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k r a m n e D , r e Klitmøll 0 1 0 2 r e b m e t p 13-19. Se ! t i s s i m t ’ n o D With funds from Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries and EU

With funds from Ministry of Food, Ministry of Agriculture Food, Agriculture and Fisheries and EU and Fisheries European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD)

Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD)

Denmark and Europe investing in rural areas

through LAG Thy-Mors Denmark and Europe investing in rural areas

through LAG Thy-Mors


Dear Media Partners, The KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup press team is looking forward to co-operating with you, when the PWA World Tour visits Denmark for the first time ever. There will be fantastic opportunities to capture amazing photos and film of the sailors launching themselves into 10- to 15-meter-high loops and riding on the raging waves of the North Sea. We have specially-trained staff with experience in capturing action from land and on jet skis, as well as in mounting high-tech equipment on the sailors’ gear, to provide truly outstanding imagery. You will have access to these images as a part of our service to you. This will enable you to focus on the editorial aspects of covering the event, and you will, of course, still be welcome to produce you own photos and film—which will then be exclusive to you. Practical info Press Center At the event venue you will be welcome in the press center, in which there will be tables, chairs, a coffee machine and Internet access. The press center will be located right next to the competition spot and the Cold Hawaii Office. A press release will be available each day along with the day’s sporting results. Introductory press conference On Monday, 13th September at 11:00 there will be an introductory press conference, to which you are invited. There, you will have a chance to meet our Press Officer, Marie Louise Klitgaard, and the Project Manager, Robert Sand, among others. They will give you the latest news and provide practical information. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions about practical matters relating to the coverage of the World Cup. The press conference will be held in the press center. Contacting the riders You are welcome to contact the riders during the World Cup. If you are unable to locate a particular rider, please contact the Press Officer for help. Photos Standing on the beach, you should be able to capture the right angles and moments with a 500 mm objective. Please be aware of the sailors and their equipment, and leave them access when they are going into and out of the water. Parking When applying for your Press Pass, you will also receive a parking permit for your vehicle. Your “car pass” will permit you to access the venue’s parking area.

Media Policy Remember to wear your Press Pass at all times, and please contact the Press Officer with any queries. You can download whatever info you might find relevant from the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup site: Each day, PWA and BSP Media will provide us with pictures and film from the action on the water. You can also check out the LIVE broadcasting of the event. Experience Cold Hawaii If you want to experience the Cold Hawaii area, please visit:

We hope to give you all an event worth talking about!

Yours sincerely,

Robert Sand Project Manager

KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup: Robert Sand (Project Manager) +45 20 78 23 72 Marie Louise Klitgaard (Press Officer) +45 51 28 04 44

Program September 13–19 2010 Monday: 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon: Registration of sailors 11:00 a.m.: Press conference in the Press Center 12:30 p.m.: Official opening by Mayor Lene Kjelgaard Jensen on stage 1:00 p.m.:

First possible start

Tuesday–Saturday: 9:00 a.m.:

Skipper Meeting

9:30 a.m.:

The first possible start

Sunday: 9:00 a.m.:

Skipper Meeting

9:30 a.m.:

The first possible start

2:00 p.m.:


Expo tent is open daily from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Note: There will always be something to experience. In the case of no wind we have planned a series of side-events; follow our website where you can also subscribe to a daily schedule.

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Festivities Thursday: 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.: DJ 10:00 p.m. to 11:00 a.m.:

Premiere of „The windsurfing movie 2“

11:00 p.m. to 12:00 midnight: Live—The Woodmen 12:00 midnight and on: DJ Friday: 9:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.: DJ 11:00 pm to 12:00 midnight: 12:00 midnight and on:



Saturday: 9:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.: DJ 11:00 p.m. to 12:00 midnight: 12:00 midnight and on:


