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Colby-Sawyer College | Report on Philanthropy 2018

2017 – 2018 Annual Report of Gifts Last year, the college finalized a new strategic plan that focuses on delivering three promises to students: a sense of place, engaged learning experiences and a transformative education. Your support of the college through the Power of Infinity Campaign enables us to deliver on those promises by funding student scholarships, faculty chairs, student internships and summer research, as well as enhancements to our wonderful campus that help us fulfill these promises. Thanks to your generous ongoing support, we have raised nearly $42 million of our $60 million campaign goal as of Dec.1, 2018. A significant focus for the remainder of the campaign is to strengthen and grow the college’s endowment, and there are three ways to do that: investment returns, the amount spent from the endowment on annual operating budgets, and new gifts. Last May, the Board of Trustees announced an endowment challenge initiative in support of student scholarships. Currently, Colby-Sawyer awards more than $25 million each year in financial assistance to help students attend the college. Only five percent of that amount is funded by endowed scholarships. The Trustee Scholarship Challenge is an initiative that adds matching funds to every endowed scholarship established during the next three years. As you will read in the pages that follow, 14 new endowed scholarships have already been established since the Trustee Challenge was announced. Through the generous support of alumni and friends of the college, these endowed scholarships will continue to support students well into the future. I would like to thank each and every one of you who has contributed in some way to the college this past year. Thanks to your generous support, the college is able to preserve and enhance a high quality educational experience for our students. Working together, I am confident that we can deliver our three promises to every student who attends Colby-Sawyer. Best regards,

Susan D. Stuebner President and Professor of Social Sciences and Education sue.stuebner@colby-sawyer.edu

2017 – 2018 Report on Philanthropy Colby-Sawyer College relies on the generosity of alumni, parents and friends of the college to fulfill its mission of preparing students “to thrive in, and make a positive impact upon, a dynamic, diverse and interdependent world.” Last year, the college realized $4.67 million in outright gifts from 2,042 donors. These gifts are more than simply dollars — they represent new scholarships, funded internship opportunities, support for faculty research and travel, and investment in facilities across campus. View the list of all donors who gave to Colby-Sawyer College in 2017-2018 at colby-sawyer.edu/donors2018.

The value and impact of a Colby-Sawyer education remains strong because of your support and your engagement. Over the past five years, 97 percent of our graduates have been employed or enrolled in graduate school within six months of Commencement. Every Colby-Sawyer student completes an internship or professional experience prior to graduation, and 51 percent of the Class of 2017 received an offer of employment from their internship, clinical or field experience site. Alumni, parents and friends facilitate student success in many ways — through giving, hosting interns, hiring recent graduates, visiting campus to speak in classes, and serving as mentors to students.


Colby-Sawyer’s fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30. The $4.67 million in gifts received for the year ending June 30, 2018, are outlined by gift type below

$1,159,503 $1,598,178 $268,970









Colby-Sawyer College | Report on Philanthropy 2018

Fiscal Year 2018 Highlights ENDOWMENT SUPPORT Gifts to the endowment reached a five-year high, thanks in large part to the Trustee Scholarship Challenge (see page 4) and to internship and scholarship endowment gifts. Because the college draws a small percentage from the endowment each year to fund operations, gifts to the endowment help to support the college in perpetuity. THE COLBY-SAWYER FUND The Colby-Sawyer Fund is the college’s annual fund, representing “current use” gifts that support the operating budget each year. During the last fiscal year, the Colby-­ Sawyer Fund saw a 17 percent increase in new gifts and pledges to reach $972,815 raised as compared to $832,243 for the prior year. While this increase is certainly good news, our goal for the next fiscal year is to raise $1.05 million in budget-relieving gifts. Gifts to the Colby-Sawyer Fund directly support scholarships, campus beautification, athletics, student life and other critical needs. HERITAGE SOCIETY Founded in 1992, the Heritage Society recognizes individuals who have provided for Colby-Sawyer through their estate plans. Last year, the number of alumni and friends who included the college in their wills, trusts, or other future gift arrangements grew to 210. These planned gifts help to ensure Colby-Sawyer’s financial strength well into the future. LEADERSHIP SOCIETIES AND GIVING CLUBS Colby-Sawyer acknowledges the generosity of donors who contribute at levels greater than $500 through membership in a number of Leadership Societies and Giving Clubs, and young alumni donors are recognized as members of the Cupola Club. This year, 689 out of our 2,042 donors made gifts that qualified them for membership a society or club. You can view the full list of donors at colby-sawyer.edu/donors2018.

ALUMNI EVENTS In fiscal year 2018, we were delighted to see 1,594 alumni and friends participate in 23 events as compared with 929 attendees at 16 events during the previous year. The year was highlighted by the opening of the Center for Art + Design in October 2017, and included events hosted by alumni up and down the East Coast. left:

In March, Nick Ciarlante ’14 hosted a group of alumni and friends for a tour of the U.S. Capitol, where he serves as executive director of a House Committee.


