year after the contract date so that it doesn’t expire. 9. Sales Associate for the Listing Side will auto populate. 10. Enter the name of the Sales Associate for the Buying side. 11. Click on the Commission and Deductions Tab.

1. Enter any Referral info in this tab, if there is any. Check to make sure all commission is correct. Then click SELLER at the bottom of the page.

1. Select “Personal Referral” as the seller source. 2. Select “Agent” as the seller lead. 3. Select “Person/Individual” as the type, then enter the First and Last Name. If it is a Trust or LLC then select that option from the “Type” and enter the Entity Name. Scroll down the page and enter the email address. This is how they get their coupons. Select “Add another seller” if there are multiple sellers. If not, click “Buyer” at the bottom of the page.

1. Select “Personal Referral” as the buyer source and “Agent” as the buyer lead. 2. Select “First time Buyer” as the type. 3. Enter in First and Last name. If it is an LLC or Trust, select that as the type and then enter entity name. Then click “Review” at the bottom of the page. Once you have reviewed all information, click “finish”. Your TR# will appear at the top of the page. Enter only the last 4 digits of the number onto the Closing Cover Sheet.

REPRESENTING THE LISTING AGENT ONLY 1. Select “Already Exists in Dash” 2. Select “NO” for representing the buyer 3. Enter the MLS # or the property address. 4. Select the correct property that comes up. 5. Follow all of the previous steps, skipping the “BUYER” section. ( You will need to enter in the “Buying office”. You will NOT need to fill in the selling agent. All required fields will be marked with a red asterisk.

REPRESENTING THE BUYERS AGENT ONLY 1. Select “Not in Dash” 2. Select “Buyer” as who you are representing. 3. Select “GO”

1. Select the Property type, Residential or Vacant land. 2. Select the property sub type. 3. Enter in the Address 4. Enter in the city, the state will auto fill. 5. Enter in the zip code. 6. Select “Listing and Terms” at the bottom of the page.

REPRESENTING THE LISTING AGENT ONLY 1. Scroll to find the outside broker brand. Select “other” if not listed as an option. 2. Fill in the outside broker office. 3. Enter the MLS #. This is not a required task, however it needs to be filled in. 4. Enter the sale price. 5. Enter in the commission on the selling side. 6. Enter the contract date. 7. Enter the estimated close date. Make this a year from contract date so that it doesn’t expire. 8. Enter the Sales Associate on the Buyer side, then click Commission and deductions at the bottom of the page. Enter any referral info on this page, along with double checking the commission. 9. Skip the “Seller” tab, and then enter the buyer info as stated in the above section. Click “Review” and make sure all info is correct. Then click on “finish” and enter the last 4 digits of the TR# on the closing cover sheet as stated in the directions above.

ENTERING A CREATED SALE INTO DASH 1. Click on “Add a Residential Sale Transaction” 2. Click “Not in Dash” and select if you are representing the Seller, Buyer or both. 3. Follow all the previous steps listed above according to who you are representing. Please remember that each office should have a unique TR# per side. Please follow the steps similar to who you are representing when inputting a commercial sale. Dash help desk: 1-800-426-5393 or

CBx Seller Leads WHO: ASC

HOW TO ASSIGN LEADS METRIC: 5-10 MINUTES Will vary by office

From the DASHBOARD in ONLINE OFFICE click on CBExchange.

Click on the button icon (known as the Springboard) on the right hand side of the screen.

In the Springboard menu click on CBx Seller Leads.

Log in using your Coldwell Banker email and password

This is the CBx Seller Leads DASHBOARD. #1 Lists all agents in your office #2 #3 #4 and #5 are current stats #6 Prospect Search – by clicking on Prospect Search, you will be directed to the next screen

Enter the zip code for the area you want to pull leads from and from the drop down box click on the town you want to start with

A list of all available leads will pop up in the next window. Choose from one of the available categories: Young Couple, School Age or Young Family Click on the blue file folder to the left of the address for leads that you want to assign Click on Start Assigning

Check the blue folder next to the address Click on the Assign button

A box will pop up that says ASSIGN TO AN AGENT. Start typing in agent name and when this comes up click on the Agent name and click on ASSIGN

Leads have now been assigned to the Agent. If there are more leads to assign, go back to the CBx Seller Leads Dashboard and start over.