Live—Artificial Brothers

First Cold Hawaii World Cup According to PWA Tour Manager Richard Page, “The KIA Cold Hawaii World Cup will be a milestone for the PWA, as it is the first time we have visited either the world-renowned location on the North Sea Coast, at Klitmøller, or indeed Denmark. The beaches have been known for many years within the windsurfing community, but now, finally, they will fulfill their potential and take their rightful place on the PWA Tour, proving, once and for all, both the world-class quality of windsurfing conditions and the hospitality of the region.” Every year, the PWA arranges the PWA World Tour – the world championship for the best windsurfers. There are several disciplines, and in the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup competition, the windsurfers will be competing in “wave performance”. “Wave” counts as the premier league of all windsurfing disciplines. The participants are judged on their performances in jumping and wave riding. For the sub-discipline, “jumping”, the judging criteria include, for example, the degree of difficulty and the execution of several maneuvers. For wave performance, it’s a matter of determining how well the sailors are riding and interacting with a wave, especially considering the additional power they achieve through the sail. The wave discipline is a man-against-man competition, which is decided by a knockout system. The best riders go through to the next round until there are just two left: the final showdown of the ultimate windsurfer. Follow the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup:

The Sport of Windsurfing Windsurfing was presented as a new sport discipline in California in the late 60s by the sailor, Jim Drake and the surfer, Hoyle Schweitzer. The two of them invented the “free sailing system”, which initially made use of hand-built equipment. The sport of windsurfing combines elements of sailing and surfing in a unique way, making it possible to surf almost anywhere with wind and water. Today, windsurfing has developed into various forms and disciplines, and the equipment is designed for every kind of windsurfing style. The popularity of windsurfing has made it an international competition sport, and today, professional windsurfers are organized under the international association, PWA (Professional Windsurfers Association). The organization is responsible for laying down the rules within the individual disciplines of windsurfing, and for representing the sport in public.

The KIA Cold Hawaii World Cup Mashup – bringing social media to windsurfing The KIA Cold Hawaii World Cup is committed to building popularity within the sport In collaboration with PWA and the KIA Cold Hawaii World Cup organizers, the ACTIVE institute has developed a groundbreaking event website which will broadcast live from the event. Social media will provide a new and interactive hub for this summer’s great sporting extravaganza. New technology and social media will raise the popularity of sailing The KIA Cold Hawaii World Cup Mashup builds on the idea of creating an event website with a dedicated liveside. The liveside is a mashup: a combination of live video, video recordings, live text and images based on different services. Following a day of competition on the water, a podcast will also be released with highlights of the day’s events. These highlights from the day’s races will also be accessible via the Internet, including through our own dedicated event website. All content will be presented in an easy-to-use archive, making it possible (at any time, and after each day’s competition) to obtain an overview of moving images as well as race data, highlights, photos and text. The content will be created through the collaboration of a professional team comprising StreamFactory and BSP Media, who will be producing, respectively, live video and daily highlights from the event. Both will combine with an experienced and energetic commentator. In addition, there will be four dedicated mobile journalists (the ‘tweetamigos‘). They will be equipped with smartphones and will cover behind-the-scenes aspects of the event through a combination of text, images and small video clips. The public and spectators will also have an opportunity to chip in via text and chat, and thereby make an active contribution to the content and atmosphere of the event website. The KIA Cold Hawaii World Cup Mashup is nothing less than the world première of a new system that enables the exposing of scoring, thus revealing who is the winner of each heat. The system is the first step in a process that will finally bring live scoring into PWA World Cup. When that happens, it will be possible to follow all the judges‘ scoring—live! The future Wave performance is an exciting, demanding and spectacular sport, which nevertheless has problems in finding ways to make itself accessible to the public. We believe that part of the solution to this lies in new technology and new media. In this respect, the KIA Cold Hawaii World Cup Mashup is the latest element in our contribution to that development. The KIA Cold Hawaii World Cup Mashup provides a completely new foundation for the coverage of windsurfing. Combined with smart integration of existing online social services, a well-thought-out concept and a dedicated crew, it hopes to raise the visibility of the sport significantly. We are therefore looking forward to giving sailing enthusiasts an insight into our innovative process, and seeing the results presented through the KIA Cold Hawaii World Cup in Klitmøller.

