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Local Food & Farm Guide

Eastern Oregon

On the Road to Homegrown Prosperity Your guide to over 150 sources for locally grown foods!

About this Guide Homegrown Food is Homegrown Prosperity!

Oregon Rural Action’s Eastern Oregon Local Food & Farm Guide is your resource for good eating and good living in our bountiful region. This guide helps you access the freshest local food at grocers, farmstands, farmers’ markets, restaurants and more. Take this guide with you on your trips around the region for local snacking or stocking up. Use this guide to eat local food all year long! By doing so, you eat fresher food, you meet your farmer and you build Homegrown Prosperity. When your food dollars are spend on local food, you are voting for stronger farms and stronger rural economies—this is Homegrown Prosperity. When your dollars end up in the hands of a local farmer or rancher they are three times more likely to get re-spent at other local businesses, multiplying the effect. All that from eating Richland apples or Elgin beef! Currently, each Northeast Oregon resident spends an average of 70 cents per week on food purchased directly from local farmers, according to a recent study by the Crossroads Resource Center. If each person doubled purchases of locally and regionally produced farm products, to just $1.40 per week or less than $75 per person per year, local growers would see an additional $4 million per year in sales. If we all spent $5 per week on local food we would add $28 million dollars to our Eastern Oregon economy*. Forty-Five percent of which would be recirculated locally, benefitting all of us. ** So use this guide to Eat Local First, spending your food dollars locally and keeping them in our community. Try it! Your farmers, ranchers and taste buds will thank you! This guide is also available online as an interactive PDF for smartphone and tablets, and as a searchable directory at *Source: NE Oregon Local Farm & Food Economic Study, 2012, by Ken Meter of the Crossroads Resource Center. Full Study available upon request from Oregon Rural Action. **Source: The Economic Impact of Locally Owned Businesses vs. Chains A Case Study in Midcoast Maine, Institute for Local Self-Reliance, September 2003

Join Oregon Rural Action Oregon Rural Action is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit membership-based community organization working to promote social justice, agricultural and economic sustainability, and stewardship of the region’s land, air and water. Annual membership is $30/individuals, $40/ families and $60/businesses. Go to: or stop by our office at 1119 Washington Ave. in La Grande. This guide is produced by Oregon Rural Action. Become a member of ORA today! or 541-975-2411.


Directory Key

Thanks! This guide was a collaborative, grassroots effort made possible with funding from the Meyer Memorial Trust, Oregon Department of Agriculture Specialty Crop Block Program, sponsors and Oregon Rural Action member support. Our sincere thanks to these sponsors, many ORA volunteers and of course the producers, growers, ranchers and others listed in this guide. A special thanks to ORA member-volunteer, Diane Diawatha Lunsford, the guide’s editor and fearless leader. Many thanks to ORA’s two farm guide interns, Travis DeLong and Kailey VanOcker for their design and recruitment work. Thanks to ORA staff members Gabriela Camacho, Jeff Mathias and Nella Parks. Thanks to Chris Jennings of Cold Coffee Media for his expert design work and Allie Gebauer for the use of her product icons. Many thanks to the East Oregonian for generous support and collaboration on the guide.

Table of Contents About this Guide


The Accidental Ag Tourist Baker County Ag Tours & Festivals Local Food Producers & Services Stores & Restaurants


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Credits: Editor: Diane Diawatha Lunsford, ORA Member-Volunteer Design: Chris Jennings, Cold Coffee Media Travis DeLong, intern, Diane Diawatha Lunsford Recruitment: Diane Lunsford, Nella Parks, Gabriela Camacho, Kailey VanOcker Content & Compilation: Diane Lunsford, Jeff Mathias, Nella Parks Publishing: East Oregonian, Pendleton

Accidental Ag-tourist

I just love eggplant,” my husband said over a laden plate of it, broiled, golden and steaming. Eggplant crazed is more like it. His obsession for eggplant morning, noon and night sent me on my “Aubergine Quest.” I call eggplant, or Aubergine, by its French name as it is so much more appropriate for this audacious gem. I like to buy lots of Aubergine fresh, a whole glistening and bejeweled table full. I make my way through them on a nice September or October morning carefully slicing, laying them out on the cookie sheet with olive oil and dustings of spices and place them under the broiler for just long enough. They cool and I freeze them, filling the freezer with eggplant the way most locals fill the freezer with elk. After multiple attempts at growing eggplant, I began the Aubergine Quest to fill the freezer with locallygrown eggplant. Traveling far and wide to find these plump, purple beauties in Eastern Oregon, I have stumbled across farms where the first asparagus appear, restaurants that serve locally grown beds of greens topped with thin slices of buffalo and even a few backwoods locations where hubby can eat a real meal. The Aubergine Quest has become a form of entertainment for me, something that my homebound winter self reflects back on and looks forward to. This quest, this enjoyment is local ag tourism. Living in a county with a short growing season, I have expanded the classic idea of “buy local” to include all of Eastern Oregon in my eating and tourism. My inner climatologist observes the different growing zones in our region and whispers loudly, “It’s all about the number of frost free days! Look at the differences!” In a quieter more contemplative voice my inner wannabe archeologist states quite logically, “You do realize that foraging takes lots of land and Native populations moved in response to not only climate but what food was in season next.” As you tour our region, think about the food and farming in it. You may delight in farm visits, or like me, have raised enough livestock for farming not be so novel. But then again, isn't it truly endearing to watch children mesmerized by an inquiring nose of a lamb, or talking at pigs snorting and chortling in the mud on a hot day. And oh the Farm to Fork meals--local food served on local farms--that’s living! Or maybe your ag tourism is just the anticipatory angst you feel getting to a berry stall at the Farmers’ Market before others get the morning’s freshest pickings before the fruit recedes to a duller, deflated version of their once glorious selves. So go forth young and old ag tourist! Seek out, expand your foraging grounds from the local farmstands to the local grocery store that specializes in beef raised in your neighbor’s field! I can only guess where this guide will lead you and what you will discover along the way…Bon Appetit! – Diane Diawatha Lunsford, Oregon Rural Action member & volunteer, Food & Farm Guide Editor & Unofficial Homegrown Prosperity Queen. This guide is produced by Oregon Rural Action. Become a member of ORA today! or 541-975-2411.


Baker County Ag Tours & Festivals


Haines Halfway

Baker City Richland

Farmers’ Markets Baker City Farmers’ Market Wednesday 3:30 – 6:30 Halfway Farmers’ Market Saturday mornings


Festivals & Fun

AG Tours A weekend drive out to Baker is about as good as it gets. After lunch at Earth & Vine, I would head out to Richland to Bonnie’s Blossoms for a bouquet of flowers for my friends at Eagle Creek Orchard in Richland. After a dip in the Snake River at Oxbow, I would hit Bull Ridge Brewpub and then wind my way thru the back roads to Medical Springs to Val’s Veggies for some fresh greens, hot pepper jelly or fun in the corn maze in October! -Diane Lunsford, Editor

Catfish Derby Huntington, Memorial Day Weekend Haines Stampede Rodeo Haines, Fourth of July week Baker City Bronc and Bull Riding Baker City, Mid July Baker County Fair & Panhandle Rodeo Halfway, Last week of August

Funding for this guide from the Meyer Memorial Trust, Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Specialty Crop Block Grant, Sponsors and ORA members.


Baker County - Producers Alvin & Terrie Simons Heritage Pigs

June 7am-6pm Wed-Sun and by appointment Mon & Tues. Call head for appointments in early April or July.

48333 Cornucopia Hwy, Halfway 541-742-7653

Double Diamond Ranch

Paul & Vicki Wares 45008 Houghton Creek Rd, Baker City 541-853-2320 & 541-519-5805

We LOVE PIGS! Heritage breed pigs have our hearts! We currently have a Large Black sow named Sweet Pea, a Berkshire named Squeak, a Large Black Duroc cross called big momma, a York we call Lil and a Large Black York cross named Go Away (she is always in your pocket) and our Berkshire boar we call Ben. We raise our pigs with love, compassion per Animal Welfare Approved Standards. We do not use farrowing crates or nose rings, we do not teeth clip or tail dock. What we do is allow our pigs to be happy healthy pigs doing the things pigs love to do like play in the mud and root for worms and roots. Our pigs are GMO free, healthy happy pigs, after all happy pigs taste better! We also have chicken.

We follow all organic procedures and practices in raising our beef and lamb. Although there are many more restrictions compared to conventional production, and these potentially lower our yields and increase our labor, they are worth it to us. We use no hormones, antibiotics, herbicides, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, GMOs or organophosphates for parasites. We are honored to bring our products directly from our pastures to your table. Available summer-fall direct or at the Baker Food Co-op.

Baker Botanicals

Eagle Creek Orchard

Tammy Dowell 3797 10th St, Baker City 541-403-1969

Rob & Linda Cordtz 43479 Old Foothill Rd, Richland 541-893-6790

Specializing in indoor and organic gardening. Houseplants, herbs, vegetable starts available. Heirloom, no GMOs, short season seed. Lots of gardening advice and information.

Specializing in tree-ripened, hand-picked fruit. Several varieties of peaches, nectarines, apricots, pears, apples, plums, prunes, plumcots, Asian pears, hazelnuts, walnuts & flowers. Oregon Tilth Certified Organic. Produce is available at La Grande Farmers Market, Baker City Farmers Market, BELLA Main Street Market in Baker & La Grande, the Greater Baker Food Co-op, and the Boise Co-op. Produce is also sold through Val’s Veggies CSA. Farm stand almost always open at the farm. Please note: due to frost, we lost most of our 2013 fruit. Please call for availability and 2014 CSA shares.

Bonnie’s Blossoms

Bonnie Gardner 42265 New Bridge Rd, Richland 541-893-6027

Our vegetables, bedding plants, hanging baskets, container gardens, perennials and living bouquets are all available starting in April. Friendship pots available Feb-Dec. We use natural and conventional farm practices. The greenhouse is open mid April-

This guide is produced by Oregon Rural Action. Become a member of ORA today! or 541-975-2411.


Baker County- Producers Jen’s Garden

Tim & Jennifer Banister 44893 Keating Cutoof Road, Baker City 541-518-6072,

Our garden is an all-natural, local, sustainable, family farm offering a complete variety of dairy, eggs, in-season vegetables and meat goats. Products available in season. Find us at the Wed. Baker Farmers Market, BELLA Main Street Market in Baker, Baker Co-op, from the farm or call to order. We deliver eggs to Baker on Tues.

Nancy Rorick Consulting

Nancy Rorick 645 L Loop, Baker City 541-519-3644,

Karen’s Grass Fed Lamb

I operate out of Baker City, Oregon and specialize in water rights, hydrogeology and mapping using digital Geographic Information Systems (GIS). I have over 20 years of professional experience in geology and natural resources. I am a licensed geologist in Oregon and Washington, and a Certified Water Rights Examiner in Oregon.

Karen Kettlety 37629 Woods Ln, Richland 541-893-3090

I raise Katahdin/Dorper sheep breeds, known internationally for their lean, tender, mild-flavored meat. Lambs are raised with their moms on pasture. No processed feed or grain, no added hormones or antibiotics. Stress-free, on-farm harvest and custom cutting just the way you want it! Call to order whole lambs available in the fall. See my website for more details.

Marvelous Roots

Ryan Casaray & Kristen Wares 45977 Houghton Creek Rd, Baker City 541-398-0038

Lone Fir Ranch

Inga Thompson 46326 Lone Fir Road, Halfway 541 742-4088

We grow gourmet seed and food garlic, shallots, potatoes and a wide selection of produce. Garlic and shallots are available on our website, FoodHub & Local Harvest. Produce is available at the Baker City & La Grande Farmers Markets. We use organic practices, good crop rotations, and plant cover crops to encourage beneficial insects. Our small truck farm is located within Double Diamond Ranch, which is certified organic. No pesticides or chemicals have been used on our farm for over 20 years

A Small Family Farm of just myself and son. Specializing in the ethical raising of beef for custom orders. All natural, raised on lush grass and clover fields. We also farm with our Friesian horses.

Funding for this guide from the Meyer Memorial Trust, Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Specialty Crop Block Grant, Sponsors and ORA members.


McCleary Farm

Frank & Sue McCleary 43008 Old Foothill Rd, Richland 541-898-6308 & 208-375-1216

Orchard fruits, raspberries, and a variety of fresh vegetables available late June through September. We use sustainable farming practices. Products available at the Halfway Saturday Market, at the farmstand in Richland near the post office, or call to arrange purchase summer- fall.

Val’s Veggies

Rod & Valerie Tachenko 44889 Houghton Creek Rd, Baker City 541-853-2358 & 541-379-6610

We offer non-GMO eggs and a variety of inseason vegetables, including 120+ varieties of tomatoes, 30+ varieties of peppers and 60+ varieties of winter squash. Many veggies are rare old, heirlooms varieties. We use no chemicals. Produce available at local Farmers Markets: Tues. in La Grande, Wed. in Baker. Sign up for our weekly CSA food box or egg subscriptions. Find our products at Baker Food Co-op, Zephyrs & Paizano’s Pizza in Baker, Union Market, Wildhorse Resort in Pendleton and Kauffman’s Market in Island City or order on our website. Call for tours, tastings and dinners. Join us for the fun fall corn maze & farm festival!

