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Private Estates 速


C Illustration by CHRISTI BECKER ©2011


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Adams Estate

When creating their Private Estate, it was essential for the Adams’ family that the entire ensemble represents the contemporary, classical-style the owners enjoy. To accomplish this goal, sanded Sierra White™ granite was used, because the polished white stone shows the curves and carvings that were so essential to the family request. The battered base of the building sets the tone for the wonderfully curved walls and column caps. Adding to the architectural appeal are stained glass windows that make the interior space well-lit and highlight the four columns and spacious interior. In the front area of the Private Estate, patio walls and two benches were designed to represent a football from overhead since Mr. Adams is the owner of the Tennessee Titans National Football League team.

Height: 21' 8" Width: 24' Depth: 26' 2" Approx. Weight: 519,000 lbs. Granite: Sierra White






Knauss Estate Height: 37' 5" Width: 35' Depth: 14' 4" Approx. Weight: 175,000 lbs. Granite: Azalea & Carnelian速

Height: 14' Width: 16' 6" Depth: 13' 2" Approx. Weight: 212,000 lbs. Granite: Sunset Red




to the Sierra White building. Benches,

Width: 23' 4"


Depth: 22' 2"


Approx. Weight: 80,000 lbs.


Granite: Sierra White & Mesabi BlackÂŽ


Dulaney Estate

Height: 10' 11" Width: 10' 10" Depth: 9' 9" Approx. Weight: 67,000 lbs. Granite: Rustic Mahogany and Sunset Red速


Cox Estate

Selected for its decorative beauty, this ornate design perfectly expresses the European Baroque style with its Palladian door and Corinthian column, baluster and capitals. Carved bronze column base inserts add unique warmth to the mausoleum entrance. Inside, Royal Sable and Mesabi Black

Height: 16' 8"

granite work in harmony to create

Width: 19'

a pleasant, inviting space. Burial

Depth: 22' 6"

options are provided through the

Approx. Weight: 234,000 lbs.

combination of crypts and niches.

Granite: Royal Sable速 & Mesabi Black


Nottolini Estate

Height: 18' 4" Width: 27' 6" Depth: 32' 8" Approx. Weight: 470,000 lbs. Granite: Rainbow®

Polished Rainbow granite, with its rich coloring and vigorous veining, shows to great advantage in the large wall surface of this Classical mausoleum. 6JGUCPFGFſPKUJQPVJGEQNWOPUCPF entablature provide a differing surface texture and tone, adding prominence to the architectural lines of this handsome building. The numerous and artistically designed art-glass windows further emphasize the spaciousness and beauty of the KPVGTKQTQHVJKUFKIPKſGFUVTWEVWTG


Height: 12' 8" Width: 11' 4" Depth: 13' 5" Approx. Weight: 103,000 lbs. Granite: Sunset Beige & Impala Black

Fertel-Duke Estate

Polished Sunset Beige, while assuring a mellow warmth of tone, will display the architectural shadows of this massive structure to maximum advantage. The black in its crystalline pattern will harmonize well with the Impala Black granite columns and vases. Artistically hand sculptured angels located on the front walls guard the entrance to the mausoleum while angelic cherubs playfully dance on the perimeter of the black vases. The grandeur of this design is further enhanced by the ornamental benches.


Height: 14' 11" Width: 12' Depth: 14' 10" Approx. Weight: 158,000 lbs. Granite: Impala Black

Corzone Estate

Rich black granite makes up the "Corzone" Family Private Estate. Half columns that continue around the front corners are unique within the estate. They were a special design for the family. Two relief carved statues adorn each side of the bronze doors showing the family's religious beliefs. The cross at the top QHVJGRGFKOGPVſPKUJGUVJKU grand Private Estate.


Harper Estate

The Harper Private Estate, URGEKĹżECNN[FGUKIPGFHQT ETGOCVKQPYCUHCDTKECVGFKP Kenoran Sage granite. 6JGKPVGTKQTYCUFGUKIPGF to host sixteen plus niche spaces.