The KIA Cold Hawaii World Cup Mashup is based on the following:

WordPress: Blogging system

Bambuser: Live streaming

Chatroll: Live chat

Twitter: Live texting

YouTube: Short film clips

Flickr: Photo sharing

iTunes, Zencast, Zune: Podcast

The Cold Hawaii It‘s like Hawaii – only colder. Cold Hawaii is not a single surfing spot, but 29 registered surfing sports which are all located on the west coast of Thisted Municipality. North Cold Hawaii is bounded by Viksoe Rallejer and the Hanstholm coastal slope, and in the south by the Agger Tongue. The KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup is held at The Reef, which is one of the most famous spots, and is located in Klitmøller – better known as the capital of Cold Hawaii.

Klitmøller, the capital of Cold Hawaii Klitmøller is a small fishing town on the northwest coast of Denmark. As with any other community dependent on the fishing industry, the village has experienced some hard times, trying to stay alive and attractive, due to the centralization of the industry. Today, the demographic statistics of the village present an unusually positive picture of a fringe area in modern Denmark: people are increasingly moving to the region, both from Denmark and from other countries. These people are often families with small children, and many of them are also highly educated and professional. The village of Klitmøller is today part of the newly-opened ”Thy National Park” area. Thisted Municipality is a unique place for outdoor sports, and Klitmøller has been a popular windsurfing destination the last two decades. Thisted Municipality wanted to improve matters further, and luckily a group of dedicated surfers realized that they had to consider the tensions between the surfers and the local population seriously. Therefore, they initiated a project that took the needs of both parties into account. In 2007, the project resulted in a long-term development strategy called the Cold Hawaii Masterplan. The plan is to integrate the general surfing population into the local society. One of the main goals was the realization of a major windsurfing event in Thisted Municipality; or, more specifically, the hosting of a PWA World Cup event. Thisted Municipality has been active in providing excellent conditions for surfers. Besides being engaged in the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup, the municipality has partnered with the Realdania foundation. Together, they have contributed 60 million Danish kroner. The money has been placed in the “Land of Opportunities” project, one of whose main aims is to make the area more suitable for surfing. In Klitmøller, this will result in a new dedicated surfing pavilion, a new beach promenade and better access to the beach. Klitmøller is proud not only to be a part of the continuing growth, but also to be the known center of a mecca for outdoor activities. The Danish Minister of Culture, Per Stig Møller, is very enthusiastic about the opportunities at Cold Hawaii: “The fact that a part of the PWA World Tour is coming to the Danish Cold Hawaii by the Jutlandic West Coast is of major importance, not just for Danish sailing but also for the tourism potential to be found in National Park of Thisted Municipality and the area around it. I hope that the event will focus international attention on Denmark as a yachting nation, and be an advantage to the local community in Klitmøller.”

Cold Hawaii Masterplan: Did you know:

• Klitmøller is the only town in Thisted Municipality that has a positive population growth – precisely because of its unique surfing environment

• Many foreign surfers have moved to Thisted Municipality to surf every day. Many have since started a family and found work in the area

• Thisted Municipality is Denmark‘s leading green municipality: 100% of all electricity comes from renewable energy, and more than 80% of the heat is produced by biomass, geothermal, biogas and waste (

• Klitmøller is located right in the middle of Denmark‘s first national park – the location of a number of rare habitats – and provides good opportunities for outdoor activities

• A new national test center for wind turbines is to be built in Østerild Plantation in Thisted Municipality

• Thisted Municipality and the Port of Hanstholm have together established the Danish Wave Energy Center (DanWEC), which is working to establish a research and test center for wave energy in Hanstholm. Here, Denmark‘s best waves are to be found, and the first test site, Wave Star, is already functional (

Volunteers welcomes you to the first PWA World Tour in Scandinavia KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup relies upon the support of EU funding and national and municipal departments, as well as international firms and local shopkeepers. However, the event is realized primarily as a result of the strong volunteer efforts that are provided by the Cold Hawaii community through the NASA (North Atlantic Surf Association) surf club. Over many years of preparations, NASA has been the main force behind the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup event, and today the surf club can finally open the doors to the ultimate windsurfing competition. The KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup event is the first PWA World Tour event to be held in Scandinavia. No such major sporting event has ever before been held in this part of Denmark, and even though we feel well prepared, please keep in mind that this is a first-time experience for us and respect the fact that every Cold Hawaii staff member is a volunteer.