Sexton Ranches

Dick Sexton 47307 Anthony Lakes Hwy, Haines, OR, 541-856-3939

We raise all-natural grassfed and grass finished beef and lamb. Individually wrapped cuts, sausage, pastured chicken and eggs are available year round. Beef and lamb halves and wholes available in the fall. Our products are available at the Portland State University Farmers Market, at BELLA Main Street Markets in Baker and La Grande, and delivered monthly to customers in La Grande and Pendleton. Find our meats at Prodigal Son Brewery in Pendleton, Ten Depot Street in La Grande, Riverside Grill in Hood River and Verde Cocina and Southpark Seafood Grill in Portland.

Young Roots Farm

Amy & Chris Young 38592 Old Hwy 30, Baker City 541-523-5203

Our small, diversified family farm specializes in a variety of late-summer storage crops to fill the cellar: carrots (juicing & storage), potatoes, onions, flour corn and a variety of dried beans. We also offer non-GMO, pastured eggs, chicken, turkey and pork. Our farm uses no chemicals and is transitioning to biodynamic methods. Products are available at the Baker City Farmers’ Market, the Baker Food Co-op or call to arrange an on-farm pick-up.

This guide is produced by Oregon Rural Action. Become a member of ORA today! or 541-975-2411.


Bull Ridge Brew Pub

Baker County Stores and Restaurants

1934 Broadway, Baker City 541-523-5833

Baker Food Co-op

2008 Broadway Street,Baker City 541-523-6281

Bull Ridge Brew Pub strives to obtain as many local ingredients for every menu item, involving local farmers and ranchers as much as possible. We work with Sexton Ranches and every vendor from the Baker City Farmers Market over the last two years. We design whole “Farm to Fork” meals from the farmers market through the entire season! Our spent grain (mash) from brewing beer also goes to local farmers and ranchers to feed livestock.

Supply affordable high quality natural and organic foods, supplements, sundries, and natural cleaning products to Northeast Oregon as a cooperative utilizing working members. To support direct sale of locally grown and produced food. Certified organic produce, farm-fresh eggs, and locally grown produce in season.

BELLA Main Street Market 2023 Main Street, Baker City 541-523-7490, OPEN 7 days a week

Earth and Vine

Mary Ellen Stevenson 2001 Washington Ave, Baker City 541-523-1687

The “best little kitchen, wine, chocolate and good food store” is also your every day source for locally produced grass fed and finished beef, lamb, goat and free-range poultry. We are passionate about the great flavors of the Northwest and believe that good food and wine make every moment a little more ‘bella’! BELLA Main Street Market features Sexton Ranches beef and lamb, Sutton Creek Waygu and Sally B. Farms chevron in addition to a tremendous selection of microbrews, fine wines, ciders, gourmet specialty foods and decadent confections of the Northwest. We proudly serve Allann Brothers Coffee (Oregon’s first gourmet coffee roaster ‘72) at our slate espresso bar. Travel Oregon named our ‘Café BELLA’ (our natural flavored hazelnut mocha) ‘The Best Mocha on the Map’. BELLA Main Street Market is open until 7pm Monday through Saturday and 9 – 5pm on Sundays.

We feature wines local and from far afield at our Baker City Restaurant. At Earth & Vine we decant everything--from the very local Keating Motherlode Winery to Walla Walla wines to the distant Argentinian Malbecs and beyond. If beer is what you crave to accompany one of our flavorful dishes, we have some of the best locally made beers in this great brewing state. Earth & Vine was created with just enough art and incredible views to satisfy your eyes. However, it is the food that demands as much attention as anything when describing Earth & Vine, where else can you enjoy a truffle oil laced fondue or one of the best chicken salads ever. We serve Sweet Wife Baking desserts, although local, they take you to the moon and back with each bite!

Funding for this guide from the Meyer Memorial Trust, Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Specialty Crop Block Grant, Sponsors and ORA members.


Old Pine Market

Marquam Hill Berries

We are your hometown grocery store. The place where everyone knows your name and your dog’s name too! Along with standard grocery product, we carry a wide variety of edibles. Organics, gluten free, dairy free, local produce in season, in-house smoked pepperoni and jerkys, buffalo when available and even cultural foods like SUSHI! We also sell Alvin & Terrie Simmons’ Heritage Hogs pork. Open everyday, 8am8pm.

Our family farm specializes in growing a variety of berries. We grow strawberries, raspberries (red and yellow), Marionberries, boysenberries, loganberries, blackberries (6 varieties), and blueberries. Each is picked daily for freshness and for great quality to our customers. Find us at the La Grande Farmers Market on Tues & Baker City Farmers’ Market on Wed.

130 S Main St, Halfway 541-742-4366

Peter & Michael Efimov 35300 S. Kropf Rd, Woodburn, OR 503-989-8652 & 503-951-2246

Baker County Community Gardens Baker Community Garden

Baker County Fair Grounds 2600 East Street, Baker City Garden Organizer: Jeff Mathias Oregon Rural Action 541-975-2411,

Val’s Veggies Farmstand

Rod & Valerie Tachenko Corner of Grove & Campbell Streets 541-853-2358 & 541-379-6610

Baker County Farmers’ Market Baker City Farmers’ Market

Our farmstand is brand new in 2013! We offer our own Val’s Veggies produce and eggs as well as a variety of local and regional foods. We are a small family farm growing 7+ acres of fresh vegetables. We grow all naturally, using no pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers and irrigate with spring water. We grow a full line of in-season vegetables, many heirloom varieties, including over 151 varieties of tomatoes, 90+ varieties of peppers and 60+ different kinds of winter squash. We also have 200+ free range hens fed on local, non-GMO feed. Find our new farmstand at on the northeast corner of Campbell and Grove streets. For more information check our website and Facebook.

Sandra Ford, Market Manager PO Box 794, 541-523-5091

The Baker City Farmers Market exists to enhance the quality of our lives by encouraging the development of local produce and provide an outlet for farmers, artisans, and makers to sell directly to the public.

Halfway Farmers’ Market Pam Brisk, 541-742-4071

On the corner of Record & Main St by Stephanie’s Bakery. Local growers offer a variety of delicious produce on Saturday mornings starting in mid-June.

This guide is produced by Oregon Rural Action. Become a member of ORA today! or 541-975-2411.


Malheur County Ag Tours & Festivals

Festivals & Fun Americas Global Village Festival Lion’s Park, Ontario First Saturday in June


Summer Farm Festival Malheur Experiment Station, Ontario Second Wednesday of July


Nyssa Nite Rodeo Oregon Fairgrounds, Nyssa Second weekend in July


Malheur County Fair Malheur County Fairgrounds, Ontario First weekend in August Pumpkin Palooza Ontario Mid October


Farmers’ Markets Ontario Saturday Market Saturday


Hot Springs Trading Post July–Oct, Saturday 10am – 3pm

AG Tours After volunteering (and snacking) at the Four Rivers Community Garden, I would pop into Jolts & Juice for a coffee and smoothie. After sitting a spell under the shady tree at the Park Produce Farmstand, I would head out to Helm Acres Nubians for a few of their rich & silky goat milk soaps. -Diane Lunsford, Editor Funding for this guide from the Meyer Memorial Trust, Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Specialty Crop Block Grant, Sponsors and ORA members.


Malheur County & Idaho Border Producers Froerer Farms & Owyhee Produce

1445 N. 3rd St, Nyssa 208-739-2430

organic and sustainable methods, but is not certified organic. We grow a large variety of corn, tomatoes, cantaloupe, watermelon, berries, potatoes, onions, peppers, cucumbers, squash, garlic, beets, carrots, string beans, herbs and brown eggs from vegetarianfed hens. We enjoy both growing produce and meeting the grand folks who buy from our treeshaded farm stand, now with more parking! We gladly accept SNAP, Farm Direct Nutrition Program Checks and WIC Fruit & Veggie Vouchers.

R. Beaver’s Nursery

We own and operate a family farm growing asparagus, onions and mint. We strive to take care of the land, as it takes care of us. We would love to share a of piece of it with all of you, by sharing our crops, or by hosting you in our little farm house on the bank of the Snake River. Look for our onions and IDA Spear brand asparagus in grocery stores including Red Apple, Albertson’s & Winco in the Ontario area, Logan’s in Vale. Call to order mint oil or produce. Hope to see you soon!

Rob Beaver 202 W. Pioneer Rd, Ontario 208-230-1495

Open from the beginning of July-Oct. in Ontario. We offer a variety of local, naturallygrown produce including watermelon, cantaloupe, chrenshaw melon, honeydew and other specialty melons. We also grow peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, beets, carrots, potatoes, sweet corn, blackberries, grapes and grape juice. You can find our produce at our farm stand Sun.-Fri. from 9am-7pm or through Idaho’s Bounty online. We also sell to grocery stores including the Ontario Red Apple and Ontario & Payette Albertson’s.We accept Farm Direct Nutrition Program Checks and WIC Fruit & Veggie Vouchers at the farmstand.

Helm Acres Nubians

2226 7th Ave West, Vale 541-709-7084

Helm Acres Nubians is a small quality herd of black and white paint Nubian goats. They are pastured and milked year around to provide milk for our handmade soap and lotions. Breeding stock is available for sale. We look for milk, conformation, personality and mothering ability in our herd.

Riverfront Garden

Hwy 201, Ontario 805-814-5909

I grow a variety of fruits and vegetables, including lettuce, spinach, kale, chard, beets, broccoli, tomatoes and melons on my small operation. Produce is available July 1-Sept 15. You can find me at the Ontario Saturday Market or call or email to make an order. Free bike deliveries are available to customers in or near Ontario. I accept Farm Direct Nutrition and WIC Fruit & Veggie Vouchers.

Park Produce & Farmstand Grace & Ted Davis 1579 S. Park Blvd, Ontario 541-889-8714

Centrally located on six acres in Ontario near the Treasure Valley Community College Gym. Our produce is grown using

This guide is produced by Oregon Rural Action. Become a member of ORA today! or 541-975-2411.


Fiesta Guadalajara

Malheur County Stores and Restaurants

336 S. Oregon St., Ontario 541-889-8064

Fiesta Guadalajara offers authentic Mexican cuisine, sourcing local and fresh food from local producers.


1410 West Park Plaza, Ontario 541-889-9123

Jolts & Juice

Offers an abundance of local produce in season. From apples, strawberries, and grapes to onions, potatoes, and asparagus, Albertson’s brings food fresh from farms to you. By supporting local farmers, Albertson’s is helping our community and making a variety of healthy food available to you in one stop. Open 7am-11 pm.

298 S Oregon St, Ontario 215 E Ln N # 6, Ontario 2621 S 10th Ave # 101, Caldwell, ID 541-889-2211

Jolts & Juice started as a small coffee shop in 2001 serving espresso, smoothies, and juice. We have now expanded to three locations: two in Ontario and one in Caldwell, ID. Through our Jack Henry Coffee Roaster company, we locally roast our own micro batches of coffee beans. At Jolts & Juice, you will find exceptional coffee, an entertaining atmosphere, and a uniqueness your senses will enjoy.

Oregon Natural Market 337 SW 1st St, Ontario 541-889-8714

A full service natural foods market, featuring locally sourced products. All produce is organic and/ or pesticide free. We offer an extensive selection of natural bulk foods as well.

Malheur County Community Gardens

Red Apple Marketplace 555 SW 4th Ave., Ontario 541-881-1678

Four Rivers Community Garden

Snake River Chapter of Oregon Rural Action 802 SW 5th St., Ontario 541-975-2411

Red Apple Marketplace is your personal store, offering a unique shopping experience while providing the best selection, service, and value in the Treasure Valley. We offer local produce on a regular basis.

Four Rivers Community Garden (FRCG) is a project of the Snake River Chapter of ORA. The garden is a place where learn and inspire our community in creating an organic and resilient food system that beautifies and enhances the land that has been given to us to care for. FRCG does not rent plots to individuals. Community members work together at “Open Garden” times Tues 3:30-5:30pm, Sat 9-11am. Gardeners take home half of the produce harvest and the other half goes to the adjacent Next Step food pantry.

Total Health Inc.

1225 NW 16th St., Fruitland, ID 208-452-4900

Total Health Inc. sells local eggs and milk.Local produce is also available occasionally. Call or visit the store in Fruitland, ID for more information.

Funding for this guide from the Meyer Memorial Trust, Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Specialty Crop Block Grant, Sponsors and ORA members.


