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An innovative and trusted resource for quality columbariums Unmatched expertise Our staff applies decades of experience to create the ideal solution for your clients. We employ talented designers and a dedicated construction team, and we maintain longstanding partnerships with proven architects. Our vast knowledge of materials includes granite, bronze, limestone, wood, metal stained glass and more. All of which enables us to create true works of art and bring your most imaginative ideas to life. End-to-end support Depending on your needs, we can manage one, several or all of the steps required to make any columbarium concept a reality. Our turnkey support covers design, as well as construction, installation, promotion and ongoing service. This fully integrated approach enables us to tightly control quality and schedules, ensuring maximum convenience and cost-efficiency for your project. Vast selection Our columbarium offering ranges from pre-assembled to extensively designed solutions and can be configured as either stand-alone structures or reside within another structure. We will work with you to combine the best in durability and aesthetics with your vision for varying architectural styles, carvings, murals, sculptures and other adornments. If you can imagine it, we can create it.

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Meet the rising demand for cremation by partnering with Coldspring for your columbarium needs. We combine unparalleled expertise and design flexibility to translate your vision into reality. You can also provide families with other attractive, enduring cremation memorials that align with nearly any budget. We will personally assist you through every step of the process, from planning and design through construction and installation. Our people are especially skilled at helping you find creative ways to capitalize on the available space in your grounds.

By combining our specialized expertise with your business knowledge from the earliest stages of development forward, we can move from concept to reality with utmost speed, precision and cost-efficiency.


Discovery Every cemetery or church is unique. So are the families you serve. That’s why we go to great lengths to thoroughly understand your needs, your spaces and your budget before any work begins. We will visit your sites to identify the scope and concept behind your columbarium project and we will work together to explore what’s possible for each of the properties you manage.

(4) 64 Niche with Radial Wall Moonlight Gray & Carnelian®

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132 Niches Carnelian® & Rockville White®

“Coldspring’s quality is always excellent, and they have been so great in capturing my vision and the look that signifies Michigan Memorial Park.” —Kelly Dwyer, President, Michigan Memorial Park Cemetery


Design Once a direction and estimate get approved, our design team will develop customized layouts and a detailed site plan that shows where and how your columbarium will be positioned within your space. Your project can be tailored to reflect your design concept through use of everything from natural stone and bronze to stained glass and more. Bronze niche plaques may also be chosen to complement your columbarium design. In addition to the memorials themselves, your space may include gardens, fountains, ponds, statues, shrubs, trees, plants, flower beds and other landscape elements.

360 Niche Shelter Moonlight Gray, Radiant Red®, Carnelian®, Rainbow®

104 Niche Serpentine Mesabi Black® & Kenoran Sage


Construction Our in-house construction division provides a licensed and bonded service for all types of projects, including turnkey services for columbariums, community mausoleums and Private Estates®. This team will engineer and manage the entire construction process, from acquiring permits through fabrication, installation and landscape design. If you choose, we can also provide affordable ongoing maintenance.

48 Niche Interior

Interior Glass Niches

336 Niche Bell Tower Moonlight Gray & CarnelianÂŽ


Installation The tight coordination of our design and construction teams culminates in a smooth and worry free installation. Our goal is to create a minimal amount of disturbance while on site, while finalizing all aspects of your project, including hardscaping and softscaping. You can rest easy knowing we’re following through on every detail and using the highest quality products to ensure your space is completed as planned.

Precast Foundations We also offer precast foundations that make installation less disruptive and more convenient. The concrete foundation is pre-poured and cured at our facility. The precast foundation and columbarium or private estate are delivered together and installed in a fraction of the time for a traditional installation. This streamlined process means less interruption to your cemetery and peace of mind for the families you serve.

With the needs as unique as each of the families you serve, count on Coldspring to provide complete solutions to meet the rising need of cremation. From community mausoleums, glass front niches, cremation gardens and a variety of other products, Coldspring offers a full range of solutions to support your cremation needs. From natural stone and bronze to industrial and diamond tooling, Coldspring has been serving the architectural, memorial, residential and industrial markets since 1898. We have operations across the country to meet your needs, including 30 quarries, five fabrication locations and a bronze foundry.

For more information about Coldspring, visit our website coldspringusa.com

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Coldspring: Columbarium Brochure  

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