Main Sponsors Sport Event Denmark Sports Events Made in Denmark by Lars Lundov, Chief Executive The hosting of major international sporting events in Denmark gives us the opportunity to show the World how SPORT EVENTS ARE MADE IN DENMARK. Hard work and excellent co-operation are vital ingredients if Denmark wishes to bid for and win the hosting of major international sporting events. Over the next few years, Denmark will host several major international championships, such as the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup, the 2010 SAP 5O5 World Championship, the UCI Road World Championships 2011, the World Curling Championships Women 2011 and the UEFA European Under-21 Championship Denmark 2011, to mention just a few of the many great competitions on our event schedule.” Strong event partners Regarding the majority of international sporting events, it is the relevant national sports federation in Denmark that bids for the events, often against fierce competition from other nations, and the international sports federation that eventually appoints the host. It is our goal for Denmark to become one of the significant sporting event nations in the future, and to become known for its high professional standards in all aspects of sporting event management for the benefit of athletes, leaders and spectators. The KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup is one of the stepping stones to that goal. Beyond our co-funding of major international sporting events, Sport Event Denmark offers advisory services both at the bidding stage and when the events are being staged. The knowledge we gain is transferred across the many Danish sports federations, which are encouraged to adopt the numerous creative and often innovative ideas. Thus, altogether, we constantly develop our brand, “MADE IN DENMARK”. With a strong focus on innovation and new technology to promote sailing to a wider audience, Denmark is bidding for the ISAF Worlds 2014, the most prestigious regatta next to the Olympic Games.

Sport Event Denmark is the national catalyst in terms of bidding for and hosting major international sporting events in Denmark. We offer event organizers of World and European Championships etc. advisory services and financial support. Organizers of high-profile sports‘ political congresses are also part of our target group.

Sport Event Denmark has a long-standing relationship with the Danish sports federations, host cities, host regions and tourism organizations that helps establish the best possible conditions for hosting major international sporting events on home ground. Sport Event Denmark is funded by the Danish government, the National Olympic Committee and Sports Confederation of Denmark, and Team Denmark.

The Municipality of Thisted According to Jan Krogh, Business and Development Chief in the Municipality of Thisted, “The establishment of a PWA World Tour event in the district of Thisted is entirely in line with our vision for the branding of our climate policy and the National Park. Outdoor activities are a part of the business development plan in North-West Jutland, and the goal is to host two annual international events. With the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup, we are moving closer to this goal.” Thisted is the “capital” of Thisted Municipality, the area reaching from Thisted Municipalityborøn in the south to Lild Strand in the north. The district of Thisted brands itself as “the Danish climate district,” especially thanks to its attention to wind power. In the Thisted area, 100% of all energy is produced by renewable energy sources. The district of Thisted embraces the first Danish national park and 226 kilometers of coast line. In relation to this the district policy has a strong environmental focus and a long term development strategy, that is about to be realized through the support of out-door activity possibilities.

Facts about the district of Thisted

• 45,000 citizens

• Area 1.101 km²

LAG Thisted Municipality-Mors, Denmark LAG Thisted Municipality-Mors consists of two districts, Thisted and Mors, in the northwestern part of Jutland. The LAG’s main vision is to develop Thisted Municipality-Mors to be “a world-class rural district” – a national and international center for outdoor life with specific focus on elements such as: wellness, sustainability, nature, experiences, arts, culture, leisure-time activities – or a lifestyle based on the natural strengths in the region. LAG Thisted Municipality-Mors supports projects with an international dimension and a local focus. The vision is implemented through two interconnected goals: improved quality of life and diversification of the economy in rural areas. As such, LAG Thisted Municipality-Mors incorporates the values that strengthen the body of a fringe area like the Cold Hawaii. Laurids Mortensen from LAG Thisted Municipality-Mors declares: “Lag Thisted Municipality-Mors supports KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup because it is an initiative that places Thisted Municipality-Mors on the global map. We are convinced that the event will create a positive picture of our region. We are looking forward to seeing how Cold Hawaii, with an annual PWA World Cup event, is going to be both a huge benefit for the coastal villages in Thisted Municipality, and also supportive of the area and the economic life of the whole region.”