Tips for Stocking Up & Storing at Home

Malheur County Farmers’ Markets Hot Springs Trading Post

Quarter/Half/Whole Animal Freezer Storage Try purchasing a 1/4, 1/2 or whole meat animal from a local grower this fall to save money and to stock up. A half a beef will feed an average family of four for a year. Generally a cubic foot (1 ft x 1 ft x 1 ft) space will hold 35 lbs of meat. Make sure your freezer has good seals, a good latch. Purchase a freezer thermometer check it regularly to protect your meat investment!

Just Northeast of Vale, beside the Malheur River. 541-473-3044 Find us on Facebook

Hot Springs Trading Post hosts the Vale Farmers & Crafters Association, with a large tent for their farmers and shoppers convenience. There are many choices of local fruits, vegetables, handmade crafts, and more! We are open from Sat. 10am to 3pm, July 13-Oct. We accept Farm Direct Nutrition Program Checks and WIC Fruit and Veggie Vouchers.

Cellar/Basement Storage Potatoes, garlic, onions, squash, apples and pears keep well in cellars. Make sure to keep crops dry and in the dark. Potatoes can be stored in straw. Garlic can be hung dried. Onions, squash, apples and pears can be kept in fruit boxes. Make sure to do some research and pick “good keeper” storage varieties and never use plastic bags for storage.

Ontario Saturday Market

Teri Anne Finnerty, Market Manager Downtown at Oregon St & SW 1st Ave 541-889-4058

Saturday Market is a family friendly market for anyone interested in buying or selling produce, flowers, crafts, retail products, jewelry, goat milk soap, one-of-a-kind treasures and more. Located in Ontario’s Downtown Park, we have a wonderful spot within walking distance of many downtown businesses. Most of the fresh picked produce is organically grown and from local growers within 15 miles of Ontario. Some producers accept the FDNP checks and WIC fruit and veggie vouchers. Saturday Market accepts SNAP benefits, too. Crafters and artisans are local and many will customize products.

Fridge Storage A refrigerator set at 45 degrees F can be used for cellar storage crops. Storing in the Garden Try leaving your carrots in the garden with a covering layer of straw and dig them through the winter! Christmas carrots are delicious. Rows of kale and hardy greens store well in the garden into the winter with a simple fabric or plastic cover to keep them from freezing. Donate surplus Contact your local food bank(dial 211), church or set up a “Take my Pears, I’ve got too many” sign.

This guide is produced by Oregon Rural Action. Become a member of ORA today! or 541-975-2411.


Umatilla County Ag Tours & Festivals Wall Walla

Milton-Freewater Umatilla Hermiston



Festivals & Fun Helix Heart of the County Rodeo Helix, May


Cattle Barons Weekend Pendleton, May Birch Creek Beer and Wine Festival Pilot Rock, Mid June Pilot Rock

Caledonian Games Athena, Second weekend in July Umatilla County Fair Hermiston, Early August

Farmers’ Markets

AG Tours

Athena Saturday Market 2nd Saturdays, 9am-1pm, May-October

After a filling lunch at Great Pacific on one of their local greens-based salads, my husband takes the scenic mountain bike trails as I head out for some Walla Walla Valley wines. My first stop is Petit Noirs for some handcrafted truffles or thick hot chocolate in Milton-Freewater. I would use my sugar buzz to load up at various stands along Highway 11, picking the best from each stand as I make my way to the vibrant Walla Walla Saturday Market for some of Welcome Table Farm veggies and meats.

Hermiston’s Own Saturday Market Saturday 8am-12pm, June-October Milton-Freewater Farmers’ Market Wednesday 4-7 pm, June- September Pilot Rock Farmers’ Market Tuesday, 4-7pm, June - October Pendleton Farmers’ Market Friday 4pm – 7pm, Mid May – Mid Oct

Funding for this guide from the Meyer Memorial Trust, Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Specialty Crop Block Grant, Sponsors and ORA members.


Umatilla County - Producers 5-Acre Farm

Dana Dibble 84432 Hwy 11, Milton-Freewater 509-520-4160,

5-Acre Farmstand is grower-owned. We sell our own berries, cherries, grapes, peaches, plums and apples. We also sell vegetables, herbs, and honey from other local farms in-season, wholesale and retail from our farmstand. Farm Direct Nutrition coupons accepted.

Crafton Farm II

Debbie & Vance Crafton 32144 Myrtlewood Lane, Hermiston 541-561-8027

Aichele Farms

We are a family owned and operated small farm. We maintain, pick and process all of our own produce and take it to the market. We pride ourselves in the highest quality produce for our valued customers. We are a pesticide-free farm. We also have free range, hormone and antibiotic free, fresh, brown eggs available. We are always happy to accommodate any of our customer that would like to come directly to our farm to purchase either produce or fresh eggs. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Find us at the Hermiston, La Grande and Kennewick, WA Farmers Markets.

Jeff Aichele 33545 East Loop Road, Stanfield 541-567-5313, Find us on Facebook

We are a family farm producing a wide variety of excellent quality berries that produce over many months. From April to November we provide what is in season be it strawberries, red raspberries, golden raspberries, black raspberries, tayberries, boysenberries, loganberries, marionberries and blackberries.Our berries are available at the Pendleton, Walla Walla, Hermiston, La Grande and Baker City Farmers Markets. On-farm sales are welcome, just call ahead. Farm Direct Nutrition coupons accepted.

Didion’s Peonies

Ed & Pat Didion 84785 Didion Ln, Milton-Freewater 509-540-0475

Blue Mountain Growers

231 E. Brodway, Milton Freewater, OR

Didion’s Peony Gardens has been in business since the early 1910’s, providing peonies for Memorial Day, weddings, graduation, and any other sort of special occasion that may come your way. Call for orders.

We are a local farmer co-op with a seasonal farmstand featuring apples and plums sold in bulk by the bin or box. Load your own box or mix and match. Our fruit is perfect for eating fresh or making pies, juice, applesauce or freezing and drying. The farmstand is open from late Aug-Nov, Mon-Fri 7am-5pm. Farm Direct Nutrition coupons accepted.

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Fehrenbacher Farms

M & D Farms

Mary Jane Fehrenbacher 52866 Sunquist Rd, Milton-Freewater 541-558-3929

Marvin Sams 53012 County Rd, Milton-Freewater 541-938-7955

A family farm for 50 years, we feature treeripened Hayman peaches, picked daily, and great for eating fresh, freezing, and canning. We offer U-Pick and sell at our farmstand, open July 1-Aug 1 from 8am-6pm. Farm Direct Nutrition Program & WIC accepted.

Mine is a third generation farm producing naturally raised lamb available by the cut or whole. The lamb is pastured on our lands and fed small amounts of grain. Available year round. Natural hand-spun yarn, fleece and fiber from Romney, Cotswold & Merino, llama and alpaca are also available as well as classes on how to use all of these products. Product sold directly from farm. Call ahead for visit.

Martinez Garden

Maria & Jose Martinez 15 NW 11th, Milton-Freewater 541-861-8081

Heppner High School

We grow a huge variety of fruits and vegetables all season long. We take and sell our produce at the Pendleton, Milton-Freewater, and La Grande Farmers Markets. Call ahead to place your large special orders.

Beth Dickenson 710 NW Morgan St, Heppner 541-676-9138

Pretty Woods Orchard U-Pick

We are a land lab at the Heppner High School, providing vegetable starts for local residents, annual and perennial bedding plants, and hanging baskets. We have a small flock of sheep raised for 4H & FFA project animals and customers. Call to order a lamb and support our kids!

Nelsa Bois Jolie 325 Powell, Milton-Freewater 541-938-5371

U-Pick Bing Cherries! We grow non-certified organic beautiful Bings. We are open to the public from June-July. Free range organic eggs are also available. Call for more info!

Jimenez Farms

Felipe Jimenez 49731 State Line Rd, Milton-Freewater 509-629-2810

Sacred Grounds Farm

Penny Walker 327 SE 1st, PMB 139, Pendleton 541-561-8246

Specializing in asparagus and candy-sweet onions, we also have a wide variety of other vegetables including green beans, garlic, peas, carrots, potatoes, raspberries, cherries, and apples. We sell at the Pendleton Farmers Market and a variety of other ways and places. Call for more information.

I have 30 + years food preservation, canning, freezing and growing experience. I offer berries in season, jams, jellies, dried fruits, farm fresh eggs and more. My new greenhouse in production now. My business is American Indian Owned & Operated. View website for current products and availability.

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The Blue’s Berry Farm

Umatilla County Stores and Restaurants

Dennis & Nancy Wilson 69846 Ponderosa Ln, Pendleton 541-278-2404

We sell blackberries, blueberries, peaches and raspberries at the Baker City, La Grande and Pendleton Farmers Markets. Farm Direct Nutrition coupons accepted.

Waliser Farm

David Waliser 52926 County Rd, Milton-Freewater 541-938-7035

Great Pacific Wine & Coffee Co

Carol Hanks & Ken Schulberg 403 S Main St, Pendleton 541-276-1350

We grow and sell a wide variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables both from the farm and at the Pendleton Farmers Market.

A long-time supporter of local food and farms, Great Pacific (GP) has been serving healthy, local, organic food for almost 33 years. Full service deli, hand-pulled espresso drinks, gourmet pizzas, soups and salads use locally grown products whenever available. Weekly bluegrass jam sessions, evening concerts and out-door seating make this a favorite local hangout. We buy local! Please call if you have local products to sell.

Way of Life Farms

77596 Hossier Rd, Stanfield 541-571-2300

Way of Life Farms in Stanfield is beyond organic. We grow heirloom varieties because they have better taste and we save our own seed. We do not grown GMOs or ever use GMO products. We re-mineralize the soil and make our own compost to ensure excellent soil that has all the trace minerals we need for good health. We have elephant garlic, bell, ancho & big gem peppers, jalapeños, patty pan squash, heirloom tomatoes, pink banana winter squash, three varieties of cucumber and plant starts by order. Call for chicken availability. We sell to Pendleton Bed & Breakfast, Prodigal Son Brewery and Great Pacific Coffee Co in Pendleton and Walker’s Farm Kitchen in Hermiston. Or call us to order produce. We’re happy to give presentations on sustainable, biological farming by request.

Martinez Produce

David & Marisol Martinez 84990 Hwy 11, Milton-Freewater 509-540-8912

Find our farmstand outside Milton-Freewater on Highway 11 right before you cross into Washington. Seasonally expanding selection of local fruits, vegetables and local honey and honey products. We carry a variety of fresh local grown fruits and vegetables from asparagus, cherries, peaches, pickling cucumbers, slicing tomatoes, peppers, Hermiston watermelon. We grow and sell our own produce. Open 9am-7pm, MonFriday and Sun, 9am-6pm. Closed Sat.

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Petit Noirs

Umatilla County Community Gardens

Lan Wong & James Boulanger 622 South Main St, Milton-Freewater, OR 541-938-7118,

Pilot Rock Community Gardens

We are a boutique chocolatier located in the lush region of the Walla Walla Valley, where vineyards and fruit orchards scale the fertile terrior. Our specialty is crafting chocolate creations that are not only inspired by the fresh produce grown in the valley, but also derived from the complex notes found in the beautiful wines produced in the area. With flavors such as oak chestnut, lavender, rosemary, clove, and violet, you’ll find our chocolates are a natural accompaniment to local wines. Tasting room open Thurs-Sun, 11am-5pm, or by appointment.

Lori Newberry Elm Street Garden and Main Street Gardens Pilot Rock, OR , 541-443-2905

Pesticide-free/naturally-grown gardens operated by and for the community. Excess will be donated to the food pantry and/or farmers market, as appropriate. Call to reserve a FREE plot and to volunteer.

Ukiah Community Garden Norma Barber Across from Senior Center Ukiah, OR 97880, 541-427-3584

Phil & Sally’s Bakery

1520 S. Main St, Milton-Freewater 509-386-6563,

Local group gardening & growing food for each other and the community. Your time and talent will be fruitful and appreciated. We donate extra to the community.

Our fresh-baked cakes, breads, and special orders are available at our bakery in Milton-Freewater, the Pendleton Farmers Market, Klicker’s Farmstand in Walla Walla, at the Wayside Market on Hwy 11 in Milton-Freewater.

The Prodigal Son Brewery & Pub


SE Court Ave, Pendleton 541-276-6090

Nutrition and taste have been lost in big businesses pursuit of mass production. Growing an heirloom apricot organically results in better taste, nutrition, economically better a win-win-win scenerio! The success of the Microbrew industry is an excellent example of this. Your peach producer can become as much of a success story as your local brewpub.

Whether it’s a dry-hopped Northwest IPA or a malt-heavy Porter, the Prodigal Son is dedicated to exploring the possibilities of grain, hops and yeast. Creativity is something we value in our Ales and it’s our goal to incorporate regional ingredients into beers that go beyond convention. But we’re more than just brewing, we’ve got good food to boot. The Prodigal Son features a menu that combines traditional pub fare with scratch cooking. Here you will find regional ingredients incorporated into handcrafted cuisine.

Funding for this guide from the Meyer Memorial Trust, Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Specialty Crop Block Grant, Sponsors and ORA members.