Height: 9' 3" Width: 7' Depth: 6' 3" Approx. Weight: 22,000 lbs. Granite: Kenoran Sage & Mesabi Black


Height: 10' 4" Width: 11' 8" Depth: 13' 6" Approx. Weight: 57,000 lbs. Granite: Azalea

Lawrence Estate

Angled walls with arched windows add to the charm of the "Lawrence" Private Estate. Two carved bronze windows adorn each side of the bronze door softening the entrance to the downtown Georgian Style of architecture. Stylish angled planters add to the beautiful presentation of this captivating Private Estate. The interior was designed to accommodate both crypt and niche spaces.


Height: 20' 4" Width: 20' 4" Depth: 41" Approx. Weight: 630,000 lbs. Granite: Royal Sable

Dowd Estate

This striking mausoleum is a showpiece of classical design, starting with the elegant rising UVCKTYC[VJCVſPKUJGUYKVJCRCKT of large mounted vases. Rich, warm Royal Sable granite creates a visually compelling look throughout, especially the colorful perimeter plaiting. The structure also includes an exterior patio with benches for repose and a family history wall.





Smith Estate

Height: 10' 10" Width: 25' 3" Depth: 19' Approx. Weight: 235,000 lbs. Granite: Lac du Bonnet速


Height: 14' 10" Width: 22' 4" Depth: 21' 1" Approx. Weight: 205,000 lbs. Granite: Rockville Beige & Carnelian

Goodman Estate

Polished Carnelian columns and frieze with the "Goodman" family name presents a beautiful entrance to this mausoleum. Stained glass windows on each side of the columns feature the Star of David representing the Jewish faith. The stained glass windows add warmth to the interior of this stately building.


Botsolas Estate

This mausoleum is an example of Classical Greek Doric architecture. Sanded Sierra White granite was selected for its inherent beauty and endurance. The stateliness of the intricate molding is enhanced by shadows cast on this off-white granite. A spacious interior is provided with contrasting polished granites, art-glass windows and personalized symbolic ornamentation.

Height: 15' 2" Width: 20' 2" Depth: 16' 9" Approx. Weight: 230,000 lbs. Granite: Sierra White


David Estate

The David Private Estate is designed with an Art Deco motif decorated with a Neuvue bronze door. Symmetrically carved linear recesses while establishing contemporary art deco style delineate the corners and frieze. Two carved lions add artistic symbolism at both sides of the door establishing the entrance and family name. Ballards at each side of the door ſPKUJUGXGTCNUVGRUVQVJGDWKNFKPI

Height: 11' 2" Width: 11' 6" Depth: 10' 1" Approx. Weight: 68,000 lbs. Granite: Carnelian


Height: 11' 10" Width: 19' 11" Depth: 11' Approx. Weight: 95,000 lbs. Granite: Royal Sable & Cold Spring Black

Palmer Estate


Height: 12' 8" Width: 12' 2" Depth: 13' 5" Approx. Weight: 97,000 lbs. Granite: Lac du Bonnet

Carver Estate

Polished Lac du Bonnet granite, YKVJKVUFGRVJQHEQNQTCPFſPG crystalline pattern, accents the design scheme set by the elaborate Rococo Style architecture. This artistic style is characterized by fanciful curved spatia forms and elaborate ornamentation. This building was designed as a two-crypt private mausoleum, however, it may accommodate from one to eight crypts.


Takats Estate

The contemporary "Takats" Family Estate was designed with the pyramids as an inspiration. Battered walls strongly suggest a pyramidal style. Black granite and Sierra White granite create a visual contrast of building materials. Gem-like hexagonal walls open up to a spacial interior. The "Takats" Family Private Estate is stunning amongst other Private Estates in the park.

Height: 12' 6" Width: 20' 8" Depth: 15' Approx. Weight: 212,000 lbs. Granite: Sierra White & Cold Spring Black


Height: 9' 6" Width: 7' 10" Depth: 8' 9" Approx. Weight: 25,000 lbs. Granite: Rockville Beige & Carnelian

Pezzella Estate

The architectural lines of this mausoleum are personalized by the cross located above the family name. Polished Rockville Beige with its vigorous, generous sized crystals and warm tone, blends well with the deep rich color of the Carnelian crypt fronts. This granite is also an excellent choice for its inscribing and ornamentation qualities. The trimmed hedges and higher foliage provides an ideal setting for this private estate.