KIA “At KIA, we are incredibly proud of being involved as a title sponsor when the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup takes place in Klitmøller mid-September. It will be the first time ever that a windsurfing World Cup is held in Scandinavia and we are sure that it’s going to be the best of its kind,“ says Mogens Lyngsø, Managing Director of Kia Import Denmark. „The dynamism, courage, intensity and youthful atmosphere surrounding the windsurfing sport, reflects many of the same values that KIA stands for. Klitmøller is a great choice for holding a World Cup in windsurfing. The area is and has been a center for windsurfing in Denmark and most of Scandinavia for the past three decades“ continues Mogens Lyngsø. KIA will be present at the venue as the title sponsor, presenting different models from their fleet of cars. There will be entertainment for children and competitions with several exciting prizes.

Current PWA overall ranking Wave Men 2010 International sailor profiles # 1 Victor Fernandez Lopez E-42 2100pt Nationality: Spanish Age: 26 Sponsors: North Sails, Quiksilver, Fanatic, MFC PWA 2009: ranked 6th Overall PWA Wave Especially in hardcore jumping conditions, Victor Fernandez is quite possibly one of the most radical young windsurfers in the world. Victor has already been participating in the PWA World Tour for 8 years. He discovered his passion for windsurfing when his father taught him to surf at the age of 5. Victor is very ambitious and constantly tries to improve his level. # 2 Philip Köster G-44 2067pt Nationality: German   Age: 16 Sponsors: NeilPryde, Starboard, Red Bull, Oxbow, Dakine, Mercedes, Flick-Canarias, Npx, Chris benz watches, MuFins PWA 2009: ranked 28th Overall PWA Wave

In spite of his age of 16, Philip Köster has already been a professional windsurfer for 2 years and has reached the top of the pro world in a very short time. Although he has a German passport, he was born and raised in Gran Canaria. Philip is considered to be one of the biggest windsurf talents; Björn Dunkerbeck praises, “Philip has the potential to become a world champion.”

# 3 Ricardo Campello V-111 2034pt Nationality: Brazilian Age: 25 Sponsors: NeilPryde, JP Australia, MFC, Dwarf8, Campello WindCenter PWA 2009: ranked 7th Overall PWA Wave

Ricardo Campello was born in Brazil, but now lives in Venezuela. Ricardo wants to be the first professional windsurfer to complete the “triple loop.” His sponsors, JP Australia and NeilPryde, have already offered him US$10,000 if he pulls it off successfully. And Ricardo is very motivated; he knows that the “impossible”… is possible.

# 4 Dario Ojeda E-211 2001pt Nationality: Spanish Age: 30 Sponsors: Mormaii, Simmer Style, Dakine, MFC, Tabou Boards, Hullon Surfwear, Aeron Rig Products, Costa Maspalomas, Calor Verde PWA 2009: ranked 16th Overall PWA Wave

Dario Ojeda began windsurfing when he was 11 and quickly got into the sport. He became known as one of the best windsurfers because of his talent and very radical surf style. Dario always tries to take windsurfing to the limit. When he doesn’t participate in competitions, he travels around filming and searching for new spots to windsurf.

# 5 Marcilio “Brawzinho” Browne BRA-105 1968pt Nationality: Brazilian Age: 21 Sponsors: North Sails, Fanatic, Kaenon Sunglasses, MFC, ION PWA 2009: ranked 8th Overall PWA Wave

Marcilio Browne, nicknamed “Brawzinho,” is one of the worlds best and most talented windsurfers. His father and uncle are former Brazilian windsurfing champions, and so the young Brazilian started windsurfing when he was only 4 years old. Brawzinho‘s personal ambitions are to improve himself constantly, to make good friends around the world, and to learn different languages and cultures during his travels.