Pilot Rock Farmers’ Market

Umatilla County Farmers’ Markets

Town Pavilion, Hwy 395 Pilot Rock, OR 97868 541-379-1950;

Athena Saturday Market

Tuesday, 4-7pm, June - October

2nd Saturdays, 9am-1pm, May through October Athena Grocery parking lot Athena, OR. 541-969-4810

Walla Walla County

Hermiston’s Own Saturday Market

415 South Highway 395 Hermiston, OR 97838 541-314-3751;

Saturday 8am-12pm, June-October Hermiston’s family-friendly event incorporates homegrown and homemade products with commercial vendors, live music, and other community activities and services. Each week a new adventure!

Andy’s Market

Lynette Gordon & Connie Burke 1117 S. College Ave, College Place, WA; 888-929-1003

Milton-Freewater Farmers’ Market

1221 S. Main St. Milton-Freewater, OR 97862 541-561-0731;

Andy’s Market has been purchasing and selling locally grown produce for almost 50 years. We buy local first whenever it is available. We take great pride in helping local farmers by buying their products at a fair price and selling it to our customers. At Andy’s we believe that the quality of local produce is excellent and is what our customers deserve. Open Sun-Thurs 7am-9pm, Fri 7am-1.5 hrs before sundown. Closed Sat..

Wednesday 4-7 pm, June- September

Pendleton Farmers’ Market

300 block of Main Street Pendleton, OR 97801 541-969-9466

Klicker’s Berry Stand

Friday, 4pm-7:30 pm, May through October A mid-sized food-focused market, Pendleton’s is a “make it, bake it or grow it yourself ” market and draws the best from around the region. SNAP EBT,WIC Fruit & Veggie Vouchers and Senior FDNP coupons are accepted here. Find them on Facebook, too.

Ron Klicker 3300 E. Isaacsm Walla Walla, WA 509-525-8650

Our roadside produce stand has been in operation since the 1950’s. Strawberries fresh June and July, frozen year-round. Blueberries in-season July and Aug. Farm fresh vegetables throughout the summer. Pumpkins in Oct. Christmas trees in season. Store closed Jan & Feb.

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Welcome Table Farm

Locati Farms

Emily and Andy Asmus 1812 Old Milton Hwy, Walla Walla WA 99362 509-529-0772

Dylan Locati 183 Narcissa Place, Walla Walla, WA 509-520-6191,

Get your candy sweet Walla Walla Onions from us at regional farmers markets and off the farm. Institutional sales welcome.

Growing mixed vegetables, herbs, berries, cut flowers, lamb, and pork using sustainable practices. Farm draft power provided by our American Belgian horses, Avi and Dandy. CSA subscription program runs June through Thanksgiving. Visit us at Walla Walla’s Downtown Saturday Farmer’s Market or shop at the Farmstand on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays from 2 to 6pm starting in July. Volunteers and visitors accepted by appointment. Please call ahead.

Mill Creek Honey

Walla Walla, WA 509-522-0107

We are local beekeepers, selling raw honey including wildflower, buckwheat & comb honey, beeswax, beeswax for thread sewing, wildflower bee pollen, propolis, beekeeper supplies, herbal balm, wheat red berries. Wholesale prices available. Order on our website.

Walla Walla Farmers’ Market

R&R Produce

N 4th Ave. and W Main St. Walla Walla, WA 99362 509-520-3647

Ron & Rose Courson 1200 Wallula Ave, Walla Walla, WA 509-520-8620 Saturdays and Sundays 9 am - 1 pm. Opening Weekend is May 2nd and 3rd. End of Harvest Festival October 31st. Holiday Market Saturday December 5th, 10 am-2 pm.

No-spray spring greens, mixed vegetables, rhubarb, melons, gooseberries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. Many types of tree fruits, including cherries, apricots, peaches, nectarines, plu-cots, apples, and pears. Frozen berries available all year. Visit our farmstand or call to order.

“ “

Food is our common ground, a universal experience. – James Beard (1903-1985) – an American chef

Tarucio’s Farms

Nick Taruscio 2668 Old Milton Highway, Walla Walla, WA 509-529-7667

and food writer

The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet.”

Variety of in season vegetables from aspargus, beets, corn, tomatoes, peppers, to Walla Walla Sweet Onions. All sorts of berries from blackberries, blueberries, strawberries to raspberries. Call or visit our farmstand.

– James Oppenheim

Funding for this guide from the Meyer Memorial Trust, Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Specialty Crop Block Grant, Sponsors and ORA members.


Union County Ag Tours & Festivals

Festivals & Fun

Farmers’ Markets

Eastern Oregon Livestock Show Union, First full week of June.

Cove Farmers’ Market June – Sept, Thursdays 1:30 – 6:30

OSU Annual Union County Crops & Conservation Tour, Mid June.

La Grande Farmers’ Market May – October, Saturday 9am – Noon Tuesday 3:30pm – 6:30pm

North Powder Huckleberry Festival North Powder, Late July. Union County Fair La Grande, First of August.


Cove Cherry Festival, Cove Third weekend in August. Summerville Harvest Festival, Stargazer Perennials, Summerville Mid September.


AG Tours An early morning planting day would have me driving out to Cove to pick up some vegetable starts at Kauffman’s Greenhouse and some homemade compost from the Cove School Ag Center. I would then drive around to Union to Nella Mae’s and pick up some eggs and hit up Dora’s Garden for some spinach to make the perfect omelet. I of course would then swing into EONL where I would fill load up with the wide array of flowers for inspirational purposes. Oh what a lovely planting morning! -Diane Lunsford, Editor


La Grande


North Powder

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Borun Farms

Union County Producers

Cheryl & Dale Borum, Imbler 541-963-9571

Arrowleaf Farms

We offer a large variety of hard neck and soft neck garlic. Non-certified organic. Available Aug-June. Call to arrange order.

Local, raw honey available year round. Fresh brown eggs as available. No hormones or antibiotics used. Call to arrange order and pick-up from our farm, early morning or before 9pm. Honey is also available at Kauffman’s Market in Island City and select sizes at Alma Jane’s Antiques on Adams Ave in La Grande.

Avella Orchard

Camp Road’s End

Shawn Steinmetz & Catherine Dickson 62365 Lizbeth Ln, La Grande 541-963-6293

Debbie Votaw, La Grande 541-786-6058,

Danae Yurgel 2807 N. Fir St, La Grande

Farm-fresh eggs. Call Debbie to place your order.

“Orchard as forest.” Heirloom and modern fruits and nuts. Apples, pears, plums, apricots, quince, almonds, walnuts and filberts. No pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilizers used. Look for us at the La Grande Farmers Market, sign up for the Avella CSA fruit/nut subscription. Tours available by appointment.

Carrie Gerber Elgin 541-437-9812

Chicken, pork, beef and eggs available year round. Turkey available for the holidays. Call to arrange order.

Cherrie Grove Orchard Joyce Grove 62121 Starr Ln, La Grande 541-910-4968

Cherries available in July and August. I use limited pesticides and fertilizers. Farm-direct sales, call to arrange order.

B.O.B. Beef

Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness.

Tony & Andrea Malmberg, Union 541-805-1124, Beyond Organic Beef is exclusively grassfed and grown to enhance the health of the land that creates it and the people who enjoy it. Call or email to place an order—or download an order form from the website.

– Thomas Jefferson to George Washington in 1787

Funding for this guide from the Meyer Memorial Trust, Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Specialty Crop Block Grant, Sponsors and ORA members.


Cove School Agricultural Education & Education Marketing Center

Dora’s Organic Garden

Susan Boyd & Ira Cohen 1393 N. Cove St. PO Box 6, Union 541-562-5465,

Cove FFA Chapter Toby Koehn, Instructor 803 Main St, Cove 541-805-4570

We offer garlic, a large variety of vegetables, pickles, berries, apples, plums, cherries, jams & jellies, flowers and eggs. We also offer hay and worm castings/tea. The farm has been owned by our family since 1880. In the last 15 years we have become increasingly knowledgeable about sustainable agricultural practices that improve the soil, encourage native plants in competition with invasive weeds, preserve wildlife and leave Earth in good shape for our grandchildren. In 2013 our hay and produce are certified organic by Oregon Tilth. Our goals include providing healthful local food, safeguarding the environment, enjoying life and engaging in our community. You are welcome to our farm! Come by our farmstand Sat or Sun, 10am-2pm, June 1-Oct 15

The Cove Agricultural Education and Marketing center is a student-operated production that helps kids learn about how to produce food and market it to the world. We host Fall Festivals, sell our produce at farmers markets, and market our wares at our farmstand. If you love fresh food that you know has been grown with hard work and developed an education, please stop by and see what we are doing to increase agricultural literacy and grow the farmer’s of tomorrow.


ORA members are acting to make the switch from an unsustainable, distant Wall Street economy to Homegrown Prosperity. Homegrown Prosperity means creating stronger local economies for and by local people based on environmentally, socially and economically sustainable food and energy systems. ORA members work at all levels—from local to national— to affect policy and implement on-the-ground projects and programs towards our common mission and priorities. From fighting for a better Farm Bill, to creating a community garden, to group-purchasing rooftop solar. This guide is produced by Oregon Rural Action. Become a member of ORA today! or 541-975-2411.


Folly Farm

Ralph & Cindy Edwards 67364 Squire Loop, Cove 541-568-4219 & 541-805-8563

Eastern Oregon Nursery & Landscaping Terry & Irene Bates, Brian & Cheryl Coughlan 10707 Walton Rd, La Grande 541- 962-0641

Specializing in gourmet garlic and peppers, we grow only open-pollinated, heirloom U-pick vegetables and herbs, including some rare and unusual leafy greens, squashes, and potatoes. We like to do things the old-fashioned way to keep ourselves and our farm healthy: we start from seed, tend each plant by hand, rotate crops, and use organically sound soil amendments. In our homemade pickles and preserves, we use only healthful, preservativefree, and old-fashioned ingredients according to family recipes handed down for generations. In 2014, watch for more information about our Heirloom Seed Bank and Home Ag Education program, which are currently in development.

We have served northeast Oregon for over 30 years and continue to have the widest selection of nursery stock available for the general public. Mature landscape trees, evergreen and flowering shrubs, and a wide selection of hardy perennials will help create a beautiful outdoor living space. We offer a wide array of trees and shrubs, including specimen plants, customized container plantings and both old favorites and new varieties of annuals and perennials. A full range of landscape services also available.

Gianni’s Fine Foods

... the way we eat represents our most profound engagement with the natural world. Daily, our eating turns nature into culture, transforming the body of the world into our bodies and minds.”

Jackie Parker & John Spenger 2612 Bearco Loop, La Grande 541-263-1116 or 541-263-1661

Gianni’s is a small-batch, niche manufacturer specializing in the hand-crafted art of bottling barrel-aged balsamic vinegars and gourmet dressings.

–Michael Pollan, The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals

Funding for this guide from the Meyer Memorial Trust, Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Specialty Crop Block Grant, Sponsors and ORA members.



11001 Island Ave, La Grande 541-963-7474

Plant nursery offering trees shrubs, perennials and annual flowers and vegetables.

Heritage Needlework

Sue Brady 704 D Ave, La Grande, 541-663-6223

Ladd Creek Farms

Tim Wilson 59000 Pierce Rd, La Grande 541-805-8513,

I enjoy a wide variety of fiber arts, and the items I create reflect this- spinning, dyeing, knitting, weaving, crochet, felting, and embroidery. In addition to finished textiles, I also create one-of-akind hand dyed yarns to supply your creativity.

We are a small, family-owned farm providing fresh, farm direct berries, vegetables, honey and eggs to local consumers, restaurants and institutions. We grow organically and offer many heirloom varieties for superior taste and nutritional value. We practice sustainable farming methods, ensuring our farm lands are preserved for generations to come. Find us at the Saturday La Grande Farmers Market, on FoodHub or call to make an order.

Icy River Ranch

Bob Delve & Carole Halvorson 58310 Grande Ronde River Rd, La Grande 541-428-2139

We offer grassfed beef wholes, halves and quarters, usually available in the fall. Non-certified organic. Farm-direct sales, call or email to arrange order.

Kauffman’s Greenhouse

Little Rascals 4H Club

Seasonal greenhouse open April-July selling flowers, vegetable starts, potting soil, organic fertilizer and heirloom seeds. We sell at our greenhouse in Cove Mon-Sat., 10am-6pm and at Kauffman’s Market in Island City.

Little Rascals is a livestock 4H club in Imbler. Our youth club members have some extra hogs, lambs and goats ready JuneAug. 4Hers are responsible for all the care and feeding of their animals and breeding flocks/herds. They show their animals at the Eastern Oregon Livestock Show and Union County Fair and raise them for meat. Call us to check availability for whole and half animals or make a pre-order for 2014. Thanks for supporting our local 4Hers!

