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Arline Smith Mann Julia Dean Mayo Helen Codman M itchell Prudie Rae Moore Frances Meli sa Nason Lura Arabina N orcros Pauline Virginia Page Florence Appleton Plaisted Wenonah Marian Pollard Angie Catherine Reed M iriam Elizabeth Rice Helen E l ie Robin on Carol ine E lizabeth Roger Mabel Victoria Root Priscilla May Russell Doris Cora Sanborn Helen Coburn Smith Martha Sondberg Marion E l izabeth Sprowl Helen Beatrice Stone E na Mabelle True Frances Jeanette Tweedie Faith Doris Waterman Florence Wolf E rna E mi ly Wolfe Al ice Julia Wood

Milltown New Gloucester Houlton Moore' M ills, N . B . Saco Winthrop Augusta Waterville Waterville Waterville Dover-Foxcroft Livermore Falls Freeport Portsmouth, N. H . Wa l pole, Mass. D ryden Skowhegan York Village Searsmont Lawrence, Mass. Pittsfield, N . H. Rockland Bangor Portland Winslow Springfield, Mass.

Senior Class History Many's the long year I have ticked away the hours in this Foss Hall, many a re the insults which my tell ing face has endured, many are the con­ versations to which I have Ii tened, but never before have I seen fit ·�o speak. "What," you ask me, "has m oved you to this burst of eloquence ?" It is to bid farewell to the women of the class of '27. Day in and day out, yea, "nights in" and "nights out" for some, I have watched them file past to meals, to c lasse , to church, to movies, to dances. and to gym, and never in my clpck existence have I seen a more j ovial, en­ thusiastic, and "co-ord"-inate group. Yes, they are conscientious too, but not painfully so, for I'll confess they haven't worn themselves out with study. They have preferred to take part i n all activities. In hockey, ten­ nis, and volleyball, they have taken great i nterest, although times seem to be few when they have acquired championships, yet, they did get the big Health League cup in 1 926. Delightful tales of their corking good times at hops, shuffles, parties, games and even doleful tales of quizzes and exams have amused me, as they eagerly waited for me to tick the hour for the last call for meals. A great class of experimenters these girls of '27 ! Last year, as J uniors, they surprised and am used most everyone with their pre­ sentation of "Twelfth Night" in modern costume. Of course, some disap­ proved of the lack of Shakespearean dignity of the comedy, but, my word ! Those girls j ust couldn't be dignified. It is most amusing to see their vain attempts to assume becoming dignity this year. To these young women whom I have watched unfold from green fresh­ men buds t o cultured senior flowers, I now bid farewell with con fidence, that, wherever they may go, of them Colby will be proud. Sev e n ty-two

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Oracle 1927  

Oracle 1927