Houston Estate

Presented in Neo Classical Style this Kenoran Sage granite Private Estate comes pre-assembled and can be delivered to the site in a shortened time period. The interior can have crypts or niche columbariums along with a bench HQTTGĆ€GEVKQP

Height: 10' 4" Width: 13' 2" Depth: 11' 3" Approx. Weight: 50,900 lbs. Granite: Kenoran Sage



Height: 14' 8" Width: 13' Depth: 15' 6" Approx. Weight: 142,000 lbs. Granite: Sierra White

Durden Estate

Sierra White granite sets the tone for this classical Italian design, YJKEJKPENWFGUĹżIWTGUKPVJG pediment, Doric columns backed by matching plasters and elegant transitional elements from curves to carvings to molding. The interior features ten niche columbariums for cremation and eight couch crypts, as well as a PCWVKECNEQORCUUKPVJGĆ€QQT designed to match one from the family's home.



Miller Estate

Height: 14' 3" Width: 20' 6" Depth: 23' 6" Approx. Weight: 150,000 lbs. Granite: Lake Superior Green速 & Sierra White



Height: 14' Width: 21' 4" Depth: 21' 4" Approx. Weight: 318,000 lbs. Granite: Sierra White

Goldman Estate

Wanting a contemporary Private 'UVCVGVJCVTGĆ€GEVUVJGKTTGNKIKQWU beliefs, the Goldman family incorporated the Star of David onto the door and a central patio feature. Sierra White granite clearly shows the faceted sides, columns and dome of this exquisite Private Estate. Skylights at the base of the dome, as well as the Star of David door, light up the vestibule. Surrounding a beautiful bronze central sculpture, the patio lined with benches provides a OCIPKĹżEGPVRNCEGVQICVJGT with loved ones. Located in a cemetery with many wonderful buildings, this unique mausoleum stands out amongst others.


DiNatale Estate

Height: 14' 6" Width: 25' 1" Depth: 14' 2" Approx. Weight: 190,000 lbs. Granite: Rockville Beige & Carnelian

Polished Carnelian columns and frieze, featuring the family name, present the entrance for the "DiNatale" Private Estate. Deep relief carved statues at each side of the entrance proclaim the family's religious beliefs, as do the crosses. The bronze windows at each side of the door add architectural appeal to the exterior, while lighting up the interior.


Melcher Estate

Erected in a European grandiose style the "Melcher" Private Estate is a lovely baroque building. Leafy Corinthian columns set the entrance. Azalea granite throughout the building accented by Carnelian pedestals, balustrades and columns create a beauty that is unsurpassed. Clerestory arched windows at the sides allow substantial light with the vestibule and add to the aesthetics CVVJGUKFG#OCIPKſEGPVGPVTCPEG to the "Melcher" Family Estate with the vase and pedestals open up to a lovely garden.

Height: 15' 6" Width: 19' Depth: 22' 2" Approx. Weight: 180,000 lbs. Granite: Azalea & Carnelian


Height: 13' 4" Width: 10' 7"

Freede Estate

Depth: 12' 2" Approx. Weight: 100,000 lbs. Granite: Sierra White

The "Freede" Family Private Estate is a personalized and touching memorial building. Kneeling at the center of the patio, the mourning angel clearly sets the tone of this architectural motif. Sierra White granite graces this Private Estate. Fluted columns and several steps enclosed by granite newels present a stately entrance. The "Freede" Private Estate, from an architectural viewpoint, is a site to behold.


Height: 14' Width: 16' 6" Depth: 13' 2" Approx. Weight: 212,000 lbs. Granite: Sunset Red

Alexander Estate

Polished Sunset Red granite was selected for this modern adaption of Classical architecture because of its warmth and depth of color. The inherent dignity of the mausoleum is further enhanced by a beautiful stained glass window in the back to add warmth and light to the interior.


Corlew Estate

Bronze horses welcome family visitors to the "Corlew" Private Estate. Sierra White steeled granite creates a striking contrast to the bronze horses and doors. Classical half columns support the pediment presenting the "Corlew" family name. Windows brighten the interior and create harmony with the entrance. A Sierra White patio and benches enhance the size of this estate.

Height: 14' 1" Width: 17' 6" Depth: 19' 6" Approx. Weight: 145,000 lbs. Granite: Sierra White


Backer Estate

Sunset Red granite's brilliant warm EQNQTGEJQGUVJGOCIPKſEGPV beauty of an autumn sunset, an excellent choice of material for this FKIPKſGFFGUKIP The graceful sweeping lines of the wing walls are accented by the lavish polished vases. This threecrypt design may also be adapted to a two-crypt mausoleum.