# 6 Robby Swift K-89 1935pt Nationality: British Age: 25 Sponsors: NeilPryde, JP Australia, Animal Clothing, Harry Nass Dahab PWA 2009: ranked 3rd Overall PWA Wave

Robby Swift was taught to windsurf at an early age. His father, who is a huge windsurfing fan, supported him a lot to become a professional windsurfer. Robby currently lives in Maui, Hawaii, where he spends the most of his time when training. His main ambitions are to “live life to the full,” win a world title, and inspire a lot of kids to get into a sport they love.

# 7 Marcos Pérez E-7 1886pt Nationality: Spanish Age: 35 Sponsors: Gun Sails, Exocet, Toyota, Aguimes, Quicko Surfwear PWA 2009: ranked 34th Overall PWA Wave

The Gran Canarian windsurf legend Marcos Pérez started windsurfing in the 1990s. His wide experience and his extraordinary skills make him one of the best windsurfers in the world. Marcos is very active on the local Gran Canarian windsurfing scene, is the organizer of a competition in Vargas, and supports local young talents.

# 7 Daniel Bruch G-1181 1886pt Nationality: Spanish Age: 29 Sponsors: O‘Neill Wetsuits, Severne Sails, Flying Objects, AL 360, Ayuntamiento de Granadilla Deportes,, Patrik PWA 2009: ranked 11th Overall PWA Wave

Daniel Bruch was born in Germany, but has been living on Tenerife for more than 20 years. At the age of only 16 years, “Dany” was considered to be one of the most talented newcomers in the sport and soon got a professional contract. After some time off, he returned to the sport in the 2005 Windsurf World Cup. Dany has a very powerful style and is one of those who jump to the ”highest floors.”

# 9 Kauli Seadi BRA-253 1787pt Nationality: Brazilian Age: 27 Sponsors: NeilPryde, JP Australia, Mormaii, MFC PWA 2009: ranked 2nd Overall PWA Wave

Kauli Seadi is a very ambitious windsurfer who concentrates his attention on the disciplines of wave and freestyle. He always tries to boost his performance and to develop new maneuvers. For the three-time world champion, “Windsurfing has that feeling of when you get a very good day, you feel like nothing can ever make you upset, everything feels perfect!“

# 9 Klaas Voget G-4 1787pt Nationality: German Age: 31 Sponsors: Powerbar, Fanatic, Chiemsee, Simmer Style, MFC, ION PWA 2009: ranked 4th Overall PWA Wave

Klaas Voget grew up close to the North Sea in Aurich, Germany, where his family owned a small house near the sea. After finishing school, Klaas went to the island of Norderney, where he got into wave sailing. Klaas travels a lot around the globe, always in quest of finding uncharted coastlines to surf, but his favorite spot is still here in Klitmøller.

# 9 Alex Mussolini E-30 1787pt Nationality: Spanish Age: 25 Sponsors: Radz, Tabou Boards, PLASMA Boardwear, Vikteam, Vandal Sails PWA 2009: ranked 9th Overall PWA Wave

Alex Mussolini started windsurfing when he was 8. To improve his windsurf skills and to develop a personal style, he went to Maui, Hawaii, for two years when he was 14. Now, Alex is one of the top windsurf pros and an excellent wave rider. But he is not just hooked on windsurfing, he has also a lot of other interests like rock climbing, skiing, and snowboarding.

# 9 Jonas Ceballos E-40 1787pt Nationality: Spanish Age: 28 Sponsors: Mistral, Simmer Style, Techno Limits, umi pictures PWA 2009: ranked 12th Overall PWA Wave

Supervised by his father, Jonas Ceballos learned to surf when he was 10 years old. Soon he developed a passion for windsurfing and went nearly every day to practice and improve his performance. Jonas’ favorite surfing spots are Pozo Icquierdo, Fuerteventura, and Ireland. He also enjoys pursuing other sports like mountain biking, kite boarding, and wake boarding.

# 13 Thomas Traversa F-3 1655pt Nationality: French Age: 24 Sponsors: Quiksilver, Gaastra, Pat Love, Nautix, Tabou Boards PWA 2009: ranked 5th Overall PWA Wave

The French windsurfer Thomas Traversa specializes in the disciplines of wave and freestyle. At an early age of 24 he had already traveled a lot around the world and gained various experiences in windsurfing. Thomas ranks among the best windsurfers and is always a tough competitor. But windsurfing is not the only talent of the young French; he’s also been studying at the musical facility of Etudes de Musique au Conservatoir, but now has decided on pursuing a career as a pro windsurfer.

