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Colchester by the Numbers 2017 stats Businesses in Town Private Ownership Employees in Businesses Average Wage Tatal Wage

Mountain Power, UVM Medical Center, VNA, St. Michael’s College, Colchester School District, Vermont Information Processing, Engelberth, Hazelett Strip Casting and Champlain Cable.

FUTURE As we look to our future, it is recognized that Colchester’s markets will reflect the Chittenden Country economy, and, to a lesser extent, the State’s. While Colchester can distinguish our community within the County and State with our cost, location, and quality of life, we are subject to the larger market forces of the area. It is anticipated that Colchester will continue to see incremental but positive growth during the term of this plan. Unlike other market areas, Colchester enjoys a slow and steady pace of growth without major ebbs and flows. By continuing to support regulatory strategies that encourage flexibility and multi-use sites, the Town will encourage small business and new enterprise growth without the need for large scale infrastructure modifications. As existing micro and small businesses need to expand,


666 96.2% 9,908 $51,552 $510,483,238

Change from 2016 + .9% + 1.2% + 1.2% + 2.4% +3.7%

the Town has identified expansion sites that allow these businesses to grow within Colchester. An analysis of Colchester has concluded that there are sufficient sites, zoned appropriately, to sustain this planned economic growth over the term of the plan and into the future. Infill sites will drive most of the expected growth. Colchester’s economic development should continue to be focused within its existing commercial/industrial area at Exit 16 and its growth center at Severance Corners. These areas have been designated for commercial growth, benefit from municipal infrastructure, and should be where

growth continues to be focused. Village areas such as the Fort, Colchester Village, Inner Bay, Prim/ Warner’s Corners/Heineberg Drive, and Exit 17 should continue to focus on the development of both small businesses with broader markets and neighborhood scale services. The Fort is a cultural and media center for Colchester, with a variety of television and radio stations. The Inner Bay, given its location, has the potential for increased recreation and tourism opportunities. These village locations provide opportunities to create individualized business districts specializing in aspects of economic development that may not be suited to the larger Exit 16 commercial/ industrial center or the mixed use of the growth center. Within our rural and agricultural mixed-use areas, agricultural is anticipated to become more diversified with on-the-farm production and agri-tourism. Agri-tourism combines tourism and education specifically relating to agricultural operations. This includes, among other activities, corn-mazes, sugaring open houses, and pick-your-own operations. Colchester will continue to be supportive of agriculture as a community asset that is fundamental to our character and recognizes the continually changing need of agriculture to adapt to market changes and demands.

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Town of Colchester's 2019 Town Plan  

The Town of Colchester's 2019 Town Plan is the long-term (20+ year) plan for the community that, while primarily focusing on land use, provi...

Town of Colchester's 2019 Town Plan  

The Town of Colchester's 2019 Town Plan is the long-term (20+ year) plan for the community that, while primarily focusing on land use, provi...