Ken Patterson, 4H Leader Imbler, 541-786-1788

60905 Love Rd, Cove 541-910-4632 & 916-568-4329

La Grande FFA

Paul Anderes, Instructor 541-910-3364,

At La Grande High School we have a greenhouse that provides vegetables, and flowers for local residents. We also offer pork, eggs and lamb and our FFA members are more than willing to help out with any job around the community.

This guide is produced by Oregon Rural Action. Become a member of ORA today! or 541-975-2411.


Martens Farm

Pete & Deena Martens 305 Cove-Union Hwy 237, Cove 541-568-4513

...vegetables, dried herbs, eggs, registered Alpine dairy goats and wethers for packing. Primarily noncertified organic practices. Farmstand at house, call or email to arrange an order 9am-6pm.

Our egg business is a family affair with all seven kids participating. We feed our hens layer food and grain. Our hens have access to the outdoors and the barn. Eggs are available at the Saturday La Grande Farmers Market or you can call us to make an order. Coming soon to Community Merchants store in downtown La Grande.

Muilenburg Farms

Rick Muilenburg, La Grande 541-910-4227

Muilenburg Farms offers delicious, farm fresh corn. Find us at the Saturday La Grande Farmers Market or call to order. Available Aug-Sept.

Mia’s Garden

Nella Mae’s Farm Fresh Foods

Mia Gregory 67274 Hunter Rd, Summerville 541-534-5016

Nella Parks 1782 S. Main St, Union 541-910-4098,

Seasonal fruits and vegetables including lettuce, chard, other greens and broccoli. Available at the La Grande Farmers’ Market.

I work to fill niches, offering unique products and services to eaters, farmers and gardeners. Food: Pastured eggs, goat, pork, turkey and weekly/monthly pie subscription! Breeding Stock: Bourbon Red turkeys, Large Black hogs, Alpine goats. Farm Services: Farm/ranch sitting, marketing for producers, grant writing. Wholesaling: Call me to purchase all your local foods in one order.

Monticola Ranch Bison Gari Price 63974 Mt Glen Rd, La Grande 541-786-3047

My bison feed on the native grasses that grow naturally on my ranch at the base of Mt Emily. The bison get the best water coming off Hunter Creek. They are born on the ranch and are killed humanely on the ranch by mobile slaughter. I sell by the whole, half and quarter and USDA processing is available upon request. The ranch is a wonderful place where the bison live an all-natural life. I also sell bison hides and heads and native grass hay.

Old Roses Mercantile

Kathy Wolcott 59552 Foothill Rd, La Grande 541-910-7774

Old Roses is a century-old, Victorian farm on the Oregon Trail. The store barn was built and used during the 1860’s as a stage and Pony Express stop. Each fall the barn and grounds are transformed into a Magical Halloween and fall Pumpkin Patch. Go back in time with caramel apples, home made baked goods, hay rides, straw Maze, and lots of fun activities for the young and young at heart.

Mt Emily Partners

Tim & Dorene McCarthy 63172 Starr Ln, La Grande 541-963-5462, We offer some produce, fermented...

Funding for this guide from the Meyer Memorial Trust, Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Specialty Crop Block Grant, Sponsors and ORA members.


Patterson Sheep Company Hailee & Ryan Patterson 66772 Summerville Rd, Imbler 541-786-1788

We raise sheep, miniature cows and hogs on a small acreage in Imbler. We are a life long 4H & FFA family. Our sheep flock started nine years ago when our oldest sister started in 4H. We, Hailee and Ryan, are in the Little Rascals 4H club and Imbler FFA. Call our Dad, Ken Patterson, for whole lambs or make an order for 2014. Suffolk breeding stock also available.

Simple Solution

Ralph & Corina Morin, Scott & Norma Ocacio 1806 Walnut St, La Grande 541-647-4341

PD Farms

Phil & Dianne Greif 71990 Gordon Creek Rd, Elgin 541-805-5074,

We grow garlic, onions, potatoes, green beans, and sweet corn. We also produce all natural grassfed beef through managed herd rotation. The livestock enjoy grazing on fresh green pastures and drinking clean water. Products available by phone order.

Red Wing Farm

Mary McCracken 63036 Buchanan Ln, La Grande 541 963-8917,

Have you ever had trouble closing a wire gate on your farm or ranch? Our family has designed a simple gate tightener that make it easy for anyone to close a wire gate--even kids. Call to order, or find them at PGG in Island City.

Stafford’s Custom Meats, Inc.

Jeff Stafford 70761 Oregon Hwy 82, Elgin 541-437-6328

Red Wing Farm is dedicated to raising healthy, content, grassfed beef and lamb. They are what they eat. You are what you eat. So buy locallygrown grassfed meat. Call or email to order.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality product and service, with great care in meeting our customers needs. We take great pride in our part of the local food movement to provide quality meat from our local ranchers. Jeff Stafford is a 4th generation butcher and has been cutting meat professionally for 36 years. Stafford’s offers Custom Exempt meat processing and USDA Inspected slaughter and meat processing services. Some meat available for purchase at the shop.

Richard Muller

207 4th St, La Grande 541-786-1206

Eggs available year-round. Grassfed beef available on a first come, first-served basis. Steer manure for sale! Call or email to arrange an order.

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Weeping Willow Farm

Local Eating & Grassroots Action

Kimi Durning 67294 Timberline Rd, Summerville 541-805-4388

At Oregon Rural Action, we don’t just promote good eating and good living through this guide— we bring people together to make real change. ORA members are taking action to change the system through grassroots issue campaigns local, state and national food & ag policy.

Our farm is a family operation in Summerville. We offer lamb & goat meat and other goat products, eggs, wool & yarn, weed control services and manure. We also have alpaca breeding stock. Call to order.

We strive to obtain just and sustainable food and ag policy that bolsters family agriculture and ensures access to health food for all. We want policy that doesn’t favor corporations over people—policy that builds healthy, prosperous rural communities for local people. Remember, that your voice counts! Here are the grassroots actions we’re taking to grow better food and ag policy:

Wred Wriggler Worm Wranch

• Making it easier to sell jams, jellies and pickles at farmers’ markets. • Improving poultry processing rules for small growers. • Ensuring the federal Food Safety Modernization Act didn’t shut down local food growers and farmers’ markets. • Pushing for greater access to capital for small, new and beginning farmers. • Fighting for fair livestock markets and a fair Farm Bill. • Opposing the corporatization of seed and spread of GMOs.

Cindy Frick & Cathy Nowak 1286 N. Cove St, Union 541-562-1057,

Wred Wriggler Worm Wranch is an independent hobby farm. We raise Red Wriggler Worms at our ranch, and harvest worm castings and worm “T” for fertilizer. The worms are raised in pesticide free soil. They make a wonderful addition to any garden, flower bed, or farm, as they enrich the soil with necessary nutrients. Stop by our farm today!

Eating, farming and ranching are political acts, and ORA members are citizen lobbyists for good food & farm policy. ORA works at the state level through the Oregon Grows Partnership and at the federal level through our parent organization, the Western Organization of Resource Councils. ORA members work for good policy through letters, call, legislator visits, lobby days, direct actions, fly-ins to DC and more. Join ORA to change our food system through political action!

The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.”

–Masanobu Fukuoka, The One-Straw Revolution

Funding for this guide from the Meyer Memorial Trust, Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Specialty Crop Block Grant, Sponsors and ORA members.


Union County Stores and Restaurants

BELLA La Grande 1216 Adams Avenue La Grande, OR 97850 541-663-WINE (9463) OPEN 7 days a week

Community Merchants

Jenny Bartell 1019 Adams Ave, La Grande 541-663-0575 & 916-975-3555

Our newest location in downtown La Grande is the “other” best little kitchen, wine, chocolate and good food store! Let us help you find delicious ways to make your life more ‘bella’!

Community Merchants is a place for all local products. We are here to market and sell local products for the producers. Products ranging from jewelry to furniture to food products and everything in between. Local meat, eggs, honey, nuts, grains, bakery items, soap, candles, flowers & plants are just a few of the local items. Visit us in downtown La Grande Tues-Sat.

Kauffman’s Market

Community Bank

10214 Hwy 82, Island City 541-663-8404

800-472-4292 Pendleton, Hermiston, Heppner, La Grande, Baker City, Wallowa, Enterprise, Joseph, Milton-Freewater, College Place, Walla Walla, Clarkston. Since 1955 Community Bank has been making loans to the farmers and ranchers in Eastern Oregon. Offering a variety of accounts for personal or business banking and many options in loans & lines, Community Bank is ready to help you with your banking needs. Stop by your local branch today. Member FDIC

Kauffman’s Market is a family-owned grocery store, cafe and bakery in Island City. We sell an assortment of regionally-grown foods including beef, chicken, peaches, apricots, Hermiston melons, asparagus and eggs. Eggs and chicken are from Cove, OR. We also bake all our own breads and bakery goods at the market. Find the market outside of Island City on the Wallowa Lake Highway 82.

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Natures Pantry

Mamacita’s International Grill

1907 4th St La Grande 541-963-7955

Nature’s Pantry, is proud to be your local source for natural foods and nutraceuticals. In 2013 we are celebrating 27 years in business. Vitamins, herbs and homeopathics . Fresh, organic produce. Earth-friendly household cleaners. Gluten-free foods. Healthy body care products. Bulk Foods. Certified Nutritionist on hand.

2003 4th St, La Grande 541- 963-6223

In the mood for a fabulous fiesta of flavored dishes? Drop by every day but Sunday to get culinarily inspired by feasting on some of our many items featuring local meats, vegetables and garlics!

Mt. Emily Ale House

Jerry Grant 1202 Adams Ave, La Grande 541-962-7711

Obsidian Urgent Care 401 Adams Ave, La Grande 541-962-7407

Mt. Emily Ale House is Union County’s only brewery and brewpub. We specialize in English and American style craft ales made with organic, Pacific Northwest malt and local hops, some grown in the Grande Ronde Valley. Our pub has a reputation for great food, including gourmet pizza and burgers made with local, organicallyraised grassfed beef. Try our Oregon Blonde, Heifer-Weizen, Wildfire Red, Hells Canyon IPA, Double IPA, The Big or Northwest Porter.

As a local healthcare provider, we support your choosing a healthy lifestyle based in exercise and a diet of whole foods especially those locally grown when possible. We hope that you visit us when your need for healthcare arises. (image courtesy of Welcome Table Farm, Walla Walla)

Funding for this guide from the Meyer Memorial Trust, Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Specialty Crop Block Grant, Sponsors and ORA members.


Union County Farmers’ Markets

Ten Depot Street

Sandra Sorrels 10 Depot St, La Grande 541-963-8766,

Cove Farmers’ Market

Ten Depot Street is a Steak and Seafood restaurant with options for those with food restrictions. We buy as much locally as possible when the season permits. Locally grown grassfed burgers and lamb as well as locally grown potatoes for most of the year. We use local produce and fruits when in season and freeze a lot of corn, fruit and berries for desserts later in the winter. We buy a lot from the La Grande Farmers Market. Year round catering, dinners or tastings, festivals, weddings or parties, music. Join us Mon-Sat, 5-10pm.

Dee Valdespino, Market Manager Market located at Cove Ascension School PO Box 217, Cove, 541-805-8534

We offer local fruits and veggies, arts & crafts, pickles, relishes, jams and salsas. Tomato tasting and samples. Find us Thurs. 1:30-6pm at the corner of Foster and Church Streets at the Cove Ascension School, mid June-late Sept.

Union County Community Gardens La Grande Community Garden

Oregon Rural Action Corner of I Ave and 13th St, La Grande 541-975-2411,

La Grande Farmers’ Market Beth Wasley, Market Manager Market located at Max Square PO Box 981, La Grande 541-663-8100 & 541-786-0456

Union High School Community Garden

Union High School FBLA 540 S. Main, Union, 541- 805-9685

Plots for rent and traditional open garden space where food is grown by the Future Business Leaders of America for the local food bank. We practice organic gardening methods and are excited to grow and see more community involvement in the project!

Our season is the first weekend before Memorial Day to Mid October. Find a wide variety of local foods Sat. 9am-noon and Tues. 3:30-6pm in Max Square downtown.

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Wallowa County Ag Tours & Festivals


Festivals & Fun Lee Scott Memorial Horse Plowing Bee 8618 Bird Lane, Joseph Early May


Watershed Festival Wallowa County Fair Grounds Enterprise Late June


Wallowa County Fair Wallowa County Fair Grounds, Enterprise Early August


Hells Canyon Mule Days Wallowa County Fair Grounds, Enterprise Early September Wallowa Harvest Festival Tamkaliks Grounds, Wallowa Mid Oct.