POWER OF INFINITY CAMPAIGN This fall, the Power of Infinity Campaign passed the $41 million mark on its way to the goal of $60 million. More than 6,600 alumni, parents, friends, businesses and foundations have made this milestone possible. View the list of all donors who gave to Colby-Sawyer College in 2017-2018 at colby-sawyer.edu/donors2018.

Over the past three years, gifts to the campaign have made a significant impact on campus and have directly benefited students and faculty. The campaign has already led to the completion of the Center for Art + Design and an on-campus nursing simulation laboratory, renovations to residence halls and to The Curb in the Sawyer Fine Arts Center, and upgrades to technology and facilities across campus. Campaign giving has funded internships for more than 40 students during the past two years, provided travel support for field studies courses, purchased lab equipment for the natural sciences and benefited students and faculty in every academic department.


The $41.4 million raised in support of the Power of Infinity Campaign through December 2018 is outlined below according to the type of gift received:












Colby-Sawyer College | Report on Philanthropy 2018

Trustee Scholarship Challenge Initiated by Chair of the Board of Trustees Peter F. Volanakis and his wife, Cathy, the Trustee Scholarship Challenge supports the establishment of endowed scholarships by enhancing the gifts made by alumni, parents and friends of Colby-Sawyer College. The trustees have committed $1 million in matching funds to meet the college’s most critical need and support current and future students. Since May, 14 new or expanded endowed scholarships have already benefited from the trustees’ matching funds, adding a total of $594,000 to Colby-Sawyer’s endowment. Endowed scholarships not only allow the college to remain competitive in the market­ place, they also improve the college’s long-term financial viability and ensure that Colby-Sawyer will remain accessible to students of all backgrounds. Once established, an endowed scholarship produces income every year to help fund educational expenses for students now and into the future. CREATING A COMPETITIVE EDGE AND MEETING A CRITICAL NEED Comprehensive financial assistance and attractive scholarships are key competitive differentiators for Colby-Sawyer. Each year the college awards more than $25 million in institutional financial aid to students, with 97 percent of students receiving assistance. Increasing the number of endowed scholarships available to Colby-Sawyer students helps ensure the accessibility of a Colby-Sawyer education to students from all backgrounds and allows the college to remain competitive in the admissions marketplace.

View the list of all donors who gave to Colby-Sawyer College in 2017-2018 at colby-sawyer.edu/donors2018.


Thanks in part to a generous gift from the W. Jay Wilson Memorial Scholarship Fund, biology major Marina Good ’19 was able to accept an unpaid internship at Adimab Lab in Lebanon, N.H. She plans to pursue an M.D.-Ph.D. dual degree program. “Colby-Sawyer can help me go anywhere,” Good said. “It’s a small college, and I like it that way; I’ve been able to take advantage of outside opportunities.”


MATCHING OPPORTUNITIES The Trustee Scholarship Challenge provides two ways for alumni, parents and friends to help Colby-Sawyer grow endowed scholarship funds. 1. Establishing endowed scholarships The minimum needed to establish an endowed scholarship is $25,000. The Trustee Scholarship Challenge will enable donors to set up an endowed scholarship for a minimum donation of $15,000 or to increase the impact of their gift at higher levels. An endowed scholarship creates a legacy that will benefit Colby-Sawyer and our students in perpetuity and that will grow in value over time.

2. Participation in the Colby-Sawyer Fund (CSF) The Colby-Sawyer Fund provides critical support to the college’s current operations, including scholarships. The trustees encourage every alumni, parent and friend of the college to contribute to the Colby-Sawyer Fund at whatever level they can afford. For each of the next three years, the trustees will direct up to $150,000 to endowed scholarships when the CSF reaches designated milestones. In 2018-2019, the trustees will contribute $25,000 to the endowment for every 500 donors to the CSF and will add an additional $50,000 if more than 2,000 donors contribute to the fund.


More than 6,600 alumni, parents and friends have joined together to raise $41.4 million to support Colby-Sawyer’s highest strategic priorities. When you give to the Power of Infinity Campaign, you support the three promises that Colby-Sawyer makes to every student.

personal and holistic learning experience

enduring sense of place

transformative education

Funded internships and field studies courses provide the foundation for a personal and holistic learning experience.

Improvements to the heart of campus ensure we maintain an enduring sense of place.

Endowed scholarships and faculty chairs dramatically increase our ability to provide a transformative education.

Invest in Colby - Sawyer

and help us reach our $60 million campaign goal at colby-sawyer.edu/giving. 1

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Colby-Sawyer College – Report on Philanthropy 2018  

Last year, the college finalized a new strategic plan that focuses on delivering three promises to students: a sense of place, engaged learn...

Colby-Sawyer College – Report on Philanthropy 2018  

Last year, the college finalized a new strategic plan that focuses on delivering three promises to students: a sense of place, engaged learn...