Height: 8' 10" Width: 10' 6" Depth: 8' 6" Approx. Weight: 17,000 lbs. Granite: Sunset Red


Height: 17' Width: 20' 10" Depth: 15' 3" Approx. Weight: 166,000 lbs. Granite: Lake Superior Green速 & Imperial Red

Tu Estate


Manov Estate

Classical is an architectural style that KFGPVKſGUVJKUJCPFUQOG/CPQX Family Estate. Curved moldings with dentils adorn VJGRGFKOGPVUWRRQTVGFD[ƀWVGF columns. Clerestory windows create a rhythm that is brought forward by side entrance windows and a door. They also add light and charm to the "Manov" Family Estate interior. A light and airy interior is achieved by polished Sierra White granite.

Height: 20' 10" Width: 25' 2" Depth: 22' 9" Approx. Weight: 400,000 lbs. Granite: Sierra White





Barthelemy Estate

Height: 6' 11" Width: 18' Depth: 8' 5" Approx. Weight: 50,000 lbs. Granite: Lake Superior Green & Rainbow


Height: 9' 5" Width: 21' 8" Depth: 10' Approx. Weight: 56,000 lbs. Granite: Rainbow

Casoria Estate

Angled at each side of the feature cross, the sanded crypt fronts with beautiful carvings add a sensitive contrast to this polished Rainbow granite Private Estate. The middle feature area can be recessed to receive a granite statue. Niche columbariums for cremation have also been designed into the center area. Two benches and a patio complete this elegant Private Estate.


Birkmeier Estate

This contemporary style mausoleum was designed for a second-generation memorial dealer's Private Family Estate. The straight forward lines of the building are enhanced by the vigorous veining and rich color of polished Rainbow granite. Special attention is brought to

Height: 10' 10"

the entrance by the unique

Width: 16' 8"

bronze door design and the

Depth: 14' 1"

hand-carved ornamentation.

Approx. Weight: 160,000 lbs. Granite: Rainbow


Strazzeri Estate

Height: 15' 3" Width: 12' 2" Depth: 13' 4" Approx. Weight: 90,000 lbs. Granite: Sunset Red


Height: 13' 2" Width: 12' 6" Depth: 12' 7" Approx. Weight: 90,000 lbs. Granite: Royal Sable

Pate Estate

Classical accents enhance the contemporary style of this elegant mausoleum. Cubistic lines soften the bold, arched Palladian doorway. Royal Sable granite, chosen for its color and unique crystalline pattern, gives the main structure and the patio area a warm, comfortable feel. Contrasting VQPGUCPFCRQNKUJGFſPKUJ keep the mausoleum in harmony with its surroundings.


Johnston Estate

This Gothic chapel style accommodates HTQOQPGVQHQWTET[RVUCPFCFKIPKſGF altar under the illuminating art glass window in the vestibule. The mausoleum may be altered slightly if six crypts or a combination of crypts and columbarium niches are required. Inscriptions may be carved on the exterior wall continuing the Gothic style. Polished Rockville granite's bold crystal pattern assures a mellow warmth of tone and also displays the architectural shadows of this traditional structure to maximum advantage.

Height: 13' 11" Width: 13' 3" Depth: 10' 2" Approx. Weight: 135,000 lbs. Granite: Rockville Beige


Aldanson Estate

Height: 16' 3" Width: 11' 9" Depth: 10' 6" Approx. Weight: 80,000 lbs. Granite: Lac du Bonnet


Height: 17' 11" Width: 25' 9" Depth: 22' 4" Approx. Weight: 240,000 lbs. Granite: Impala Black & Sierra White

Thompsen Estate

There are not many mausoleums as unique as the "Thompsen" Private Estate. Done in a contemporary style, the 2TKXCVG'UVCVGJQWUGUſXGET[RVU The main structure encompassing the crypts and the frieze are Impala Black granite, while the columns are accented by Sierra White granite.


Height: 15' 2" Width: 20' Depth: 18' 10" Approx. Weight: 180,000 lbs. Granite: Sierra White & Black

Kersten Estate

Sierra White granite with a black entrance identify the Art-Deco style of Architecture for the "Kersten" Family Private Estate. Peaked newel posts at the step ends compliment the peaked roof. Attractive bronze handrails are used aesthetically for safety purposes. The "Kersten" family name is accented when carved into the black granite door surround.