Status information that can be found in the CBx Seller Leads DASHBOARD. Click on the Stat Dashboard button and from the Dropdown Menu choose Prospect Grid

In this screen you will see three tabs labeled: RETURNED PROSPECTS, ASSIGNED PROSPECTS and CLAIMED PROSPECTS The RETURNED PROSPECTS tab will show all leads that have been returned. The reason the lead was returned will be in the RETURNED STATUS column

The ASSIGNED PROSPECTS tab will show leads that have been assigned to agents

The CLAIMED PROSPECTS tab shows all leads that have been claimed by Agents.

There is also a short tutorial located in the USER GUIDE which is located at the bottom of the DASHBOARD

Adding an Agent to Xpress Docs


METRIC: 5-10 MINUTES Will vary by office At the top of the screen click “My Account”, then click “create user account” under the Account Recourses column. 1. Enter in the Agents First Name as they would like it to appear. 2. Enter in the Agents last name. 3. Enter in the agents phone number , including the area code. Include dashes. 4. Enter in the agents work email address. 5. Enter in the agents work email again. This one will be used as a login. 6. Create a password for the agent. 7. Confirm the password. 8. Send the Login Email and Password to the agent. Enter in any agent info, such as cell number, office number, email address, website etc. The agent can also do this once they log in and set this as default info. Once you have completed filling in all necessary information click on “Create” at the bottom of the page. Help Desk: 1-866-977-3627 See for videos on how to create mailers etc.

Sending a Market Report to Sellers


METRIC: 5-10 MINUTES 1. To send a market report to a seller, click on “my listings” on the left hand side. 2. Find the correct listing address and click “Listing Stats”

1. Click the blue “here” button to set up the email to the seller. If you want to preview what the email will look like then click on the green “here”. You can also scroll through the page to look at the views and stats.

1. Enter the first name of the seller. 2. Enter the last name of the seller 3. Enter the Sellers email. You can enter multiple emails separated with a comma. 4. Enter any email addresses you would like CC’d or you can skip this section. 5. Enter any blind copied email address or skip this section. 6. The “reply to” email address will auto populate. Or you can change it if it needs to go to an admin or different email address.

1. The email subject line uses a default and will auto fill, however you can update this to whatever you would like it to be. 2. The body of the email is a standard description. You can update this to say whatever you would like it to. 3. Choose the delivery options you would prefer. Click on the “send weekly” button to send them out each Monday. Click “send monthly” for the beginning of each month. Click the “off” and “send immediately” to send it as a one-time event. 4. Click the “submit” button when everything has been proof read and you are ready to send.

Adding an agent to L2L


METRIC: 5-10 MINUTES Highlight the above link Right Click Click on Open Hyperlink You will be redirected to the Log-in page for Listings2Leads Your log-in will be your office name. If you need log-in permissions, contact Carrie Skomp at INPUTTING A NEW AGENT IN L2L (LISTINGS TO LEADS) From the Broker Desktop in Listings2Leads Add Agents Click ‘Agents’ in the horizontal blue (it may be a different color) navigation bar and then the green ‘Add Agents’ button (see the first screenshot below). Enter the agent’s information in the form shown in the second screenshot. When the agent’s information is saved, the agent will get a Welcome Email letting them know that their account is ready to use as shown in the 3rd screenshot! ONCE you add an agent to your account, they will get a Welcome to Listings-to-Leads email (see bottom screenshot) with their: 1. Account log-in information. 2. Invite to our Facebook Mastermind Group that has a TON of tips from our users and us! 3. How to start marketing your listings to generate buyer, seller and referral leads. 4. How to generate seller leads and listings! Please be sure to call them and let them know to open and read the email and to request an invitation to the Facebook mastermind group! It has so much good information in it that it alone is worth good money!