# 13 Ross Williams GBR-83 1655pt Nationality: British Age: 30 Sponsors: Gaastra, Deboichet, O‘Neill Wetsuits, Tabou Boards PWA 2009: ranked 13th Overall PWA Wave

Ross Williams is a professional windsurfer from the Isle of Wight, a great surfing spot in England. Under specific conditions, his father taught him how to windsurf at an early age. When he finished school, Ross decided to start a career as windsurfer and succeeded. Today Ross lives in Argentina with his Argentinean girlfriend, but he also appreciates close contacts with his friends in Britain.

# 13 John Skye K-57 1655pt Nationality: British Age: 33 Sponsors: RRD, MFC, Xcel PWA 2009: ranked 15th Overall PWA Wave

John Skye started windsurfing at the age of 13. It soon turned out that he had the talent and the ambition to become a pro. John spent as much time as possible on the coast and learned how to wave sail. He has established himself as one of Britain’s best windsurfers ever, and he is still among the top World Cup windsurfers.

# 13 Ben Proffitt K-800 1655pt Nationality: British Age: 32 Sponsors: Simmer Style, Funsports, Gul, O‘Shea, Quatro International PWA 2009: ranked 25th Overall PWA Wave

Ben Proffitt began windsurfing at the age of 9 and had already become a professional when he was 13. Having started with racing, Ben decided to move on to wave and freestyle sailing. His primary goal is to keep improving his sailing and spend as much time as possible on the water.

Local sailor profiles # 17 Kenneth Danielsen D-38 1457pt Nationality: Danish Residence: Klitmøller, Denmark Age: 26 Sponsors: RRD, Simmer Style, MFC, PLASMA Boardwear, Mystic, Ski Shop PWA 2009: ranked 37th Overall PWA Wave Career: 2nd in the Danish Wave Tour 2008 Freestyle Champion ’07, ’08, ’09 winner of Supreme Big Days 2010 Kenneth Danielsen started windsurfing when he was 12 years old. He moved to Klitmøller at the age of 19, so he was able to spend as much time as possible on windsurfing. During the winter Kenneth normally moves to Cape Town, where he has the opportunity to train under South African conditions. Lars Petersen D-99 Wildcard Nationality: Danish   Residence: Klitmøller, Denmark Age: 41 Sponsors: Den Bla Avis, Mistral, NeilPryde, JP Australia, Tekknosport Career: IFCA European wave champion 1996 9 times Danish champion Nordic wave champion

Lars Petersen started windsurfing at the age of 12, when a friend called him and asked if he wanted to try it. From that moment on, he knew that windsurfing was his calling. Meanwhile, Lars is also involved in producing films on windsurfing and is today the owner of the production company Free Your Mind.

Mads Bjørnå D-20 Wildcard Nationality: Danish Residence: Klitmøller, Denmark Age: 35 Sponsors: Fanatic, Simmer Style, Techno Limits Career: 3 times winner overall Danish Wave Danish freestyle champion ’04, ’06 Nordic freestyle champion ’06, ’08, ’09

Mads Bjørnå grew up in a suburb of Copenhagen and moved to Klitmøller ten years ago because of the good windsurfing conditions here. He started to windsurf when he was about 15 years old because, he said, “It looked super cool, I had to try it.“ Also, at the age of 35, Mads constantly pursues to learn new stuff.

Allan Beck D-511 Wildcard Nationality: Danish Residence: Klitmøller, Denmark Age: 32 Sponsors: NeilPryde

Allan Bech started windsurfing in 1995. As a teenager, he was dedicated to the skater scene, but when he tried some new sports at Lazanta, he discovered his passion for windsurfing. Allan generally spends his winter months in the south where he can train the whole time to improve his skills.

2010 KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup press kit  
2010 KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup press kit  

This is the official KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup press kit ...