AG Tours The perfect 4th of July BBQ picnic camp out would have me stopping at Lower Valley Farmers’ Market to pick up some salad makings, a couple of chickens, then on to Dollar Stretcher for some Fluit’s ribs. After a late night spent watching fireworks over Wallowa Lake, a nice locally-roasted coffee and breakfast Red Horse Coffee Traders would get us ready for the trip on home. Of course, I’d grab a growler of beer from Terminal Gravity and Carman Ranch burger from the Little Bear Drive-in for the trip home! -Diane Lunsford, Editor

Farmers’ Markets Lower Valley Farmers’ Market May – Oct, Sat 10am -2pm, Wallowa Wallowa County Farmers’ Market Joseph: May – Oct, Sat. 10am – 2pm Enterprise: May – Sept, 4pm- 7pm Troy Farmers’ Market Sundays 10am – 1pm

Funding for this guide from the Meyer Memorial Trust, Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Specialty Crop Block Grant, Sponsors and ORA members.


Wallowa County Producers 6 Ranch

Liza Jane McAlister & Adele Nash 87161 Hwy 82, Enterprise 541-426-3827,

We are a multi-generational ranch specializing in Corriente grassfed and finished beef. We do not use any type of hormones or antibiotics. This is a family-run business and we work hard to uphold the traditions of the ranching lifestyle, using nature as our guide.We welcome vistors for tours by appointment, dinners and tastings. Find our products in Wallowa County at our farmstand, Dollar Stretcher & Ruby Peak Naturals grocery stores, Mutiny Brewing, Terminal Gravity Pub or order from our website.

Backyard Gardens LLC

Beth Gibans PO Box 463, Joseph 541-398-0707

Amaranta Farm

Bringing fresh, seasonal and delicious foods to Wallowa County and beyond through our naturally grown produce and catering. We specialize in salad greens, lettuces, vegetables, flowers and herbs. Available at the Enterprise and Joseph Farmers’ Markets, through orders, CSA shares in Wallowa and Union Counties and multiple restaurants and retail outlets. Our mission is to produce high-quality produce grown in an environmentally-friendly manner. Backyard Gardens’ Catering features fresh, seasonal and delicious food tastefully prepared and attractively presented for any occasion in Wallowa County or across the country.

Elizabeth Enslin 84712 Sunny Glade Rd, Flora 541-828-7764,

A small farm located in the north end of Wallowa County, we grow heirloom garlic varieties and raise pastured red wattle pork. We use no pesticides or herbicides in our growing fields and no antibiotics in our animals.

Bear Creek Gardens

Deborrah Reth & John Linder 70472 Bear Creek Rd, Wallowa 541-398-0137,

If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.”

We are non-certified organic. Most vegetables are heirloom varieties in our 50x20 ft passive solar heated greenhouse, as well as the garden. It is very important to grow, eat, and buy local! Call us for an order or find us at the Lower Valley Farmers’ Market and the Wallowa County Food Project Store in Wallowa.

-J.R.R. Tolkien (1892-1973)

This guide is produced by Oregon Rural Action. Become a member of ORA today! or 541-975-2411.


Bunchgrass Beef & Magpie Ranch

Double Eddy Farm Karen Benbrook 90063 Troy Rd, Troy 541-8287908

Michael Hale & Sara Miller, Joseph 541-426-4819,

Our garden borders the Grande Ronde River in Troy. We offer eggs, honey, rabbit and non-certified organic seasonal fruits and vegetables. We specialize in heirloom tomatoes and hot peppers. Call to make an order or visit us at the Troy Farmers’ Market on Sundays.

The Imnaha Canyon and the Zumwalt Prairie have been our home for 30 years, where our family raises Bunchgrass Beef™, an exceptionally flavorful, artisan-quality beef. Our Spanish breed cattle are raised on native rangelands using humane, sustainable, family-based practices. No grain, hormones or antibiotics. Call to make a beef orders for a whole, half or quarter in the spring/summer for fall delivery. We also have pears, plums, apricots, mulberries and walnuts. Tours by appointment, events for kids, community workdays, field trips for university student groups, grazing and land management services.

Enterprise FFA

201 SE 4th St, Enterprise 541-426-2023 & 541-398-0433 Find us on Facebook

Enterprise FFA is the longest continuous chapter in the state. Our membership consists of students from grades 8-12 who are dedicated to developing leadership skills while being engaged in promoting and learning about agricultural and technical career skills. We offer USDA-certified pork, beef & lamb and livestock including beef cattle/calves, dairy cattle/calves, horses, hogs, lambs, and breeding/stud services. We offer grazing services, weed control, hay and manure. We strive to have a positive influence on our school and community. We sell directly to consumers, on-farm and by appointment. Call us!

Carman Ranch

Cory Carman 67357 Promise Rd, Wallowa 541-263-0812, www.

Fairchild Beef

Andy Fairchild & Janie Webster 65710 Sunrise Rd, Enterprise 541-426-4634,

Our family raises 100% grassfed beef, pastured pork and eggs. Certified sustainable by Food Alliance. You can taste the close attention we pay to our cattle and the land in our beef, which has a complex, earthy flavor. Fresh beef in summer and fall, frozen year round. Available at farmers’ markets and via online orders.

We have raised beef grass-finished beef with no pesticides, hormones, antibiotics at our Sunrise Rd farm for over 30 years. Available by the quarter or half. Order early to ensure availability this fall.

Funding for this guide from the Meyer Memorial Trust, Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Specialty Crop Block Grant, Sponsors and ORA members.


Flower Peddler Nursery

Pam & Mike Harshfield 71845 Dougtherty Loop, Wallowa 541-263-1954 & 541-886-7474

Located at the Harshfield Ranch in Wallowa. The greenhouse is open to the public for sales early May to late June or by appointment. We sell bedding plants, hardy perennials, shrubs, hardy roses, specialty plants for container gardening, basket fillers and custom planters. We offer plants to design creative combination planters. Custom orders are welcome for your events, weddings or backyard. Our hardy plants are grown the old fashioned way in our unheated greenhouse. Look for our sign on Highway 82 outside of Wallowa.

Fluit Family Farms

62331 Tucker Down Rd, Joseph 541-432-5071

Located in the beautiful Wallowa Mountains, we raise Rotokawa Devon grassfed beef and breeding stock. Our cows are raised on certified organic pasture and hay in the winter. No grain ever. The cattle do not receive any antibiotics, toxic pesticides or GMOs. We also raise an heirloom Large Black hogs, which graze with our cows and are fed supplemental organic grains. We sell organic grain for chicken & pig feed. Our beef and pork are available by the individual package or larger quantities. Call to order or find our meats at the Dollar Stretcher grocery store in Enterprise.

Jay Bird Farms

Jay Haga PO Box 613, Wallowa 541-398-2179,

I grow melons and a variety of vegetables including potatoes, onions and cucumbers. I use worms for composting waste and use worm castings and tea to create an organic product. I use food waste from local residents and restaurants to feed the worms. Try my worm castings/tea on your garden or buy worms of your own! Everyone is welcome to check it out. Find my products at the Lower Valley Farmers Market, Oddball Junction, Rams Auto and Hardware in Wallowa and Alder Slope Nursery in Enterprise..


Homegrown prosperity is for and by local people creating environmentally sustainable food and energy systems. Farmers and ranchers have always been tasked with land stewardship, a difficult and complex job. When you support local food, you support stewardship and sustainable practices that do not destroy water quality, increase soil erosion or adversely impact air quality. When you buy Milton-Freewater apples rather than New Zealand apples, your food requires less transportation fuel, has a smaller carbon footprint and is fresher and oh so delicious!

Harshfield Ranch

Pam & Mike Harshfield 71845 Dougtherty Loop, Wallowa 541-263-1954 & 541-886-7474

We sell natural, grassfed, hormone-free black Angus beef. Animals are raised on our ranch from birth to finish. Available by the whole, half, quarter and by the cut. You can purchase our beef at the year-round, indoor Lower Valley Farmers’ Market in Wallowa or call to make an order.

This guide is produced by Oregon Rural Action. Become a member of ORA today! or 541-975-2411.


Prairie Creek Farm Gene & Patrick Thiel PO Box 549, Joseph 541-432-2361

We offer Oregon Tilth Certified Organic potatoes, carrots, beets, kohlrabi, onions, shallots and garlic. The majority of our crops are available during the fall, winter and spring of the year. Call to place an order. Store and restaurant orders can be delivered weekly in Portland, Hood River, and Wallowa County.

Lucky Farm Chicken

Jeff Mathias PO Box 41, Lostine 541-569-2373,

We sell chicken, turkey, coffee and livestock. Our poultry is raised on fresh green pasture following poulet rouge standards. All feed is grown locally and purchased directly from the farmer. No antibiotics or hormones. We mix feed, hatch chicks, raise, and butcher our own chickens. Chicken is sold fresh or frozen, and packaged in freezer safe, BPA-free bags made in the USA to preserve freshness. Limited number of Wishard Bronze Turkeys available fresh for Thanksgiving. Meat chickens, turkeys and dairy cattle/calves also available.

Ruby Peak Farms

Kate Barrett 78466 Caudle Ln, Lostine 541-561-1005 Ruby Peak Farms is located in the Lostine Valley. We raise registered, heritage Jacob Sheep. They provide healthy low fat meat, beautiful wool in many colors. We feed our sheep on our own sustainable, chemical free pastures and hay when winter arrives. Our customers rave about our lamb meat--even those who never liked lamb! We also offer goat meat, free-range eggs, Jacob breeding lambs, milk goats, fleeces, wool, yarn, sheep hides and manure for gardens. We grow fragrant French Lavender, available fresh in July and dried year round. Products available at local farmers markets, on our website or call to make an order.

Northwest Goat Grazers Nicole Bellows & Larry Davis 77986 Wade Gulch Ln, Lostine 541-263-1489

We offer an alternative to noxious weed and brush control, through targeted grazing with goats. We spend the summer traveling with our animals who willing consume weedy species of plants and shrubs throughout the Pacific Northwest. Year around we offer a farm stay experience on our property in Lostine, located in Wallowa County. New this year we will be marketing our spanish goats as breeding stock. In the fall we offer farm direct and USDA certified goat meat. We raise a flock of laying hens and offer pastured, farm fresh eggs year around.

Funding for this guide from the Meyer Memorial Trust, Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Specialty Crop Block Grant, Sponsors and ORA members.


Sally B. Farms

Wendy McCullough 62456 Bowerman Rd, Joseph 541-432-4832,

Our farm is nestled at the base of Chief Joseph Mountain three miles from Joseph. We are a small family farm raising meat goats in rural pastures abundant with natural grasses, plenty of room to roam, browse and just enjoy being goats! Some of the goats are milked and their rich goat milk is an essential ingredient in every bar of Sally B. Farms luxurious goat milk soap. I also offer hay. Find products at Wallowa County Farmers Markets, BELLA Main Street Markets in La Grande and Baker, The Sheep Shed, Wolfe Fleece and The Book Loft in Enterprise or call me directly.

Wild Carrot Herbals

Jody Berry PO Box 348, Enterprise 541-263-5539

Since 2000, our goal has been to create honest, nutrient-rich, joyful products that are reasonably priced for the entire family. Wild Carrot Herbals sources organic, fair trade, and locally sourced raw materials as much as possible. We are also non-GMO and gluten free. Find us at your local health food store.

South Fork Fields

June Colony 67597 River Rd, Lostine 541-569-2388,

Organic produce available year round. Greenhouseproduced greens available in the winter and spring. Tomatoes and cucumbers available in the summer and fall. Natural lamb is also for sale in the fall. Call to arrange order, or find products at June’s Local Market in Lostine.

Wallowa County Stores and Restaurants Dollar Stretcher Inc.

Mike Goss 604 S River St, Enterprise 541-426-5833,

Terminal Gravity Brewing Steve Carper, Dean Duquette & Ed Millar 803 SE School St, Enterprise 541-426-0158

Locals are well aware of this hidden secret! When hankering for the most long term provider of a wide array of local meat and vegetables. From Fluit’s pork and beef products to Carman Ranch beef, Stangels Buffalo and a variety of local produce when seasonally available.

We are local food producers and promoters! Our award-winning beers are coupled with an excellent variety of pub foods many made with local meat and vegetables from local farms in Wallowa County including 6 Ranch, Stangels Buffalo and Backyard Gardens.

June’s Local Market

June Collony, Owner/Manager 120 Hwy 82, Lostine, 541-569-2388

We offer a wide variety of in-season local foods & products. This guide is produced by Oregon Rural Action. Become a member of ORA today! or 541-975-2411.


Minam River Lodge

Barnes C. Ellis Minam Canyon, Eagle Cap Wilderness

The Minam River Lodge is a rustic small guest house and cabins in the heart of Oregon’s spectacular Eagle Cap Wilderness. The Minam Lodge serves meals of rustic simplicity using fresh, organic ingredients sourced from our own garden and small local farms. You can fly, hike or horseback ride into the lodge. Call or email to make a reservation.

Little Bear Drive-In

Rhonda Fuller 102 S. Madison St, Wallowa 541-886-3161,

Mutiny Brewing

Little Bear Drive-In in Wallowa offers local, grasfed beef from Carman Ranch served on buns made from wheat grown and ground on site by Wheat Montana. We serve soft-serve ice cream made with real dairy ingredients for amazing old-fashioned flavor. We are always striving to serve you quality food as locally sourced as possible. Our family serving yours since 1974! Open Feb-Thanksgiving, everyday 11am-8pm..