Lewis Estate

Height: 13' 2" Width: 13' 6" Depth: 15' 2" Approx. Weight: 162,000 lbs. Granite: Sierra White


Height: 15' Width: 17' 6" Depth: 20' 5" Approx. Weight: 221,000 lbs. Granite: Rainbow

Stuart Estate

Variegated Rainbow granite, one of the hardest of its kind in the world, is an inspired choice for this regal Neoclassical mausoleum. The sanded Doric columns, architrave and roof contrast beautifully with the polished granite walls. Palladian accents, including the arched windows and door, harmonize with the columns to form a complete and elegant architectural statement.


Mann Estate

The Mann Private Estate is a modernized 4QEQEQ5V[NGDWKNFKPIYJKEJſTUV appeared in the 16th Century. Done in an ornate style with corinthian capitals and granite balustrades with vases at each end, this beautiful building is indicative of the legacy of the Mann family showing style and grace. Azalea granite is used for the Mann Private Estate with a darker Carnelian granite accenting the frieze, columns, corners and balusters. The steps create a handsome approach to this grand Private Estate.

Height: 15' 6" Width: 24' Depth: 21' 8" Approx. Weight: 192,000 lbs. Granite: Azalea & Carnelian


Williams Estate

Height: 10' 3" Width: 9' 3" Depth: 10' 2" Approx. Weight: 60,000 lbs. Granite: Sierra White



Tonnell Estate Height: 5' 10" Width: 10' 7" Depth: 8' 4" Approx. Weight: 30,000 lbs. Granite: Carnelian


Rauenhorst Estate

In this large, contemporary monument, rough-split and polished Rustic Mahogany granite combine for a pleasant, warm effect. The straight lines of the cross and polished burial ledgers contrast with the rough granite edge, establishing a balanced look that works well with the landscape. The base of the cross includes a columbarium niche, and a bench offers a place for both rest CPFTGĆ€GEVKQP

Height: 14' Width: 10' Depth: 14' Approx. Weight: 79,000 lbs. Granite: Rustic Mahogany


Height: 17' 1" Width: 35' 4" Depth: 35' 4" Approx. Weight: 198,000 lbs. Granite: Kenoran Sage & Mesabi Black

Simon Estate

This contemporary design features a touch of antiquity. Two angel sentinels watch over a Sierra White granite statue of the Holy Family, which is housed in a light green grotto structure of Kenoran Sage granite. Marble balustrades with Mesabi Black granite balusters surround the cemetery plot. In the center, a memorial ledger features carved bronze inlaid granite posts.


Gera Estate

Height: 17' Width: 13' 6" Depth: 20' 4" Approx. Weight: 175,000 lbs. Granite: Sierra White


Harth Estate

Height: 10' 10" Width: 12' 3" Depth: 11' 11" Approx. Weight: 74,000 lbs. Granite: Sierra White


De Hoernle Estate

Height: 9' 3" Width: 13' Depth: 13' Approx. Weight: 42,000 lbs. Granite: Rockville White速


Height: 8' 3" Width: 9' 4" Depth: 13' Approx. Weight: 13,500 lbs. Granite: Black & Sierra White

Ward Estate

"Madge Ward", a renowned pianist, had the idea of a piano shaped mausoleum for herself. Mark Barthelemy, Private Estate designer, combined form and function to make her concept a reality. This sparkling black Grand Piano, in contrast to the Sierra White granite base and keys, resulted in a splendid memorial to the artist.


Oster Estate

Polished Rainbow granite's tapestry-like pattern and multi-coloring blend a regal appearance to this design. This veining adds a beautiful spiral effect to the curved surfaces of the vases. The architectural carving is a distinguishing feature of this Private Estate.

Height: 8' 8" Width: 10' 6" Depth: 8' 9" Approx. Weight: 31,000 lbs. Granite: Rainbow


Height: 4' 10" Width: 6' Depth: 8' 6" Approx. Weight: 16,000 lbs. Granite: Lac du Bonnet

Gallegos Estate

Polished Lac du Bonnet granite with its crystalline tapestry and warmth of tone accords well the horizontal lines of this design. The client may have their EJQKEGQHſIWTGECTXKPIUQT other ornamentation. The low RTQſNGQHVJKUOCWUQNGWOKU especially desirable for a wide cemetery lot.