TAKE THIS TIME TO REMIND YOUR AGENTS ABOUT OUR RECURRING TRAINING every Monday and Thursday covering: 1. Facebook Lead Generation 2. Listing Marketing for Buyer, Seller and Referral Leads 3. Essential Landing Pages to Grow Your Business Send them this link and add to your current office training calendar (ask us for the HTML for each training if you would like!):

Requesting Access to Property Data



1. Click on the “Request Access” button.

1. Enter in your First Name 2. Enter in your Last Name 3. Enter “Schmidt Family of Companies” 4. Enter in your work email 5. Click on “Request” 6. Allow for it to be approved. An email will be sent to you shortly. Then follow the instructions in the email to log in.

1. Click on the drop down menu “Select State” 2. Select the State that you would like information from. 3. Next select the county, and click on the green “NEXT” in the top right corner. Enter in the search criteria and hit “Search” 4. Choose whether you want to download an Excel Spreadsheet, CSV Spreadsheet, or Labels. 5. Remember to remove duplicate addresses.

Entering a New Agent in Dotloop



1. When adding a new agent, start by logging into dotloop and clicking on “People” on the task bar along the top. 1. Click on the office that you are adding them to. The click the “Add Person” button along the office list. 1. Enter the Agents first and last name. 2. Enter their business email address. 3. Type in a “Welcome” that they will receive in an email. 4. Click “Add Person”.


For the dotloop support desk call 1 (888)-368-5667

Entering Showings in AOS WHO: ASC

METRIC: 3 MINUTES Highlight the above link, click on open link and you will be redirected to the login menu for AOS To Enter a Showing: In the LISTINGS box, click on the arrow that is next to SEARCH and from the dropdown menu choose how to look up the property. A search can be done by Street Name, MLS #, Street Number, etc. Click GO

Once you enter your search criteria, click on the SEARCH button for the property

Click on the NEW SHOWING tab.

In the showing agent bar under the search for agent button, click on the agent dropdown menu and choose the name of the agent that will be showing the property. Their name and information will autopopulate to the next screen. In the date/time information box, choose, the date, time, duration, and type of showing. Click on schedule this showing and the next screen is the appointment confirmation screen.

This screen shows all of the information for this property along with the appointment information. Call the owner if necessary. Click on the telephone icon to the left of the owners name and choose the scenario that applies. once owner has confirmed, check boxes to the right of owner, showing agent and listing agent. The pink unconfrmed button will change to green confirmed. Click save changes The showing is now set up and an automatic email will be sent to the listing and showing agent. If the showing is not confirmed, chose the scenario for left message, click save changes and the showing will stay in your to do list until the owner responds

In the listings box, click on the arrow that is next to search and from the dropdown menu choose how to look up the property. A search can be done by street name, mls #, street number, etc. Click go.

Once you enter your search criteria, click on the search button For the property

Click on appointments then click on the appointment you need to cancel. There will be two options: Cancel appointment or reschedule appointment. Click cancel to totally cancel the showing and click on reschedule if the agent needs to reschedule. Fill in a reason for the change and click ok. If rescheduling, the screen will go back to new showing box and the showing agent automatically fills in. Choose a new date and time and continue to the confirmation screen. Note: if cancelling or rescheduling an appointment, make sure that the owner/ tenant get called.

Schmidt Video Classroom Please visit the website for any Schmidt Family of Companies resource you may be looking for. (Video, Paperwork, Information, Websites)

To visit our Schmidt Video Classroom, click here! You can click on “videos”, then search the topic you are looking for. All blue syncs and 1st&3rd trainings have been uploaded.


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