Kari Gjerdingen 600 N Main St, Joseph 541-432-5274,

Serving craft beers brewed on site in our small “onewoman brewery.” Wheat, Pale, IPA, & Porter, in addition to our seasonal selection. The kitchen serves up local favorites like our house made veggie burger, and local 6-Ranch beef burgers, along with greens from Backyard Gardens. Open Tues-Sun 11:30am-10:00pm.

Liza Jane’s Farmstand

Red Horse Coffee Traders

Liza Jane McAlister & Adele Nash 87161 Hwy 82, Enterprise 541-254-1502

Mike & Kathy Leo 306 N Main St, Joseph, 541-432-3784

“Grassy Meats, Dirty Vegetables and Free Water.” This is a traditional farmstand where we sell products produced from our ranch (6 Ranch) and some of our neighbors’ products as well. Beef, lamb, eggs, bread, honey, veggies, flowers, soap, dog bones and more. Customers pay on the honor system--pick up your purchases and leave payment in a cash box. We are always open! Look for the big white farm house just west of Enterprise.

Red Horse Coffee Traders is a local coffee roasting business serving organic, grade AA arabica coffee beans that are certified Fair Trade. We serve breakfasts, lunches, a variety of baked goods, and other delights. “Farm to Table” is our goal, and we are delighted to serve local food including inseason, vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, and much more. Delicious, organic, fresh roasted coffee, delicious, fresh produce and meats, supporting small community farms. It’s a great relationship! Open Mon-Sat, 7am-5pm, Sun 8am-4pm.

Funding for this guide from the Meyer Memorial Trust, Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Specialty Crop Block Grant, Sponsors and ORA members.


Wallowa Land Trust

116 South River St, Enterprise 541-426-2042, www.

Wallowa Land Trust is a nonprofit organization founded in 2004 with a mission to protect the rural nature of the Wallowa Valley and surrounding areas by working cooperatively with private landowners and community partners. The Trust uses economic and other incentives to help conserve the valley’s natural, historic, cultural and agricultural resources for the benefit of present and future generations. We work with willing landowners to buy or accept donations of land or conservation easements. A conservation easement is a legally binding agreement between a land trust and a landowner to protect certain natural and traditional values of the landowner’s property forever. Farmers and ranchers— contact us for more info!

Ruby Peak Naturals

Leslie Lamb 604 S River St, Enterprise 541-426-4042

Offering locally-made food and products, organic food choices, gluten free and dairy free products, supplements, herbal remedies, body care, bulk food and spices, and lunches--homemade vegan soups, variety of sandwiches, and green smoothies. We carry local, in-season veggies, local 6 Ranch Corriente beef year round, which is highly nutritious and lean. Beef and pork from local Fluit Family Farms and goat meat coming soon! We always have free-range chicken breast and thighs and free-range ground turkey in the freezer. Open Mon-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat 10am-4pm.

Winding Waters

Paul & Penny Arentsen 877-426-7238

We serve local foods on rafting trips from our own home garden and from local farms and ranches. We offer two local foods & wines oriented trips: a fourday Salmon River Noble Rot on the River in July and a five-day Hells Canyon/Snake River Plate & Pitchfork trip in August. Call us for more info or to make a reservation.

Slow Food Wallowas

Lynne Curry, Chair PO Box 78, Joseph 541-263-0347,

Providing good, clean and fair food for all. As the local chapter of Slow Food USA, our mission is to educate and engage the community in creating a viable local food system in the Wallowa region. Through food films, restaurant events, cooking classes and other community events, we strive to celebrate local food producers and the pleasures to be enjoyed sharing good food with others. Anyone can join!

Nobody is qualified to become a statesman who is entirely ignorant of the problem of wheat.” -Socrates

This guide is produced by Oregon Rural Action. Become a member of ORA today! or 541-975-2411.


Wallowa County Community Gardens

Wallowa County Farmers’ Markets

Magic Garden Project

Lower Valley Farmers’ Market

Joseph United Methodist Church & Joseph Charter School 400 E. Williams Ave, Joseph 541-432-4042

PO Box 592, Wallowa 541-263-0826

The Lower Valley Farmers Market is located in center of downtown Wallowa on Main Street, in the green space between the Fitness Center and the Resale Shop. Come by every Saturday 10am-2 pm, May 25-Oct 12. Also visit our indoor market featuring over 40 local producers in downtown Wallowa at the old Telephone Building. Open year-round Thurs-Sat, 10am-3pm.

The Magic Garden Project, the first school/ community garden in Wallowa County, has Imnahagrown vegetables, herbs and flowers available for sale at the Joseph Farmers Market late May-Oct. Come help the students of Joseph Charter School sustain their project, designed to educate them in gardening and provide fresh, locally-grown, produce for their school salad bar and to encourage healthful eating. This project donated approximately three tons of food to the Wallowa County Community during the 2012 season. To volunteer in the garden or at the Farmers’ Market stand, give us a call.

Troy Farmers’ Market

Karen Benbrook, Vendor Main Street in Troy next to bath house 541-828-7908

Our market is small and eclectic featuring products grown, made or created in Troy, population 40. Our market promotes Troy and shows you can get almost anything here and eat healthy too! Try our delicious fruits and veggies, cinnamon rolls and snack foods if you’re fishing or rafting in the area. We have honey, eggs, jams, baked goods, fruits, vegetables, flowers, plants and handmade crafts. We’re open late May to early Oct, Sundays 10am-1pm.

Wallowa Community Garden Wallowa Local Foods Project PO Box 592, Wallowa, OR 541-398-0137.

The garden will be managed by a handful of volunteers. We will be utilizing natural fertilizers and bio-friendly insecticides to keep the vegetables as organic and healthy as can be.

Wallowa County Farmers’ Market Market Manager: Janie Webster 541-263-1622


What are you doing to support the Shift to Homegrown Prosperity? Well, first you’re using this local food & farm guide and actively choosing to support local ag. So keep this guide in a special place--by the phone books or in the car--to refer to and help you make fun choices about your food.

The Farmers’ Market has two locations: Thursdays from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on the Wallowa County Courthouse lawn in Enterprise and Saturdays from 10am - 2pm at Main and Joseph streets in downtown Joseph.

Funding for this guide from the Meyer Memorial Trust, Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Specialty Crop Block Grant, Sponsors and ORA members.


Community Resources SNAP

How to Buy – Scan your EBT/Oregon Trail card at the farmers’ market manager/info table in exchange for tokens, vouchers or reciepts you can spend at farmers’ booths. No change can be given. What You Can Buy – Bread, cereal, fresh produce, meat, poultry, dairy and starter plants.


How to Buy – Monthly WIC Fresh Fruit & Veggie Vouchers come in $5, $6, & $10 denominations and can be used to pay for food at farmer’s booths, farmstands, and stores. What You Can Buy – Fresh/Frozen fruits & vegetables (no potatoes except sweet potatoes).


How to Buy – FDNP checks come in $4 denominations. Use them at farmers’ market booths, farmstands, and stores from June 1st to Oct. 31st. They must be used in the year they were issued. What You Can Buy – Fresh unprocessed fruits & vegetables grown in Oregon.

Local Food Definitions

Hybrid: Seeds produced by artificial/lab cross-pollination. Typically bigger yields, greater uniformity, disease resistance. Over time less disease resistant, homogenous taste. Does not produce viable seeds.

Certified Organic: a third party has verified no pesticides, herbicides, hormones, antibiotics, GMOs or GMO feed are used.

Non-certified organic: Definition varies, so ask your farmer. Generally, no pesticides, herbicides, hormones, antibiotics or GMOs used but not third-party certified.

CSA/Subscription Ag: Community Supported Agriculture. Pay farmer an upfront cost for a weekly box of food delivered to a central location for pickup throughout the season.

Natural or all-natural: Definition varies. No hormones or antibiotics used, no cages or other industrial ag practices.

Farm-direct: Farms, ranchs or gardens that sell directly to consumers.

Non-GMO: Grown or made without using or feeding genetically modified organisms.

Food Sovereignty: Food sovereignty is the right of peoples to healthy and culturally appropriate food produced through ecologically sound and sustainable methods, and their right to define their own food and agriculture systems. It puts those who produce, distribute and consume food at the heart of food systems and policies rather than the demands of markets and corporations.

Oregon Tilth Certified: Third party organization certifying organic, biologically sound and socially equitable agricultural practices. rGBH/rBST: A genetically engineered hormone designed to increase milk production in cows. The use of these hormones are controversial and labeling of dairy products with their presence is for consumer awareness.

Grassfed: an animal that has been raised on pasture. May or may not be “finished” or fattened on grain.

Slow Food: An alternative to fast food, that movement seeks to preserve traditional and regional cuisine and encourages farming of plants, seeds and livestock characteristic of the local ecosystem. Its goals of sustainable foods and promotion of local small businesses are paralleled by a political agenda directed against globalization of agricultural products. Check out Slow Food Wallowas on page 40.

Grass-finished: a mature animal that has been exclusively raised on pasture with no grain feeding. GMO/GM: Genetically Modified Organisms. Seeds/ animals that have altered DNA through genetic engineering. Plants have modified traits that the plant wouldn’t otherwise possess through natural processes. Many people worry about the safety of GMOs.

Sustainable Agriculture: Agricultural system that is productive without being destructive through resource depletion or polluting. This models is based on natural systems that are self-sustaining. It also considers the importance of the social values associated with healthful vitality.

Heirloom(seeds): “Antique” or old varieties of seeds, plants or breeds of animals. Not hybrids. Greater selection, non-homogenous taste, resistant to pests, disease and extreme weather. Homegrown Prosperity: A term used by Oregon Rural Action to describe the economic model shift from top down big business model to bottom up, sustainable and just local economies. Homegrown Prosperity is particularly focused on local food and energy production.

WORC: The Western Organization of Resource Councils is a regional network of grassroots community organizations, including Oregon Rural Action, the producer of this guide. WORC represents 10,000 members and 35 local chapters. WORC helps its member groups succeed by providing training and coordinating on local to national food, ag and energy issue campaigns.

Funding for this guide from the Meyer Memorial Trust, Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Specialty Crop Block Grant, Sponsors and ORA members.


Index Alcohol BELLA Main Street Market Bull Ridge Brew Pub Earth & Vine Great Pacific Wine & Coffee Co Mt Emily Ale House Mutiny Brewing Ten Depot Street Terminal Gravity Brewing The Prodigal Son Brewery & Pub

9 9 9 18 31 39 32 38 19

Baked & Processed Foods Folly Farm Froerer Farms/Owyhee Produce Gianni’s Fine Foods Kauffman’s Market Lucky Farm Chicken Mill Creek Honey Mt Emily Partners Nella Mae’s Farm Fresh Foods Old Roses Mercantile Petit Noirs Phil & Sally’s Bakery Red Horse Coffee Traders Sacred Grounds Farm Val’s Veggies

25 12 25 30 37 21 27 27 27 19 19 39 17 8

Beef 6 Ranch B.O.B. Beef Bunchgrass Beef at Magpie Ranch Carmen Ranch Carrie Gerber Double Diamond Ranch Enterprise FFA Fairchild Beef Fluit Family Farms Harshfield Ranch Icy River Ranch Liza Jane’s Farmstand Lone Fir Ranch Monticola Ranch

34 23 34 35 23 6 35 35 36 36 26 39 7 27

Old Roses Mercantile PD Farms Red Wing Farm Richard Muller Sexton Ranches

27 28 28 28 8

Monticola Ranch Nancy Rorick Consulting Nella Mae’s Farm Fresh Foods Northwest Goat Grazers Sally B. Farms Simple Solution Stafford’s Custom Meats, Inc. Way of Life Farms Weeping Willow Farm

Bison Monticola Ranch


Eggs Borum Farms Camp Road’s End Carman Ranch Carrie Gerber Cove School Ag Center Crafton Farm II Dora’s Organic Garden Double Eddy Farm Jen’s Garden La Grande FFA Ladd Creek Farms Martens Farm Mt Emily Partners Nella Mae’s Farm Fresh Foods Northwest Goat Grazers Old Roses Mercantile Park Produce & Farmstand Pretty Woods Orchard U-Pick Richard Muller Ruby Peak Farms Sacred Grounds Farm Sexton Ranches Val’s Veggies Weeping Willow Farm Young Roots Farm

23 23 35 23 24 16 24 35 7 26 26 27 27 27

37 38 28 28 18 29

Goat Jen’s Garden Little Rascals 4H Club Helm Acres Nubians Mt Emily Partners Nella Mae’s Farm Fresh Foods Northwest Goat Grazers Ruby Peak Farms Sally B. Farms Weeping Willow Farm