Kim Estate

Height: 10' 6" Width: 8' Depth: 5' Approx. Weight: 36,000 lbs. Granite: Imperial Red & Black


Rarick Estate

Carnelian granite's rich, warm coloring and even crystal pattern is an ideal material for this mausoleum. The polished molds and undulating surfaces of the curved vases are accented by the gem-like quality of the granite. Carnelians' exceptional characteristics are dramatically visual on this graceful design.

Height: 4' Width: 10' 6" Depth: 9' 10" Approx. Weight: 18,000 lbs. Granite: Carnelian


Gruppuso Estate

A beautiful arch supported by two columns over the door adorns this Carnelian Gothic Private Estate. A beautiful patio at the rear with a granite and bronze railing allows the family a place of repose while overlooking a pond. The granite benches on the patio create a place of rest and TGĆ€GEVKQPYJKNGVCMKPIKPVJG OCIPKĹżEGPVNCPFUECRG

Height: 23' 7" (rear elevation) Width: 13' Depth: 15' 4" Approx. Weight: 110,000 lbs. Granite: Carnelian




Hilliker Estate Height: 4' 5" Width: 12' 5" Depth: 9' 4" Approx. Weight: 24,000 lbs. Granite: Lac du Bonnet


Burwell Estate

This simple, bold design integrates several unique family requests. The columns represent the family’s three children. The curved entablature speaks to the father’s inventive spirit. The carved seat is patterned after a similar feature of the grandmother’s memorial. At the top, carved Corinthian capitals and a frieze with dentils above Roman lettering RTQXKFGCOCIPKſEGPVſPKUJ

Height: 12' 9" Width: 16' Depth: 8' Approx. Weight: 33,000 lbs. Granite: Sierra White


Height: 5' 7" Width: 5' 7" Depth: 8' 7" Approx. Weight: 16,000 lbs. Granite: Carnelian

Gladieux Estate

The Gothic motif of this Private Estate is accented by the intricately designed ornamentation. The strong, vertical lines of this mausoleum blend well with the landscape. Carnelian granite gives maximum dignity to the "Gladieux" Private Estate.


Scheller Estate

Height: 5' 9" Width: 6' 6" Depth: 12' 3" Approx. Weight: 28,000 lbs. Granite: Mesabi Black


Height: 12' 4" Width: 31' 6" Depth: 12' 6" Approx. Weight: 51,000 lbs. Granite: Lake Superior Green

McLeod Estate

Past and present Byzantine architecture CTGTKEJN[GZGORNKſGFD[VJGOCP[ ſPKUJGUQH.CMG5WRGTKQT)TGGPITCPKVG A graceful granite arch surrounds green ſPKUJGFECTXGFDTQP\GGODQF[KPIVJG religious symbolism. Lake Superior Green balustrades with "McCleod" carved at each newel creates the boundaries for the beautiful Private Estate. A granite walkway with bench and carved ledgers memorialize the family and add to the overall depth of this exquisite Private Estate.


Scott Estate

Height: 3' 5" Width: 7' 8" Depth: 8' 7" Approx. Weight: 16,000 lbs. Granite: Royal Sable


Simmet Estate

Height: 13' 6" Width: 11' 10" Depth: 7' 4" Approx. Weight: 40,000 lbs. Granite: Rockville White & Sierra White


Height: 12' Width: 8' 10" Depth: 8' 6" Approx. Weight: 43,000 lbs. Granite: Azalea & Carnelian

Greenburg Estate

Designed in a contemporary fashion using art-deco elements, the "Greenberg" Private Estate utilizes a memorial niche columbarium feature for cremains and free standing mausoleum buildings. Families can have several mausoleums and niche columbariums featured in a single estate.


Booth Estate

Echoing a Grecian temple, this is the most elegant of classical memorials, especially when it is executed in Sierra White granite. The structure's light color and glossy surface give this classic monument a clean, airy feeling and beautifully sets off the landscape greenery surrounding it. The Sanded Rainbow granite on the pediment provides warmth and movement and is ideal for lettering.

