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Local news and market updates of Aruba. January/February 2012

Feature property - Seroe Colorado Family Home Listing ID: # 833 Located in Seroe Colorado is this nice and spacious family home. The curb-appeal is magnificent! As soon as you enter the home, a nice bright living room and dining room await you with access to the enormous kitchen. From the kitchen there’s an entrance to a one-car garage with remote control. There are three bedrooms in total; one large master bedroom on one side with en-suite bathroom and walk-in closet and two bedrooms on the other side that share one bathroom. You only have to finish the backyard with your own choice of landscaping etc but there’s enough space for a pool. Build-up area is 199 m2 (2,141 sq ft) on lease land of 887 m2 (9,562 sq ft). US$ 365.000

Afl. 649.700


e like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who

participated in our year end community project Toys for Tots, a worldwide Coldwell Banker project in which we collect Xmas gifts for children from families with limited financial resources. This year was the 3rd time Coldwell Banker Aruba participated and we have been overwhelmed by the support we received during these 3 years, we have been able to provide gifts to almost 500 children! A great success. With warm real estate greetings!



Carnival means weeks of events that bring you colorfully decorated floats, contagiously throbbing music, luxuriously costumed groups of celebrants of all ages, King & Queen elections, electrifying jump ups and torch light parades that wind their way through the streets at night, the Jouvert morning: the Children's Parades and finally the Grand Parade on the 18th in San Nicolas and on the 19th of February in Oranjestad. These have got to be the greatest parties ever! Where else can you find Antillean "tumba" music, the Calypso and steel bands of the English Caribbean, the salsa beat of Latin countries plus marching bands and a smattering of Dutch oom-pa-pa? The 2 month long celebration culminates with the all-day Grand Parade on Sunday, with everyone and everything all decked out. Be sure to put on your shades, there will be an awful lot of glitter out there! Monday is an official holiday for everyone to recoup and recover! You can relax at the pool with daiquiris to replace all that precious liquid you lost jumping around. But just when you think it is all over, there's the Farewell Parade and the burning of Momo, indicating the end of Carnival and the beginning of Lent. Symbolically, Momo's ashes are used on Ash Wednesday. All in all, we think this is the perfect time for people to come visit us in Aruba. But so does everybody else! So make your reservations well in advance to come celebrate carnival the way we do, right here in Aruba!

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alco Stoba

Ingredients: 2 lbs Conch Meat, 1 large onion, finely chopped, 1 medium green pepper, finely chopped, 2 large tomatoes, peeled and chopped, 2chicken bouillon cubes dissolved in 1/2 cup water, Dash of Tabasco sauce or minced hot pepper, 1 Tbs. Maggi or Beef extract. Preparation Directions: Clean, peel, and pound well with a wooden mallet: 2 lbs Conch Meat Then rub it with: 1/2 cup white wine vinegar. Cut the conch into bite size pieces. SautĂŠe three tablespoons butter: 1 large onion, finely chopped & 1 medium green pepper, finely chopped. Add: 2 large tomatoes, peeled and chopped, 2 chicken bouillon cubes dissolved in 1/2 cup water, Dash of Tabasco sauce or minced hot pepper, 1 Tbs. Maggi or Beef extract.Simmer the stew for about twenty minutes. Add conch, cover and continue to cook until meat is tender - about ten minutes. Add seasoning as required.

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Listing ID # 376

$ 425.000

Listing ID # 549

$ 220.000

Listing ID # 559

$ 1.600

reparing to buy an investment property

It's hard not to hear the rumblings. Experts and talking heads repeatedly say real estate can be a lucrative investment, especially for home buyers who buy at the right price and secure affordable financing. However, for someone who has n e v e r d o n e i t b e f o r e , r e a l e s t a t e investment can be a tricky topic. offers a few tips for homeowners who think they are ready to become a real estate investor. Determine goals The term "real estate investor" covers a wide breadth of roles. There are people who want to be a landlord and dote over their own property's day-to-day care and management. Others simply want to purchase the property and let someone else handle the management. Still others may be interested in fixing up run down properties and re-selling them, or starting from scratch, buying undeveloped land and building something on it. reports the firsttime investor may want to stick with residential investment until they become more comfortable with the concept. Don't be short on funds Home buyers may want to speak to a financial advisor to see if they actually have the capital needed to invest. Whether they're becoming a landlord or commercial investor, a home buyer needs substantial cash reserves to cover periods of time when they won't have tenants or the market is slow, according to As always, location, location, location Just as they would if they were buying a home to live in, real estate investors need to focus on location. High-population areas are ideal for the home buyerturned-landlord, since they attract renters looking for easy access to work, retail locations and public services. An ideal investment opportunity would be situated between shopping centers, schools and public transit, reports. Such a property would also attract future buyers if an investor decides to sell the property down the line. Look for an experienced real estate agent reports a home buyer considering property investment should partner with a real estate agent who knows the local investment climate and can find them a property that will bear substantial returns over time. Additionally, the investor should plan to keep a strong relationship with that real estate agent, since they could help them re-sell the property and find a new investment opportunity in the future.

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