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we can find comfort in thinking of the fine prospect for the next year . Ba eball, t rack, and t e n n i are et to c o m e , but the prospects in a l l t h ree are bright, e pecially i n tennis with the entire team back. We hope that the u nfortunate fire at Coburn has not put the proc uring of a gymna i u m a few more ear di tant. It i a nece ity. If we a re to com pete w ith the other faine college , an adequate gymna ium i needed, and needed soon. The gymnasium, o cramped and inadequate, has been utilized as a laboratory ince the fire, and this ha served t o emphasize the g reat need of an u p-to-date and adequate gymnasiu m . There ha been rumor o f a Dean. It eem as if some of the d uties hould be lifted from the w i ll ing, b ut o erburdened shoulders of P resident Roberts. The college i large enough and really need a Dean. We hope t hat next year will ee thi rumor a fact. We a re glad that d u ring the pa t ear the Pre i dent aw fit to d o awa w it h the practice of St udent As i tant correcting papers in ome courses. It has re ulted in u nfai rnes and favoriti m in a few i n tances, a lthough the hone ty of mo t of t hese a i tant could not be que tioned. It has eemed a n unfair a r rangement for all t udent concerned, and the ORACLE wa glad t o ee Pre ident R obert take action i n thi matter. The pa t ear ha seen a decided tiffening of the chola tic standards of the college. We hope that the fac ulty will ee fit to continue the good work, and that i n the future w i ll make the entrance requirements more t rict, and thu elim inate at the er) beginning the m aj ority of the u nfit . We could not fini h without aying a few word about the g reat l oss Colby uff ered when Doctor Marquardt died. More t u dent , probably took c o u r e under him than under an other profe sor. He wa beloved by all, and his death wa a h ock to all of u . He wa faithful to the last , teaching almost t o t h e d a of h i death. Realizing that mention i n the editorial column i quite inadequate, another page ha been re er ed for a tribute by Doctor White, his c l o e t friend among the member of the fac ulty. In the final analy i w e are glad to find that the Student Body ha taken on a new lea e of life i n the pa t two ear . It m u st inevitably resu lt in a bette r and finer Colb . We h ope that the Student Body cont inue i n the p a t h it has taken the la t two ear . A we l ook forward i n t o the year to come it i not hard to i ualize Colb a a g reater l ittle college than e\ er.


The O RACLE wishes to thank P rofe or Rollins and Libb for their helpful aid and u gge tion . The ORACLE a ppreciate greatly the co-operation of the m erchants of Waterville and elsewhere who have ad erti ed in thi book. The E DITOR wi hes to thank the members of his board for thei r fine co-operation, and splendid work that made the ORACLE pos ible. ¡


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Oracle 1927  

Oracle 1927