7 26 12 27 27 37 37 38 29

Fruits & Nuts 5-Acre Farm Aichele Farms Avella Orchard Bear Creek Gardens Blue Mountain Growers Bunchgrass Beef at Magpie Ranch Cherrie Grove Orchard Dora’s Organic Garden Double Eddy Farm Eagle Creek Orchard Earth & Vine Folly Farm Jay Bird Farms Jimenez Farms Klicker’s Berry Stand Ladd Creek Farms M & D Farms Magic Garden Project Marquam Hill Berries Martinez Garden McCleary Farm Mia’s Garden Park Produce & Farmstand Pretty Woods Orchard (U-Pick) R. Beaver’s Nursery R & R Produce Riverfront Garden Sacred Grounds Farm Tarucio’s Farm The Blue’s Berry Farm Val’s Veggies Waliser Farm Welcome Table Farm

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Farm Products & Services Baker Botanicals Bunchgrass Beef at Magpie Ranch Community Bank Dora’s Organic Garden Enterprise FFA Fluit Family Farms Mill Creek Honey

27 7 27

6 34 30 24 35 36 21

16 16 23 34 16 34 23 24 35 6 9 25 36 17 20 26 17 41 10 17 8 27 12 17 12 21 12 17 21 18 8 18 21

Honey 5-Acre Farm Borum Farms Double Eddy Farm Ladd Creek Farms Mill Creek Honey

Lamb Double Diamond Ranch Enterprise FFA Fehrenbacher Farms Heppner High School Karen’s Grass-Fed Lamb La Grande FFA Little Rascals 4H Club Patterson Sheep Company Red Wing Farm Ruby Peak Farms Sexton Ranches South Fork Fields Weeping Willow Farm Welcome Table Farm

6 35 17 17 7 26 26 28 28 37 8 38 29 21

Livestock 6 Ranch Alvin & Terrie Simons Heritage Pigs Bunchgrass Beef at Magpie Ranch Double Diamond Ranch Enterprise FFA Fluit Family Farms Helm Acres Nubians Heppner High School

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Index La Grande FFA Little Rascals 4H Club Lone Fir Ranch Lucky Farm Chicken Mt Emily Partners Nella Mae’s Farm Fresh Foods Northwest Goat Grazers Patterson Sheep Company Red Wing Farm Ruby Peak Farms Sally B. Farms Weeping Willow Farm

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Nurseries, Garden Products & Services Baker Botanicals Bonnie’s Blossoms Cove School Ag Center Didion’s Peonies Dora’s Organic Garden Eastern Oregon Landscape & Nursery Flower Peddler Nursery Folly Farm Grandescapes Heppner High School Jay Bird Farms Kauffman’s Greenhouse Little Rascals 4H Club Old Roses Mercantile Patterson Sheep Company R. Beaver’s Nursery Richard Muller Ruby Peak Farms Sacred Grounds Farm Val’s Veggies Way of Life Farms Welcome Table Farm Wred Wriggler Worm Wranch

Alvin & Terrie Simons Heritage Pigs Amaranta Farm Carman Ranch Carrie Gerber Enterprise FFA Fluit Family Farms La Grande FFA Little Rascals 4H Club Nella Mae’s Farm Fresh Foods Welcome Table Farm Young Roots Farm

6 34 35 23 35 36 26 26 27

SNAP 5 Acre Farm Aichele Farm Blue Mountain Growers Hot Springs Trading Post La Grande FM Lower Valley FM M & D Farms Ontario Saturday Market Park Produce & Farmstand Pendleton FM R. Beaver’s Nursery Riverfront Gardens The Blue’s Berry Farm Walla Walla, WA FM Wallowa County FM

21 8

Poultry 6 6 24 16 24 25 36 24 26 17 36 26 26 27 28 12 28 37 17 8 18 21 29

Organizations Oregon Rural Action Slow Food Wallowas Wallowa Land Trust

Terminal Gravity Brewing 38 The Prodigal Son 19 Brewery & Pub Winding Waters 40


29 40 40

Alvin & Terrie Simons Heritage Pigs Carrie Gerber La Grande FFA Lucky Farm Chicken Nella Mae’s Farm Fresh Foods Sexton Ranches Way of Life Farms Young Roots Farm

6 23 26 37 27

Albertson’s Andy’s Market Baker Food Co-op BELLA Main Street Market, Baker BELLA, La Grande Community Merchants Dollar Stretcher June’s Local Market Kauffman’s Market Klicker’s Berry Stand Liza Jane’s Farmstand Martinez Produce Nature’s Pantry Old Pine Market Oregon Natural Market Park Produce & Farmstand Red Apple Marketplace Ruby Peak Naturals Total Health, Inc. Val’s Veggies Farmstand


Restaurants Backyard Gardens Catering Bull Ridge Brew Pub Earth & Vine Great Pacific Wine & Coffee Co Fiesta Guadalajara Jolts & Juice Kauffman’s Market Little Bear Drive-in Mamacita’s International Grill Minam River Lodge Mt Emily Ale House Mutiny Brewing Phil & Sally’s Bakery Red Horse Coffee Traders Ten Depot Street

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8 18 8

Rabbit Double Eddy Farm

16 16 16 14 32 41 17 14 12

34 9 9 18 13 13 30 39 31 39 31 39 19 39 32

13 20 9 9 30 30 38 38 30 20 39 18 31 10 13 12 13 40 13 10

Vegetables 5-Acre Farm


Amaranta Farm Arrowleaf Farms Backyard Gardens LLC Baker Botanicals Bear Creek Gardens Bonnie’s Blossoms Cove School Ag Center Crafton Farm II Dora’s Organic Garden Double Eddy Farm Folly Farm Froerer Farms/ Owyhee Produce Jay Bird Farms Jen’s Garden Jimenez Farms Ladd Creek Farms Locati Farms Magic Garden Project Martinez Garden Marvelous Roots McCleary Farm Mia’s Garden Mt Emily Partners Muilenburg Farms Old Roses Mercantile Park Produce & Farmstand PD Farms Prairie Creek Farm R. Beaver’s Nursery R & R Produce Riverfront Garden Sacred Grounds Farm South Fork Fields Tarucio’s Farms Val’s Veggies Waliser Farm Way of Life Farms Welcome Table Farm Young Roots Farm

36 7 17 26 21 41 17 7 8 27 27 27 27 12 28 37 12 21 12 17 38 21 8 18 18 21 8

County Pages Baker County Malheur County Umatilla County Union County Walla Walla Co. Wallowa County

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5-10 11-14 15-20 22-32

20-21 33-41

Regional Food Bank – CAPECO Food Share (East-Central OR) 1605 NW 50th St. Pendleton, OR 97801 541-276-5073; 800-752-1139 Serving Umatilla, Morrow, Gilliam and Wheeler Counties - call to make a food or financial donation, to volunteer, organize a pantry, a farmers’ market, community garden or to receive emergency food services information. CAPECO is an Equal Opportunity Provider 46

F e a tu r i n g :

1934 Broadway, Baker City, OR 97814 541-523-5833 • Open 7 days a week

We encourage anyone and all to help and/or get produce. It’s not a requirement to help to get produce though.

Do you need help knowing what’s there, when it’s ripe, or what to do with it? Contact Teresa Jones @ 541-278-7515 Monday-Thursday 7:00 to 5:30


Craft Beer Steak Pasta Burgers Salads Free Wi-Fi Family Friendly!



P.O. B ox 1248 1000 S.W . D orion Pendleton, OR 97801

PO Box 120 259 East M ain St. Athena, OR 97813

H erm iston


200 S. First H erm iston, OR 97838

M ilton-Freew ater

P.O. B ox A 217 E. B roadw ay M ilton Freew ater, OR 97862


83367 Joseph H w y Joseph, OR 97846

Owner: Steve Bartell (541) 962-7578 2001 Adams Ave. LaGrande, Oregon 97850

Island City

P.O. Box 848 10209 N . M cAlister Island City, OR 97850

TollFree: 1-800-422-7611

The Prodigal Son Brewery & Pub takes pride in using fresh and local ingredients whenever possible. Way of Life farms provide produce when in season, Sexton Ranches provide beef and lamb, we get bread from Cookie Tree bakery in Pendleton and John's Wheatland bakery in Walla Walla, mustard from Haus Baryhte in Pendleton, bacon and ham from Hill Meat in Pendleton, and flour from Pendleton Flour Mill. During the summer, we go to the farmer's market every week and bring back as much as we can carry to use for specials. We also have several hop growers in town that have contributed fresh hops in the fall for our fresh-hop seasonal beer!

230 SE Court Avenue, Pendleton, OR 97801 541-276-6090 •


Solar girl on the roof of the East Oregonian in Pendleton

The East Oregonian is a locally-owned, locallymade, fully-recyclable newspaper, printed on recycled newsprint with soy-based ink. We deliver the news to Umatilla and Morrow counties five days a week and online every day. Our owners have invested in a 33 kilowatt/hour photovoltaic solar system. Installed in 2011, the 132 solar panels on the EO's roof in Pendleton produce more than 16 percent of the EO's electricity needs. This the largest privatelyowned solar project in Eastern Oregon. 49

Enrich Your Garden With Recycled Newspapers Use as Mulch

Adios, Earwigs

Newspaper makes terrific mulch for vegetables and flowers. It is excellent at retaining moisture and does an equally fine job at suffocating weeds.

If your garden is under siege by ear wigs, get rid of them by making your own environmentally friendly traps. Tightly roll up a wet newspaper, and put a rubber band around it to keep it from unraveling. Place it in the area you have seen the insects and leave it overnight. By morning, it will be standing room only for the bugs. Place the newspaper in a sealed container and toss into the trash.

Add to Compost Adding moderate amounts of wet, shredded newsprint to your compost heap is a good way to reduce odor and to give earthworms a tasty treat.

Weed Barrier Safe To Use The East Oregonian uses soy-based inks. As well as being more environmentally friendly than petroleum-based inks, it provides more accurate colors and makes it easier to recycle. It also makes it safe to use both black and color pages in your gardening.

Create a weed barrier using your old newspapers – all you will need is a bucket of clean water and newspapers. First make sure you have 5 or 6 layers of paper together, then fold the section of paper in half. Dip the newspaper in the bucket of water, making sure it is completely wet, remove it from the water and gently unfold it. Now create your barrier by simply laying the sections on top of your soil. Keep repeating this step until your garden or flower bed is covered with newspaper. After all the planting is completed you will need to cover the newspaper with mulch or top soil, just layer the mulch or soil over the paper until it is no longer visible.


Help Prevent


Simple lifestyle steps that can help you delay or even avoid this rampant disease.

Christine & Melissa

1) Understand Your Risk Factors Some people face a higher risk for diabetes than others. Obesity is far and away the single most important risk factor for diabetes. Your risk also rises if you're inactive. Other major risk factors include: • A diabetes histor y in close blood relatives. • A pregnancy that included gestational diabetes or the birth of a baby weighing more than 9 pounds. • African-American, Native American, Asian-American, Pacific-Islander, or Hispanic heritage. • Advancing age (especially 45 and older) • A low level of HDL "good" cholesterol or a high level of blood triglycerides. • "Central obesity"–a large belly and a waistline that's too big for your height. Ask your doctor if you should be screened for diabetes because of these or other risk factors.

2) Eat Right To help avoid diabetes, eat a variety of color ful fruits and vegetables, whole grain foods, fish, and nonfat dair y products, the ADA says. Choose lean meats, skinless poultr y, and dried beans as protein. Drink water and sugar-free diet beverages. Cut back on high calorie snacks and desserts–and watch your portion sizes. Making changes that trim 500 to 1,000 calories from your diet each day can help you lose 1 to 2 pounds a week. Many studies have focused on the effect certain foods may have on your risk for diabetes. Here are a few of those findings: • "Simple carbohydrates," such as white rice, refined sugar, and white bread, may worsen your risk for diabetes. Such foods cause your blood sugar to shoot up quickly and then fall, increasing your body's demand for insulin. • High-fiber foods–"complex carbohydrates," such as whole grains–might lower your risk. In a study of 59,000 women, those who ate the least fiber from grains were 18 percent less likely to develop diabetes than those who ate the least fiber from grains. • Sugar-sweetened sodas and fruit drinks have been linked with heightened diabetes risk. Coffee, however, can lower your risk for diabetes by 20 to 60 percent. More than three cups of coffee a day may provide the most benefits. Remember, though, that for some people, this much coffee can cause palpitations, trouble sleeping, and a tendency toward high blood pressure. Decaf may work just as well. • High intakes of calcium and vitamin D–available in low-fat dair y products–may reduce your risk for diabetes.

For more information contact: Christine at 541-278-3235 or Melissa at 541-278-3249 1601 SE Court Avenue Pendleton, Oregon 51

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Eastern Oregon Local Food & Farm Guide  

Oregon Rural Action's printed Food and Farm directory and information for the best of Eastern Oregon's local growers and producers.

Eastern Oregon Local Food & Farm Guide  

Oregon Rural Action's printed Food and Farm directory and information for the best of Eastern Oregon's local growers and producers.