Height: 21' 6" Width: 15' Depth: 19' Approx. Weight: 200,000 lbs. Granite: Sierra White & Rainbow


Nierenhausen Estate

Height: 3' 4" Width: 9' 4" Depth: 9' 8" Approx. Weight: 68,000 lbs. Granite: Carnelian


Height: 6' 3" Width: 8' 4" Depth: 11' 5" Approx. Weight: 26,000 lbs. Granite: Wausau Red & Mesabi Black

Chang Estate

4GĆ€GEVKPIVJGHCOKN[Ĺ?U#UKCPEWNVWTG CRCIQFCECRKUQPGQHVJGFGĹżPKPI features of this two-crypt mausoleum. To enhance the Asian-style, Mesabi Black granite and Wausau Red granite form the front of the crypt and its benches. Located at the apex of the pagoda, a beautiful hewn granite ball CFFUVJGĹżPCNVQWEJVQVJKUVKOGNGUU Private Estate. The patio with benches creates a place of repose for family members to visit and cherish for years to come.


Customized Bronze Doors


Customized Bronze Doors Enshrine their memory forever.

Entryway to the most sacred of memorials, VJGĹżPCNTGUVKPIRNCEGQHCNQXGFQPGGPUJTKPG their memory forever with the elegance and stunning beauty of a Coldspring customized bronze door.


Artist Double




Laurel Monogram

Ornate Gothic

Radiant Cross



Standard Bronze Doors Enshrine their memory forever.










Han dc r a f t e d St a i n e d G l a ss Wi n d ows


Handcrafted Stained Glass Windows Nothing speaks more eloquently.

Customized stained glass windows provide a unique and personal portrayal of the life, beliefs and relationships of your loved one. Nothing speaks more eloquently of the life and times of an individual than a beautifully handcrafted stained glass window from Coldspring.



Abstract Floral


Architectural Floral

Architectural A



Architectural B

Architectural C


Tree of Life

White Rose

Handcrafted Stained Glass Windows Nothing speaks more eloquently.

Sunshine casts a warm glow as it lights the colors of our stained glass windows. Handcrafted by skilled artisans, Private Estates stained glass windows are protected from the outside by a pane of strong, VTCPURCTGPVNGZCP$QVJRCPGUĹżVKPVQCJGCX[ all-bronze frame anchored to the granite wall.

Angel Stepping Š 2011 Christi Becker

St. Anthony and Child

Madonna and Child A


Jesus On The Cross

Holy Family A

Holy Family B

Risen Christ

Virgin Mary

Madonna and Child B


Mary With Three Children

The Good Shepherd

Grani te C ol or O p t i on s


Granite Color Options

Rockville White® Polished

Rockville White Sanded

Sierra White™ Polished

Sierra White Sanded


Royal Sable®

Texas Pearl



Lac du Bonnet速

Mesabi Black速

Lake Superior Green速

Sunset Red速


Sunset Beige

Wausau Red

Kenoran Sage

Royal Mahogany


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Table of Contents

Adams – 4

Goldman – 32

Aldanson – 49

Goodman – 20

Alexander – 36

Greenburg – 78

Backer – 38

Gruppuso – 68

Barthelemy – 42

Harper – 14

Birkmeier – 45

Harth – 61

Booth – 79

Hilliker – 70

Botsolas – 21

Houston – 27

Burwell – 72

Johnston – 48

Carver – 24

Kersten – 51

Chang – 81

Kim – 66

Corlew – 37

Knaus – 6

Corzone – 13

Lawrence – 15

Cosoria – 44


Cox – 10

Mann – 54

David – 22

Manov – 40

De Hoernle – 62

Marquez – 8

DiNatale – 33

McLeod – 75

Dowd – 16

Melcher – 34

Dulaney – 9

Miller – 30

Durden – 29

Nierenhausen – 80

Fertel-Duke – 12

Nottolini – 11

Freede – 35

Oster – 64

Gallegos – 65

Palmer – 23

Gera – 60

Pate – 47

Gladieux – 73

Pezzella – 26

Rarick – 67 Rauenhorst – 58 Scheller – 74 Scott – 76 Simmet – 77 Simon – 59 Smith – 18 Strazzeri – 46 Stuart – 53 Takats – 25 Thompsen – 50 Tonnell – 55 Tu – 39 Ward - 63 9KNNKCOUŦ


G Illustration by CHRISTI BECKER ©2011

Coldspring: Private Estates Book  
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